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1. Intro - Churchill's Speech
1. Aces High
2. 2 Minutes to Midnight
3. The Trooper
4. Reveltions
!. "light o# Icrus
$. Ri%e o# the Ancient Mriner
&. 'o(erslve
). *uitr Solo
+. The ,u%-er o# the .est
1/. Hllo(ed .e Th0 ,%e
11. Iron Miden
12. 1ncore2
12. Run to the Hills
13. Running "ree
14. Snctur0
1. Mchines 34r '.c5 to Hu%ns'6
1. Ter It 7p
2. Tie 8our Mother 9o(n
3. 7nder 'ressure
(:ueen ; 9vid .o(ie cover)
4. So%e-od0 to <ove
!. =iller :ueen
$. Seven Ses o# Rh0e
&. =eep 8oursel# Alive
). <ir
+. >ocl i%provistion
1/. It's Hrd <i#e
11. 9rgon Attc5
12. ,o( I'% Here
13. Is This the ?orld ?e Creted...@
14. <ove o# M0 <i#e
1!. *uitr Solo
1$. .righton Roc5
1&. Another 4ne .ites the 9ust
1). Mustph
1+. H%%er to "ll
2/. CrA0 <ittle Thing Clled <ove
21. .ohe%in Rhpsod0
22. Rdio * *
23. 1ncore2
23. I ?nt to .re5 "ree
24. Bilhouse Roc5
(1lvis 'resle0 cover)
2!. 1ncore 22
2!. ?e ?ill Roc5 8ou
2$. ?e Are the Ch%pions
2&. *od Sve the :ueen
2). Roc5 in Rio The%e
1. ?l5ing in the Shdo( o# the .lues
2. *uilt0 o# <ove
3. Red0 n' ?illing
4. Love Ain't No Stranger
5. Cr0ing in the Rin
6. *uitr Solo
(: ! S"#es)
7. Ain't ,o <ove in the Hert o# the Cit0
(.o--0 C.lueD .lnd cover)
8. Slo( n' 1s0
9. Slide It In
10. 1ncore2
10. 9on't .re5 M0 Hert Agin
11. ?e ?ish 8ou ?ell
198$ %estino &e 'vent(reiro
Estr)i*: Circo Ti+*n", Rio &e *neiro
- *nterior s+o.s pr/0i1o 2
O espet4c(5o estreo( no Circo Ti+*n" no Rio! Co1 &ire67o &e or8e 9ern*n&o e
ceno8r*:i* &e '1)rico Iss* ess* co1;in*67o :(nciono( per:eit*1ente! O esp*6o &o
circo 8*n+*v* e:eitos vis(*is incr<veis =(e v*5ori>*v*1 *in&* 1*is o c*ntor!
To&*s *s noites =(*tro 1i5 pesso*s 5ot*v*1 *s *r=(i;*nc*&*s p*r* *p5*(&ir * ?nic* :er*
&o pic*&eiro: Ne" @*to8rosso =(e n7o &ecepcion*v* ess* 1(5ti&7o! Entr*v* e1 8r*n&e
esti5o, c*nt*n&o ARei &*s Se5v*sB, e=(i5i;r*&o n(1 tr*p)>io * on>e 1etros &e *5t(r* e
vesti&o &e T*r>*n e1 (1* s(1*r<ssi1* t*n8*, *t) nos 1o1entos &e 1*ior inti1i&*&e,
=(*n&o conse8(i* prov*r voc*51ente =(e est* c*&* ve> 1e5+or! Ne1 1es1o &*n6*n&o
:renetic*1ente &e (1 5*&o p*r* o o(tro conse8(i* e1;*rc*r s(* vo> crist*5in* =(*n&o
interpret*v* c*n6Ces =(e e0i8i*1 1*ior tr*;*5+o &* s(* vo>! E1 A%estino &e
'vent(reiroB er* envo5to por (1* cortin* *>(5*&* * ;or&o &e (1 tr*p)>io! Tin+*1
