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Remember . . . what you are about to read (below) predates EVERYTHING found in the New Testament and ur!an.

E"erythin# you are about to read predates $esus! time on earth and predates the %oo& of Re"elation.
This mu'h has been pro"ed( to e"ery person!s satisfa'tion( when a 'opy was found amon#st the )ead *ea *'rolls.
If any truth, found upon this earth, leads only to the Glory of God; it cannot be of Satan. (See Matthew 12:25 2!"
#et $hrist%s &isdo' (in Matthew" be the decidin( factor: re(ardin( the place you allow this Scripture in your life.
Any added text is in red and italicized. (This has been kept to a minimum.)
*he +oo, of -noch
.ro' / *he 0pocrypha and 1seudepi(rapha of the 2ld *esta'ent
3.4. $harles 25ford: *he $larendon 1ress
*e'tion I. +hapters I,---VI
I6. 1arable of -noch on the .uture #ot of the &ic,ed and the

The words of the blessin# of Eno'h( wherewith he blessed the ele't and
ri#hteous( who will be
/ (0atthew /12/. 3 //( Re"elation 425)
li"in# in the day of tribulation( when all the wi'&ed and #odless are to be
remo"ed. 6nd he too& up his parable and said ,,Eno'h a ri#hteous man( whose
eyes were opened by God( saw the "ision of the Holy 7ne in the hea"ens( whi'h
the an#els showed me( and from them I heard e"erythin#( and from them I
understood as I saw( but not for this #eneration( but for a remote one whi'h is
for to 'ome. +on'ernin# the ele't I said( and too& up my parable 'on'ernin#
them2 The Holy Great 7ne will 'ome forth from His dwellin#( (Re"elation /.2/)
6nd the eternal God will tread upon the earth( (e"en) on 0ount *inai(
86nd appear from His 'amp9 (Re"elation /.25)
6nd appear in the stren#th of His mi#ht from the hea"en of hea"ens.
(Re"elation .:2..)
6nd all shall be smitten with fear
6nd the <at'hers shall =ua&e(
6nd #reat fear and tremblin# shall sei>e them unto the ends of the earth.
6nd the hi#h mountains shall be sha&en( (Re"elation .?2/@)
6nd the hi#h hills shall be made low(
6nd shall melt li&e waA before the flame.
6nd the earth shall be wholly rent in sunder(
6nd all that is upon the earth shall perish( (eAa't order of e"ents as detailed . . .
6nd there shall be a Bud#ement upon all (men). in Re"elation2 see .12.C , /@)
%ut with the ri#hteous He will ma&e pea'e(
6nd will prote't the ele't( (0atthew /12/. 3 //( Re"elation 425)
6nd mer'y shall be upon them.
6nd they shall all belon# to God(
6nd they shall be prospered(
6nd they shall all be blessed.
6nd He will help them all( (Re"elation ./2.1 , .?)
6nd li#ht shall appear unto them(
6nd He will ma&e pea'e with them.
6nd beholdD He 'ometh with ten thousands of His holy ones
To eAe'ute Bud#ement upon all( (Re"elation /@21)
6nd to destroy all the un#odly2
6nd to 'on"i't all flesh (Re"elation .12.;)
7f all the wor&s of their un#odliness whi'h they ha"e un#odly 'ommitted(
6nd of all the hard thin#s whi'h un#odly sinners ha"e spo&en a#ainst Him.
(0atthew ./25/)
7bser"e ye e"erythin# that ta&es pla'e in the hea"en( how they do not 'han#e
their orbits( and the luminaries whi'h are in the hea"en( how they all rise and set
in order ea'h in its season( and
trans#ress not a#ainst their appointed order. %ehold ye the earth( and #i"e heed
to the thin#s whi'h ta&e pla'e upon it from first to last( how steadfast they are(
how none of the thin#s upon earth
'han#e( but all the wor&s of God appear to you. %ehold the summer and the
winter( how the whole earth is filled with water( and 'louds and dew and rain lie
upon it.
7bser"e and see how (in the winter) all the trees seem as thou#h they had
withered and shed all their lea"es( eA'ept fourteen trees( whi'h do not lose their
folia#e but retain the old folia#e from two to three years till the new 'omes.
6nd a#ain( obser"e ye the days of summer how the sun is abo"e the earth o"er
a#ainst it. 6nd you see& shade and shelter by reason of the heat of the sun( and
the earth also burns with #lowin# heat( and so you 'annot tread on the earth( or
on a ro'& by reason of its heat.
7bser"e ye how the trees 'o"er themsel"es with #reen lea"es and bear fruit2
wherefore #i"e ye heed and &now with re#ard to all His wor&s( and re'o#ni>e
how He that li"eth for e"er hath made them so.
6nd all His wor&s #o on thus from year to year for e"er( and all the tas&s whi'h
they a''omplish for Him( and their tas&s 'han#e not( but a''ordin# as God hath
ordained so is it done.
6nd behold how the sea and the ri"ers in li&e manner a''omplish and 'han#e
not their tas&s from His 'ommandmentsE.
%ut ye ,,ye ha"e not been steadfast( nor done the 'ommandments of the Ford(
%ut ye ha"e turned away and spo&en proud and hard words
<ith your impure mouths a#ainst His #reatness.
7h( ye hard,hearted( ye shall find no pea'e.
Therefore shall ye eAe'rate your days(
6nd the years of your life shall perish(
6nd the years of your destru'tion shall be multiplied in eternal eAe'ration(
6nd ye shall find no mer'y.
In those days ye shall ma&e your names an eternal eAe'ration (abomination)
unto all the ri#hteous(
6nd by you shall all who 'urse( 'urse(
6nd all the sinners and #odless shall impre'ate by you(
6nd for you the #odless there shall be a 'urse.
6nd all the ... shall reBoi'e(
6nd there shall be for#i"eness of sins(
6nd e"ery mer'y and pea'e and forbearan'e2
There shall be sal"ation unto them( a #oodly li#ht. (Re"elation 5/2/5)
6nd for all of you sinners there shall be no sal"ation( (Re"elation /@2./)
%ut on you all shall abide a 'urse. (Re"elation /@2.;)
%ut for the ele't there shall be li#ht and Boy and pea'e(
6nd they shall inherit the earth. (0atthew ;2;( Re"elation /@21)
Noti'e here( that Hea"en 'omes to earth Bust as the Gospel and Re"elation says. 0an&ind does not #o to Hea"enD
6nd then there shall be bestowed upon the ele't wisdom( (0atthew /12/1)
6nd they shall all li"e and ne"er a#ain sin(
Either throu#h un#odliness or throu#h pride2
%ut they who are wise shall be humble. (0atthew .C21)
6nd they shall not a#ain trans#ress(
Nor shall they sin all the days of their life( (Re"elation .12. , ;)
Nor shall they die of (the di"ine) an#er or wrath( (.+orinthians .;2;. , ;/)
%ut they shall 'omplete the number of the days of their life.
(0atthew /125.( Re"elation 425( and espe'ially Re"elation ./2.1)
6nd their li"es shall be in'reased in pea'e(
6nd the years of their Boy shall be multiplied(
In eternal #ladness and pea'e(
6ll the days of their life.
6I9I. *he .all of the 0n(els: the :e'orali;ation of Man,ind: the
Intercession of the 0n(els on behalf of Man,ind. *he :oo's
pronounced by God on the 0n(els of the Messianic <in(do' (a
=oah fra('ent".
6nd it 'ame to pass when the 'hildren of men had multiplied that in those days
were born unto
them beautiful and 'omely dau#hters. 6nd the an#els( the 'hildren of the hea"en(
saw and lusted after them( and said to one another2 E+ome( let us 'hoose us
wi"es from amon# the 'hildren of men
and be#et us 'hildren.E 6nd *emBG>G( who was their leader( said unto them2 EI
fear ye will not
indeed a#ree to do this deed( and I alone shall ha"e to pay the penalty of a #reat
sin.E 6nd they all answered him and said2 EFet us all swear an oath( and all bind
oursel"es by mutual impre'ations
not to abandon this plan but to do this thin#.E Then sware they all to#ether and
bound themsel"es
by mutual impre'ations upon it. 6nd they were in all two hundredH who
des'ended in the days of $ared on the summit of 0ount Hermon( and they 'alled
it 0ount Hermon( be'ause they had sworn
and bound themsel"es by mutual impre'ations upon it. 6nd these are the names
of their leaders2 *amIa>G>( their leader( 6rG&Iba( RGmJJl( KL&abIJl( TGmIJl(
RGmIJl( )GnJl( M>J=JJl( %arG=IBGl(
6sGJl( 6rmGrLs( %atGrJl( 6nGnJl( Na=IJl( *amsGpJJl( *atarJl( TOrJl( $LmBGJl(
*ariJl. These are their 'hiefs of tens.
