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p1 10-8-2014 UN peace corps to protect investigators in the recover/investigation-etc


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Mark Rutte Prime Minister, Minister of General Affairs 10-8-2014
Cc: President of Ukraine

Mr Tony Abbott MP C/o

Pieter Jaap Aalbersberg, head of the repatriation mission 10

Ivo Opstelten Minister of Security and Justice

Mr V. Putin, President 23, Ilyinka Street, Moscow, 103132, Russia.
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George Williams

Re The issue of UN peace corps to protect investigators in the recover/investigation-etc. 25

I was born in Rotterdam and nearly 24 years later moved to the Commonwealth of Australia.
My Dutch is very seldom used and as such I keep to the English language (My self-professed
crummy English.) 30
Since my 5 August 2014 correspondence exposing that Dutch and Australian police forces
(including Dutch military police) were by the Ukraine constitution prohibited of carrying
weapons, regardless that the Ukraine Parliament may have legislated otherwise, I am pleased to
know that the Dutch government took the action to withdraw all military and other Dutch police.
However, as many of the remains may still lie between the crashed MH17 I view that the 35
recovery task cannot be deemed finished. In my view as there is a UN resolution then the UN
should have provided an unarmed peace corps which include Russian Federation soldiers, to
protect the sites where MH17 parts and bodies are located. In my view the best option might be
to recover all parts and debris on the fields, etc, and transport it all back to the Netherlands and
then the debris can be sifted for further body/bone fragments of any victims. This would also 40
avoid any further tampering/damage to the items on the crash sites. As well as that parts will not
now be shelled and incur further damage which later may be held to have occurred while MH17
was shot down. By collecting the debris then also perhaps parts of any missile that may have
downed MH17 may be recovered.
Further, one cannot accept that farmers would have ongoing plane debris and bodies left on their 45
field. In my view appropriate financial compensation ought to be made to those affected by the
MH17 debris and bodies. This would also likely ensure the ongoing cooperation of local people.
I am saddened that the Dutch so to say drove Maria Putin from her home, as while I can
understand the anger and despair of people against President Vladimir Putin, his daughter had

p2 10-8-2014 UN peace corps to protect investigators in the recover/investigation-etc
A 1
edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0
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nothing to do with this, and is now also an innocent victim of it all. Maria called the Netherlands
Home and in my view was entitled to be left in peace. So to say driving her away cannot be
condoned nor accepted as appropriate. We cannot have vigilante style of conduct against
innocent people.
Despite many of my Jewish family having been murdered during WWII I have never used this 5
against the Germans. In fact I lived for more than a year in Germany and was able at the time to
call it Home without any problems. The Family Hildebrand (Koblenz) for the time I also
stayed there were treating me like one of the family. And this underlines that rather than hatred
and vindictiveness one should show consideration and understanding.
It is not known if any missile was used albeit from the markings on part of a wing it appears to
me to have been, but even if then it still doesnt prove who was the culprit who fired it. While by
the claims by separatist (see also my previous writings) the Italian media reported they had
staked claim to this), to have downed MH17, we better leave it up to the investigators to consider
all relevant details before concluding what may have downed MH17 and so which party in the 15
conflict may have likely or can be deemed to have been involved with this.
I am a person against the death penalty because far too often innocent people have been framed
and executed and the real perpetrators then is left free to continue their hideous conduct. We
cannot afford to do the same with MH17. For sure the general perception may be that Russian
backed separatist using Russian Federation supplied missiles downed MH17 but this is a theory 20
that may or may not be correct. We all around the world would do wiser to therefore stick to the
evidence at hand and not make unsupported guesses.
Too often one can find bloggers claiming to be experts because they hold a pilot license, etc, but
not uncommon they are proven to be wrong. Also deliberate misinformation is published as a
war on the truth. False Flag conspiracy theorist are having a field day in claiming whatever 25
scenario regardless how this may be based upon falsehood. It is for this essential that the debris
of MH17 is as soon as possible removed from the sites and transported to the Netherlands so the
parts can be sought to reassembled for as may be possible, to get a better picture of it all.
The longer the parts are left in the open the more further damage can be caused by the current
shelling, hence for this also it is essential that the parts are recovered as soon as possible. It may 30
also show if any parts that were appearing on photos that were published by the media or others
on the Internet are now missing.

