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Below you see the story of an extraordinary case in British legal

history. The afair started in 1949 and was fnally closed in 1966.
At the moment, there are a numer of ga!s. "se the words elow to
com!lete it.
to be
enquiry (x2)
to be charged
to plea
to be
The story began when a man called Timothy Evans was ________for the murder of
his wife and a baby !e was ____with double murder" but a short time later one
of the charges was _____and he was _____ for the murder of his daughter only
#uring the _______ Evans accused the man whose house he had been living in"
$ohn %hristie" of the crimes" but no attention was paid to him The _____found
Evans _____ and he was __________ to death &n _____ was turned down and he
was _____ in '()*
+ome time later" more women,s bodies were discovered in %hristie,s house- about
six $ohn %hristie was a police,s .ey ______and they started a nationwide _______
for him !e was soon_____ &lleged ______by %hristie while he was in ______ cast
doubt on the Evans hanging /hen he went to ________" %hristie __________ that
he murdered 0rs Evans" but in private it was said that he ______to that crime
!is ______of insanity with regard to other murders was rejected and he was
________of .illing his wife
+oon afterwards there was an _____into the_____of Timothy Evans The ____decided
that justice had been done and Evans had been rightly hanged 1t was only in
'(22that another _______was set up This time it was decided that Evans had
probably been _____and he was given a free ______ 3etter later than never" as
they say
The story began when a man called Timothy Evans was arrested for the murder of his wife and a baby.
He was charged with double murder, but a short time later one of the charges was dropped and he
was tried for the murder of his daughter only. During the trial Evans accused the man whose house
he had been living in, John Christie, of the crimes, but no attention was paid to him. The jury found
Evans guilty and he was sentenced to death. An appeal was turned down and he was executed in
$ome time later, more women%s bodies were discovered in Christie%s house& about si'. John Christie was
a police%s (ey suspect and they started a nationwide hunt for him. He was soon apprehended.
Alleged statements by Christie while he was in custody cast doubt on the Evans hanging. )hen he
went to court, Christie denied that he murdered *rs Evans, but in private it was said that he
confessed to that crime. His plea of insanity with regard to other murders was re+ected and he was
convicted of (illing his wife.
$oon afterwards there was an enquiry into the execution of Timothy Evans. The judges decided that
+ustice had been done and Evans had been rightly hanged. ,t was only in !-- that another enquiry
was set up. This time it was decided that Evans had probably been innocent and he was given a
free pardon. .etter later than never, as they say.
homicide (by misadventure"
with malice" calculated4"
smuggling 5 bootlegging
baby6 or wife6battering
accident fraud
abuse of power
disorderly conduct
mugging 8 robbery with
espionage 8 spying
drug peddling
larceny (gang larceny)
petty theft
sexual harassment
bribery and corruption
criminal attempt
#hich of the ao$e would or could in$ol$e the following%
' counterfeit money
2 pornography
9 hostages
: a ransom
) heroin
2 betrayer
; state secrets
< contraband
( a store detective
'* weapon
&atch the names of diferent crimes'
' a child away from his or her family
2 not paying taxes on goods from another country
9 getting money by promising not to tell the secret
: selling cocaine
) control of an airplane by force
2 goods from the shop without paying
; going into a house and stealing
< to be married more than one at the same time
( ta.e money and property from the company or state secretly
'* to get whatever from subordinates
'' shout and =ght at night time
'2 to put fa.e lables of famous brands on goods from %hina
'9 to ma.e documents loo. legal with the help of colour printer and scanner
': to set private buildings and premises on =re
') to lie at the trial
1n the %ourt- defendant (o>ender)" a witness" a jury" a judge"
prosecutor" attorney
(ui)' *ome !oints of law + ,nglish style.
*im!ly answer yes or no -the answers may e diferent in your
' 1s it a crime to try and .ill yourself?
2 1s it illegal to help somebody to commit suicide?
9 %an you be executed for murdering a policeman?
: 1f" after a murder" all the $ictim,s relatives plead- @Alease" don,t
!rosecuteBC can charges against the sus!ected cul!rit be
) 1f two armed thie$es rea/ into a house" guns in hand" and one of
them shoots and .ills the house6owner is he guilty of murder?
2 1f 1 catch an intruder in my house at night stealing my millions" do 1
have a legal right to assault him with a wea!on?
; 1f 1 set a tra! 8 a =fty6.ilo weight just above the front door 8 for any
urglars who might try and enter the house" am 1 rea/ing the
< &fter a di$orce or legal se!aration" can a wife be required to pay
alimony to her ex6husband?
( 1f 1 promise to marry my girl6friend and then change my mind shortly
before the wedding" can she ta/e me to the court (can she sue
'*/ould 1 be in danger of committing an ofence if 1 put an
advertisement for my school in the paper saying - @0ale white
teacher is requiredC?
''1f as a defendant -accused., 1 am not satis=ed with the way my
attorney has handled my defense" can 1 sue him?
'2%an a person sus!ected of and charged with ra!e be allowed
0ere is the story of a $ery unfortunate, irres!onsile man called
&r. 1.,. Body.
2magine that he was sto!!ed y the !olice at each and e$ery !oint
of the drama. 3ead aout what ha!!ened and, after each !iece
of info you recei$e, decide what !unishment he deser$es.
-death !enalty, solitary confnement, !ut on !roation, gi$e
community ser$ice, im!ose a fne or com!ensation, !rison
sentence, an fro dri$ing, dismiss the case, fnd him not guilty,
ac4uit him, fnd the case not !ro$ed..
' 0r 3ody dran. =ve pints of beer and =ve single whis.ies in a pub"
got into his car and drove away
2 !e didn,t drive dangerously but exceeded the speed limit as he
wanted to catch up with a friend who had left his wallet in the pub
9 &s he was driving along" a little girl ran into the road and he .noc.ed
her down
: There was no way he could have stopped- drun. or sober
) The little girl su>ered only bruises and some light super=cial injuries
2 0r3ody,s wife had left him two days before
; +ix months later" it was clear that the girl su>ered from after6e>ects
of the accident and would su>er for many years
< 0r 3ody had never previously received any summons (DEFGHIJIKFI
L MNON) for traPc o>ences
( The little girl admitted that it was all her fault
'*The passenger in 0r3ody,s car was .illed outright as he went trough
the windscreen
/hat 8 in detail 8 would happen to you in your country if you were caught-
' speeding in your car?
2 speeding hijac.ed car?
9 with a gun in your
: into the house?