6nd all the others to#ether with them too& unto themsel"es wi"es( and ea'h
'hose for himself one( and they be#an to #o in unto them and to defile
themsel"es with them( and they tau#ht them 'harms
and en'hantments( and the 'uttin# of roots( and made them a'=uainted with
plants. 6nd they
be'ame pre#nant( and they bare #reat #iants( whose hei#ht was three thousand
ells2 <ho 'onsumed
all the a'=uisitions of men. 6nd when men 'ould no lon#er sustain them( the
#iants turned a#ainst
them and de"oured man&ind. 6nd they be#an to sin a#ainst birds( and beasts(
and reptiles( and
fish( and to de"our one anotherEs flesh( and drin& the blood. Then the earth laid
a''usation a#ainst the lawless ones.
6nd 6>G>Jl tau#ht men to ma&e swords( and &ni"es( and shields( and
breastplates( and made &nown to them the metals of the earth and the art of
wor&in# them( and bra'elets( and ornaments( and the use of antimony( and the
beautifyin# of the eyelids( and all &inds of 'ostly stones( and all
'olourin# tin'tures. 6nd there arose mu'h #odlessness( and they 'ommitted
forni'ation( and they
were led astray( and be'ame 'orrupt in all their ways. *emBG>G tau#ht
en'hantments( and root,'uttin#s( E6rmGrLs the resol"in# of en'hantments(
%arG=IBGl (tau#ht) astrolo#y( KL&abJl the 'onstellations( M>J=JJl the &nowled#e
of the 'louds( 6ra=iJl the si#ns of the earth( *hamsiJl the si#ns of the sun( and
*ariJl the 'ourse of the moon. 6nd as men perished( they 'ried( and their 'ry
went up to hea"en...
6nd then 0i'hael( Priel( Raphael( and Gabriel loo&ed down from hea"en and
saw mu'h blood bein#
shed upon the earth( and all lawlessness bein# wrou#ht upon the earth. 6nd they
said one to another2 EThe earth made without inhabitant 'ries the "oi'e of their
'ryin#st up to the #ates of hea"en.
6nd now to you( the holy ones of hea"en( the souls of men ma&e their suit(
sayin#( Q%rin# our 'ause
before the 0ost Hi#h.QE 6nd they said to the Ford of the a#es2 EFord of lords( God
of #ods( Kin# of &in#s( and God of the a#es( the throne of Thy #lory (standeth)
unto all the #enerations of the
a#es( and Thy name holy and #lorious and blessed unto all the a#esD Thou hast
made all thin#s( and power o"er all thin#s hast Thou2 and all thin#s are na&ed
and open in Thy si#ht( and Thou seest all
thin#s( and nothin# 'an hide itself from Thee. Thou seest what 6>G>Jl hath done(
who hath tau#ht all unri#hteousness on earth and re"ealed the eternal se'rets
whi'h were (preser"ed) in hea"en( whi'h
men were stri"in# to learn2 6nd *emBG>G( to whom Thou hast #i"en authority to
bear rule o"er his asso'iates. 6nd they ha"e #one to the dau#hters of men upon
the earth( and ha"e slept with the
women( and ha"e defiled themsel"es( and re"ealed to them all &inds of sins. 6nd
the women ha"e
borne #iants( and the whole earth has thereby been filled with blood and
unri#hteousness. 6nd now( behold( the souls of those who ha"e died are 'ryin#
and ma&in# their suit to the #ates of hea"en( and their lamentations ha"e
as'ended2 and 'annot 'ease be'ause of the lawless deeds whi'h are .. wrou#ht
on the earth. 6nd Thou &nowest all thin#s before they 'ome to pass( and Thou
seest these thin#s and Thou dost suffer them( and Thou dost not say to us what
we are to do to them in re#ard to these.E
Then said the 0ost Hi#h( the Holy and Great 7ne spa&e( and sent Priel to the
son of Fame'h(
and said to him2 EGo to Noah and tell him in my name QHide thyselfDQ and re"eal
to him the end that is approa'hin#2 that the whole earth will be destroyed( and a
delu#e is about to 'ome
upon the whole earth( and will destroy all that is on it. 6nd now instru't him that
he may es'ape
and his seed may be preser"ed for all the #enerations of the world.E 6nd a#ain
the Ford said to Raphael2 E%ind 6>G>Jl hand and foot( and 'ast him into the
dar&ness2 and ma&e an openin#
in the desert( whi'h is in )OdGJl( and 'ast him therein. 6nd pla'e upon him rou#h
and Ba##ed ro'&s( and 'o"er him with dar&ness( and let him abide there for e"er(
and 'o"er his fa'e that he may not see li#ht. 6nd on the day of the #reat
Bud#ement he shall be 'ast into the fire. 6nd heal the earth whi'h the an#els ha"e
'orrupted( and pro'laim the healin# of the earth( that they may heal the pla#ue(
and that all the 'hildren of men may not perish throu#h all the se'ret thin#s that
the (Re"elation /@2.@)
<at'hers ha"e dis'losed and ha"e tau#ht their sons. 6nd the whole earth has
been 'orrupted
throu#h the wor&s that were tau#ht by 6>G>Jl2 to him as'ribe all sin.E 6nd to
Gabriel said the Ford2 ERro'eed a#ainst the bastards and the reprobates( and
a#ainst the 'hildren of forni'ation2 and destroy 8the 'hildren of forni'ation and9
the 'hildren of the <at'hers from amon#st men 8and 'ause them to #o forth92
send them one a#ainst the other that they may destroy ea'h other in
battle2 for len#th of days shall they not ha"e. 6nd no re=uest that they (i.e. their
fathers) ma&e of thee shall be #ranted unto their fathers on their behalfH for they
hope to li"e an eternal life( and
that ea'h one of them will li"e fi"e hundred years.E 6nd the Ford said unto
0i'hael2 EGo( bind *emBG>G and his asso'iates who ha"e united themsel"es with
women so as to ha"e defiled themsel"es
with them in all their un'leanness. 6nd when their sons ha"e slain one another(
and they ha"e seen the destru'tion of their belo"ed ones( bind them fast for
se"enty #enerations in the "alleys of the earth( till the day of their Bud#ement and
of their 'onsummation( till the Bud#ement that is
for e"er and e"er is 'onsummated. In those days they shall be led off to the
abyss of fire2 and
to the torment and the prison in whi'h they shall be 'onfined for e"er. 6nd
whosoe"er shall be 'ondemned and destroyed will from then'eforth be bound
to#ether with them to the end of all
#enerations. 6nd destroy all the spirits of the reprobate and the 'hildren of the
<at'hers( be'ause
they ha"e wron#ed man&ind. )estroy all wron# from the fa'e of the earth and let
e"ery e"il wor& 'ome to an end2 and let the plant of ri#hteousness and truth
appear2 and it shall pro"e a blessin#H the wor&s of ri#hteousness and truthE shall
be planted in truth and Boy for e"ermore.
6nd then shall all the ri#hteous es'ape(
6nd shall li"e till they be#et thousands of 'hildren(
6nd all the days of their youth and their old a#e
*hall they 'omplete in pea'e.
6nd then shall the whole earth be tilled in ri#hteousness( and shall all be planted
with trees and
be full of blessin#. 6nd all desirable trees shall be planted on it( and they shall
plant "ines on it2 and the "ine whi'h they plant thereon shall yield wine in
abundan'e( and as for all the seed whi'h is sown thereon ea'h measure (of it)
shall bear a thousand( and ea'h measure of oli"es shall yield
ten presses of oil. 6nd 'leanse thou the earth from all oppression( and from all
unri#hteousness( and from all sin( and from all #odlessness2 and all the
un'leanness that is wrou#ht upon the earth
destroy from off the earth. 6nd all the 'hildren of men shall be'ome ri#hteous(
and all nations
shall offer adoration and shall praise 0e( and all shall worship 0e. 6nd the earth
shall be 'leansed from all defilement( and from all sin( and from all punishment(
and from all torment( and I will ne"er a#ain send (them) upon it from #eneration
to #eneration and for e"er.
6nd in those days I will open the store 'hambers of blessin# whi'h are in the
hea"en( so as to send
them down upon the earth o"er the wor& and labour of the 'hildren of men. 6nd
truth and pea'e shall be asso'iated to#ether throu#hout all the days of the world
and throu#hout all the #enerations of men.E
9II96I. :rea'6ision of -noch: his Intercession for 0;B;Cl and the
.allen 0n(els: and his 0nnounce'ent of their first and final :oo'.
