Court in the book of the Prophet

D. Abdullah bin Mohammed Hujaily
Associate Professor, Faculty of Sharia at the Islamic University
Section of the judiciary and Islamic politics

Court began to Prophet Muhammad as an important independent after he came to Medina, an
immigrant from Mecca, and this is what the text of the majority of historians interested in the
administrative history of the Islamic State of ancient and modern.
And for these the entire book in the Sheikh and the greatest historian of his time in the history of
the management which is Imam of the Islamic Qalqashandi Encyclopedic in his book: (TFB
become the industry Alancha).
was Akateb princes, and the owners Sriah of the prophet, God bless them and Akatebouna,
and wrote to those near to him by the kings of the earth to invite them to Islam, and sent them
messengers of his booksSays Qalqashandi about the origin of the SAI in Islam: ((I know that
this Court set in Islam and the fact that the Prophet , sent Amr bin illiteracy Damari to Negus,
king of Abyssinia, and Abdullah bin flywheel to Chosroes Opervez king of the Persians, and
Dahyah canine to the Emperor Heraclius, and Haatib ibn Abi Balta'ah to Cyrus the ruler of
Egypt, and lashing bin Amr to Hozh Ben Ali, king of Yamama, and Ala bin Hadrami to Mundhir
bin equated the King of Bahrain, in addition to other correspondence, and wrote to 'Amr ibn
Hazm era when face to Yemen, and wrote for Tamim Dari and his brothers Baqtaa Levant, and
wrote a book case after the truce between him and the Quraysh in Hudaybiyah, and wrote the
secretariats sometimes to the other, and this Almktobat money handouts, and in succession,
that Alqdai has stated in its history (the eyes of knowledge and arts Alkhlaúv) that Zubair bin
vests, Juhaym Ben Salt were writing of the Prophet all Mtalgaha debts construction, other than
the Office of the Army, the first of its status and rank of Commander of the Faithful Omar ibn al-
Khattab )) ()., but it is not in the fame and the frequency of writing in his time Hudhayfah ibn
al-Yaman was written for him Khrs palm trees, and invasive bin Division and Husayn ibn Namir
were writing Madainat and transactions, if so, then this bureaucracy has placed in the custody of
construction only, and learned from his words of the following:This text is precious Qlqhanda
confirms the emergence of bureaucracy are all in his office and not
, and that the Prophet is the first of his position, and the evidence of this.A - Office of the
existence of the messages in the time of the Prophet
, and the evidence was more than a few, and these books are classified in the accounting
Almktobat prophetic of the clearest evidence of this.B - that Cabinet construction evident in the
time of the Prophet
Kdioan handouts, Alzkoat, the Office of the Army, but were not known construction office and
messages.C - The presence of other collections in the time of the Prophet
He went to this result a large number of contemporary researchers ().
Place of living writers
Medina, settled primarily made his mosque Sharif council to him, and was the subject of sitting
known; as sitting at one of the cylinders of wood, known throughout Islamic history and to this
day as: (drum delegations), located behind the cylinder guard to the north, and wasWhen the
Prophet sits corresponds to the Arab delegations coming to him, and was also known as the
Council of the leaders, and sits to Sroat companions, God bless them.Prophet
upon his arrival to the city administration of the mosque has lead the rituals, and a are meeting
his university, and the mosque is very simple, not above theDr appealed to: ((I have initiated
the Messenger of Allah height of human height only slightly, constructed its walls with mud, and
set up pillars of the stumps in the mosque - place the chosen - the Governing Council, shall
exercise his policy of the Islamic community, and the conduct of public affairs)palm trees, and
took the roof of palm leaves, they did not know the state in novice inception bureaucracy based
its administrative machinery, and Mathaba to her guardian, was naturally to be the Council of
the Prophet ) ().