1o1entos on&e Ne" &ei0*v* * e1o67o :*5*r 1*is *5to co1o e1 ACor*67o Civi5A e
envo5vi* * p5*t)i* co1 * 1o&* &e vio5* AEt* NoisB! O c*ntor se contorci* no p*5co
&*n6*n&o co1o co;r* e1 ACo;r* @*n*(sB! Entr*v* e1 cen* o pr<ncipe s(;1*rino co1
ore5+*s 1et45ic*s e c*56*s &o(r*&*s, &epois 8*n+*v* (1* ro(p* &e :r*nD*s co5ori&*s p*r*
(1 &es;r*8*&o c5i1* &e c*;*r)! Ne" n7o p*r*v* (1 1in(to, s(;i* no tr*p)>io p*ir*v*
so;re * p5*t)i*, 1(&*v* &e ro(p* e1 cen*, corri* e &*n6*v* pe5o p*5co, se1pre
*co1p*n+*&o por e:eitos especi*is 1*r*vi5+osos! %ei0* ser toc*&o, *5is*&o, ;eiD*&o,
=(*n&o 1ist(r*v* se( s(or * p5*t)i*, en=(*nto ento*v* * es:(>i*nte AEois FB &e o+n
Nesc+5in8 e Ger*5&o C*rneiro! ' ;*n&* =(e o *co1p*n+*v* er* E5*c* L(1inos* =(e
:*>i* *sso1;ros, se8(in&o co1 per:ei67o o pi=(e &e Ne"! O p*5co e o cen4rio er*1
1/veis, sens(*is e c*ris14ticos, =(e e1 &*&o 1o1ento *p*reci* (ns co=(eiros
1et45icos, e1 o(tro (1* cortin* tr*nsp*rente =(e s(8eri* e:eitos &e :5orest* tropic*5 e
e1 o(tros *p*reci* &(*s i1ens*s port*s 1et45ic*s =(e se *;ri*1 no :(n&o &o p*5co!
'p/s &(*s +or*s &e 2 +or*s &e *67o intens* o s+o. c+e8*v* *o :i1 co1 Ne" c*nt*n&o
AEro %i* N*scer 9e5i>A o p?;5ico &e5ir*v*, ;*ti* p*51*s e c*nt*v* D(nto, n7o :*5t*n&o *s
:ontes &e 48(*s &*n6*ntes, e:eitos tr*&icion*is &o Circo Ti+*n" =(e e5e 8(*r&o( p*r*
:esteD*r * ?5ti1* cen* &est* s(* 8r*n&e :est* no p*5co! Ne" co1*n&*v* (1 espet4c(5o
=(e n7o +*vi* concorrentes p*r* o princip*5 tri(n:o =(e e5e se co5oc*v* e1 cen*: *
per:ei67o &e s(*s :or1*s :<sic*s e voc*is!
Co1 * pes*&* respons*;i5i&*&e &e *;rir * 1*r*ton* &e s+o.s &o Roc# in Rio e ten&o
contr* si * c5*ri&*&e &o &i*, Ne" &e( * p*rti&* n* pri1eir* noite n* Ci&*&e &o Roc# e1
D*neiro &e 1985! S(* *present*67o &(ro( e0*t*1ente HI 1in(tos, :oi (1 co1p*cto &o
s+o. %estino &e 'vent(reiro! Ne" entro( no p*5co co1 (1* t*n8* &e 5eop*r&o e pen*s
co5ori&*s n* c*;e6*, c*nt*n&o A'1)ric* &o S(5B p*r* cerc* &e cento e cin=Jent* 1i5
pesso*s! ' ;*n&* E5*c* L(1inos* *co1p*n+o( o c*ntor ness* &i:<ci5 1iss7o, se8(r*r
(1* p5*t)i* &e ro=(eiros! Ne" troc*v* &e ro(p* &(*s ve>es, co1 &ireito * espe5+o! '
revo*&* &e po1;*s &(r*nte * 1?sic* ARos* &e Kiros+i1*B &e( (1 e:eito 1(ito ;onito!
No :in*5, o p?;5ico teve o =(e =(eri*: Roc#, co1 te1pero t<pico &e Ne" n*s &(*s
versCes &* 1?sic* AEro %i* N*scer 9e5i>L!