%efore these thin#s Eno'h was hidden( and no one of the 'hildren of men &new
where he was
hidden( and where he abode( and what had be'ome of him. 6nd his a'ti"ities had
to do with the <at'hers( and his days were with the holy ones.
6nd I Eno'h was blessin# the Ford of maBesty and the Kin# of the a#es( and loD
the <at'hers
'alled me ,,Eno'h the s'ribe,, and said to me2 EEno'h( thou s'ribe of
ri#hteousness( #o( de'lare to the <at'hers of the hea"en who ha"e left the hi#h
hea"en( the holy eternal pla'e( and ha"e defiled themsel"es with women( and
ha"e done as the 'hildren of earth do( and ha"e ta&en unto themsel"es
wi"es2 QYe ha"e wrou#ht #reat destru'tion on the earth2 6nd ye shall ha"e no
pea'e nor for#i"eness
of sin2 and inasmu'h as they deli#ht themsel"es in their 'hildren( The murder of
their belo"ed ones shall they see( and o"er the destru'tion of their 'hildren shall
they lament( and shall ma&e suppli'ation unto eternity( but mer'y and pea'e shall
ye not attain.QE
6nd Eno'h went and said2 E6>G>Jl( thou shalt ha"e no pea'e2 a se"ere senten'e
has #one forth
a#ainst thee to put thee in bonds2 6nd thou shalt not ha"e toleration nor re=uest
#ranted to thee( be'ause of the unri#hteousness whi'h thou hast tau#ht( and
be'ause of all the wor&s of #odlessness
and unri#hteousness and sin whi'h thou hast shown to men.E Then I went and
spo&e to them all
to#ether( and they were all afraid( and fear and tremblin# sei>ed them. 6nd they
besou#ht me to draw up a petition for them that they mi#ht find for#i"eness( and
to read their petition in the presen'e
of the Ford of hea"en. Sor from then'eforward they 'ould not spea& (with Him)
nor lift up their
eyes to hea"en for shame of their sins for whi'h they had been 'ondemned.
Then I wrote out their petition( and the prayer in re#ard to their spirits and their
deeds indi"idually and in re#ard to their
re=uests that they should ha"e for#i"eness and len#th. 6nd I went off and sat
down at the waters of )an( in the land of )an( to the south of the west of
Hermon2 I read their petition till I fell
asleep. 6nd behold a dream 'ame to me( and "isions fell down upon me( and I
saw "isions of 'hastisement( and a "oi'e 'ame biddin# (me) to tell it to the sons
of hea"en( and reprimand them.
6nd when I awa&ed( I 'ame unto them( and they were all sittin# #athered
to#ether( weepin# in
E6belsBGIl( whi'h is between Febanon and *JnJsJr( with their fa'es 'o"ered. 6nd
I re'ounted before them all the "isions whi'h I had seen in sleep( and I be#an to
spea& the words of ri#hteousness( and to reprimand the hea"enly <at'hers.
The boo& of the words of ri#hteousness( and of the reprimand of the eternal
<at'hers in a''ordan'e
with the 'ommand of the Holy Great 7ne in that "ision. I saw in my sleep what I
will now say with a ton#ue of flesh and with the breath of my mouth2 whi'h the
Great 7ne has #i"en to men to
'on"erse therewith and understand with the heart. 6s He has 'reated and #i"en
to man the power of understandin# the word of wisdom( so hath He 'reated me
also and #i"en me the power of reprimandin#
the <at'hers( the 'hildren of hea"en. I wrote out your petition( and in my "ision it
appeared thus( that your petition will not be #ranted unto you throu#hout all the
days of eternity( and that Bud#ement
has been finally passed upon you2 yea (your petition) will not be #ranted unto
you. 6nd from hen'eforth you shall not as'end into hea"en unto all eternity( and
in bonds of the earth the de'ree
has #one forth to bind you for all the days of the world. 6nd (that) pre"iously you
shall ha"e seen the destru'tion of your belo"ed sons and ye shall ha"e no
pleasure in them( but they shall fall before
you by the sword. 6nd your petition on their behalf shall not be #ranted( nor yet
on your own2 e"en thou#h you weep and pray and spea& all the words 'ontained
in the writin# whi'h I ha"e
written. 6nd the "ision was shown to me thus2 %ehold( in the "ision 'louds in"ited
me and a mist summoned me( and the 'ourse of the stars and the li#htnin#s
sped and hastened me( and the winds in
the "ision 'aused me to fly and lifted me upward( and bore me into hea"en. 6nd I
went in till I drew ni#h to a wall whi'h is built of 'rystals and surrounded by
ton#ues of fire2 and it be#an to affri#ht
me. 6nd I went into the ton#ues of fire and drew ni#h to a lar#e house whi'h was
built of 'rystals2 and the walls of the house were li&e a tesselated floor (made) of
'rystals( and its #roundwor& was
of 'rystal. Its 'eilin# was li&e the path of the stars and the li#htnin#s( and
between them were
fiery 'herubim( and their hea"en was ('lear as) water. 6 flamin# fire surrounded
the walls( and its
portals bla>ed with fire. 6nd I entered into that house( and it was hot as fire and
'old as i'e2 there
were no deli#hts of life therein2 fear 'o"ered me( and tremblin# #at hold upon me.
6nd as I =ua&ed
and trembled( I fell upon my fa'e. 6nd I beheld a "ision( 6nd loD there was a
se'ond house( #reater
than the former( and the entire portal stood open before me( and it was built of
flames of fire. 6nd in e"ery respe't it so eA'elled in splendour and ma#nifi'en'e
and eAtent that I 'annot des'ribe to
you its splendour and its eAtent. 6nd its floor was of fire( and abo"e it were
li#htnin#s and the path
of the stars( and its 'eilin# also was flamin# fire. 6nd I loo&ed and saw therein a
lofty throne2 its appearan'e was as 'rystal( and the wheels thereof as the shinin#
sun( and there was the "ision of
'herubim. 6nd from underneath the throne 'ame streams of flamin# fire so that I
'ould not loo&
thereon. 6nd the Great Glory sat thereon( and His raiment shone more bri#htly
than the sun and
was whiter than any snow. None of the an#els 'ould enter and 'ould behold His
fa'e by reason
of the ma#nifi'en'e and #lory and no flesh 'ould behold Him. The flamin# fire
was round about Him( and a #reat fire stood before Him( and none around 'ould
draw ni#h Him2 ten thousand times
ten thousand (stood) before Him( yet He needed no 'ounselor. 6nd the most holy
ones who were
ni#h to Him did not lea"e by ni#ht nor depart from Him. 6nd until then I had been
prostrate on my fa'e( tremblin#2 and the Ford 'alled me with His own mouth( and
said to me2 E+ome hither(
Eno'h( and hear my word.E 6nd one of the holy ones 'ame to me and wa&ed me(
and He made me rise up and approa'h the door2 and I bowed my fa'e
6nd He answered and said to me( and I heard His "oi'e2 ESear not( Eno'h( thou
man and s'ribe of ri#hteousness2 approa'h hither and hear my "oi'e. 6nd #o(
say to the <at'hers of hea"en( who ha"e sent thee to inter'ede for them2 QYou
should inter'edeQ for men( and not men
for you2 <herefore ha"e ye left the hi#h( holy( and eternal hea"en( and lain with
women( and defiled yoursel"es with the dau#hters of men and ta&en to
yoursel"es wi"es( and done li&e the 'hildren
of earth( and be#otten #iants (as your) sonsT 6nd thou#h ye were holy( spiritual(
li"in# the eternal life( you ha"e defiled yoursel"es with the blood of women( and
ha"e be#otten ('hildren) with the blood of flesh( and( as the 'hildren of men(
ha"e lusted after flesh and blood as those also do who die ; and perish.
Therefore ha"e I #i"en them wi"es also that they mi#ht impre#nate them( and
'hildren by them( that thus nothin# mi#ht be wantin# to them on earth. %ut you
were formerly
spiritual( li"in# the eternal life( and immortal for all #enerations of the world. 6nd
therefore I ha"e not appointed wi"es for youH for as for the spiritual ones of the
hea"en( in hea"en is their dwellin#.