absolute simplicity and away from the Baroque and limitations of conservative decrees and
formalities that surround the governing bodies, and usually characterized by bureaucracy.Was
characterized by the manifestations of power in time of the Prophet
and went away, and if the attending delegations sat down beside him, sitting for his time from
after morning prayers to the back in the first period, and after 'Asr until the sun sets in the
second period in his mosque, and the book was curious as him, and had a need ask permission
of the Prophet The Prophet written to the visiting delegation to Medina, especially after
Khudaibiya in the mosque of al-Sharif.For this, we find that the largest Mkatib Prophet
Place the book in urban travel:
may need some book in his travels, selects from the companions of the writing and declares his
name, he asked Ali ibn Abi Talib Khudaibiya writing between him and the Quraysh.Prophet
was a lieutenant in his travels, did not refer to the jurisdiction of this one, but asked him to write
books.Have pointed to some of the texts that the author of the Prophet
in light of Doha, saw me and I am a future need me, and no other, non-writer, said: in the
Book of the stages of our journeys sat down, got people's houses, and got the Prophet It was
stated by Imam Ahmad in Musnad Abdullah bin transfer, it is stated: ((we were with the Prophet
Onketb Son Wire)) ().
something, if absent-known writers wrote of those who attended, and this is what was said by
all the attendant one of the scribes in his travels, while in urban areas he has a group of
writers, but every writer has summed up the Prophet This text mentioned by Imam Ahmad
indicates a definite indication that the Prophet of books on the Book of Revelation and the
Office of the Covenant Prophet.
Arqam Abdullah bin Zaid ibn Thabit, and if there is no order of the writer attended)) ().Roy
Baghawi bonds to Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr, as narrated by Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar said in the
incidence of: ((he wrote to the Prophet
Alqdai dedicated writer based successor of each writer is absent (), and Imam Ibn group: ((The
cartoonist Usaydi Khalifa each writer was absent from work)) ().He said that the Prophet
Limit the number of court book in the Covenant Prophet:
Different historians and walk past and present, to confine and control the total number of book
Court Prophet, and they went doctrines of various between eyeballs and Multiplicative, some of
them fired, including an inventory, and most historians Ivkronhm without limitation, the following
mention of some Mcolathm:
Imam Alkstalani: ((As for his book, he gathered many, Ogm crowd, and reminded them of some
modern-author of his exquisite, absorbed a number of their news, and profiles of their curricula,
and their relics, and it was made the caliphs of the four Distinguished properties attended peace
be upon him)) ().
But what is the approximate exclusively for this great combination and the large number??
- Noueiri said: ((Al-Hafiz Abu Khattab said Ben Dahyah that his peace be upon him end up
twenty-six and Allah knows best)) ().
were twenty-six writers on what is proven that a group of trustworthy scholars)) ().- Al-Halabi
said: ((Some of them said that his book
- And take them in Ibn Abd al-Barr (the joy of forums), and (absorption) to twenty-five
- And take them Cbramlessa Shafei to forty men.
- And take them in Iraq organized by the biography of the Prophet known as the millennium to
two and forty men, he said ():
His two Erbona
Writer and after rolling
As well as well as Ali Abu Bakr
And the son of Said and Khaled cartoonist
And Amer and Thabit ibn Qays
Mazzi and confined with Abdul Ghani
And increase traffic from Misc
Talha and Zubair and Ibn Hadrami
And Ibn-Waleed and immortal Hataba
Hudhayfah Buraidah shown
As well as his son over some Muslim
Amr is the son of Aas with changing
As well as Abu Ayyub al-Ansari
And Ibn Abi Arqam Arqam enumerate
As well as Ibn Zayd and his name is Abdullah
And enumerate Jhima and Ela son obstacle
The three have written
Ibn Abi Sarh with the son of paraphonia
No longer have to religion but to Zaid ibn Thabit was sometimes
Ibn Abi Sufyan was informed
As well as Abu Omar Osman
As well as a good mother Hrahabayl
Numbers without a son as well as wear
A number of them indicated
A great multitude, and countless Vailltunh
And the son and Rawaahah Jhma Fadmm
Is the son of Amr, as well as Hoitaba
And the son of Abu Sufyan Said,
Opening with Muhammad bin Muslim
As well as with my father handed him a record
As well as Maaguib is Aldosa
I'm in them as well as convert Salool
And grandfather Abed Rabbo, without suspicion
Husayn Ibn Numair as well as proven
And wear them all and turned
Their father and another did not name me
Ibn Abi Sarh and seduce Bagém
- And take them to Qalqashandi thirty-odd writers and their names mentioned overview ().
