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A Community Based Mothers and Infants Center

(A Simulated Proposal Sample)
A community-based mothers and infants center called "Healthy Moms for Healthy
Kids" (Pusat Ibu dan Anak Sihat or PIAS) will be established in Kota messu! the
city surroundin" the #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan Pertanian (#%PMP&)' PIAS
will focus on (ro$idin" nutritional education and counselin" for mothers!
es(ecially those from the e)tremely low income areas' It is e)(ected that throu"h
(ro$idin" of information to the mothers it will be (ossible to ha$e a direct and
(ositi$e effect on the well bein" of the youn" children of the community'
PIAS will utili*e $olunteers who are students at #%PMP&' ach student will
be e)(ected to (artici(ate successfully in a + week trainin" (ro"ram at the
be"innin" of their work with PIAS' ,his trainin" (ro"ram will (ro$ide basic
nutritional information for mothers and information on adult teachin" methods'
Student $olunteers who demonstrate (roficiency durin" the initial trainin"
(ro"ram will be in$ited to (artici(ate in an ad$anced trainin" (ro"ram to learn
effecti$e nutritional counselin" techni-ues' ach student $olunteer will be
e)(ected to contribute .-/ hours each week and to continue with PIAS for a
(eriod of not less than 0 months'
PIAS will o(erate with 0 full and (art time staff members' In addition! a 1o$ernin"
2oard (similar to Pro3ect Steerin" 4ommittee or Pro3ect Ad$isory 4ommittee)
made u( of community leaders and uni$ersity staff will o(erate to (ro$ide o$erall
"uidance and o$ersi"ht of the 4enter5s o(eration' Periodic e$aluations will be
conducted to assess the $alue of PIAS on a) hel(in" the student $olunteers to
become effecti$e educators! b) the de$elo(ment of new understandin"s on
health nutrition on the (art of local mothers and c) the im(ro$ement of the well
bein" of children in Kota messu'
Ma3or obstacles to child sur$i$al in the de$elo(in" world include infections!
(arasitic diseases! malnutrition and the risks associated with low birth wei"ht and
hi"h fertility' (#% Informational 6etter 7.8-+./)
A serious (roblem e)ists in the rural $illa"es of Malnesia of children dyin" from
common illness and infections that are attributable to (oor nutrition' ,hou"h hi"h
nutrition foods are a$ailable in the $illa"es! it is a((arent that mothers do not
ha$e an understandin" of e)actly what foods contain the most $alue for their
children' (Ministry of Health! 9::+)
,he most si"nificant (erson in the life of the youn" child is the child5s mother'
&esearch has shown that the children of mothers who ha$e an understandin" of
how to (ro$ide "ood nutrition to their children stand a si"nificantly "reater chance
of sur$i$al durin" the first three years of life (;8< sur$i$al rate) as com(ared with
children of mothers who do not know how to (ro$ide "ood nutrition (+.< sur$i$al
rate) (Position Pa(er! =(enin" Plenary Session! Malnesian Health
4onference>MA6HA6,H4=% - :0)'
,he use of $olunteers to (ro$ide community ser$ice is a new conce(t in Malnesia
and can be ca(itali*ed u(on as a $iable way to (ro$ide trained man(ower for the
offerin" of educational ser$ices'
,he first student ser$ice scheme! Ser$ice Mahasiswa>S&MAH! was created in
the early 9::?s' Initially o(erated at only two uni$ersities! S&MAH is now a
mandated national (ro"ram that o(erates at all (ublic and (ri$ate uni$ersities
(@irectorate for Hi"her ducation! Ministry of ducation! Statistics for 9::0)' ,he
em(hasis of S&MAH has been e)clusi$ely on the (ro$idin" of information to
local farmers on im(ro$ed farmin" (ractices' ,he #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan
Pertanian has been funded by the Ministry of A"riculture to o(erate the S&MAH
ducational @e$elo(ment 4enter (Introducin" S&MAH! Ministry of A"riculture!