6nd now( the #iants( who are produ'ed from the spirits and flesh( shall be 'alled
e"il spirits upon
the earth( and on the earth shall be their dwellin#. E"il spirits ha"e pro'eeded
from their bodiesH be'ause they are born from men and from the holy <at'hers is
their be#innin# and primal ori#inH
they shall be e"il spirits on earth( and e"il spirits shall they be 'alled. 86s for the
spirits of hea"en( in hea"en shall be their dwellin#( but as for the spirits of the
earth whi'h were born upon the earth( on the earth shall be their dwellin#.9 6nd
the spirits of the #iants affli't( oppress( destroy( atta'&( do battle( and wor&
destru'tion on the earth( and 'ause trouble2 they ta&e no food( but ne"ertheless
hun#er and thirst( and 'ause offen'es. 6nd these spirits shall rise up a#ainst the
'hildren of men and a#ainst the women( be'ause they ha"e pro'eeded from
Srom the days of the slau#hter and destru'tion and death of the #iants( from the
souls of whose flesh the spirits( ha"in# #one forth( shall destroy without in'urrin#
Bud#ement ,,thus shall they destroy until the day of the 'onsummation( the #reat
Bud#ement in whi'h the a#e shall be
'onsummated( o"er the <at'hers and the #odless( yea( shall be wholly
'onsummated.Q 6nd now as to the wat'hers who ha"e sent thee to inter'ede for
them( who had been aforetime in hea"en( (say
to them)2 QYou ha"e been in hea"en( but all the mysteries had not yet been
re"ealed to you( and you &new worthless ones( and these in the hardness of your
hearts you ha"e made &nown to the women( and throu#h these mysteries
women and men wor& mu'h e"il on earth.Q
*ay to them therefore2 QYou ha"e no pea'e.QE
96II9996I. -nochDs Eourneys throu(h the -arth and Sheol.
96II9I9. *he .irst Eourney.
6nd they too& and brou#ht me to a pla'e in whi'h those who were there were li&e
flamin# fire(
and( when they wished( they appeared as men. 6nd they brou#ht me to the pla'e
of dar&ness( and to a mountain the point of whose summit rea'hed to hea"en.
6nd I saw the pla'es of the luminaries and the treasuries of the stars and of the
thunder and in the uttermost depths( where were
a fiery bow and arrows and their =ui"er( and a fiery sword and all the li#htnin#s.
6nd they too&
me to the li"in# waters( and to the fire of the west( whi'h re'ei"es e"ery settin# of
the sun. 6nd I 'ame to a ri"er of fire in whi'h the fire flows li&e water and
dis'har#es itself into the #reat sea towards
the west. I saw the #reat ri"ers and 'ame to the #reat ri"er and to the #reat
dar&ness( and went
to the pla'e where no flesh wal&s. I saw the mountains of the dar&ness of winter
and the pla'e
when'e all the waters of the deep flow. I saw the mouths of all the ri"ers of the
earth and the mouth of the deep.
I saw the treasuries of all the winds2 I saw how He had furnished with them the
whole 'reation
and the firm foundations of the earth. 6nd I saw the 'orner,stone of the earth2 I
saw the four
winds whi'h bear 8the earth and9 the firmament of the hea"en. 6nd I saw how the
winds stret'h out the "aults of hea"en( and ha"e their station between hea"en
and earth2 these are the pillars
of the hea"en. I saw the winds of hea"en whi'h turn and brin# the 'ir'umferen'e
of the sun and
all the stars to their settin#. I saw the winds on the earth 'arryin# the 'louds2 I
saw the paths
of the an#els. I saw at the end of the earth the firmament of the hea"en abo"e.
6nd I pro'eeded and saw a pla'e whi'h burns day and ni#ht( where there are
se"en mountains of ma#nifi'ent stones(
three towards the east( and three towards the south. 6nd as for those towards
the east( one was of 'oloured stone( and one of pearl( and one of Ba'inth( and
those towards the south of red stone.
%ut the middle one rea'hed to hea"en li&e the throne of God( of alabaster( and
the summit of the
throne was of sapphire. 6nd I saw a flamin# fire. 6nd beyond these mountains is
a re#ion the end of the #reat earth2 there the hea"ens were 'ompleted. 6nd I saw
a deep abyss( with 'olumns of hea"enly fire( and amon# them I saw 'olumns of
fire fall( whi'h were beyond measure ali&e towards
the hei#ht and towards the depth. 6nd beyond that abyss I saw a pla'e whi'h
had no firmament of the hea"en abo"e( and no firmly founded earth beneath it2
there was no water upon it( and no
birds( but it was a waste and horrible pla'e. I saw there se"en stars li&e #reat
burnin# mountains(
and to me( when I in=uired re#ardin# them( The an#el said2 EThis pla'e is the end
of hea"en and
earth2 this has be'ome a prison for the stars and the host of hea"en. 6nd the
stars whi'h roll o"er the fire are they whi'h ha"e trans#ressed the 'ommandment
of the Ford in the be#innin# of
their risin#( be'ause they did not 'ome forth at their appointed times. 6nd He was
wroth with them( and bound them till the time when their #uilt should be
'onsummated (e"en) for ten thousand years.E
6nd Priel said to me2 EHere shall stand the an#els who ha"e 'onne'ted
themsel"es with women( and their spirits assumin# many different forms are
defilin# man&ind and shall lead them astray into sa'rifi'in# to demons as #ods(
(here shall they stand() till the day of the #reat Bud#ement in
whi'h they shall be Bud#ed till they are made an end of. 6nd the women also of
the an#els who
went astray shall be'ome sirens.E 6nd I( Eno'h( alone saw the "ision( the ends of
all thin#s2 and no man shall see as I ha"e seen.
99. =a'es and .unctions of the SeFen 0rchan(els.
6nd these are the names of the holy an#els who wat'h. Priel( one of the holy
an#els( who is
o"er the world and o"er Tartarus. Raphael( one of the holy an#els( who is o"er
the spirits of men.
Ra#uel( one of the holy an#els who ta&es "en#ean'e on the world of the
luminaries. 0i'hael( one
of the holy an#els( to wit( he that is set o"er the best part of man&ind and o"er
'haos. *ara=GJl(
one of the holy an#els( who is set o"er the spirits( who sin in the spirit. Gabriel(
one of the holy
an#els( who is o"er Raradise and the serpents and the +herubim. Remiel( one of
the holy an#els( whom God set o"er those who rise.
99I9996I. *he Second Eourney of -noch.
99I. 1reli'inary and final 1lace of 1unish'ent of the fallen 0n(els
6nd I pro'eeded to where thin#s were 'haoti'. 6nd I saw there somethin#
horrible2 I saw neither
a hea"en abo"e nor a firmly founded earth( but a pla'e 'haoti' and horrible. 6nd
there I saw
se"en stars of the hea"en bound to#ether in it( li&e #reat mountains and burnin#
with fire. Then
I said2 ESor what sin are they bound( and on what a''ount ha"e they been 'ast in
hitherTE Then said Priel( one of the holy an#els( who was with me( and was 'hief
o"er them( and said2 EEno'h( why
dost thou as&( and why art thou ea#er for the truthT These are of the number of
the stars of hea"en( whi'h ha"e trans#ressed the 'ommandment of the Ford( and
are bound here till ten thousand years(
the time entailed by their sins( are 'onsummated.E 6nd from then'e I went to
another pla'e( whi'h was still more horrible than the former( and I saw a horrible
thin#2 a #reat fire there whi'h burnt and bla>ed( and the pla'e was 'left as far as
the abyss( bein# full of #reat des'endin# 'olumns of
fire2 neither its eAtent or ma#nitude 'ould I see( nor 'ould I 'onBe'ture. Then I
said2 EHow
fearful is the pla'e and how terrible to loo& uponDE Then Priel answered me( one
of the holy an#els who was with me( and said unto me2 EEno'h( why hast thou
su'h fear and affri#htTE 6nd
I answered2 E%e'ause of this fearful pla'e( and be'ause of the spe'ta'le of the
pain.E 6nd he said unto me2 EThis pla'e is the prison of the an#els( and here they
will be imprisoned for e"er.E (Re"elation /@2.@)
99II. Sheol or the Gnderworld.
6nd then'e I went to another pla'e( and the mountain 8and9 of hard ro'&.
/ (Re"elation ?2:)
6nd there was in it four hollow pla'es( deep and wide and "ery smooth. How
smooth are the hollow pla'es and deep and dar& to loo& at.