- And take them to the keeper Mgtay forty men in his book (note) ().
- And take them Sakba in the history of Damascus to the twenty-four writers, and translated to
each citizen in reading their biographies, and mentioning the examples of their writings, and
followed the old Mini in perspective of the history of Damascus.
- And investigated Albaqlani said the number in his book (the victory of the Quran) (), and
himself by mentioning some of them are:
1 - Hoitab bin Abdul Uzza.
2 - Abu Huzaifa bin Rabi'a bin stubborn.
3 - Abdullah bin Muslim.
4 - Abu Asaad bin Zaraarah in front of him.
5 - Warner ibn 'Amr.
6 - Malik bin Ajlan.
7 - Ben Hudayr acid.
8 - Ma'an bin Adi.
9 - Abu Issa ibn Jubayr.
10 - Saad bin spring.
11 - Aws ibn Saad.
12 - Ben Lion silent.
13 - Saad bin worship
- And counted and translated each one of them old iron Ansari Voouselhm to four and forty
.- And reminded them in Salhi (ways of guidance and wisdom in the conduct of good subjects)
() and counted in four and thirty men, and translated for each one of them, with an indication of
what was written by some of the Prophet
who is standing on his writing, and contacted his days in, and the longer term, the true story on
that of his order, without the books of writers, books and three, as it was not worth it to name the
writer,- According to Masoudi famous book and said: ((We have mentioned the names of his
book because deserves to be called a writer of the Prophet In addition to the total book)) (),
and mentioned by Massoudi said many of those who responded to confine the names of the
clerks of court of Prophet Mohammad, we do not share the Massoudi is the view of the
enumerate those who long duration and known for his command, all of the books of the Prophet
If not overlooking duration and shall disclose experience. Once the book was dressed with a
suit of this honor, he deserves to be called a writer of the Prophet not ordered in writing only
when the trust is the home of the Prophet
Terms of Reference Book Court in the Covenant Prophet:
singled out some of the book with some clerical duties in the case of other clerks of court, but if
smaller the number, and confined in one and so is the present writer to write as needed, without
regard to specialization, and this Alachtssat can be summarized as follows:Prophet
1 - Book of Revelation
2 - Book of letters to the kings of the Persians and Arabs
3 - Book of the messages to the Arabs and the countryside
4 - a book, covenants, and safety
5 - Book of the Prophet fiefdoms and money
6 - Starter password
7 - a book of documents and terms and convicted
8 - Book of the spoils and the five
9 - Starter charity and basic needs for personal
10 - Starter Army combat and inventory
This breakdown of the most beautiful in the past as follows:
1 - Book of Revelation (the Qur'an):
Since that revealed God to His Prophet Quran record in the breasts and the lines, has written
since been revealed to him the first verse to the last verse, and he used to say: ((enrolled in
verse as well as such and such)), the separation of scientists say that in their books the
individual in Science the Koran, and was one of the first books of the Koran to him:
Sharhabil bin well, and said: It is the first of the books of his in Mecca.
And it was said that the first of his books: Khalid bin Said bin Al-Aas in Mecca.
And it was said, but the first written for him in Mecca, Abdullah ibn Abi Sarh and then bounced,
then the safest day of the Conquest, these are all written to him in Mecca.
The first thing in Medina wrote to him from the consensus of historians is: (Ubayy ibn Ka'b).
revelation Introduction city Ubayy ibn Ka'b, and if he were absent Zaid ibn Thabit)).Ibn 'Abd al-
Barr speaks for Waaqidi: ((first written to the Messenger of Allah
He was compelled to write the revelation Companions Zaid ibn Thabit.
He wrote his son paraphonia then rebounded, and then nail him on conquest, killing.
And wrote his name does not appoint a person died Vlfezth ground repeatedly left the birds eat.
The scientists took care of old and new inventory of the Book of Revelation, and talk about
books and their lives Manaqubhm dedicated.
