Beconhouse National University

BNU Tarogil Campus
13-km Raiwind Road,
Tel: +92-42-35975704 to 08
+92-42-35975704 to 11

In order to meet the current needs and expanding space requirements in the future, Beaconhouse National University has moved most of its
academic and administrative blocks to the BNU New Campus at Tarogil.
BNU Tarogil Campus is located about 13.5 km from Thokar Niaz Baig, Off Lahore-Raiwind Road. The campus is spread over 25 acres and at
present, it houses Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design, Razia Hassan School of Architecture, Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts
and Social Sciences, School of Media & Mass Communication, School of Computer and Information Technology besides all administrative
departments of the university in the Sartaj Aziz Admin Block. The campus has an indoor cafeteria, outdoor cafeteria, football ground,
multipurpose auditorium, library, computer labs and state-of-the-art Information Technology Resource Center. A unique feature is the
UNESCO UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asian Arts under the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design.
The new campus has been designed by the renowned Architects Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates who are also responsible for construction
supervision. The premier engineering consultancy of the country, namely M/s. NESPAK Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore has carried out and
prepared the final reports in respect of Topographic Survey, Initial Environment Examination and Geotechnical Investigations.

Board of Directors of BNU Foundation
Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri
Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri founded the Beaconhouse School System (BSS) in 1975. BSS is the largest
and oldest private school system in Pakistan and is located in 27 cities. It has a student body of over
70,000 and a staff exceeding 7,000 (of which 4,500 are teachers).

Mrs Kasuri is widely traveled and has attended many seminars and courses on education and
management. She has served as a member of The Social Empowerment Group - Punjab Sub Committee
on Education and is a member of the Education Advisory Board, Ministry of Education, Government of
Pakistan and the Punjab Educational Foundation. She is also member of WWF, Pakistan.

Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Vice Chancellor BNU
Mr. Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri
Mr. Kasim Mahmud Kasuri
Dr. Parvez Hassan
Mr. Mueen Afzal
Mr. Shamim S. Khan
Mr. Hussain Dawood

Board of Governors

Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri Chairperson
Mr. Sartaj Aziz
Mr. Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri
Mr. Kasim Mahmud Kasuri
Dr. Parvez Hassan
Mr. Mueen Afzal
Mr. Shamim S. Khan
Mr. Hussain Dawood
Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, Rector, Lahore School of Economics, Lahore.
Prof. Dr. Ikram-ul-Haq, Acting Vice Chancellor, GC University, Lahore
Secretary Higher Education, Government of Punjab, Lahore.
BNU City Campus

3-C Zafar Ali Road,
Gulberg V, Lahore
Tel: 92-42-3571 8260-63 - Fax: 92-42-35760254

BNU City Campus located on 3-Zafar Ali Road Lahore is a stone throw away from the willow-lined Lahore canal. It is centrally located
with easy approach from the main Jail Road and Mall arteries.

BNU Tarogil Campus
13-km Raiwind Road,
Tel: +92-42-35975704 to 08
+92-42-35975704 to 11
BNU Directory
Beaconhouse National University

Extension Nos
(For Internal use only)

BNU Tarogil Campus
13-km Raiwind Road,
Tel: +92-42-35975704 to 08
+92-42-35975704 to 11

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Prof.Salima Hashmi Dean SVAD 201
2 Mr. Asad Maqsud Academic Coordinator 202
Ms.Huma Mulji/Mr. David
Associate Professor 203
4 Dr. Razia Sadiq Assistant Professor 204
5 Prof. Naazish Atta Ullah Senior Fellow 205
6 Mr. Rashid Rana Assistant Professor 206
7 Ms. Sehar Bashir Associate Professor 207
8 Ms. Kiran Khan Associate Professor 208
9 Mr. Malcolm Hutcheson Assistant Professor 209
10 Ms. Gwendolyn Kulick Assistant Professor 210
11 Ms. Mahrukh Malik Assistant Coordinator SVAD 211
12 Mr. Abdal Jafri Secretary to Dean SVAD 212

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Dr. Gulzar Haider Dean SA 250
2 Prof. Sajjad Kausar Professor 254
3 Mr. Junaid Alam Assistant Professor 253
4 Mr. Khalid Muzzamil Academic Coordinator 252
5 Dr. Fariha Assistant Professor 255

