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Submitted b! R"i#" V. Vi"$"
MPA 628 Local Government and Development Administration
One of the fundamental state policies enshrined in the Constitution is the autonomy of
local government units. (Const., Art. II, Sec. 25). In this regard, the Constitution mandated
Congress to enact a local government code !hich shall provide for a more responsive and
accounta"le local government structure instituted through a system of decentrali#ation !ith
effective mechanisms of recall, initiative, and referendum, allocate among the different local
government units their po!ers, responsi"ilities, and resources, and provide for the $ualifications,
election, appointment and removal, term, salaries, po!ers and functions and duties of local
officials, and all other matters relating to the organi#ation and operation of the local units.%
(Const., art. &, sec. ')
(ursuant to the mandate given "y the Constitution, Congress enacted )epu"lic Act *o.
+',-, other!ise .no!n as the /ocal 0overnment Code of '11' !hich is approved on Octo"er
'-, '11'. 2he Code replaced 3atas (am"ansa 3lg. 44+, !hich is the old local government code.
2he Code is divided into four "oo.s.
3oo. ' covers the 0eneral (rovisions of the local government. It is divided into nine
titles. 2itle ' covers the 3asic (rinciples !hich includes the (olicy and Application of the Code,
0eneral (o!ers and Attri"utes of /ocal 0overnment 5nits (Authority to Create /ocal
0overnment 5nits, Creation and Conversion, 6ivision and 7erger, A"olition of /ocal
0overnment 5nits, (le"iscite )e$uirement, Selection and 2ransfer of /ocal 0overnment Site,
Offices and 8acilities, 0overnment Centers, *aming of /ocal 0overnment 5nits and (u"lic
(laces, Streets and Structures, 3eginning of Corporate 9:istence, (olitical and Corporate *ature
of /ocal 0overnment 5nits, 0eneral ;elfare, 3asic Services and 8acilities, (o!er to 0enerate
and Apply )esources, 9minent 6omain, )eclassification of /ands, Closure and Opening of
)oads, Corporate (o!ers, Authority to *egotiate and Secure 0rants and /ia"ility for 6amages),
Intergovernmental )elations (*ational Supervision over /ocal 0overnment 5nits, 6uty of
*ational 0overnment Agencies in the 7aintenance of 9cological 3alance, (rior Consultations
)e$uired, (o!ers of /ocal Chief 9:ecutives over the 5nits of the (hilippine *ational (olice,
(rovincial )elations !ith Component Cities and 7unicipalities, )evie! of 9:ecutive Orders,
Su"mission of 7unicipal <uestions to the (rovincial /egal Officer or (rosecutor, City and
7unicipal Supervision over 2heir )espective 3arangays, Cooperative 5nderta.ings Among
/ocal 0overnment 5nits), )elations !ith (eople=s and *on>0overnment Organi#ation ()ole of
(eople=s and *on>governmental Organi#ations, /in.ages !ith (eople=s and *on>governmental
Organi#ations, Assistance to (eople=s and *on>governmental Organi#ations), and /ocal
(re$ualification, 3ids and A!ards Committee. 2itle 2 covers the 9lective Officials !hich
includes the <ualifications and 9lection, ?acancies and Succession, /ocal /egislation,
6isciplinary Actions, and )ecall. 2itle 4 covers @uman )esources and 6evelopment
P"%e & 1
(Organi#ational Structure and Staffing (attern, )esponsi"ility for @uman )esources and
6evelopment, Civil Service /a!, )ules and )egulations, and Other )elated Issuances,
/imitation on Appointments, (u"lic *otice of ?acancyA (ersonnel Selection 3oard,
Compensation of /ocal Officials and 9mployees, )esignation of 9lective /ocal Officials,
0rievance (rocedure, Administrative 6iscipline, (reventive Suspension of Appointive /ocal
Officials and 9mployees, Administrative Investigation, 6isciplinary Burisdiction, 9:ecution
(ending Appeal, (rohi"ited 3usiness and (ecuniary Interest, (ractice of (rofession, Statement of
Assets and /ia"ilities, Oath of Office, (artisan (olitical Activity, Appointment of 9lective and
Appointive /ocal OfficialsA Candidates ;ho /ost in an 9lection, Additional or 6ou"le
Compensation, (ermission to /eave Station, and Annual )eport). 2itle C covers /ocal School
3oards, 2itle 5 > /ocal @ealth 3oards, 2itle , > /ocal 6evelopment Councils, 2itle + > /ocal
(eace and Order Council, 2itle D > Autonomous Special 9conomic Eones, and 2itle 1 > Other
(rovisions Applica"le to /ocal 0overnment 5nits (Settlement of 3oundary 6isputes, /ocal
Initiative and )eferendum).