Then Raphael answered( one of the holy an#els who was with me( and said unto
me2 EThese hollow pla'es ha"e been 'reated for this "ery purpose( that the spirits
of the souls of the dead should
1 (Re"elation ?2:)
assemble therein( yea that all the souls of the 'hildren of men should assemble
here. 6nd these pla'es ha"e been made to re'ei"e them till the day of their
Bud#ement and till their appointed period 8till the period appointed9( till the #reat
Bud#ement ('omes) upon them.E I saw (the spirit of) a dead man ma&in# suit(
and his "oi'e went forth to hea"en and made suit. 6nd I as&ed Raphael the an#el
who was
with me( and I said unto him2 EThis spirit whi'h ma&eth suit( whose is it( whose
"oi'e #oeth forth and ma&eth suit to hea"enTE
4 (below 3 Genesis 12.@)
6nd he answered me sayin#2 EThis is the spirit whi'h went forth from 6bel( whom
his brother +ain slew( and he ma&es his suit a#ainst him till his seed is destroyed
from the fa'e of the earth( and his seed is annihilated from amon#st the seed of
The I as&ed re#ardin# it( and re#ardin# all the hollow pla'es2 E<hy is one
separated from the otherTE
6nd he answered me and said unto me2 EThese three ha"e been made that the
spirits of the dead mi#ht be separated. 6nd su'h a di"ision has been made (for)
the spirits of the ri#hteous( in whi'h there is the bri#ht sprin# of
water. 6nd su'h has been made for sinners when they die and are buried in the
earth and Bud#ement has not been eAe'uted on them in their
lifetime. Here their spirits shall be set apart in this #reat pain till the #reat day of
Bud#ement and punishment and torment of those who 'urse for e"er and
retribution for their spirits. There
He shall bind them for e"er. 6nd su'h a di"ision has been made for the spirits of
those who ma&e their suit( who ma&e dis'losures 'on'ernin# their destru'tion(
when they were slain in the days
of the sinners. *u'h has been made for the spirits of men who were not ri#hteous
but sinners( who were 'omplete in trans#ression( and of the trans#ressors they
shall be 'ompanions2 but their spirits shall not be slain in the day of Bud#ement
nor shall they be raised from then'e.E
Then I blessed the Ford of #lory and said2 E%lessed be my Ford( the Ford of
ri#hteousness( who ruleth for e"er.E
99III. *he fire that deals with the #u'inaries of 4eaFen.
Srom then'e I went to another pla'e to the west of the ends of the earth. 6nd I
saw a burnin#
fire whi'h ran without restin#( and paused not from its 'ourse day or ni#ht but
(ran) re#ularly. 6nd
I as&ed sayin#2 E<hat is this whi'h rests notTE Then Ra#uel( one of the holy
an#els who was with me( answered me and said unto me2 EThis 'ourse of fire
whi'h thou hast seen is the fire in the west whi'h perse'utes all the luminaries of
99I6996. *he SeFen Mountains in the =orth&est and the *ree of
6nd from then'e I went to another pla'e of the earth( and he showed me a
mountain ran#e of
fire whi'h burnt day and ni#ht. 6nd I went beyond it and saw se"en ma#nifi'ent
mountains all differin# ea'h from the other( and the stones (thereof) were
ma#nifi'ent and beautiful( ma#nifi'ent as a whole( of #lorious appearan'e and
fair eAterior2 three towards the east( one founded on the other( and three towards
the south( one upon the other( and deep rou#h ra"ines( no one of whi'h
Boined with any other. 6nd the se"enth mountain was in the midst of these( and it
eA'elled them (Re"elation /.2.@)
in hei#ht( resemblin# the seat of a throne2
and fra#rant trees en'ir'led the throne. 6nd amon#st them was a tree su'h as I
had ne"er yet smelt( neither was any amon#st them nor were others li&e it2 it had
a fra#ran'e beyond all fra#ran'e( and its lea"es and blooms and wood wither not
for e"er2 (Genesis /2:( Re"elation //2/)
and its fruit is beautiful( and its fruit resembles the dates of a palm. Then I said2
EHow beautiful is this tree( and fra#rant( and its lea"es are fair( and its blooms
"ery deli#htful in appearan'e.E
Then answered 0i'hael( one of the holy and honoured an#els who was with me(
and was their leader. ()aniel ./2.)
6nd he said unto me2 EEno'h( why dost thou as& me re#ardin# the fra#ran'e of
the tree(
and why dost thou wish to learn the truthTE Then I answered him sayin#2 EI wish to
&now about e"erythin#( but espe'ially about this tree.E 6nd he answered sayin#2
EThis hi#h mountain whi'h thou hast seen( whose summit is li&e the throne of
God( is His throne( where the Holy Great 7ne( the Ford of Glory( the Eternal
Kin#( will sit( when He shall 'ome down to "isit (Re"elation //2/)
the earth with #oodness. 6nd as for this fra#rant tree no mortal is permitted to
tou'h it till the #reat Bud#ement( when He shall ta&e "en#ean'e on all and brin#
(e"erythin#) to its 'onsummation (Genesis 52// , /1)
for e"er. It shall then be #i"en to the ri#hteous and holy. Its fruit shall be for food
to the ele't2 it shall be transplanted to the holy pla'e( to the temple of the Ford(
the Eternal Kin#. (underlined2 Re"elation /24) (Re"elation //2.1)
Then shall they reBoi'e with Boy and be #lad(
6nd into the holy pla'e shall they enterH (Re"elation /.2/4)
6nd its fra#ran'e shall be in their bones(
6nd they shall li"e a lon# life on earth( (0atthew ;2;( Re"elation /.2/)
*u'h as thy fathers li"ed2
6nd in their days shall no sorrow or pla#ue
7r torment or 'alamity tou'h them.E (Re"elation /.21)
Then blessed I the God of Glory( the Eternal Kin#( who hath prepared su'h
thin#s for the ri#hteous( and hath 'reated them and promised to #i"e to them.
996I. Eerusale' and the Mountains, 3aFines, and Strea's.
6nd I went from then'e to the middle of the earth( and I saw a blessed pla'e in
whi'h there were
trees with bran'hes abidin# and bloomin# 8of a dismembered tree9. 6nd there I
saw a holy mountain(
and underneath the mountain to the east there was a stream and it flowed
towards the south. 6nd I saw towards the east another mountain hi#her than this(
and between them a deep and narrow
ra"ine2 in it also ran a stream underneath the mountain. 6nd to the west thereof
there was another mountain( lower than the former and of small ele"ation( and a
ra"ine deep and dry between
them2 and another deep and dry ra"ine was at the eAtremities of the three
mountains. 6nd all the ra"ines were deep and narrow( (bein# formed) of hard
ro'&( and trees were not planted upon
them. 6nd I mar"eled at the ro'&s( and I mar"eled at the ra"ine( yea( I mar"eled
"ery mu'h.
996II. *he 1urpose of the 0ccursed 6alley.
Then said I2 ESor what obBe't is this blessed land( whi'h is entirely filled with
trees( and this
a''ursed "alley betweenTE Then Priel( one of the holy an#els who was with me(
answered and said2 EThis a''ursed "alley is for those who are a''ursed for e"er2
Here shall all the a''ursed be #athered to#ether who utter with their lips a#ainst
the Ford unseemly words and of His #lory spea& hard thin#s. Here shall they be
#athered to#ether( and here
shall be their pla'e of Bud#ement. In the last days there shall be upon them the
spe'ta'le of ri#hteous Bud#ement in the presen'e of the ri#hteous for e"er2 here
shall the mer'iful bless the Ford of #lory( the Eternal Kin#.
In the days of Bud#ement o"er the former( they shall bless Him for the mer'y in
a''ordan'e with
whi'h He has assi#ned them (their lot).E Then I blessed the Ford of Glory and set
forth His #lory and lauded Him #loriously.
996III999III. .urther Eourney to the -ast.
6nd then'e I went towards the east( into the midst of the mountain ran#e of the
desert( and
I saw a wilderness and it was solitary( full of trees and plants. 6nd water #ushed
forth from
abo"e. Rushin# li&e a 'opious water'ourse 8whi'h flowed9 towards the north,west
it 'aused 'louds and dew to as'end on e"ery side.
6nd then'e I went to another pla'e in the desert( and approa'hed to the east of
this mountain
ran#e. 6nd there I saw aromati' trees eAhalin# the fra#ran'e of fran&in'ense and
myrrh( and the trees also were similar to the almond tree.
6nd beyond these( I went afar to the east( and I saw another pla'e( a "alley (full)
of water. 6nd
therein there was a tree( the 'olour (T) of fra#rant trees su'h as the masti'. 6nd
on the sides of those "alleys I saw fra#rant 'innamon. 6nd beyond these I
pro'eeded to the east.
6nd I saw other mountains( and amon#st them were #ro"es of trees( and there
flowed forth from
them ne'tar( whi'h is named sarara and #albanum. 6nd beyond these mountains
I saw another mountain to the east of the ends of the earth( whereon were aloe,
trees( and all the trees were full
of sta'te( bein# li&e almond,trees. 6nd when one burnt it( it smelt sweeter than
any fra#rant odour.