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Mr. Ijaz Hussain Assistant Professor (Eco) 302
2 Ms. Rafiya Hasan Assistant Professor (DLA) 303
3 Mr. Tahir Sadiq Assistant Professor (Eco) 304
4 Mr Zahid Vc Peon 305
5 Ms. Rabia Piracha Academic Coordinator (Eco) 306
6 Ms. Saima Zaigham Academic Coordinator (DLA) 307
7 Ms. Sonia Ahmad Assistant Professor (Eco) 308
8 Mr. Shahzad Amjad Lecturer (Pakistan Studies Unit) 309
9 Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Lab Incharge Economics 311
10 Ms. Aiza/Ms.Sumbal Lecturers (Eco) 312
11 Ms. Naila Tasneem Lecturers (Eco) 313
12 Dr. Akmal Hussain Associate Professor (Visiting Faculty) 314
13 Ms. Novaira Junaid Lecturer 315
14 Dr. Maryam Mirza Assistant Professor (DLA) 316
15 Dr Ummad Mazhar Assistant Professor 317
16 Ms. Misbah Kanwal
Assistant Coordinator (Pakistan Studies
17 Ms. Asma Yasir / Mr. Waseem Lecturers (Eco) 318

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Dr. Khaver Zia Dean SCIT 501
2 Ms Shazia Rizwan
Assistant Professor/Head of Department
3 Mr. Toqir Ahmad Rana Assistant Professor 503
4 Mr. Syed Naeem Ahmad Assistant Professor 504
5 Mr. Nouman Ali Shah Assistant Professor 505
6 Mr. Natash Ali Mian Assistant Professor 506
7 Ms. Huda Sarfraz Assistant Professor 507
8 Mr. Ali Shaffi Assistant Lecturer 508
9 Mr. Saad Saleem Assistant Lecturer 509
10 Mr. Affan Anwar Coordinator SCIT 510
11 Mr. Salman Mazhar Faculty Coordinator 511
12 Mr. Adnan Majeed Teaching Assistant 512
13 Mr. Zubair Anwar Assistant Professor 514
14 Mr. Gultaj Khan Office Assistant 513
15 Ms. Madeeha Teaching Assistant 515


Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Dr. Mehdi Hasan Dean SMC 601
2 Dr. Taimur-ul-Hassan Professor 602
3 Dr. Asghar Nadeem Syed Associate Professor/Head TFT 603
4 Ms Ameera Javeria Assistant Professor TFT 606
5 Mr. Rafique Ahmad Video Lab Assistant 609
6 Syed Urooj Samdani Assistant Professor TFT 607
7 Wajahat Masood Assistant Professor SMC 608
8 Ms. Sadaf Bari TFT Coordinatior 610
9 Ms Saman Akram Lecturer 651
10 Ms Neha Mehdi Lecturer 652
11 Mr. Rana Faizan Lecturer 653
12 Mr. Usman Saeed SMC Co-ordinator 654
13 Ms Hira / Ms Qandeel TA-SMC 655
14 Ms. Noreen Zaman Lecturer 656
15 Mr. Omer Siddique Lab Co-ordinator 660
16 Mr. Shezad Raza Mustafa Lab Co-ordinator 661

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Dr Ruhi Khalid Director (Institute of Psychology) 701
2 Ms. Farhat Nadeem Assistant Professor 702
3 Ms. Amina Butt Lecturer 703
4 Mr. Waqar Zafar Lecturer 704
5 Ms. Ayesha Sarfaraz Lecturer 706
6 Mr. Nadeem Aslam Laboratory Incharge 707
7 Ms. Fareeha Rasheed Coordinator 708
8 Ms. Aman Karim Lecturer 709
9 Mr. Waqas Lab Incharge 710

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Mr. Muddassir Zahoor Deputy Manager Admin 401
2 Ali Sher Ghumman Deputy Manager (Administration) 402
3 Mr. Yousaf Senior Admin Assistant 404
Mr. Muhammad Khurshid
Dispatcher Rider 407
5 Mr. Rashid Bashir Transport Incharge 407
6 Mr. Zameer / Mohsin SLASS electrician 408
7 Mr Tariq Chohan Building Supervisor 409
8 Mr. Shafaquat Store Keeper 410
9 Mr. Masood Salamat Procurement Assistant 411
10 Security Admin Admin Entrance 447
11 Security Main Gate Main Gate Entrance 448
12 Security SLASS SLASS Entrance 449
13 Security SVAD SVAD - SA Main Entrance 450
14 Mr Siddique Tel Exchange 100
15 Mr Iqbal Tel Exchange 200