9::0) as a central a"ency for the (ro$idin" of farmin" (ractices instructional
materials to all uni$ersities in Malnesia'
,he selection and trainin" of student $olunteers is conducted autonomously at
each uni$ersity with the su((ort of the instructional materials disseminated by the
S&MAH ducational @e$elo(ment 4enter'
#oals and O()e*ti+es
,here are two ma3or "oals for the "Healthy Moms for Healthy Kids" Pro3ect and
s(ecific ob3ecti$es within each of the "oals'
#oal ,- . To redu*e the de/ree of malnutrition amon/ youn/
=b3ecti$e 79'9 - ,o (ro$ide mothers in Kota messu with rele$ant
information re"ardin" health and nutrition
=b3ecti$e 79'A - ,o assist mothers in Kota messu in learnin" how
to effecti$ely a((ly health and nutrition information in hel(in" their
youn" children to be more healthy'
=b3ecti$e 79'. - ,o teach mothers in Kota messu how to e$aluate
chan"es in the health of their youn" children'
#oal ,1 . To use effe*ti+ely +olunteers as a ma)or fa*tor in helpin/
people to learn0
=b3ecti$e 7A'9 - ,o recruit a "rou( of under"raduate students (9/-
A? students each semester) at #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan
Pertanian to become $olunteers in the "Pusat Ibu dan Anak Sihat"
(PIAS) Pro3ect'
=b3ecti$e 7A'A - ,o (ro$ide a + week trainin" (ro"ram for the
$olunteers that co$ers a) basic nutritional information for mothers
and b) information on adult teachin" methods'
=b3ecti$e 7A'. - ,o (lace the students in the PIAS 4enter to offer
tutorin" ser$ices to local mothers'
=b3ecti$e 7A'+ - ,o com(are the ty(e and de"ree of $olunteer
learnin" that takes (lace in the PIAS Pro3ect as com(ared to
$olunteer in$ol$ement with S&MAH'
,here are two different clientele "rou(s for this (ro3ect'
,he first! and (rimary! clientele are the mothers of youn" children who li$e
in Kota messu'
,his clientele "rou( is re(resented in the (ro3ect ob3ecti$es for 1oal 79'
,he second clientele "rou( is the students at #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan
Pertanian who will (artici(ate in the Pro3ect as $olunteers' ,his clientele
"rou( is re(resented in the (ro3ect ob3ecti$es for 1oal 7A'
2oth clientele "rou(s are im(ortant and essential com(onents of this (ro3ect' It is
e)(ected that si"nificant learnin" will take (lace for both clientele "rou(s'
,he (rimary methods for achie$in" the "oals and ob3ecti$es of the Pro3ect will beB
• the creation of a 4enter in the city that will become a focal (oint for
(ro$idin" information on food and nutrition for youn" children throu"h
worksho(s and one-on-one counselin" of mothers! and
• the de$elo(ment of a recruitment>trainin" (ro"ram and su(er$ised
(racticum for student $olunteers that is modeled after the S&MAH
In addition! a @ocumentation>@issemination Plan will be de$elo(ed by staff to
"uarantee the systematic collection of information about the o(eration of the
Pro3ect and (ro$ide the basis for sharin" information with other similar (ro3ects'
,he Pro3ect will em(loy three full-time and three (art time staff'
• Pro3ect @irector (full time)- &es(onsible for hirin" (ro3ect staff! o$erseein"
(ro3ect de$elo(ment and o(eration! establishin" and maintainin" links with
local "o$ernment a"encies! and bud"et' ,he Pro3ect @irector will be
Har3ono Soemad3i (author of this (ro(osal)'
• 4enter 4oordinator (full time)- &es(onsible for establishin" the community
4enter! de$elo(in" workin" relationshi(s with formal and informal
community leaders! establishin" links to community women5s
or"ani*ations! and schedulin" of 4enter (ro"rams'
• Colunteer 4oordinator (full time) - &es(onsible for recruitin" uni$ersity
student $olunteers! establishin" and maintainin" a workin" linka"e with
the #%PMP& @e(artment of Dood and %utrition! de$elo(in" and
offerin" trainin" (ro"rams for $olunteers! schedulin" $olunteers for ser$ice
at the 4enter' ,he Colunteer 4oordinator will ha$e a back"round in food
and nutrition and will be housed in the @e(artment of Dood and %utrition'
• Pro3ect $aluator ((art time) - &es(onsible for collectin" entry le$el data
re"ardin" mother5s health and nutrition information and conductin"
(eriodic assessment of chan"es in their le$el of knowled"e!
