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Supreme Court of Florida

500 South Duval Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1925


June 7, 2013


Mr. John B. Thompson
5721 Riviera Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Dear Mr. Thompson:

I am in receipt of your letter dated June 4, 2013 alleging improper conduct by
certain justices and Florida Bar officials. Please be advised that my jurisdiction
does not include these individuals. My authority and duties are specified in section
20.055, Florida Statutes. I also direct your attention to paragraph VI. a. i. of the
Florida State Courts System Fraud Policy which states: The IG shall refer
complaints involving judges, attorneys or other licensed or regulated individuals to
the appropriate oversight or regulatory body for investigation and determination of
probable cause.

Your allegations appear to fall under the jurisdiction of the Judicial Qualifications
Commission and the Florida Bar. While I can forward your letter to those
organizations, I believe it would be more effective if you contact them directly.


Greg White
Inspector General

Neil Gillespie
From: "Greg White" <>
To: "'Neil Gillespie'" <>
Cc: "J ack Harkness" <>; "Tad David" <>; "J ohn A. Tomasino"
Sent: Thursday, J uly 31, 2014 1:31 PM
Attach: Thompson 6J un13.doc; Final Audit Report.pdf; Final Audit Report.pdf
Subject: RE: Records request
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Dear Mr. Gillespie:
This office did not investigate Mr. Thompsons June 4, 2013 allegations.
See the attached letter dated June 7, 2013.
The two audit reports you requested are attached.

Greg White, MBA, CIA, CGAP
Inspector General
Supreme Court of Florida
500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1925
Phone: (850) 488-9123

From: Neil Gillespie []
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 3:07 AM
To: Inspector General's Office
Cc: Jack Harkness; Tad David; John A. Tomasino; Neil Gillespie
Subject: Records request

