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Tips & trick to remove virus without antivirus software

Begginning of tut:
Start->Run->type cmd
in each drive type attrib /s /d it will display the list of all files in that drive along
with folders.concntrate on files having SHR attribute.normally virus files have two
.SHR attribute
!."ueer name li#e amvo.e$e%r&r.e$e%autorun.inf etc.
'ote me system files also have this attribute li#e (S)*S.S+S%,*.S+S etc so
before deleting googling about that file will help.
to delete these files type c:->del /f /s /a
>> to view the content of files with .inf%.vbs%.c etc i.e files which r not batch files or
e$ecutables.goto e$plorer n then goto the re.uired drive or folder n type the
filename with e$tension it wil open up in notepad.
>>there is another method also.goto the re.uired location n type attrib -s -h -r
then use gui to see that hiiden file.if it is not n e$e or .bat or then open it with
notepad.Here you will get some information li#e a file name or a registry #ey which
the virus affects or a startup item or process./hange this or unchec# the startup.
if file is not deleted li#e it says access denied it means it already used by some tas# manager n find a process of the same name or some process
which is not a valid windows process0better google1 n end that process.
if not found open msconfig goto statrup tab n loo# at if a startup items seems
.ueer0u wil have this feeling if u r n e$perienced windows user otherwise all da
startup items may seem .ueer.1unchec# that.u may also learn about da startup item
by googling.after unchec#ing restart the computer then restart the computer.
2his method is effective in removing some spywares or some small but annoying
virii li#e mas#rider etc. which r sometimes not detected by antivirus softwares.
,f u want to learn more u want read a more e$plicit tut then u may read my tut on
mas#rider removal here in this se$tion
ou pepoles wont blve i nvr formatted and reinstalled my os or hard drive due to
3irus. 4vn when i was noob 5ppr. 67 8 i used to clean it manually and by now i am an
e$pert in it.. yes google helps alot in findings a particulr file..
Best method to delete obstinate viruses is 9,'R5R
:ust open winrar and goto ur infected drive ane here you can see all hidden and
persistent files.. )elete such files from here 04asy and far better than dos
*ne more thing if you want to remove the virus or worm of an infected pen drive
then dare it to do as i do..
;irst of all #ill your e$plorer from process tab in 2as# manager..
'ow goto <'49 25S=<
and locate winrar ..
now insert pen drive in usb and come pen drive icon in winrar. 5nd here you will find
some 5utorun.inf % powerpointresentation.e$e % #rar.vbs etc. :ust enter < Shift >
)elete <
one more thing after doing above tas#. ?oto 'ew tas# in 2as# manager and enter
4$plorer .. /lic# *#..
you will find a virus free world.
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