3oo. 2 covers /ocal 2a:ation and 8iscal 7atters. It is divided into si: titles. 2itle '
covers /ocal 0overnment 2a:ation !hich includes the 0eneral (rovisions, Specific (rovisions
on the 2a:ing and Other )evenue>)aising (o!ers of /ocal 0overnment 5nits, 7unicipalities,
Cities, 3arangays, Common )evenue>)aising (o!ers, Community 2a:, Collection of 2a:es,
Civil )emedies for Collection of )evenues, and 2a:payer=s )emedies. 2itle 2 covers )eal
(roperty 2a:ation !hich includes Appraisal and Assessment of )eal (roperty, Assessment
Appeals, Imposition of )eal (roperty 2a:, Special /evies on )eal (roperty, Collection of )eal
(roperty 2a:, and 6isposition of (roceeds. 2itle 4 covers the Shares of /ocal 0overnment 5nits
in the (roceeds of *ational 2a:es !hich includes Allotment of Internal )evenue and Share of
/ocal 0overnment 5nits in the *ational ;ealth. 2itle C covers Credit 8inancing. 2itle 5 covers
/ocal 8iscal Administration, /ocal and Other Special 8unds ()eceipts, Safe.eeping Article and
6isposition of /ocal 8unds, Special Accounts), 3udgeting (/ocal 0overnment 3udgets and
3arangay 3udgets), and 9:penditures, 6is"ursements, Accounting and Accounta"ility. 2itle ,
covers (roperty and Supply 7anagement in the /ocal 0overnment 5nits.
3oo. 4 covers /ocal 0overnment 5nits. It is divided into si: titles. 2itle ' covers the
3arangay !hich includes the )ole and Creation of the 3arangay, 3arangay Officials and Offices,
2he (unong 3arangay and 2he Sangguniang 3arangay including their po!ers, duties and
functions, Other 6uties of Sangguniang 3arangay 7em"ers, 3enefits of 3arangay Officials,
Appointive 3arangay Officials, 3arangay Assem"ly, Fatarungang (am"arangay, Sangguniang
Fa"ataan, (ederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Fa"ataan and /inggo ng Fa"ataan. 2itle 2 covers
2he 7unicipality !hich includes the )ole and Creation of the 7unicipality, 7unicipal Officials
in 0eneral, Officials and Offices Common to All 7unicipalities (2he 7unicipal 7ayor, 2he
?ice 7ayor and 2he Sangguniang 3ayan including their composition, po!ers and duties). 2itle 4
covers 2he City !hich includes the )ole and Creation of the City, City Officials in 0eneral,
Officials and Offices Common to All Cities (2he City 7ayor, 2he City ?ice>7ayor, and 2he
P"%e & '
Sangguniang (anlungsod including their composition, po!ers and duties and compensation).
2itle C covers 2he (rovince !hich includes the )ole and Creation of the (rovince, (rovincial
Officials in 0eneral, Officials and Offices Common to All (rovinces (2he (rovincial 0overnor,
2he (rovincial ?ice>0overnor, and 2he Sangguniang (anlala!igan including their composition,
po!ers and duties and compensation). 2itle 5 covers the Appointive /ocal Officials Common to
All 7unicipalities, Cities and (rovinces !hich includes the Secretary to the Sanggunian, 2he
2reasurer, 2he Assessor, 2he Accountant, 2he 3udget Officer, 2he (lanning and 6evelopment
Coordinator, 2he 9ngineer, 2he @ealth Officer, 2he Civil )egistrar, 2he Administrator, 2he
/egal Officer, 2he Agriculturist, 2he Social ;elfare and 6evelopment Officer, 2he 9nvironment
and *atural )esources Officer, 2he Architect, 2he Information Officer, 2he Cooperatives
Officer, 2he (opulation Officer, 2he ?eterinarian, and 2he 0eneral Services Officer including
their <ualifications, (o!ers and 6uties. 2itle , covers /eagues of /ocal 0overnment 5nits and
9lective Officials !hich includes /eagues of /ocal 0overnment 5nits (/iga ng 7ga 3arangay,
/eague of 7unicipalities, /eague of Cities, /eague of (rovinces, (rovisions Common to All
/eagues), and /eagues and 8ederations of /ocal 9lective Officials.
3oo. C covers the 7iscellaneous and 8inal (rovisions. It is divided into four titles. 2itle
' covers the (enal (rovisions !hich includes the (osting and (u"lication of Ordinances !ith
(enal Sanctions, ;ithholding of 3enefits Accorded to 3arangay Officials, 8ailure to (ost and
(u"lish the Itemi#ed 7onthly Collections and 6is"ursements, 9ngaging in (rohi"ited 3usiness
2ransactions or (ossessing Illegal (ecuniary Interest, )efusal or 8ailure of Any (arty or ;itness
to Appear "efore the /upon or (, (enalties for ?iolation of 2a: Ordinances, 0overnment
Agents 6elaying Assessment of )eal (roperty and Assessment Appeals, and (rohi"ited Acts
)elated to the A!ard of Contracts 5nder the (rovisions on Credit 8inancing. 2itle 2 covers the
(rovisions for Implementation !hich includes 7andatory )evie! 9very 8ive Gears, Insurance
Coverage, (ersonnel )etirement andHor 3enefits, Inventory of Infrastructure and Other
Community 8acilities, and )ecords and (roperties. 2itle 4 covers the 2ransitory (rovisions
!hich includes the Application of this Code to /ocal 0overnment 5nits in the Autonomous
)egions, (rior Approval or Clearance on )egular and )ecurring 2ransactions, 6econcentration
of )e$uisite Authority and (o!er, 2a: Ordinances or )evenue 7easures, /ocal ;ater 6istricts,
and 6e"t )elief for /ocal 0overnment 5nits. 2itle C covers the 8inal (rovisions.
P"%e & (