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Early Development of Heavy Metal Bands

It can largely be agreed that Metal Bands music originated from the late sixties to early
seventies, evolving as the sounds of Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock intermingled in the turning
of the era and took on a heavier, more aggressive mood and performance style. Driven basslines
and electrifying guitar solos that scaled the fretboard seemed to be matched ith excited
syncopates, and the element of distorted poer chords helped to define the flavor.
!lthough the focus of the Metal Bands genre shifts ith the ages "part of its longevity due to this
ability#, the basic formula remains audible through the core from its early days to the present.
$he early fathers of heavy metal are easily identified as Black %abbath, Deep Purple, &ed
'eppelin, and (udas Priest, ho ere the first bands to bring the heavy metal sound to cultural
&ed 'eppelin and Deep Purple ere originally thought of as )ard Rock bands, and because of
their blurring of the lines and contribution to the definition of the emerging genre the terms *hard
rock+ and *heavy metal+ ere shortly interchangeable.
$he real divide beteen *hard rock+ and Metal Bands came as rock and roll ent in to different
directions , hard rock being more closely related to blues, maintaining its identity ith a subtle
sing and riffs that follo chord progressions, hereas the rock that became knon as heavy
metal as defined by more consistently heavy sounds and riffs that could stand alone as melodies.
Black %abbath as more immediately recogni-able as a heavy metal band, definitively *pure
metal+ as reflected not only in their musicality but in the lyrical content as ell hich centered
around macabre fantasies and the trials of the human psyche.
$o round out the development of the heavy metal revolution came British heavy metal band (udas
Priest, bringing the use of tin lead guitars into the mix. $hey also changed the orld of heavy
metal lifestyle by introducing the leather and studs look, no a staple of the culture.
$hese four bands, or forefathers, individually and collectively changed music and culture,
outlining a ne face of rock and roll , the heavy metal rocker. .o there are seemingly countless
subgenres of heavy metal, ranging from Black Metal to /xperimental Metal, to 0olk Metal, 0unk
Metal, 1lam Metal, Metalcore, %ymphonic Metal, among many others. But the heart remains the
same. It is a profound sound that can be described through the images evoked by the term itself ,
heavy2 eighted, emotional, a burden or oppositely a release from such3 metal2 a treasure, a
eapon, a durable material hich must be forged.
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