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Ms. Shehwar Shikoh Khan Deputy Manager (HR) 413
2 Mr. Nadeem Shehzad Pirzada
Office Assistant/Record Keeper
3 Ms. Shehwar Shikoh Khan Deputy Manager (HR) 413
4 Mr. Majid Bhatti Personnel Officer 414
5 Mr. Rabi Maqsood Data Officer 414

Directorate of Students
Affairs And External

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Mr. Zaeem Yaqoob Khan
Director (Student Affairs & External
2 Mr. Mustafa Ali Public Relations Officer 433
3 Ms. Mehwish Online content manager 434
4 Ms. Abeera Internee 435
5 Mr. Waqas Zaki Deputy Manager Student Affairs 436
6 Ms. Fareeha Nadeem Office Assistant 437
7 Mr. Ajmal & Mr. Farooq Sports Department 438

& QA

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Ms. Noreen Lodhi G.M (Quality Assurance) 461
2 Mr. S. Farhan Ali Naqvi Deputy Manager (Q.A) 462
3 Mr. Yawar Abbas Quality Assurance Officer 463
4 Mr. Shahid Nadeem Deputy Controller Exams 464
5 Ms. Hina Razzaq Assistant Controller Exams 465
6 Mr. Sheeraz Ahmed Examination Officer 466

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Ms. Farzana Shahid Registrar 481
2 Mr. Nadeem Asghar Baig Deputy Registrar 482
3 Mr. Rafiq ud Din Assistant Registrar 483
4 Mr Saleem Afzal Assistant Registrar 777
5 Mr Musawwar Office Assistant 485
6 Ms. Attiya Haque Admission Officer 484
7 Ms. Faiza Umar Hayat Office Assistant 485
8 Ms. Zonia Akbar Office Assistant 666
9 Ms. Sidra Malik Front Desk Officer 486

Accounts & Finance
Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Mr. Zeeshan Haider Financial Controller 471
2 Mr. Asif Nadeem Deputy Manager Accounts & Finance 472
3 Mr. Shauib-ur-Rehman Assistant Manager 473
4 Mr. Muhammad Omer Khalid Assistant Manager 474
5 Mr. Ahmad Arfeen Assistant Manager 476
6 Mr. Adnan Nafees Accounts Officer 473
7 Hafiz Arfan Rasheed Accounts Executive 475
8 Mr. Qamar Ali Khan Accounts Assistant 475
9 Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Record Keeper 477

Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Mr. Amir Subhani Senior Librarian 405
2 Mr. Muhammad Aamir Assistant Librarian (SLASS Library) 705
3 Mr. Muhammad Zafar Assistant Librarian (SLASS Library) 705
4 Ms Zaitoon Umer Hayat Assistant Librarian (SVAD Library) 403
5 Mr. Awais Nawaz Assistant Librarian (SVAD Library) 403

IT Department
Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Mr. Salman Zafar Manager IT 110
2 Mr. Abdual Rauf Zafar Deputy Manager IT 113
3 Mr Mohsin Javed Web Master 114
4 Muhammad Nabeel Akram Software Engineer 115
5 Mr Rizwan Ashgar Senior Network Administrator 111
6 Mr. Naveed Idrees ITRC Support Coordinator 123
7 Mr. Ahsan-ul-Haq Network Administrator 112
8 NOC Network Operations Center 111-112
9 IT Support Desk IT Support Desk 101
10 Mr. Tayyab Rashid IT Support Engineer 102
12 Mr Syed Hassan Ali Assist. Network Administrator 105
13 ITRC Admin ITRC Admin 106

Project Directorate
Sr # Name Designation Ext No
1 Mr. Khawaja Mazhar Iftikhar Director (Infrastructure & Development) 451
2 Mr. Muhammad Waris Deputy Project Engineer 452
3 Mr. Muhammad Mumtaz Sr. Asst. Project Engineer 457
4 Mr.Tahir Masud Assistant Project Engineer Electrical 455
5 Mr. Muhammad Azam Assistant Manager Project 458

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