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Cancer patient forced to evacuate his home because of stench
from raw chicken manure to share his story
County continues to review citations issued against a Beverly Hills developer to determine how
much he will be fined for dumping chicken manure behind homes in Escondido

ESCONDIDO (August 11, 2014)---San Diego County officials said today they are continuing to
review three citations it issued to determine how much it would fine a developer for spreading
raw chicken manure behind dozens of homes in Escondido.

Several homeowners were inconvenienced by the rancid odor but none more than Paul
DeLaurentis, who suffers from mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer. DeLaurentis had such
difficulty breathing because of the manure that he had to move out of his home for five days.
The manure was a stones throw from his house.

What: News conference
When: Noon TODAY (Monday, August 11)
Where: Home of Paul DeLaurentis, 1531 David Drive Escondido 92026
Who: Paul DeLaurentis, Mike Slater and Suzanne Hall, Keep it Green Escondido

Ive never smelled anything so awful, said DeLaurentis, 69, a retired horticulturist. It was
permeating through our house. I couldnt breathe, and given my condition, I had to leave. That
smell it was so bad. It was a month before I could go outside my house.

Michael Schlesinger, whose Stuck in the
Rough LLC (SITR) owns the 110-acre
Escondido Golf Course off El Norte
Parkway, could face fines of up to
$10,000 a day for dumping chicken
manure on a number of abandoned
fairways that abut numerous homes,
according to the countys Air Pollution
Control District.

Michael Schliesenger can't be trusted. Look at what he did to Paul, and to our neighborhood
hes destroyed our neighborhood, said Mike Slater, President of the Escondido Country Club
Homeowners Organization (ECCHO). How can you trust someone like that? You can't, which is
why we dont believe anything Michael Schliesenger says. The Beverly Hills Bully has no
credibility in Escondido."

The countys Air Pollution Control District cited Schlesinger, a Beverly Hills developer, as well as
the owner of an egg ranch that supplied the manure.

A City report issued last month notes that Schlesinger destroyed the golf course and sued
dozens of homeowners, including DeLaurentis, in his ongoing battle with residents to build 430
new homes.

SITR paid a firm to spread chicken manure over many of the abandoned fairways situated
closest to the residential home sites existing along the periphery of the golf course. SITR did
that even though it no longer irrigates or maintains the golf course, the report says.

It adds: On April 14, 2014, the Countys Air Pollution Control District cited SITR for creating a
public nuisance. The citation was issued after inspectors determined that the chicken
excrement created a Level 5 odor, which represents the worst rating under the Countys smell-
scale. As explained by the inspector for the Air Pollution Control District, Level 5 is bad. Level 5
will just about make you gag. According to the County, SITR could face fines of $10,000 a day
for dumping chicken excrement on a number of abandoned fairways.

Tony Manolatos



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