2 - Book of letters to the kings of the Arabs, Persians:
Hudaybiyah went to inform the neighboring nations of Islam and wrote to them so famous
books are known. and the people of Mecca the Prophet What happened the peace between
the Prophet
Ibn Jawziyah: ((when he comes back from Hudaybiyah written for the kings of the earth, and
sent them messengers, was said to him: they do not read a book unless it is sealed, take a ring
of silver, and engraved with three lines, Mohammad line, the Messenger of line, and God
command line, and seal it to the books of Kings, and sent six people in a single day of
Muharram in the year, seven)) ().
to kings, and was answered by. to some of his personal books to the Kings, the most famous
of these writers ever: Abdullah bin Arqam ibn Abi Arqam syphilis, it was stated both translated to
him that he was writing of the Prophet The time of the Prophet
Ibn al-Atheer: ((One of the attendees to write messages Abdullah ibn Abi Arqam syphilis)), and
also said: ((As Astketbh security to him, and trusted him, so if wrote to him some of the kings tell
him that the entire Book, and read by the secretariat has)) ().
I'm not unique Arqam this honor, but was shared by a number of companions:
Ashraf said the Aljhishaara: ((Zaid ibn Thabit was written to the kings, with what was written by
the revelation of)) ().
If absent from work, Vgelb upon the author's name)) ().They said also: ((the cartoonist Al-
Rabee 'ibn Khalifa Usaydi soil divided every writer of the Book of the Prophet
and was a writer to the kings, because he knows Persian and Greek)) ().Alqdai said: ((As for
Zaid ibn Thabit, then it was the interpreter of the Prophet
Massoudi said: It was Zaid ibn Thabit Al-Ansari then Khazraji ... in Persian and Roman, Coptic,
Ethiopian, you know that the people of this city of tongues)) (). and was translated to the
Prophet Written answer to the kings and the presence of the Prophet
Astketb Abdullah bin Arqam bin Abdul Yaghuth - as well as the percentage of benign - was
answered by the Kings ... and Astketb also Zaid ibn Thabit, and had written revelation, and write
to the Kings as well,He said Sakba isnaad to Abdullah bin Zubair: ((The Prophet and the
succession of Abu Bakr)) ().continue to damage did not even catch writes the Prophet
3 - Starter Arabs and the countryside:
most Arab leaders to invite them to Islam, and whoever obeys them raise the ability, otherwise
to his people, and whoever disobeys punished with death urgent war what his punishment of the
Hereafter.When they signed a truce between the Muslims and the Quraish in Khudaibiya wrote
to the Prophet
what was asked something never, he said: No, and wrote them wrote feudalism what they
asked for, or books Altamir to their people, and the Prophet  the Quraish sent to the city
hundreds of delegations from the kings and Arab leaders have welcomed their Prophet In the
nine years when she learned that the tribes of the Arabs the victory of the Prophet , in custody
and referred those requests to them, though Nazaahm one of them in something their response
to the rule of Sharia law.
By studying the books that have reached their texts to the present age, we find that most of the
clerks of court of Prophet Mohammad had taken part in this honor; because of the present
authors wrote, though there are some of the text book as scientists from other months.
Ibn Abd al-Barr, citing Waaqidi: ((My father was Zaid ibn Thabit, and writes his books and goes
to the people and so on)) ().
He said Khuzaie from Ibn Ishaq: ((was Zaid ibn Thabit to write the revelation and writing for the
Kings as well, and if missed Abdullah bin Arqam and Zaid ibn Thabit, and I need to write to
some of the princes of armies or kings, or to any person a clean break, is one who attends to
write) ) ().
4 - writer, covenants, and Security:
to the city was with three Jewish tribes, who are the sons of Kinka, and the sons of Nadir, and
the children of Qurayza, and when housing the city proceeded to reassure those tribes and
make them feel they are part and parcel of the citizens of the Islamic state if they become
Muslim or covenant, did not deliver them only a small numberAs emigrated Prophet to
impose his authority on the Arabian peninsula to fight the infidels from the Arab and others, was
able during the eight years that controlled the entire western part of Arabia, from Tabuk to
Yemen, and the mid-, was held with them reconciliation known as the (newspaper city), and
then directed the Prophet we find to the coasts of the Red Sea.