com(rehension! and a((lication of that information' Also res(onsible for
de$elo(in" and im(lementin" a system for (eriodic formati$e e$aluation of
the work of the student $olunteers'
• 4enter Assistant ((art time) - &es(onsible for maintainin" the structure
and a((earance of the 4enter! routine corres(ondence! and other forms of
communication with mothers in the community'
• 1ra(hic Artist ((art time) - &es(onsible for creatin" illustrated (osters to
teach about food and nutrition information! layout>desi"n of (ro3ect
(ublications! and de$elo(ment of $olunteer recruitment and trainin"
• 1o$ernin" 2oard - Made u( of both community leaders and uni$ersity
staff' &es(onsible for sanctionin" the o(eration of the 4enter and
(ro$idin" feedback to the Pro3ect @irector on 4enter (olicies and
• Buildin/ - small buildin" for the 4enter will be (ro$ided by the community
• 2olunteer Meetin/&Trainin/ Room and Offi*e - will be (ro$ided by the
@e(artment of Dood and %utrition (#%PMP&) and used for housin" the
Colunteer 4oordinator and the trainin" of $olunteers'
• 2olunteer Coordinator (/?<) - this (erson is currently on the staff of the
@e(artment of Dood and %utrition as a (art time staff member'
• Personnel - ,wo full time staff at 9??< salary! one full time staff at /?<
salary! three (art time (ersons at /?< salary'
• %a*ilities - %one ((ro$ided by the community head and the @e(artment of
Dood and %utrition - #%PMP&)
• E3uipment -
@u(licatin" machine (for (re(aration of informational educational
4hairs and desks for three offices
4hairs and tables for a lar"e classroom>community meetin" room
4halk board
@raftin" table
• Supplies - Pa(er! (encils! chalk! du(licatin" su((lies! and materials
• Bud/et -
Year 1 - Development of Center Operation and
Recruitment/Training of First Group of Student Volunteers
 Personnel ME.;8!???
Pro3ect @irector
Dull time - 9A
4enter 4oordinator Dull time - 9A ME;/!???
Dull time - 9A
Pro3ect $aluator
Part time - 9A
4enter Assistant
Part time - 9A
1ra(hic Artist
Part time - 9A
 F%oteB Colunteer 4oordinator is currently a /?< staff
member of the @e(artment of Dood and %utrition' ,he
Pro3ect will (ay the other /?< of this (erson5s salary
to brin" her u( to 9??<'
 @e$elo(ment>Production of ducational Materials ME.:!???
 Ad$ertisin">Promotion ME98!/??
 $aluation ME;!/??
GA& =% ,=,A6 ME+/A!???
Year - Operation/!aintenance of Center and
Recruitment/Training of T"o Student Volunteer Groups
 Personnel (assumes .< yearly increment) ME.:;!09?
 Production of ducational Materials ME0!???
 Ad$ertisin">Promotion ME+!???
 $aluation ME.!???
GA& ,H= ,=,A6 ME+9A!???
Year # and $e%ond &assume #' %earl% increment on Year
GA& ,H& ,=,A6 ME+A+!???
Pro3ect e$aluation will be the res(onsibility of the Pro3ect $aluator and consist of
two different e$aluati$e strate"ies - formati$e and summati$e'
%ormati+e E+aluation - Primarily -ualitati$e in nature! the formati$e
e$aluation will be conducted throu"h inter$iews and o(en-ended
-uestionnaires' Mothers and student $olunteers will be asked about the
day-to-day o(eration of the 4enter! the to(ics co$ered in the $olunteer
trainin" (ro"ram! the attracti$eness of the trainin" materials! and other
-uestions to (ro$ide feedback for the on"oin" im(ro$ement of the
o(eration of the Pro3ect' ,he Pro3ect $aluator will meet re"ularly with
(ro3ect staff to share findin"s from the formati$e e$aluation effort' Periodic
re(orts will be (re(ared that identify the ma3or findin"s of the formati$e
e$aluation and how they ha$e been used to im(ro$e Pro3ect o(eration'
Summati+e E+aluation - Primarily -uantitati$e in nature! the summati$e
e$aluation will be"in with the establishment of baseline data at the
be"innin" of the Pro3ect (usin" a random sam(le of mothers of youn"
children to assess their food and nutrition knowled"e) and then be
conducted at 0 month inter$als (3ust (rior to each "rou( of $olunteers
com(letin" their Pro3ect ser$ice)' @ata for the summati$e e$aluation will
focus on the two (rimary "oals of the (ro3ect and the ob3ecti$es of each'
#oal ,-
- Pre>(ost tests of knowled"e "ain on the (art of the mothers
in health and nutrition information (=b3ecti$e 9'9)'
- Selected inter$iews of mothers to assess their ability to
effecti$ely a((ly health and nutrition information (=b3ecti$e
- Selected inter$iews of mothers to e$aluate chan"es in the
health of their child (=b3ecti$e 9'.)'