J uly 30, 2014
VIA Email:
Greg White, Inspector General
Office of Inspector General
Supreme Court Building
500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1925
RE: Complaint of J ohn B. Thompson, J D, MA, J une 4, 2013
Dear Inspector General Greg White,
This is a request for your response, and any other records, to the complaint J ohn B. Thompson,
J .D., M.A. made to the Inspector General J une 4, 2013. A PDF copy of the complaint is attached.
The Annual Report of the Office of Inspector General issued J uly 7, 2014 mentioned two reports
on page 5. The reports are identified below. This is a request for the reports.
In addition to the court operational audits, we completed an audit of contracting in the Florida
Dispute Resolution Center. The report was issued on February 10, 2014.
We also completed an audit of Federal Court Improvement Grant administration in the Office of
Court Improvement. The report was issued on J une 13, 2014.
Thank you in advance for the courtesy of a response.
Neil J . Gillespie
8092 SW 115th Loop
Ocala, Florida 34481
Phone: (352) 854-7807
cc: Mr. J ohn F. Harkness, Executive Director, The Florida Bar, via email,
Mr. Thomas A. Tad David, General Counsel, OSCA, via email,
Mr. J ohn A. Tomasino, Clerk of the Supreme Court of Florida, via email,
John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A.
5721Riviera Drive
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
June 4,2013
The Honorable Ricky Polston
Chief Justice, Florida Supreme Court
Greg White, lnspector General
Office of Inspector General, State Courts System
Supreme Court Building
500 South Duval Street
Tallalmsse e, FL 32399 -L925
Re: Formal Complaint to the Inspector General of X'raud by Florida Court System
Dear Chief Justice Polston and Inspector General Greg White:
Our nation's citizenry is presently dismayed to find that the Internal Revenue Service has
targeted individuals and organizations for harassment on the basis of those targets'
politically conservative beliefs. That was the clear, convinciug, andunrebuttedtestimony
today before a House oversight committee by the victims of this ideologically-driven
regulatory harassment
This abuse of federal govemmental power has rightly brought bipartisan condemnation.
What prompts this letter to you two state
officials is that this scandal has come to
ligbt because a courageous .Treasury Depafinunt Inspector Generaldid his
investigating allegations of regulatory wrongdoing.
I submit to yorl under oath, per the swom verification at the end of this letter, that certain
branch ofiEcials have done here in Florida what the IRS has done nationally.
These state
officials have a) illegally solicited campaign contributions to
improperly influence an electiorq b) improperly expended monies to deny ajudgeship to
a Florida resident, and e) illegally, unconstitutionally, criminally targeted whistle-
blowing lawyers for harrn because of what those citizens believe.
More specifically, but not exhaustively, Supreme Court Justices Pariente and
appeared before The Florida Bar's Board of Governors in January 2Al2 and,illegally
solicited a campaign contribution from The Bar, which they got in violation of state law
and Bar Rules by means of false statements they made to the Bar Governors, to help fund
their own retention election efforts.
In doing so, Justices Pariente and
hlpocritically decried the use of money to
impact who might oecupy
office, yetwe
now inowby virrue of the inveitigative
reporting of Eric Giunta of the Sunshine State News &at Justices
improperly and unethically donated nearly $30,000 to an effort to deny Alan Forst a
on the Fourth Dishict court of Appeals. see article at
No Florida Supreme Court
Justices have ever done such a thing, and for good reason: such a brazen political
act by
these two ideologues demolishes any pretence of 'Judicial independence,,;
harrning the entire judicial
branch of government
in this state.
Further, I and others can prove that The Florida Bar, with the full knowledge and
cooperation of certainflorida
Supreme Court Justices, is targeting andpunlshing certain
based upon what those public-spirited
lawyers believe and not based upon what
they have allegedly done to violate Bar Rules. A Bar Governor has even stated that
lawyers who do not share his pro-gay rights agenda should be disbarred. That is
what happened to mq and I can prove
Even further The Florida Bar, through its officials, n* OnO* and improperly influenced
a Bar referee in order to secure and reward a certain result in lawyer Oiscrpfinary
The Bar gave this referee an award thanking her forthe ."roit it gave The
Bar in a disciplinary proceeding
I_have irebltable proof of other illegal, fraudulent activities by
branch officials.
What they have done, and what can be proven,
irld,, by
officials as
defined by your ow1_Offige of Inspector General ofthe State Court Syrt"*. See your
own official, controlling document in that regard:
http ://www. fl oridasupremecourt.
org/oi g/sc S*Fraud_policy.pdf
You will also note, in reading this document, thatyouhave generated,
that all allegations
ofjudicial branch fraud "SHAT.T." be fully investigated per
Section Vf (Al. The word
is tle stongest command verb in the English language. The State Court Systems
Inspector General, which is you, Mr. White, has no choice Uut to investigate this swom
Fomral Complaint, now found in the form of this leffer.
I further advise, that The Barhas even created a lawyers malpractice insurer one of
whose stated pu{poses is to defeat discipline of its insured lawyers. This constitutes a a
lawyer protection
racket by The Bar for those who enjoy a commercial relationship with
this Bar-created insurer.
Additionally, as ifthe above were not enough, please
be advised That The Florida Bar is
nowactively' illegally, unconstitutionallS
ana irimi"atly
harassing a lawyer who runs a
law blog in Browmd County. His sin? fie n* iaentifieO and helped
remedy comrption
the B_roward judiciary.
Thus, The Bar, in exercising A" U*yo
disciplinary power
that is SU?P0SED to be ovLrseen by you, Chief Justi.", frd the rest
Florida Slpreme Court, is harassing awhistle-blowing'lawyer
simply b""u,rr" t"
has been effective in serving the common-weal.
Thus the Fl;rida'Srpr"r*
Florida Bar has become the unholy terror to Florida cittzenlawyers in the same way that
the IRS has become the American Taliban on the national scene.
Finally, please note that the American Bar Association has officially condemned, through
its ABA McKay Commission Report, the lawyer discipline structure of The Florida Bar,
because it is hopelessly prone to comrption and improper political influence. So if you
don't initially believe me, then believe the American Bar Association as to the rampant
fraud to which I alert you.
to sum up, I and others have proof of fraudulent, illegal conduct of Justices
Pariente and
and certain Bar and other
officials. The State Courts
Inspector General
investigate this Formal Complaint.
I thus demand and await the Inspector General's investigation of this widespread,
consequential, and criminal fraud. Put me under oath, as well as others. We have the
goods on these
branch scofflaws. They are Exhibit A of what Lord Acton noted
about the propensity
of power to comrpt.
On a personal note, Chief Justice Polston: You of all people ought to understand this
problem and do understand this problem. Act on your knowledge. Do the right thing.
See to it that your Inspector General does his
instead of sweeping this under the rug.
I solemnly swear, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing facts are tue, so help me
God. Signed, John B. Thompson
Copy: Eric Giunta, Sunshine State News
Representative Scott Plakon, Florida House of Representatives