request a treaty.In that period, non-Arab tribes conquered Khaybar Jews after the expulsion
and murder of Jews in the city of tribes who had betrayed Allah and His Messenger, and when
he saw do some Arab tribes and non-Arab Islam that condemns non-rushed to the Prophet
, was this alliance led to conquest the greatest conquest of Mecca, where he entered the people
after him in the religion of opened, and entered some of the neighboring tribes of Mecca with
the time of the Prophet  and the infidels of Quraish, he called God And for those covenants
as a whole is (the era of al), which took place between the Prophet covenants and
conventions, he wrote both the book came to student safety, and supervises a group of writers
write these covenants and conventions and the secretariats., came delegations of Arab tribes
to the city from around the Arabian Peninsula ask the Prophet Allah in crowds, and when he
entered Mecca victorious Prophet
Among those who wrote these covenants Abu Bakr and Ali ibn Abi Talib and Ubayy ibn Ka'b
and others from the book of Revelation.
If Prince and Saliha if Saleh Ali bin Abi Talib)) ().Ibn Abd al-Barr, citing Waaqidi: ((The writer
of the covenants and walk and wrote my father who first wrote it)) ().He said Albaqlani from
Ubayy ibn Ka'b: ((It was written and is the Abu Bakr and Ali wrote in the last Messenger
Abdullah Ibn Sarh, then rebounded wrote to him Osman ... and wrote his' Ali ibn Abi Talib
Moadeh in the Battle of al, and wrote the book for the people of Najran)) ().The son of
perspective: ((They used to say: The first of the books of the Messenger of Allah
5 - Book of feudalism and ownership:
Akram people do not received asked him at all, and the Arabs as a whole look at the war
between him and his enemies as a war between two categories of Quraish, and they say: look
at this man, if defeated on his people gave him the hands of obedience, and when he settled the
matter after the conquest of MeccaThe Prophet , and most of those demands, including the
land, places, and the water that had fought them in ignorance, and Hmoha sword of the tribe,
and the fear that comes from Nzahm it yet, and asks what is not; came to the city individually
and collectively, between hope and fear, and for those delegations requests and wishes and
placed in front of the Prophet them Aqtaat according to their wishes, and some of those
Alktaea some companions who came to Medina of immigrants and supporters, it has cut off
some land to residential and other land for agriculture Kazubayr Bin Floater I will make the
forest - an agricultural area known today -.to him, 'So the Prophet
, and write his books to people, and cutting and so on)) ().Among the most famous book
Alktaea: Zaid ibn Thabit and Ubayy ibn Ka'b, Ibn Abd al-Barr, citing Waaqidi: ((My father was
and Zaid ibn Ka'b will write the revelation in the hands of
And the transfer of Khuzaie from Ibn Ishaq said: ((was Zaid ibn Thabit wrote Revelation, write to
the Kings as well, and if missed Abdullah bin Arqam and Zaid ibn Thabit, and I need to write to
some of the princes of armies or kings, or to any person a clean break, is of those who attended
that write)) ().
6 - Starter Password:
Is meant by the writer who sits in the seat of the Sultan sitting (), and comes arranged in the first
place between the layers of the book.
, as defined by the (owner of office construction) through the ages different Islamic, but at the
beginning of the Mamluk period and privatization since the reign of Sultan Mansur Qalawun
became a champion is one who knows him permanently his office construction Baldaar
EgyptianThis title is dates its inception to the time of the Prophet , and then commonly used
on the tongues of public and private, so revered in mind that this title of the titles which dates its
inception to the Mamluk period from the date of Islamic Egypt ().