1! Rei &*s Se5v*s
2! '1)ric* &o S(5
3! Co;r* @*n*(s
$! 't) o 9i1
5! Cor*67o Civi5
H! Mere&* Tropic*5
N! '1o Ess* Is5*
8! Ee5o Inter:one
9! Instr(1ent*5 &* E5*c* L(1inos*
1I! %estino &e 'vent(reiro
11! 've
12! Retr*to @*rro1
13! Et* Nois
1$! O*1;o &e O*1;(
15! Eois )
1H! Ero %i* N*scer 9e5i>
1N! '51*n=(e
18! @e ';r*ce @*is
1! Ero %i* N*scer 9e5i>
O;s: 's 1?sic*s po&i*1 so:rer *58(1*s *5ter*6Ces no &ecorrer &os s+o.s!

PP Gr(po E5*c* L(1inos*
PP @*rcos Q Moc*is
PP 94;io S*;i&o Q Tec5*&os
PP ot* Q Contr* O*i0o
PP 'r" Q G(it*rr*
PP Ri;* Q O*teri*
PP L(i> Q O*teri*
PP @*rio L?cio Q S*0 e 95*(t*
PP N*+or Q Tr(1pete
PP C5o&C Q G(it*rr* e O*n&o5i1
PP %ire67o Ger*5 Q or8e 9ern*n&o
PP Ero&(67o Q @*to8rosso Ero&(6Ces 'rt<sitic*s
PP Cen4rio Q or8e 9ern*n&o e '1)rico Iss*
PP 'rr*nDos: E5*c* L(1inos* e Ne"
PP Cenot)cnico: 'ntRnio Genti5
PP 'ssessori* &e E*5co: '8(i;erto S*ntos
PP 9i8(rinos: Ne" @*to8rosso (cri*67o)
PP '&ere6os: 'r1*n&o Gi*nnecc+ini e Ren*to C*ve&on
PP EroDeto &e I5(1in*67o Q or8e 9ern*n&o
PP Oper*&or &e L(>: Ne5son Kor*s
PP I5(1in*67o Q @*neco
PP @onitor*67o: R*(5 S*to
PP Sonori>*67o e @i0*8e1: Geor8e Eo5*&i*n
PP %ire67o T)cnic*: St(&io K(1

1. Cine%
2. <eve It
3. Hold 4n
4. 8ours Is ,o 9isgrce
!. Herts
$. Si
&. I've Seen All *ood 'eople
). Soll0's .erd
+. Chnges
1/. And 8ou nd I
11. Soon
12. M5e It 1s0
13. 4(ner o# <onel0 Hert
14. It Cn Hppen
1!. A%Aing *rce E ?hite#ish
1$. Cit0 o# <ove
1&. 1ncore2
1&. Strship Trooper
1). 1ncore 22
1). Round-out
1. Guns for Hire
2. Shoot to Thrill
3. Sin City
4. Shot Down in Flames
5. Bac in Blac
!. Ha"e a Drin on #e
$. Ba% Boy Boo&ie
'. (oc an% (oll )in*t +oise ,ollution
-. Hells Bells
1.. The /ac
11. /ail0rea
12. Dirty Dee%s Done Dirt Chea1
13. Hi&hway to Hell
14. 2hole 3otta (osie
15. 3et There Be (oc
1!. 4ncore5
1!. T.+.T.
1$. For Those )0out to (oc 62e Salute 7ou8
1. 9 Don*t :now
2. #r. Crowley
3. Bar at the #oon
4. ;"er the #ountain
5. (e"elation 6#other 4arth8
!. Steal )way 6The +i&ht8
$. Suici%e Solution
'. Centre of 4ternity
-. Flyin& Hi&h )&ain
1.. 9ron #an
(Blac Sa00ath song)
11. Cra<y Train
12. ,aranoi%
(Blac Sa00ath song)
1. Co%ing Ho%e
2. .lc5out
3. .d .o0s Running ?ild
4. M5e It Rel
!. .ig Cit0 ,ights
$. Cost to Cost
&. Holid0
). Still <oving 8ou
+. Roc5 8ou <i5e Hurricne
1/. Cn't <ive ?ithout 8ou
11. 9ru% Solo
12. 90n%ite
13. The Foo
14. Cn't *et 1nough