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planting seeds,
empowering youth
A Project of the TIDES Center

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BEETS (Banu of Enviionmentally Euucateu anu Employable Teens) is a gieen job tiaining
piogiam foi teens. BEETS inteins gain expeiience woiking in community gaiuens anu paiks,
ueveloping job skills anu making new fiienus. All inteins ieceive case management anu must
attenu an oiientation anu intake.

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Naintain community anu school gaiuens in the Westein Auuition
Assist gaiuen euucation classes foi elementaiy school stuuents
Attenu job tiaining anu caieei uevelopment woikshops (past woikshops incluue iesume &
covei lettei wiiting, job seaich skills, financial liteiacy, guest speakeis)
Attenu fielu tiips (past tiips incluue Recology Centei, camping in the Piesiuio, uieen uulch
Faim, Bi-Rite Naiket)
Suppoit Communityuiows events

1S-19 yeais olu on Septembei 18, 2u14
Cuiiently living in San Fiancisco, with piioiity to Westein Auuition iesiuents
Ability to attenu all woik shifts between Septembei 18, 2u14 - Becembei 11, 2u14
Legally employable in the 0niteu States
Positive woik ethic anu motivation to succeeu

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1uu houi inteinship fiom Septembei 18 - Becembei 11, 2u14
Tuesuays anu Thuisuay S:4Spm-S:4Spm
1-2 Satuiuays pei month
1 auuitional weekuay shift
~$8uu stipenu, uepenuing on houis woikeu
Potential to be ie-hiieu foi up to thiee sessions (fall, spiing, summei) if eligibility is met

We aie baseu out of the Bayes valley South Youth Centei at S1u Baight Stieet. 0n some uays,
you'll also be askeu to woik at vaiious locations in the community:
Koshlanu Community uaiuen - Page anu Buchanan Stieets, SF
Rosa Paiks Elementaiy School uaiuen - 1Su1 0'Faiiell St, SF
Baywaiu Recieation Centei - uoluen uate anu Laguna St., SF
Ella Bill Butch Community Centei - 1uSu NcAllistei St., SF
Bookei T Washington Community Centei - 8uu Piesiuio St., SF
Cobb Elementaiy School - 272S Califoinia St., SF
Afiican Ameiican Aits anu Cultuial Complex - 762 Fulton St., SF
0thei locations in San Fiancisco

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All Applications must be 98A8=D86 /? EC@ 07 %8C28@/89 EF GHIJ.
Theie aie thiee ways to submit youi applications:

1. Email to Nelissacommunitygiows.oig (piefeiieu)
2. Nail to: BEETS Inteinship Piogiam
C0 Nelissa Tang
S1u Baight Stieet
San Fiancisco, CA 941u2
S. Biop off in peison to S1u Baight Stieet

Fall 2u14
Please fill out neatly using a BL0E oi BLACK ink.

K0725A2 &7L09@52=07

Legal Fiist Name ___________________________________ Legal Niuule Name _________________________________

Legal Last Name ____________________________________ Auopteu English Name ____________________________

Bate of Biith (Nonth-Bay-Yeai) ______-_______-____________

Bome Auuiess ______________________________________________SF, CA 94_________

Bome Phone #____________-____________-____________ Nobile Phone #____________-____________-____________


Who iefeiieu you to the BEETS inteinship piogiam.

Contact Name _______________________________ Relationship _________________________________

0iganization _________________________________ Phone #____________-____________-____________

Email _________________________________________________________________________________________________


Yes No
Will you be 1S-19 yeais olu on the stait uate of the piogiam, Sept 18,2u14.
Aie you a iesiuent of San Fiancisco.
Aie you legally able to be employeu in the 0niteu States.
(Foi example, you holu 0.S. citizenship, peimanenttempoiaiy iesiuent caiu, employment
authoiization uocuments, etc.)

Can you aiiive to woik on-time Tuesuay anu Thuisuay fiom S:4S-S:4Spm.
(Consiuei the tianspoitation time to get to the woiksite at S1u Baight Stieet)

Can you woik 1-2 Satuiuays pei month.