if sat sat Abu Bakr on his right, and Omar on his left, and Osman in his hands, and the writer,
narrated by al-Bayhaqi bonds from Jafar ibn Muhammad from his father who said: The
Messenger of Allah  that the secret of the Prophet  Uthman He was known at the time of the
Prophet ().the secret of the Messenger of Allah
, but he was the prophet of Trustees including: not unique to that familiar with only the secrets
of the Prophet Uthman
Astketb Abdullah bin Arqam, was answered by the Kings, and reached the secretariat has to
tell him to write to some of the kings, Faomrh that Atinh and Echtmh and what we read for his
honesty has ().Abdullah bin Arqam syphilis Qurashi, narrated that 'Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr that
the Messenger of Allah
said to the people of Najran: for Ibosn you a man honest right of the Secretary, Vascserv her
people, sent Aba ^ (). and this nation Muhammadiyah is a great companion Abu Abeida,
narrated that Huzaifa bin Aleman that the Messenger of Allah The most famous Secretary of
the Messenger of Allah
to the closeness of it, and trust him, and he has high stature)) ().Khatib said in its history:
((Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman was the secret of the Messenger of Allah
and asked Omar: Avi labor one of the hypocrites? Said: Yes, one; said: Who is he? Said in
hypocrites, do not teach them but Hudhayfah, I know their Messenger of Allah Ibn 'Abd al-Barr
said: ((, Hudhayfah known companions owner of the secret of the Messenger of Allah : Do not
remind him, he said: Hudhayfah Fzelh just him, and Omar was dead if he dies asking for
Huzaifa, the prayer was attended by the blessings of the age, but did not attend did not attend
the prayer Hudhayfah age)).
, of whom Sakba, and Ibn Kathir, and al-Halabi, and others.The took care of many historians to
limit Trustees
his wives, as well as Abu Assad Ibn acid Saadi, was secretary to his wives, the last one who
died of the people of Badr, and Bilal the muezzin was a secretary at his expense,, including
Abdul-Rahman bin Auf, was Secretary of the Messenger of Allah Said al-Halabi: ((Trustees of
the Messenger of Allah Maaguib and was secretary to ring-Sharif)) ().
7 - Starter documents, instruments and Conditions:
(). O ye who believe! When you contract a debt for a name, write it down The command of
Allah Almighty in the holy book of books and certification in sales of deadlines God said:
The scholars differed with these commands is that it is obligatory or scars? The scientists at the
three points of view:
- The first view is obligatory, and went to a gathering of companions and followers, and some
- The second view scars, and he went to Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri of companions, Ibn Jarir al-
Tabari, and others.
- The third view is permissible is the view of the majority of scholars of the companions to the
present age.
bought the hostility of bin Hozh Hanafi or a slave nation, he wrote the book, and the
requirement conditions.The books of Sunan reported to us that the Prophet
of hostility bin Khalid, a Muslim a Muslim sale, no disease nor evil nature or scourge)) ().: This
is what the Messenger of Allah Muhammad bought Imam Bukhari mentioned about Allah's
mercy hostility bin Khalid said: ((I wrote the Prophet
companions to write endowments, and dictated the text of the caliph Omar endowment age of
its territory in the Khyber and the city.And guided the Prophet
Sir allocated some writers to write Madainat and transactions, and some of these business
plans:The scientists reported that the Prophet
Alqdai said: ((was invasive bin hippocampus and the Division of Ibn Namir Madainat writes and
transactions)) ().
Massoudi said: ((Abdullah bin Abdul bin Arqam Yaghuth syphilis and Ala bin obstacle between
the people they write Madainat and other contracts and transactions)) ().
Aljhishaara said: ((Abdullah bin Arqam and Ala bin obstacle between the people they write in
their tribes and their water in the role of supporters among the men and women)) ().
And Imam Ibn Hajar said: I read in the history of the work to the Mutasim bin Samadh: the Ala
bin Arqam and obstacle between people were writing in Madainat, covenants and transactions
8 - book five and spoils:
The spoils are: money taken by force from the people of the war.
And not the spoils is the only financial resource of the Islamic state, but there Alsuaa, and
shade, and charity, donations, tax, and other than what is detailed in the books that took care of
the financial system of the Islamic state.
fought during the last ten years, which is the duration of the Islamic state of many invasions and
company.The Prophet
was counting the spoils after the battle and divided by the many winners, and taken to the clerk
count the money, (), and was much talk in this sense, the Prophet  It Agll come, including the
Day of Resurrection  thicker in defamation Alglul God said: Since God Like the actions of the
Sahaabah Princes Palaces and invasions.
Among the most famous book spoils the following:
)) ().Aljhishaara said: ((Roy Maaguib ibn Abi Fatima ally I was writing a lion spoils the
Messenger of Allah
)) ().Massoudi said: ((He was the son of Abu Fatima writes Aldosa spoils of the Messenger of
He also said: He was cartoonist Al-Rabee 'ibn Usaydi summer, writes in his hands in these
things if they are absent from the fat of other writers and their representatives in the rest of what
is unique to each and every one of them so it was claimed by cartoonist.
