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GVI Phang Nga Achievement Report

August 2014
GVI conservation project runs regular environmental classes at
the Community evelopment Centre !CC" in #aan Nam $hem

The Conservation project is very happy to be a regular part of GVIs
partnership with the Community Development Centre (CDC! Volunteers
have been ta"ing wee"ly environmental science classes with a class of #$
%#& year ol's! Classes( so far have covere' all things water an' the
e)perience has been thoroughly enjoye' by stu'ents an' volunteers ali"e!
GVI *hang +ga is loo"ing forwar' to a long an' pro'uctive relationship
with the CDC in terms of primary e'ucation! The conservation team are
loo"ing even further forwar' to a group of environmentally aware
stu'ents( with an appreciation of the natural worl'( entering the wor"
-essons with the CDC stu'ents began at the en' of .ay! Volunteers ha'
been contributing to conservation via research an' some physical wor"(
but this new partnership o/ere' a way to tac"le conservation issues
through e'ucation! 0s part of their training volunteers learn about the
importance of multifacete' approaches to conservation an' that
e'ucation plays a massive role in this! The classes at CDC present a
uni3ue opportunity
to e)pose chil'ren to a new un'erstan'ing an' new appreciation of the
natural worl'! In a''ition to this volunteers get a chance to practice an'
'evelop their teaching s"ills!
Topics that have been covere' so far have revolve' mostly aroun' water!
4ater an' its systems 'ictate the success an' failure of life all over the
planet( an' so it is a logical place to start! 5or a community that subsists
primarily on 6shing( a3uaculture( agriculture an' tourism( un'erstan'ing
water is even more important!
-essons began with the basics i!e! what is water7 4hat is it ma'e up of
an' what are its properties7 4hat are the states or forms that water can
ta"e7 The stu'ents then move' on to 8The 4ater Cycle an' transition
between states! 9nce the basics of water were covere'( the stu'ents were
able to loo" at some marine ecosystems! The 9pen 9cean subject covere'
all "in's of fascinating information about the e/ect of 'epth on
temperature( light( pressure an' salinity! 0lso what this meant for the
animals that live' there! Stu'ents then went on to learn about coral reefs
an' mangrove forests! Soon the focus will move onto lan' with a loo" at
rainforests( alpine forests( freshwater systems( 'eserts an' much more:
Volunteers recently 'evelope' an e)am for the stu'ents to assess how
much they ha' learnt from their environmental lessons thus far! 4e were
pleasantly surprise' with the results an' the entire class passe' the
e)am! 4e 'iscovere' that even though the concepts an' written language
was well un'erstoo'! There was a 'isparity between the written an'
graphical un'erstan'ing of the wor" an' the aural;oral un'erstan'ing! 0s
the class is a science class an' not speci6cally a language class( the
<nglish pro'uction outcomes are not so important! It has however a
highlighte' an area to focus on for improvement!
The test was tough an' teste' some 'i=cult concepts inclu'ing state
transitions( the water cycle( simple oceanography > 'epth gra'ients( salt
6ltration( wil'life an' more! The stu'ents performe' very well with an
average mar" of ?&!1&@ in the written section of the e)am! The variable
performance in the aural;oral section 'i' bring the overall average 'own a
little( though the stu'ents still manage' an average overall mar" of
A&!#@! 0ll sta/ an' volunteers who have planne' an' taught the new
curriculum are very prou' of the chil'rens performance! Consi'ering the
comple)ity of some of the content an' the huge language barrier( the
stu'ents have
performe' e)ceptionally well! Stu'ents an' volunteers are loo"ing forwar'
to continuing this e)citing new curriculum an' compoun'ing on the great
wor" that has alrea'y been 'one!
5igure #B <)am performance for the C stu'ents teste'! Dighest mar" was
C$!A@ lowest was &#!&@ with an average of A&!#@! 0n e)cellent overall
result for a tough e)am an' chil'ren with very little <nglish!
GVI will continue to wor" towar's its long%term objectives to support
<nglish e'ucation in the *hang +ga area( in line with the E+ .illennium
Development Goal to support universal primary e'ucation! If you woul'
li"e to rea' more about this project an' sign up to volunteer( please visit
our website( li"e our faceboo" page( chec" out our blog an' follow us on
twitter for the latest information straight from the 6el'!