#oal ,1
- &ecords of number of students in$ol$ed in the (ro3ect
(=b3ecti$e A'9)'
- @ocumentation of a"endas>attendance rosters from all
trainin" (ro"rams (=b3ecti$e A'9)'
- @ocumentation of number of mothers ser$ed and number
of $olunteer hours recorded at the PIAS 4enter (=b3ecti$e
- 4om(arati$e analysis of 1oal 7A data with similar data
from S&MAH (=b3ecti$e A'+)
A yearly re(ort will be issued that (resents the formati$e and summati$e findin"s'
APPE!I4 A . TIME 'I!E (%irst 5ear)
Month One
o Ad$ertisin" of Pro3ect staff (ositions
o Meetin"s with community leaders
o Meetin" with uni$ersity administrators
Month T6o
o Inter$iewin" of candidates for Pro3ect staff (ositions
o Dinali*in" location of 4enter
Month Three
o Selection>hirin" of Pro3ect staff members
o Pre(aration for 4enter o(eration
Month %our . Si7
o Preliminary ad$ertisin" of 4enter o(eration
o Hostin" community meetin"s at 4enter
o 4ollection of baseline data on mothers of youn" children
o &ecruitment>selection>trainin" of student $olunteers
Month Se+en . T6el+e
o 4onductin" of re"ular formati$e e$aluation
o Dinal summati$e e$aluation at end of twelfth month
APPE!I4 B . Resume of 8ar)ono Soemad)i (Pro)e*t ire*tor)
8ar)ono Soemad)i
Daculty Member>6ecturer
@e(artment of Dood and %utrition
#ni$ersitas Pemban"unan Pertanian
Kota messu! Malnesia
2'S' #ni$ersitas Pendidikan %ational (Secondary ,eacher
ducation) 9:;8
M'S' #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan Pertanian (Dood and
%utrition) 9:;:
Instructor>,eacher - messu Scientific Hi"h School 9:;:-
@e(artment 4hair - messu Scientific Hi"h School 9::A-:+
Iunior 6ecturer - #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan Pertanian!
@e(artment of Dood and %utrition 9::+-9::0
6ecturer - #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan Pertanian! @e(artment
of Dood and %utrition 9::0-Present
Soemad3i! Har3ono! Mother5s Influence on the %utrition of their
Goun" 4hildren! Master5s ,hesis! #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan
Pertanian! 9:;:'
Soemad3i! Har3ono! A Study of Mother5s %utritional %eeds in the
Kota messu &e"ion! Publications 4enter! #ni$ersitas
Pemban"unan Pertanian! 9::/'
Soemad3i! Har3ono! ,he Problem of Malnutrition Amon"st 4hildren
in the Kota messu &e"ion! Pa(er (resented at the 9/th Annual
Meetin" of the Southeast Asian Health 4onference (SAH4)!
Soemad3i! Har3ono and Soemardi Hadisubroto! #nderstandin" the
ffecti$eness of the Student Ser$ice Scheme! S&MAH
ducational @e$elo(ment 4enter! #ni$ersitas Pemban"unan
Pertanian! 9::8
APP%@IJ 4 - P&S=%A6 P&SP4,IC
For t)e past 1* %ears + )ave )ad a strong concern for t)e )ealt) of %oung
c)ildren in t)e ,ota -messu area. T)is is t)e area in ")ic) + "as $orn and
raised. T)roug) m% studies at t)e /niversit% and m% practice as a teac)er
and lecturer + )ave come to learn t)at it is possi$le to alleviate t)e
pro$lems of malnutrition t)roug) "ell designed and meaningfull% focused
educational programs.
T)e c)allenge to t)e creation and operation of t)ese programs0 )o"ever0
is t"ofold. First0 t)ere does not e1ist t)e teac)ing materials to assist
mot)ers of %oung c)ildren in understanding )o" to improve nutritional
inta2e and t)e effect t)at nutritional inta2e )as on t)e )ealt) and "elfare
of t)eir o"n c)ildren. 3nd second0 t)ere does not e1ist a group of trained
facilitators to assist in delivering t)is information in a timel% and
meaningful manner.
Researc) suggests t)at t)e most po"erful "a% to affect t)e )ealt) and
"elfare of a %oung c)ild is t)roug) t)e improved understanding of t)e
c)ild4s mot)er. T)is pro5ect "ill focus on t)e development of teac)ing
materials and a s%stem for )elping mot)ers of %oung c)ildren learn
appropriate food and nutrition information to )elp in t)e development of
t)eir c)ildren. 3nd0 it "ill occur in a local communit% location0 close to
")ere t)ese mot)ers of %oung c)ildren are living.
Furt)er0 t)e 6ro5ect "ill $uild upon t)e ver% successful S-R!37 program
as a "a% to involve universit% student volunteers in t)e offering of services
to mot)ers of %oung c)ildren. +n addition to using t)ese volunteers as a
via$le form of manpo"er for t)e offering of service0 t)e 6ro5ect "ill "or2 to
)elp t)ese volunteers learn meaningful food/nutrition information and also
tec)ni8ues for effectivel% teac)ing t)is information to adults - a 2no"ledge
$ase t)at is certain to )elp t)em in t)eir future endeavors.
7ar5ono Soemad5i