Emir of Speight and money on nostalgia, and Masoud bin Omar Continental was learning
them, but to make them the rulers keep them up to be counted and divided, and that Abdullah
ibn Ka'b ibn 'Amr ibn' Awf was the shamrock day of Badr, and substitute Ben Riqa Khuzaie
make the Prophet Not only did the Prophet spoils on nostalgia ().
quintiles, and ordered him to believe the people from Bani Hashim in the dowries of their
women whom Fadl ibn Abbas)) ().Imam Ibn Abdul-Barr in absorption in the translation of
(protected): ((used by the Prophet
9 - Starter charity and personal basic needs:
Zakat A five pillars of Islam, and one of financial resources in the Islamic state, which is a
purification for the money the rich and helping the poor, and save him from the question.
per worker writes a book to charity consulted by the people of the funds. interested in
collecting alms from their owners, and installation workers are collected, counted as a book
collection of these workers, and the Prophet The Prophet
I took his hand, and I read in his term, he said: ((does not collect between the fork does not
differentiate between the community for fear of charity)) ().The Imam Abu Dawood from
Sweden Ben inadvertently said: The Prophet came to us a certified
group of companions, including:He assumed the mandate of the charity era of the Prophet
Omar ibn al-Khattab Adawi Qurashi, was knocked out by Imam Muslim that the mission of the
charity ().
Khalid ibn Said ibn al-Aas Umayyad, the mission of the charity in the land of Murad and Zabid
and Mzhj.
Maaz bin Jabal Al-Ansari, sent him to Yemen and wrote his book.
sent me certified)).Ubayy ibn Ka'b Al-Ansari, said: ((the Messenger of Allah
factor to charity in Bani Asad.Adi ibn Hatim al-Tai, the mission of the Prophet
used by the charity of his people.Zubriqan bin Badr al-Tamimi, the Prophet
had been allocated a writer who has specialized in personal funds received by the charity.The
every need he may have dedicated this book to write his needs permanent personal.But was
careful to identify the Prophet
These are some of the texts that support what I went to him:
and invites him to write the basic needs of public and private.Aljhishaara said: ((Khalid bin
Said bin Al-Aas and Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan writes in his hands in his needs)) (), and that
includes all the needs of the Prophet
Alqdai said: ((the common folk and Zubayr ibn al-Salt ibn Juhaym writes charity funds, and was
Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman writes Khrs palm trees and the fruits of the Hijaz)) ().
Masoudi said: ((Khalid bin Said bin Al-Aas bin illiteracy ... writes in his hands what is being
offered in the rest of his affairs.
The Division of invasive bin Thaqafi and hippocampus bin Namir also writes with displays of his
needs)) ().
He also said: ((The common folk and Zubayr ibn al-Salt ibn Juhaym writes charity funds, and
Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman writes Khrs Hijaz)) ().
in the charity bin Zubair common folk, if absent or apologized wrote Juhaym Ben Salt,
Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman)) ().Ibn Hazm said in his book (Sir mosques and Justice): ((The writer
was the Messenger of Allah
10 - Army Book:
is also known in his tracks the conditions of his companions in all respects, and it was their
companion meek, and if the when one of them need prevent him from offering in the military,
has been allocated a writer for that, and the Prophet  writes the names of soldiers who
volunteer to serve in the army of the Prophet The Prophet said: O Messenger of Allah, I have
enlisted for such and such a battle, and my wife need, he said: Return.excuse, even if this
excuse is easy, it was Allah's mercy Al-Bukhaari from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with
him: A man came to the Prophet Hajj with his wife ().
sermon says: ((do not be alone with a man with a woman unless her mahram, and no woman
should travel except with a mahram man stood up and said: O Messenger of Allah stood up and
said I was subscribed to in the Battle ofMuslim narrated in his Saheeh from Ibn Abbas said: I
heard the Prophet such and such, he said: Go and do Hajj with your wife)) ().
And the witness of modern writing is the legitimacy of the army, and considered the Imam of his
flock interest, and this is what his understanding of the modern first-Bukhari said: ((subscribed in
the door of the army went out his wife had a need or is authorized to excuse you)) ().