6nd after these fra#rant odours( as I loo&ed towards the north o"er the
mountains I saw se"en mountains full of 'hoi'e nard and fra#rant trees and
'innamon and pepper.
6nd then'e I went o"er the summits of all these mountains( far towards the east
of the earth( and passed abo"e the Erythraean sea and went far from it( and
passed o"er the an#el Notiel. 6nd I 'ame to the Garden of Ri#hteousness(
and from afar off trees more numerous than these trees and #reat,two trees
there( "ery #reat( beautiful( and #lorious( and ma#nifi'ent( and the tree of
&nowled#e( whose holy fruit they eat and &now #reat wisdom. (Genesis /2:)
That tree is in hei#ht li&e the fir( and its lea"es are li&e (those of) the +arob tree2
and its fruit
is li&e the 'lusters of the "ine( "ery beautiful2 and the fra#ran'e of the tree
penetrates afar. Then
I said2 EHow beautiful is the tree( and how attra'ti"e is its loo&DE Then Raphael the
holy an#el( who was with me( answered me and said2 EThis is the tree of wisdom(
of whi'h thy father old (in years) and thy a#ed mother( who were before thee(
ha"e eaten( and they learnt wisdom and their eyes were opened( and they &new
that they were na&ed and they were dri"en out of the #arden.E
6nd from then'e I went to the ends of the earth and saw there #reat beasts( and
ea'h differed from the otherH and (I saw) birds also differin# in appearan'e and
beauty and "oi'e( the one differin# from the other. 6nd to the east of those
beasts I saw the ends of the earth whereon the hea"en
rests( and the portals of the hea"en open. 6nd I saw how the stars of hea"en
'ome forth( and
I 'ounted the portals out of whi'h they pro'eed( and wrote down all their outlets(
of ea'h indi"idual star by itself( a''ordin# to their number and their names( their
'ourses and their positions( and their
times and their months( as Priel the holy an#el who was with me showed me. He
showed all thin#s to me and wrote them down for me2 also their names he wrote
for me( and their laws and their 'ompanies.
999I69996. -nochDs Eourney to the =orth.
6nd from then'e I went towards the north to the ends of the earth( and there I
saw a #reat and
#lorious de"i'e at the ends of the whole earth. 6nd here I saw three portals of
hea"en open in the hea"en2 throu#h ea'h of them pro'eed north winds2 when
they blow there is 'old( hail( frost(
snow( dew( and rain. 6nd out of one portal they blow for #ood2 but when they
blow throu#h the other two portals( it is with "iolen'e and affli'tion on the earth(
and they blow with "iolen'e.
6nd from then'e I went towards the west to the ends of the earth( and saw there
three portals of the hea"en open su'h as I had seen in the east( the same
number of portals( and the same number of outlets.
9996I. *he Eourney to the South.
6nd from then'e I went to the south to the ends of the earth( and saw there three
open portals
of the hea"en2 and then'e there 'ome dew( rain( and wind. 6nd from then'e I
went to the east to the ends of the hea"en( and saw here the three eastern
portals of hea"en open and small portals
abo"e them. Throu#h ea'h of these small portals pass the stars of hea"en and
run their 'ourse to the west on the path whi'h is shown to them. 6nd as often as I
saw I blessed always the Ford of Glory( and I 'ontinued to bless the Ford of Glory
who has wrou#ht #reat and #lorious wonders( to show the #reatness of His wor&
to the an#els and to spirits and to men( that they mi#ht praise His wor& and all
His 'reation2 that they mi#ht see the wor& of His mi#ht and praise the #reat wor&
of His hands and bless Him for e"er.
Section II. $hapters 9996II#99I
*he 1arables
The se'ond "ision whi'h he saw( the "ision of wisdom ,whi'h Eno'h the son of
$ared( the son
of 0ahalalel( the son of +ainan( the son of Enos( the son of *eth( the son of
6dam( saw. 6nd this is the be#innin# of the words of wisdom whi'h I lifted up my
"oi'e to spea& and say to those whi'h dwell on earth2 Hear( ye men of old time(
and see( ye that 'ome after( the words of the Holy
7ne whi'h I will spea& before the Ford of *pirits. It were better to de'lare (them
only) to the men of old time( but e"en from those that 'ome after we will not
withhold the be#innin# of wisdom.
Till the present day su'h wisdom has ne"er been #i"en by the Ford of *pirits as I
ha"e re'ei"ed a''ordin# to my insi#ht( a''ordin# to the #ood pleasure of the
Ford of *pirits by whom the lot of
eternal life has been #i"en to me. Now three Rarables were imparted to me( and I
lifted up my "oi'e and re'ounted them to those that dwell on the earth.
9996III9#I6. *he .irst 1arable.
9996III. *he $o'in( Eud(e'ent of the &ic,ed.
The first Rarable.
<hen the 'on#re#ation of the ri#hteous shall appear(
6nd sinners shall be Bud#ed for their sins(
6nd shall be dri"en from the fa'e of the earth2
6nd when the Ri#hteous 7ne shall appear before the eyes of the ri#hteous(
<hose ele't wor&s han# upon the Ford of *pirits(
6nd li#ht shall appear to the ri#hteous and the ele't who dwell on the earth(
<here then will be the dwellin# of the sinners(
6nd where the restin#,pla'e of those who ha"e denied the Ford of *piritsT
It had been #ood for them if they had not been born.
<hen the se'rets of the ri#hteous shall be re"ealed and the sinners Bud#ed(
6nd the #odless dri"en from the presen'e of the ri#hteous and ele't( (0atthew ?2. , ?)
Srom that time those that possess the earth shall no lon#er be powerful and
6nd they shall not be able to behold the fa'e of the holy(
Sor the Ford of *pirits has 'aused His li#ht to appear
7n the fa'e of the holy( ri#hteous( and ele't. (E''lesiastes C2.)
Then shall the &in#s and the mi#hty perish (Re"elation .:2.C)
6nd be #i"en into the hands of the ri#hteous and holy. (Re"elation /@21)
6nd then'eforward none shall see& for themsel"es mer'y from the Ford of *pirits
Sor their life is at an end.
999I9. *he 0bode of the 3i(hteous and the -lect 2ne: the 1raises of
the +lessed.
86nd it shall 'ome to pass in those days that ele't and holy 'hildren will des'end
from the
hi#h hea"en( and their seed will be'ome one with the 'hildren of men. 6nd in
those days Eno'h re'ei"ed boo&s of >eal and wrath( and boo&s of dis=uiet and
6nd mer'y shall not be a''orded to them( saith the Ford of *pirits.
6nd in those days a whirlwind 'arried me off from the earth(
6nd set me down at the end of the hea"ens.
6nd there I saw another "ision( the dwellin#,pla'es of the holy(
6nd the restin#,pla'es of the ri#hteous.
Here mine eyes saw their dwellin#s with His ri#hteous an#els(
6nd their restin#,pla'es with the holy.
6nd they petitioned and inter'eded and prayed for the 'hildren of men(
6nd ri#hteousness flowed before them as water(
6nd mer'y li&e dew upon the earth2
Thus it is amon#st them for e"er and e"er.
6nd in that pla'e mine eyes saw the Ele't 7ne of ri#hteousness and of faith(
6nd I saw his dwellin#,pla'e under the win#s of the Ford of *pirits. (Rsalm ..@)
6nd ri#hteousness shall pre"ail in his days(
6nd the ri#hteous and ele't shall be without number before Him for e"er and
e"er. (Re"elation .;2/ , 5)
6nd all the ri#hteous and ele't before Him shall be stron# as fiery li#hts(
6nd their mouth shall be full of blessin#(
6nd their lips eAtol the name of the Ford of *pirits( (Re"elation .;2/ , 5)
6nd ri#hteousness before Him shall ne"er fail(
86nd upri#htness shall ne"er fail before Him.9
There I wished to dwell(
6nd my spirit lon#ed for that dwellin#,pla'e2
6nd there heretofore hath been my portion(
Sor so has it been established 'on'ernin# me before the Ford of *pirits.