Bave you evei hau a job befoie. ___________ If yes, was it in the last S months.__________________

Pievious }obs Belu (list most iecent fiist):

}ob Title ____________________________________________ Location ______________________________________________

Bates Employeu ___________________________________ Amount Paiu _________________________________________

}ob Title ____________________________________________ Location ______________________________________________

Bates Employeu ___________________________________ Amount Paiu _________________________________________


Name of School ____________________________________ Anticipateu uiauuation Yeai _______________________

Bave you giauuateu high school. ____________ If YES, what yeai uiu you giauuate. _______________

Aie you cuiiently eniolleu in college. ____________

(It's okay if you'ie not in school too)

The BEETS inteins meet Tuesuays, Thuisuays, anu 1-2 Satuiuays pei month. Theie aie also
auuitional shifts thioughout the week that aie assigneu baseu on youi availability. M01 @1:2 /8
5/<8 20 599=D8 20 019 ?0124 A87289 NOIH )5=>42 %2PQ /? ORJEC@ 07 $18:65?: 576 $419:65?:P

Please wiite in any weekly commitments you will have incluuing school, spoits, music lesson,
counseling, babysitting, ieligious commitments, aftei school piogiams, etc.
Nonuay Tuesuay Weunesuay Thuisuay Fiiuay Satuiuay
*+,$$'- +./00&
*.0,6+'&768 39#233#:
;#+<'=;#&& %-#.=7.'
*+,$$'- +./00&
*60 .0$$7=$'6=+5
*+,$$'- +./00&

Please list the uates of any events that will cause you to miss woik uuiing the FALL 2u14 session
(Septembei 18 - Becembei 11).

Bate You Leave Bate You Retuin Reason foi Nissing Woik

-66=2=075< &7L09@52=07 N98:C07:8: S=<< 702 5LL8A2 8<=>=/=<=2?Q

Ethnicity ________________________________________ Bome Language _____________________________________

English Pioficiency: Fluent Somewhat Fluent Not Fluent

Boes youi family qualify foi fiee oi ieuuceu lunch.
Yes No Bo Not Know Boes Not Apply To You

*900L 0L ->8
Please make a copy of one of the following anu senu it in with youi application:
0nexpiieu CA IB Caiu
Biivei's License
0.S. Passpoit
Peimanent Resiuent Caiu
Biith Ceitificate
School IB WITB Biithuate on the caiu
Any othei uocument that legally pioves youi age

%4092 -7:S89 T18:2=07: NIf you iun out of space, please attach iesponses on a sepaiate sheet of

1. Why uo you want to woik as a BEETS intein anu what uo you hope to gain out of this

2. What skills, passions oi inteiests uo you have.

S. Besciibe what being a "leauei" means to you.

4. If you coulu change any issue in youi community oi enviionment, what woulu you change
anu why.


Please make suie you have completeu all sections anu iequiiements.
Completeu the application in blue oi black ink
Attacheu a copy of pioof of age uocument
Contact Infoimation
Auuitional Infoimation
Answeieu Shoit Answei Questions
Applicant Acknowleugement
Paientuuaiuian Signatuies (if unuei 18)

-CC<=A572 -AU70S<86>@872

I heieby ceitify that the infoimation above is tiue anu coiiect to the best of my knowleuge. I
unueistanu that any falsification of this infoimation can leau to the uisqualification of my
application. I authoiize Communityuiows staff to contact any iefeiences listeu above to ielease
infoimation about my employment oi piogiam paiticipation.

Applicant Signatuie ______________________________________________________ Bate __________________

*59872 ,1596=57 *89@=::=07 N!"#$%!"& %( $)&"! *+ ,"-!. /( -0"1

By signing below, you (as paientguaiuian of the applicant) aie acknowleuging the following:
You aie awaie of, anu consent to, youi chilu's paiticipation in the BEETS piogiam.
You give peimission foi Communityuiows staff to contact you anu youi chilu about
paiticipation in the BEETS piogiam.

Name of
Paientuuaiuian ___________________________________________ Phone #____________-____________-____________

Paientuuaiuian Signatuie ______________________________________________ Bate __________________

Auuiess (if uiffeient fiom applicant) ______________________________________________________________________

Email __________________________________________________________________________________________________________