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An electronic lock allows actuation of an electric appliance only on entering the
correct password. In this electronic locking syste !IC"#$%&&A is used as a processing unit.
The cu is interface with a '(' atri) keypad and a "#(* lcd to for the user interface. Using
this circuit we can ake any electrical appliance password protected.
!IC"#$%&&A is an % /it icrocontroller /ased on reduced instruction set coputer
0RI.C1 architecture. It has %2("' /it flash eory3 4#% /ytes of RA, and any other internal
peripherals like ADC3 U.ART3 tiers3 --!RO,.
The 5o/ of ,CU is to recei6e signals fro the input de6ice 0keypad1 and take the
corresponding action. 7hene6er any key is pressed on the keypad3 the software progra in
,CU identifies the pressed key and accordingly turns on or turns off the appliance
siultaneously3 it also displays a essage on the lcd screen.
A '(' atri) keypad is used to gi6e coands and the passwords to the ,CU.
$unctions of 6arious keys of keypad and their la/elling.

To turn on the
appliance3 press 8open9 key.
The syste will ask for the
password. -nter the password
as "*4' and press 8go9. The
appliance should turn on 0RC*:"1 and the essage 8password9 accepted should /e displayed for
two seconds followed /y the essage 8lock open9.
To turn off the appliance press 8lock9. The appliance should iediately turn off
0RC*:;1 and the essage 8lock closed9 should /e displayed on the lcd screen.
To set a new password press 8new9 key. The syste should ask for the current and new
passwords. !ress 8go9 each tie after you enter the four digit password. The essage 8password
sa6ed9 should appear for two seconds3 followed /y the essage 8welcoe9. Now we can turn on
de6ice /y pressing 8open9 and then entering the new password that you ha6e set.
".-lectronics for you.
*.!ic icrocontroller and e/edded systes< ,uhaad ali3 ickinlay3 causey.
4.An e/edded software prier< Da6id - sion.
'.,icroprocessors theory and applications< ,.Rafi=u>>aan.
?.Introduction to icrocontrollers and their applications< T.R.!adana/han.
Row Colun @a/el OperationADigit entry
" " " Digit 8"9
" * * Digit 8*9
" 4 4 Digit 849
" ' Nil No operation allotted
* " ' Digit 8'9
* * ? Digit 8?9
* 4 # Digit 8#9
* ' @ock @ock or turn off the appliance
4 " & Digit 8&9
4 * % Digit 8%9
4 4 B Digit 8B9
4 ' New Change the password
' " C Clear or /ackspace
' * O Digit 8;9
' 4 +o .hould /e pressed after entering
' ' Open Open the lock 0ask for password
when pressed1
!ROC-CT. ,-,D-R.:
"1 Nagadastagiri Reddy.c D+";&-C;&;
*1 +.Na6een D+";&-C;&*
41 Neha !in5are D+";&-C;&'