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a compromise which might be to both coal owners and
unions. (agree)
2. a sovereign whose laws are obligatory.
3. After a disappointing first set, Nadal played assuredly and went on
towin the match .
. all cancellations on documents must be made indelibly.
!. All meals are provided throughout the course .
". All products are made e#actly to the customer$s specifications.
%. A specification has been drawn up for the new military aircraft .
&. a 'ob specification
(. )he cars have been built to a high specification (* a high standard ).
1+. As soon as the labor was signed, the factory resumed
production of new cars and vans.
11. assurance of faith depends on our trust in ,od.
12. covers showing stamps and special cancellations.
13. everything was built to a higher specification.
1. farmers have been slow to ma-e provision fortheir retirement.
1!. he didn.t li-e the thought of /ad being the sole provider for the family
1". 0e doesn.t have the same idea with us, so that he with
us. (agreement)
1%. 0e said we should meet but didn$t specify a time .
1&. he was forced to cancel his visit.
1(. he gave an assurance that wor- would begin on 1onday.
2+. he law obliges companies to pay decent wages to their employees .
21. his visa had been cancelled.
22. 2 completely with your recent editorial. (agree)
23. 2 don$t have time to do his wor- for him 3 2$ve got too many obligations as it
2. 2 don$t thin- you$ll ever get )ony$s to these proposals .
2!. 2 have an obligation to loo- after her.
2". 2 intend to cancel your debt to me.
2%. 2f both parties to the terms, we can finali4e the contract.
2&. if they lose their hold, they will assuredly drown.
2(. 2f you have not signed a contract , you are under no obligation to (* it is
not necessary to) pay them any money .
3+. information needs are often very specific toindividuals.
31. 2s there anything specific you want from the shops 5
32. it was a 6uiet little street with the obligatory pub at the end.
33. 1y contract specifies (that) 2 must give a month$s notice if 2leave my 'ob .
3. neither will provide answers to these problems.
3!. new 6ualifications must provide for changes in technology.
3". 7f course there$s provision in the plan for population increase .
3%. one of the telescope.s mirrors had been manufactured to incorrect
3&. 8utting more police on patrol doesn$t provide a real solution to
theproblem of increasing violence .
3(. savings were made by increasing the electricity supply only until it met
specific development needs.
+. 9ellers are not legally obliged to accept the highest offer .
1. she assured herself that he was asleep.
2. she didn.t want to be under an obligation to him.
3. she drove with assurance.
. 9he gave me her assurance (that) she
would sign thecontract immediately .
!. /espite the government$s repeated assurances to
the contrary ,ta#ation has risen over the past decade .
". she had to go and see a movie with him. (agree)
%. 9ome secret service agents turned up, all wearing the
obligatoryraincoat and hat .
&. the agency failed to specify that the wor-ers were not their employees.
(. the coup leader promised an election but did not specify a date.
!+. the debtor can procure cancellation if satisfied within one month.
!1. the differences between them can only be on the specific level.
!2. the electric fields may cancel each other out.
!3. the first private prosecution under the provisionsof the 1(&( :ater Act.
!. the governments failed to reach (agree)
!!. the medical establishment is obligated to ta-e action in the best interest of
the public.
!". the money must be obligated within 3+ days.
!%. )he parties are to the term.
!&. the pro'ect was threatened with cancellation by the government.
!(. )he purpose of a contract is to establish an between two
or more parties. (agree)
"+. the show is sold out, but chec- for cancellations.
"1. the two officers nodded in (agree)
"2. the verb with the final noun. (agree)
"3. )he author provides no documentary references to support herassertions .
". )he ban- is now a ma'or provider of financial services to industry .
"!. ;ntil her illness she was the main provider (* earned most of
themoney ) in the family .
"". )he disease seems to be specific to (*
only found in) certaintypes of plant .
"%. )he loan must be repaid within a specified period <by a specified date .
"&. )he medical e#amination before you start wor- is obligatory.=> to infinitive ?
"(. )he money is intended to be used for specific purposes .@7A1AB
%+. )he newspaper report did not specify how the men were -illed .
%1. )he peace treaty clearly specifies the terms for the withdrawal oftroops .
%2. )he provision of good public transport will
be essential for developingthe area .
%3. )he statute made it obligatory for all fit males between 1 and
"+ to wor- .C2 e#pected because it usually happens D
%. )he virus attac-s specific cells in the brain .
%!. their influence assured that the report would be tough.
%". there was no clear specification of ob'ectives.
%%. these clubs provide a much appreciated service for this area<
%&. they are under no obligation to stic- to the scheme.
%(. they were to its publication. (agree)
&+. they assured him of their full confidence.
&1. this food does not with me (agreement)
&2. )his boo-let provides useful information about local services .
&3. )ony assured me that there was a supermar-et in the village.
&. use of seat belts in cars is now obligatory.
&!. :e both on issues such as tougher penalties for
criminals (agree)
&". we guarantee to assure your life.
&%. :e have concerns about whether the government will be able to
provide viable social services for poorer families <provide poorerfamilies wi
th viable social services .
&&. we were provided with a map of the area.
&(. :e were surprised by the price. (agree)
(+. :e spent a most evening by the river. (agree)
(1. :hen designing buildings in this area , you have
to ma-e provisionagainst earth6ua-es .
(2. Eou have a legal obligation to (* the law says you
must) ensure yourchild receives a proper education .
(3. you would be assured of a welcome.