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US food firm sorry over China 'bad meat'

scandal July 24, 2014, 5:28 pm

AFP US food firm sorry over China 'bad meat' scandal
Shanghai (AFP) - The US food sulier at the centre of an e!ired meat scandal in China has
aologised" as #FC and Pi$$a %ut's arent comany said it &ould sto using the firm's roducts in the
'ey Chinese mar'et(
Shanghai authorities at the &ee'end shut a lant o&ned by rivately-held )S* +rou for mi!ing out-of-
date meat &ith fresh roduct" and on ,ednesday detained five officials from the )S* subsidiary &hich
oerated it(
Chinese state media have ta'en aim at foreign comanies" sar'ing calls for stronger regulation in a
country &hich has seen reeated roblems &ith food and roduct safety(
Sheldon -avin" chairman and chief e!ecutive officer of )S*" said he had no defence for the case"
according to a statement on the comany's China &ebsite dated Thursday(
.,hat haened at %usi Shanghai is comletely unaccetable". -avin said" referring to China unit
Shanghai %usi Food Co(
.*t &as terribly &rong and * am aalled that it ever haened in the comany that * o&n". he said"
adding authorities have insected the comany's other facilities in China and had not found any issues(
/esides Shanghai" )S* has eight other roduction facilities in China" according to its &ebsite(
The Shanghai factory's customers in China included 0c1onald's" #FC" Pi$$a %ut" coffee chain
Starbuc's" /urger #ing" 2-3leven convenience stores and Paa 4ohn's Pi$$a" according to the
US burger chain Carl's 4r( also used its roducts" Chinese media said Thursday(
*n 4aan" 0c1onald's and convenience store chain Family 0art sold chic'en from the Shanghai
factory" but have stoed(
5um /rands" &hich oerates more than 6"788 #FC restaurants and 9"988 Pi$$a %ut branches in China"
said it &ill sto using roducts from all of )S*'s factories in the country and threatened legal action(
)S* has sulied 5um in China since :88;(
.5um China &ill loo' at the final results of the government insection and reserves the right to ta'e
legal action against )S* +rou". it said in a statement osted on its official China microblog late
5um has sought to reassure Chinese consumers over food safety after an earlier scare over avian
influen$a and a :89: controversy over e!cessive levels of antibiotics found in its chic'en(
Searately" 0c1onald's said it &ould no longer .cooerate. &ith )S*'s Shanghai factory" but &ould
instead use roducts from the comany's other lants in %ebei and %enan rovinces" according to a