Court Court of Prophet Mohammad is the main emitted from it all divans in the Islamic and
Islamic eras to the present age.
The student of the history of the SAI Prophet felt that it was not office messages only - as is the
case in the Office of the messages in the centuries following him - it was a collection of book
professionals selected carefully according to high specifications, has been notorious for their
leadership qualities, moral and written a great mass of each one of them for the job of Galilee,
and this is what he catches some historians adults, where he says Albaqlani about the
characteristics of these writers: ((It was him blessings and peace group Omathl wise virtuous, all
clerks to him, and are known for erection of the immigrants and supporters)) ()because the
chosen Prophet commander .
)) ().Qalqashandi said: ((if so, the bureaucracy, then this may also put in his time but it is not in
fame and frequency such as writing in his time
With the passage of time became the Office of messages range of divans, and a variety of
disciplines in which many types according to the need for States in those ages, and became the
bureaucracy is clear, familiar to every student from the Umayyad to the Ottoman era, with the
following statement by the titles of the book, and the name of the SAI, which was occupied by
() :
Author Name Cabinet
Starter Message Board messages, Diwan Elzimama
Starter Office of the Arabs and the countryside ring
Starter feudalism Bureau abscess
Starter covenants and conventions, and the Home Office Signature
Starter Office Space Password
Starter Records Office documents and conditions
Starter Army Office of the Army
Starter charity office expenses
Starter booty and five House office money
Terms and ethics of the Holy Book Bureau:
These conditions scientists gleaned from a book biography of the Prophet 's Court, and some
prophetic guidance issued to some writers of his time.
And the whole of the books on this subject in his book is encyclopaedic Qalqashandi: (Subh
TFB in the Office of construction), and this brief said:
First, the general conditions ().
1 - Islam
a writer nor an infidel never Guided Caliphs after him.This is one of the most important
conditions that must be met by the author construction; because the author needs to cite the
Holy Quran, and writing the mandate nor a mandate for an unbeliever against a Muslim; so I did
not take the Prophet
2 - male
forbade the inauguration of women's general mandate, when he said: ((does not work and the
people who ordered them to appoint a woman)) ().The writing of a mandate for U.S. legitimacy;
therefore not permissible for a woman to assume this state, because the Prophet
3 - Freedom
May not be for a slave to writing shall, unless documented by the master, he is the leader there
is nothing wrong with that some scholars; because Osman Astketb Hamran his master, and the
majority of scholars that prevented either the Sultan or the judge or others.
4 - Mind
, minus the mind can not be undertaken in any of the acts of the decrease in perception, the
basis of reason with the virtues and the origin of morality, and do not mind him not to use it as
Qalqashandi said.Mind a gift from God
5 - to know the provisions of the U.S.
Must be the writer to be of Knowledge and the conditions of the provisions Bowl, and to know
the order of U.S. religious when the imam, and the tradition of Ministers, and the Emirate
countries, and the Emirate of jihad, and the mandate of the judiciary and the Ombudsman, and
to address the kings, ministers, workers and others; because this is the heart of his work and
the most important duties entrusted to it.
6 - Principles of legal provisions in
Writer must be qualified for this job, and he has full knowledge of the provisions of Islamic
jurisprudence; because his work requires knowledge of these provisions.
7 - Knowledge of Arabic language and rhetoric
Author must be written on the rules of the Arabic language, and be away from the melody-and-
error to express, and only became a laughing stock among people, and it improves to formulate
messages embroidered in colors Sciences Arabic rhetoric of the statement and with the
meanings Alraúqh magnificent, wonderful and kind words.
Morals ().
Recommended that the construction of the author possess Islamic morality, including:
piety in secret and in public.1 -
2 - Salah is being handled with the intention of the matters of the Sultan and the state.
Avoiding suspicion and away from it.
3 - to zoom chastity.
4 - The ability to cohabitation with the Kings and dignitaries of the state and the implementation
that is asked of him.
5 - consider the consequences of things and save breath for errors.
6 - in all sincerity, addressed to him from work.
7 - Providing advice and advice to governors and rulers.
8 - confidentiality and not disclose it.
9 - it is thanks to the virtues of morality.

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