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The Taming Of The Shrew: Biography: Shakespeare Biography William Shakespeare was born in late April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden !t is "enerally a##epted that he attended the $in"%s &ew S#hool' the Stratford "rammar s#hool known for its #lassi#al #urri#ulum' be#ause of his knowled"e of (atin #lassi#s and written s#enes re#allin" "rammar s#hool e)perien#es su#h as e)er#ises memori*ed by s#hoolboys !t is known for #ertain that at a"e 1+' he married Anne ,athaway with whom he had - #hildren Susanna was born May .6' 15+- and the twins' Judith and ,amnet' were born /ebruary .' 15+5 !t is not known for sure how he supported his family or where they lived but by the early 1501%s' he was established in (ondon as both an a#tor and playwri"ht 2he ma3ority of his money however' did not #ome from his writin" or performan#es but from his position as a sharer in the (ord 4hamberlain%s Men' whi#h earned him 1511 of the #ompany%s profit 2his was enou"h to allow Shakespeare to be#ome a su##essful real estate investor 2he publi# a#tin" of women was prohibited in the 6n"land of Shakespeare%s time and so writers would often emphasi*e the femininity of their female #hara#ters so as to remove the ne#essity of an a#tual female in the role Shakespeare was "reatly responsible for roles in whi#h female #hara#ters spent mu#h of their time dis"uised as boys 2his helped to defle#t attention from the fa#t that the part was a#tually played by a youn" boy A play in that time was often #ommissioned by an a#tin" #ompany whi#h #ould then sell it to a publisher at its own dis#retion without further #ompensatin" the author Shakespeare did not take part in the pro#ess of publishin" his own plays 2hus' in his lifetime alone' twenty publishers bou"ht different editions of his individual plays but none took any spe#ial steps to ensure that the te)t was #orre#t ,is name was rarely printed on his work until the 16.- publi#ation of the /irst /olio be#ause it%s use had little #ommer#ial value at the time Shakespeare%s /irst /olio was not published until 7 years after his death in 1616 ,e was outlived by his wife but #hose to leave the ma3ority of his estate to his dau"hter Susanna ,e also left -11 to his dau"hter Judith ,amnet had died at a"e 11 William Shakespeare was buried in the #han#el of ,oly 2rinity 4hur#h' havin" died on or near his estimated April .- birthday Character Profile Christopher Sly: a beggar who falls into a drunken stupor. A lord finds him and makes him the center of an elaborate gag. Lord: a man that plays the joke on the beggar. It's his household in which the players come to show the play that commences. age: boy who the Lord dresses up as Sly's wife in the trick. !aptista "inola: one of the rich men in Italy# who has two daughters# named $atherine and !ianca. %e makes the rule that the older daughter must marry before the younger. %e tries to find the richest suitor for his youngest daughter# and throws elaborate feasts for their weddings. $atherine: &'he Shrew& !aptista's daughter that none of the men like because of her sharp tongue. She is not interested in men and marriage# though when forced# is easily tamed by etruchio. !ianca: the younger of the "inola sisters that all of the men want to marry. She is interested in music# and her studies# but gets angry with her sister for not marrying. etruchio: $atherine's suitor who is the only one who knows how to tame the shrew. %e marries $atherine for her mother# which makes his friends happy. (remio : a rich noble who is a suitor of !ianca's. %e is not rich enough howe)er to win her from Lucentio. %ortensio *Litio+: A suitor of !ianca's who dresses up as her music teacher so he can woo her. ,nce he finds out she fell in lo)e with someone he thinks is beneath her status# he is disgusted with her# and marries another woman. Lucentio *Cambio+ : A rich noble from another city that falls in lo)e with !ianca the first time he sees her. %e disguises himself as her tutor so he can woo her and his plan works. -incentio: Lucentio's rich father who shows up in adua only to be almost thrown in jail. 'ranio *Lucentio+: A ser)ant to Lucentio who switches places with his master in order to help him win !ianca. 'ranio does all of the formal negotiations for the real Lucentio's marriage to !ianca. !iondello: Another ser)ant to Lucentio that helps them in their disguises. "erchant *-incentio+: At the behest of Lucentio# the "erchant dresses up and plays the part of the rich noble -incentio. %owe)er# when the real -incentio appears# trouble starts. (rumio: A ser)ant to etruchio that helps in his taming of $atherine. .idow: .oman %ortensio marries who latter makes fun of $atherine for being a shrew. Metaphor Analysis /alcon: 'he proud bird is a symbol of $atherine. After etruchio marries her# he has to figure out a way to make her into the wife that he wants. 'o do this# he trains her like he would train a falcon. %e denies her food and sleep until she is willing to do anything that he wishes. %e also shows her pri0es such as clothing and food which she desires# and then takes them away. She# like the bird# comes to depend on him for these things and reali0es it is her duty to lo)e and ser)e him. Christopher Sly: Like !aptista "inola# Christopher Sly belie)es anything that the Lords tell him. %e readily takes in the tutors and accepts their identities. %e also accepts 'ranio as Lucentio without any sort of 1uestioning. 'he Sun and the "oon: 'he last real battle that etruchio and $atherine has is about what is lighting the sky# the sun or the moon. It is the middle of the day# so $atherine says it's the sun. etruchio on the other hand tells her it is the moon. 'he moon tells that $atherine is still in &the dark& or &nighttime& about her beha)iors and duties as a wife. .hen she finally agrees with him# etruchio says that it is the sun after all# symboli0ing the fact that she has reali0ed her duties as a wife.

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