In those days I praised and eAtolled the name of the Ford of *pirits with blessin#s
and praises( be'ause He hath destined me for blessin# and #lory a''ordin# to
the #ood pleasure of the Ford of
*pirits. Sor a lon# time my eyes re#arded that pla'e( and I blessed Him and
praised Him( sayin#2 E%lessed is He( and may He be blessed from the be#innin#
and for e"ermore. 6nd before Him there is no 'easin#. He &nows before the
world was 'reated what is for e"er and what will be from
#eneration unto #eneration. Those who sleep not bless Thee2 they stand before
Thy #lory and bless( praise( and eAtol( sayin#2 QHoly( holy( holy( is the Ford of
*pirits2 He filleth the earth with (Re"elation .21( Re"elation 52.( Re"elation 12;( Re"elation ;2?)
spirits.QE 6nd here my eyes saw all those who sleep not2 they stand before Him
and bless and say2
E%lessed be Thou( and blessed be the name of the Ford for e"er and e"er.E 6nd
my fa'e was 'han#edH for I 'ould no lon#er behold.
9#9#I. 2. *he .our 0rchan(els.
6nd after that I saw thousands of thousands and ten thousand times ten
thousand( I saw a multitude (Re"elation 12; 3 4( Re"elation .;2/)
beyond number and re'&onin#( who stood before the Ford of *pirits. 6nd on the
four sides of the Ford of *pirits I saw four presen'es( different from those that
sleep not( and I learnt their names2 for the an#el that went with me made &nown
to me their names( and showed me all the hidden thin#s. (a#ain( Re"elation 12; , 4)
6nd I heard the "oi'es of those four presen'es as they uttered praises before the
Ford of #lory. The first "oi'e blesses the Ford of *pirits for e"er and e"er. (Re" 12C,:)
6nd the se'ond "oi'e I heard blessin# (Isaiah 1/2.)
the Ele't 7ne and the ele't ones who han# upon the Ford of *pirits. 6nd the third
"oi'e I heard pray and inter'ede for those who dwell on the earth and suppli'ate
in the name of the Ford of *pirits.
6nd I heard the fourth "oi'e fendin# off the *atans and forbiddin# them to 'ome
before the Ford
of *pirits to a''use them who dwell on the earth. 6fter that I as&ed the an#el of
pea'e who went with me( who showed me e"erythin# that is hidden2 E<ho are
these four presen'es whi'h I ha"e
seen and whose words I ha"e heard and written downTE 6nd he said to me2 EThis
first is 0i'hael( the mer'iful and lon#,sufferin#2 and the se'ond( who is set o"er
all the diseases and all the wounds of the 'hildren of men( is Raphael2 and the
third( who is set o"er all the powers( is Gabriel2 and the fourth( who is set o"er
the repentan'e unto hope of those who inherit eternal life( is named Rhanuel.E
6nd these are the four an#els of the Ford of *pirits and the four "oi'es I heard in
those days.
9#I. 7@. 0strono'ical Secrets.
6nd after that I saw all the se'rets of the hea"ens( and how the &in#dom is
di"ided( and how the
a'tions of men are wei#hed in the balan'e. 6nd there I saw the mansions of the
ele't and the mansions of the holy( and mine eyes saw there all the sinners bein#
dri"en from then'e whi'h deny the name of the Ford of *pirits( and bein#
dra##ed off2 and they 'ould not abide be'ause of the punishment whi'h
pro'eeds from the Ford of *pirits. (abo"e , $ohn .12/)
6nd there mine eyes saw the se'rets of the li#htnin# and of the thunder( and the
se'rets of the winds( how they are di"ided to blow o"er the earth( and the se'rets
of the 'louds and dew( and there
I saw from when'e they pro'eed in that pla'e and from when'e they saturate the
dusty earth. 6nd there I saw 'losed 'hambers out of whi'h the winds are di"ided(
the 'hamber of the hail and winds( the 'hamber of the mist( and of the 'louds(
and the 'loud thereof ho"ers o"er the earth from the
be#innin# of the world. 6nd I saw the 'hambers of the sun and moon( when'e
they pro'eed and whither they 'ome a#ain( and their #lorious return( and how
one is superior to the other( and their stately orbit( and how they do not lea"e
their orbit( and they add nothin# to their orbit and they ta&e nothin# from it( and
they &eep faith with ea'h other( in a''ordan'e with the oath by whi'h they
are bound to#ether. 6nd first the sun #oes forth and tra"erses his path a''ordin#
to the 'ommandment
of the Ford of *pirits( and mi#hty is His name for e"er and e"er. 6nd after that I
saw the hidden and the "isible path of the moon( and she a''omplishes the
'ourse of her path in that pla'e by day and by ni#ht,the one holdin# a position
opposite to the other before the Ford of *pirits.
6nd they #i"e than&s and praise and rest notH
Sor unto them is their than&s#i"in# rest.
Sor the sun 'han#es oft for a blessin# or a 'urse(
(*'ien'e has only re'ently pro"ed this re#ardin# weatherD)
6nd the 'ourse of the path of the moon is li#ht to the ri#hteous
6nd dar&ness to the sinners in the name of the Ford(
<ho made a separation between the li#ht and the dar&ness(
6nd di"ided the spirits of men(
6nd stren#thened the spirits of the ri#hteous(
In the name of His ri#hteousness.
Sor no an#el hinders and no power is able to hinderH for He appoints a Bud#e for
them all and He Bud#es them all before Him.
9#II. *he :wellin(places of &isdo' and of Gnri(hteousness.
<isdom found no pla'e where she mi#ht dwellH
Then a dwellin#,pla'e was assi#ned her in the hea"ens.
<isdom went forth to ma&e her dwellin# amon# the 'hildren of men(
6nd found no dwellin#,pla'e2
<isdom returned to her pla'e(
6nd too& her seat amon# the an#els.
6nd unri#hteousness went forth from her 'hambers2
<hom she sou#ht not she found(
6nd dwelt with them(
6s rain in a desert
6nd dew on a thirsty land.
9#III9#I6. 0strono'ical Secrets.
6nd I saw other li#htnin#s and the stars of hea"en( and I saw how He 'alled
them all by their
names and they hear&ened unto Him. 6nd I saw how they are wei#hed in a
ri#hteous balan'e a''ordin# to their proportions of li#ht2 (I saw) the width of their
spa'es and the day of their appearin#( and how their re"olution produ'es
li#htnin#2 and (I saw) their re"olution a''ordin# to the
number of the an#els( and (how) they &eep faith with ea'h other. 6nd I as&ed the
an#el who went
with me who showed me what was hidden2 E<hat are theseTE 6nd he said to me2
EThe Ford of *pirits hath showed thee their paraboli' meanin# (lit. Etheir parableE)2
these are the names of the holy who dwell on the earth and belie"e in the name
of the Ford of *pirits for e"er and e"er.E
6lso another phenomenon I saw in re#ard to the li#htnin#s2 how some of the
stars arise and be'ome li#htnin#s and 'annot part with their new form.
9#6#6II. *he Second 1arable.
9#6. *he #ot of the 0postates: the =ew 4eaFen and the =ew -arth.
6nd this is the se'ond Rarable 'on'ernin# those who deny the name of the
dwellin# of the holy ones and the Ford of *pirits.
6nd into the hea"en they shall not as'end(
6nd on the earth they shall not 'ome2
*u'h shall be the lot of the sinners
<ho ha"e denied the name of the Ford of *pirits(
<ho are thus preser"ed for the day of sufferin# and tribulation.
7n that day 0ine Ele't 7ne shall sit on the throne of #lory
6nd shall try their wor&s( (Re"elation 52/.)
6nd their pla'es of rest shall be innumerable.
6nd their souls shall #row stron# within them when they see 0ine Ele't 7nes(
6nd those who ha"e 'alled upon 0y #lorious name2
Then will I 'ause 0ine Ele't 7ne to dwell amon# them. ($ohn .2.@)
6nd I will transform the hea"en and ma&e it an eternal blessin# and li#ht
(Re"elation /.2.( Re"elation //2;)
6nd I will transform the earth and ma&e it a blessin#2 (Re"elation /.2.)
6nd I will 'ause 0ine ele't ones to dwell upon it2 (Re"elation /.2/)
%ut the sinners and e"il,doers shall not set foot thereon.
Sor I ha"e pro"ided and satisfied with pea'e 0y ri#hteous ones
6nd ha"e 'aused them to dwell before 0e2
%ut for the sinners there is Bud#ement impendin# with 0e(
*o that I shall destroy them from the fa'e of the earth.
9#6I. *he 4ead of :ays and the Son of Man.
6nd there I saw 7ne who had a head of days(
6nd His head was white li&e wool( (Re"elation .2.1)
6nd with Him was another bein# whose 'ountenan'e had the appearan'e of a
man( ()aniel 42.5)
6nd his fa'e was full of #ra'iousness( li&e one of the holy an#els.
