Rigorous Curriculum Design Alignment Diagram

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Unit-Based Common Formative (Pre-) Assessment
& Data Teams Process
Effective Instruction,
Differentiation, and
Intervention Strategies

Enrichment, Remediation,
Intervention Prior to Next
Curricular Unit

Unit-Based Common Formative
(Post-) Assessment & Data Teams
Common Core State Standards
Priority CCSS and Supporting CCSS
Scope, Sequence, and Pacing of Curricular Units for
Each Content Area, Grade Level, and Course

End-of-Course/ End-of-Grade
Summative Assessments

District Benchmark Assessments
(Formative or Summative)

State Assessments; National Assessments

Curricular Unit of Study with
Engaging Learning
Experiences Based on
“Unwrapped” Priority
Standards, Big Ideas, and
Essential Questions
witEngaging Learning

Informal Progress
Monitoring Checks

Mid-Unit Evaluation of
Targeted Strategies

Informal Progress
Monitoring Checks