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Syukur Alhamdulillah, finally I managed to complete all these tasks given by my lecturer, Cik
Omar bin Zakaria for EDU 3105, Technology in Teaching and Learning course. First of all,
thank you to all the people who have involve and help me in completing these tasks. Special
thanks to my beloved father, Abd Rahman bin Safii because gave me inspirations and help
me a lot by giving the idea, finding the video and always advice me to always think positive in
whatever situation that for me is hard. To be frank, my father gave me so many options to
select any videos that he already had because “Integrity” is his speciality. Special thanks too
to Syazana Fatin Abdul Razak because always gave me moral support and she is the love of
my life.
Also thanks to all my friends and buddies especially Mohd Shahirraz bin Rusli who is
always reminds me and supports me to complete the tasks. Without him, I think I do not
manage to finish all these works because he taught me so many things while doing the
tasks. Luckily he is expert with ICT and has prior knowledge about all of these things. I also
want to thanks to my lecturer, Cik Omar because teaches us this subject for this semester. I
had learned so many new things while learning this subject like for an example LCDS.
Thanks again and I really appreciate for all the knowledge that have been given to me and
not forgotten to all my friends too.
Next, the task one needs us to produce a video clip based on a given theme and it
costs us 30% marks from 100%. The video should be within three to four minutes and it
should be based on the theme of “Integrity”. Making this video is really fun because the
theme is really interesting. To be honest, I do not know the meaning of “Integrity” at first.
After I have found out about the meaning of “Integrity”, I smiled and with pleasure do this
task. There are some problems while doing this video but thanks to my classmate,
Khairunnidzam, I managed to overcome the problems.

Before this, we had learnt how to make a video during the foundation 2 years ago.
That is why we can learn very fast how to make a video because we already have the
knowledge from the lesson before and only need sharpened our skills to make a better and
very quality video. Making this video was really awesome because I felt like being a
producer. I need to edit and synchronise the video with the audio to make it interesting and
wonderful. The only thing I cannot do in my video is put the special effects that will absolutely
make my video rare with my friends .We also need to write a script for the video that we have
made. My storyline is quite simple and thank you to Cik Omar because provide us the table
to make our works easier. Although it simple, it takes many hours to 100% complete the
video. I need to sacrifice my sleep and play time to complete this work. I hope with this
sacrifice I managed to get high marks and get a flying colours result for this subject.
For the second task, we need to produce a web-based learning package using
appropriate software and it costs us half marks from 100%. It was really a huge mark and
because of that I took that it takes to get the best marks and the best results. In making the
web-based learning, we need to put a suitable content for learning a topic or part of a topic
within the syllabus of a subject taught in primary school. I had chosen “noun” as my topic for
this task. I chose this topic because it is common and easy for pupils to understand. This is a
hard task if ask my opinion because this is the new thing in my life. Firstly, I search the
resources in the internet about the topic that I have chosen that is noun. Then, I need to put
valuable information in the LCDS manually.
I also search the exercises in the internet and need to choose before put it in my
LCDS. Frankly speak; this work is really hard for some reasons. I need to get used with this
new thing and when I have understand how it works, I need to type letter by letter and word
by word the information that I want to add in. It takes so much time and I need to spend
about 2 days to complete the work. We also need to do User Guide for the guidance. The
advantage of this LCDS is it is so interesting as teaching aids to teach the pupils. Moreover,
the visual and audio definitely can attract pupils to love to learn a lesson that the teacher
wants to teach. Although it has advantage, it is also has disadvantage. First, teacher will be
burden with so many works and to make the LCDS, it requires plenty of time. Second, I think
teacher in Malaysia will not use this approach to teach pupils in the school. While I doing my
School Based Experience (SBE) in school, teacher more prefer to use textbook and other
simple teaching aids to teach the pupils. This is only my observation and opinion. No offence
and no hard feelings.

I have learn that without integrity, world will be chaos and unstable. As a teacher, we
must plant the integrity among our pupils for a better future. I have seen a worst picture of
world without the integrity in the videos that my father provided. Crime will increase and
people will become outlaw and do whatever they like. The theme of integrity has opened my
eyes and makes me realise the important of it. Furthermore, our mother earth will become
polluted and we will live in a danger environment if there is no integrity. Trashes are
scattered all around us and diseases will spread widely throughout the world. If the diseases
become worst, there will have many deaths and I have imagined how I will feel when I lose
my dearest family and person because of no integrity.
Besides, world will full with blood because there is always war between the races.
Currently, we live with peace and harmony thanks to the integrity. I cannot imagine our
country that have many races live without the integrity. Malay, Chinese, Indian and other
races will always misunderstand and fight for their own races. As a conclusion, as a teacher
to be, I must make sure and maintain the harmony of this world to last long.