As there was a UN resolution then I view the UN must immediately put in place a UN peace
corps (albeit without weapons) to protect the site. Their blue berets will make them standing out 35
and all parties to the conflict will have to respect this UN peace corps.
We must not overlook that locals have and still are traumatised b y the downing of MH17 and
reports of bodies falling through their roof and we must not needlessly left a reminder of the
debris and body parts in the fields and elsewhere. 40
I also would recommend that where the main part of MH17 is a memorial is build for the victims
of MH17. This may involve the purchase of part of a property for this purpose.

We cannot forget the contribution by locals and in particularly the reported assistance by coal 45
miners to mark locations of body parts, etc, as to show the appreciation for having done so. As I
understand it many residing in the area are not at all in support of the warlike conflict at all, they
as most citizens just want to carry on with their daily life but are prevented doing so beyond their
fault. We must honour their rights both as they are entitled upon by the provisions of the Ukraine
constitution and morally and ethically. 50
When the Crime crisis eventuated I then already wrote to President Vladimir Putin that in my
view the Ukraine constitution didnt provide for Crimea to hold a purported referendum for

p3 10-8-2014 UN peace corps to protect investigators in the recover/investigation-etc
A 1
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separation. And I wrote also that the Ukraine Government ought in my view place the matter
before the International Court of Justice. Regretfully, so far, it appears to me it didnt do so, and
hence it may have been an incentive for separatists to pursue also as Crimea to break away,
regardless if the majority of locals didnt desire to do so. Hence the current conflict may be also
due to a failure of the Ukraine Government pursued matters in a legal manner. 5
In my view it is not for president Vladimir Putin to decide to invade or not to invade or to back
the separatist or not as some basis that he seeks to protect Russian speaking people. It is an
internal Ukraine matter and if President Vladimir Putin had a genuine concern he should in my
view have pursued the legal options available to assist those in the conflict zone to petition the 10
Ukraine constitution court. That in my view would show a genuine concern to the rights of
Ukraine citizen s and not any alleged support in weapons, etc, which in the process cost the lives
of Ukraines Russian speaking citizens, this as then his real message is he selectively claims
wanting to protect certain people but couldnt give a damn about other Russian speaking
Ukrainians if they die in the process for his alleged quest to get his hands on other parts of 15
Ukraine. In my view President Vladimir Putin can only prove his worth if he ensures a total
cut off of any supplies of weapons and military assistance to the separatist. After all he
wouldnt want other nations to supply weapons and other military assistance to break away
from the Russian Federation!
But, no matter if people may see President Vladimir Putin as to be evil, as if he personally shot 20
down MH17, in the end we must ultimately consider all relevant details from the crash sites
(Hence, video recording is important to ensure the debris huis shown as they are) and then draw a
conclusion of the FACTS as known and not imaginary facts. Even if in the end evidence may
show that the Russian Federation is actually supporting the separatist in some form, and while
this may not be condoned, if it had nothing to do with the downing of MH17 then it doesnt 25
assist anyone to show a hatred towards President Vladimir Putin or seek to act against him (so
the Russian Federation) while the real culprit would be so to say let off.
This is not a matter, so to say, as to between East and West but a matter where those grieving for
the loss of their loved once, and the victims themselves have a right that those who are really
responsible for the downing of MH17 are held legally accountable. Having driven Maria Putin 30
from her home, I view, was a terrible conduct that I view is a black mark against the Dutch.
Prior to the downing of MH17 I was never even aware of the existence of Maria Putin and as
such my comments are not made because of bias. I simply hold that the Dutch are better than to
act as vigilantes! At least when I grew up in Rotterdam!
Beyond doubt there will be still bodies and/or body parts between the charred remains of MH17
and I view the investigators and recovery teams should return to the sites under the protection of
unarmed UN peace corps, and I expect that President Vladimir Putin will make clear to the
separatist that he will not condone any violation of the UN peace corps nor the investigators and
recovery team. It is in times like these that real leadership is shown, and it is not just saying 40
something without actually perusing what is right morally, ethically and legally!

This correspondence is not intended and neither must be perceived to refer to all details and
issues but merely is some outline, and may be understood to pursue to end the conflict by all
concerned directing differences to the court of competent jurisdiction in Ukraine, as provided for 45
in the Ukraine constitution.
Awaiting your response, G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. (Friends call me Gerrit)

(Our name is our motto!) 50