6nd I as&ed the an#el who went with me and showed me all the hidden thin#s(
'on'ernin# that
*on of 0an( who he was( and when'e he was( (and) why he went with the Head
of )aysT 6nd he answered and said unto me2 ()aniel 42.5)
This is the son of 0an who hath ri#hteousness( (Throu#hout the New Testament . . . )
<ith whom dwelleth ri#hteousness( (+hrist only 'alled Himself the Uson of 0anV)
6nd who re"ealeth all the treasures of that whi'h is hidden(
%e'ause the Ford of *pirits hath 'hosen him(
6nd whose lot hath the pre,eminen'e before the Ford of *pirits in upri#htness for
6nd this *on of 0an whom thou hast seen
*hall raise up the &in#s and the mi#hty from their seats(
86nd the stron# from their thrones9
6nd shall loosen the reins of the stron#( (Re"elation .:2.: , /.)
6nd brea& the teeth of the sinners.
86nd he shall put down the &in#s from their thrones and &in#doms9
%e'ause they do not eAtol and praise Him( (Re"elation .C25)
Nor humbly a'&nowled#e when'e the &in#dom was bestowed upon them.
6nd he shall put down the 'ountenan'e of the stron#(
6nd shall fill them with shame.
6nd dar&ness shall be their dwellin#(
6nd worms shall be their bed(
6nd they shall ha"e no hope of risin# from their beds(
%e'ause they do not eAtol the name of the Ford of *pirits.
6nd these are they who Bud#e the stars of hea"en(
86nd raise their hands a#ainst the 0ost Hi#h9(
6nd tread upon the earth and dwell upon it.
6nd all their deeds manifest unri#hteousness(
6nd their power rests upon their ri'hes(
6nd their faith is in the #ods whi'h they ha"e made with their hands(
6nd they deny the name of the Ford of *pirits(
6nd they perse'ute the houses of His 'on#re#ations(
6nd the faithful who han# upon the name of the Ford of *pirits.
9#6II. *he 1rayer of the 3i(hteous for 6en(eance and their Eoy at its
6nd in those days shall ha"e as'ended the prayer of the ri#hteous((Re"elation ?2 : , .@)
6nd the blood of the ri#hteous from the earth before the Ford of *pirits.
In those days the holy ones who dwell abo"e in the hea"ens
*hall unite with one "oi'e (Re"elation .12. 3 5( Re"elation .;2. , 5)
6nd suppli'ate and pray 8and praise(
6nd #i"e than&s and bless the name of the Ford of *pirits
7n behalf of the blood of the ri#hteous whi'h has been shed(
6nd that the prayer of the ri#hteous may not be in "ain before the Ford of *pirits(
That Bud#ement may be done unto them( (Re"elation .;21)
6nd that they may not ha"e to suffer for e"er.
In those days I saw the Head of )ays when He seated himself upon the throne of
His #lory(
6nd the boo&s of the li"in# were opened before Him2 (Re"elation /@2./)
6nd all His host whi'h is in hea"en abo"e and His 'ounselors stood before Him(
(Re"elation ;2. , ..)
6nd the hearts of the holy were filled with BoyH (Re"elation .;2.5)
%e'ause the number of the ri#hteous had been offered(
6nd the prayer of the ri#hteous had been heard( (Re"elation ?2.@)
6nd the blood of the ri#hteous been re=uired before the Ford of *pirits.
9#6III. *he .ount of 3i(hteousness: the Son of Man the Stay of the
3i(hteous: Eud(e'ent of the <in(s and the Mi(hty.
6nd in that pla'e I saw the fountain of ri#hteousness
<hi'h was ineAhaustible2
6nd around it were many fountains of wisdom2
6nd all the thirsty dran& of them( (Re"elation /.2?)
6nd were filled with wisdom(
6nd their dwellin#s were with the ri#hteous and holy and ele't.
6nd at that hour that *on of 0an was named
In the presen'e of the Ford of *pirits(
6nd his name before the Head of )ays. (Re"elation ;2. 3 C)
Yea( before the sun and the si#ns were 'reated(
%efore the stars of the hea"en were made(
His name was named before the Ford of *pirits. ($ohn .2. , 5)
He shall be a staff to the ri#hteous whereon to stay themsel"es and not fall(
6nd he shall be the li#ht of the Gentiles( (0atthew ./2.C)
6nd the hope of those who are troubled of heart.
6ll who dwell on earth shall fall down and worship before him( (Re"elation .52C)
6nd will praise and bless and 'elebrate with son# the Ford of *pirits.
6nd for this reason hath he been 'hosen and hidden before Him(
%efore the 'reation of the world and for e"ermore. ($ohn .2/)
6nd the wisdom of the Ford of *pirits hath re"ealed him to the holy and
Sor he hath preser"ed the lot of the ri#hteous(
%e'ause they ha"e hated and despised this world of unri#hteousness(
6nd ha"e hated all its wor&s and ways in the name of the Ford of *pirits2
Sor in his name they are sa"ed( ($ohn /@2:)
6nd a''ordin# to his #ood pleasure hath it been in re#ard to their life.
In these days down'ast in 'ountenan'e shall the &in#s of the earth ha"e
6nd the stron# who possess the land be'ause of the wor&s of their hands(
Sor on the day of their an#uish and affli'tion they shall not (be able to) sa"e
themsel"es. (Re"elation ?2.;)
6nd I will #i"e them o"er into the hands of 0ine ele't2
6s straw in the fire so shall they burn before the fa'e of the holy2
6s lead in the water shall they sin& before the fa'e of the ri#hteous(
6nd no tra'e of them shall any more be found.
6nd on the day of their affli'tion there shall be rest on the earth(
6nd before them they shall fall and not rise a#ain2
6nd there shall be no one to ta&e them with his hands and raise them2
Sor they ha"e denied the Ford of *pirits and His 6nointed. (Fu&e 12.C)
The name of the Ford of *pirits be blessed.
9#I9. *he 1ower and &isdo' of the -lect 2ne.
Sor wisdom is poured out li&e water(
6nd #lory faileth not before him for e"ermore.
Sor he is mi#hty in all the se'rets of ri#hteousness(
6nd unri#hteousness shall disappear as a shadow(
6nd ha"e no 'ontinuan'eH
%e'ause the Ele't 7ne standeth before the Ford of *pirits( (Re"elation ;2?)
6nd his #lory is for e"er and e"er(
6nd his mi#ht unto all #enerations.
6nd in him dwells the spirit of wisdom( (In him dwells . . . found in Re"elation ;2?)
6nd the spirit whi'h #i"es insi#ht(
6nd the spirit of understandin# and of mi#ht(
6nd the spirit of those who ha"e fallen asleep in ri#hteousness.
6nd he shall Bud#e the se'ret thin#s( (Romans /2.?)
6nd none shall be able to utter a lyin# word before himH
Sor he is the Ele't 7ne before the Ford of *pirits a''ordin# to His #ood pleasure.
#. *he Glorification and 6ictory of the 3i(hteous: the 3epentance of
the Gentiles.
6nd in those days a 'han#e shall ta&e pla'e for the holy and ele't((.+orinthians ;.2;/)
6nd the li#ht of days shall abide upon them(
6nd #lory and honour shall turn to the holy(
7n the day of affli'tion on whi'h e"il shall ha"e been treasured up a#ainst the
6nd the ri#hteous shall be "i'torious in the name of the Ford of *pirits2
6nd He will 'ause the others to witness (this)
That they may repent
6nd for#o the wor&s of their hands.
They shall ha"e no honour throu#h the name of the Ford of *pirits(
Yet throu#h His name shall they be sa"ed(
6nd the Ford of *pirits will ha"e 'ompassion on them(
Sor His 'ompassion is #reat.
6nd He is ri#hteous also in His Bud#ement(
6nd in the presen'e of His #lory unri#hteousness also shall not maintain itself2
6t His Bud#ement the unrepentant shall perish before Him. (Re"elation .?2..)
6nd from hen'eforth I will ha"e no mer'y on them( saith the Ford of *pirits.
#I. *he 3esurrection of the :ead, and the Separation by the Eud(e of
the 3i(hteous and the &ic,ed.
6nd in those days shall the earth also #i"e ba'& that whi'h has been entrusted to
6nd *heol also shall #i"e ba'& that whi'h it has re'ei"ed(
6nd hell shall #i"e ba'& that whi'h it owes.
Sor in those days the Ele't 7ne shall arise( (The entire New Testament)
6nd he shall 'hoose the ri#hteous and holy from amon# them2 (Re"elation 425)
Sor the day has drawn ni#h that they should be sa"ed. (Re"elation ./2.1 , .?)
6nd the Ele't 7ne shall in those days sit on 0y throne( (Re"elation /.21 , ?)
6nd his mouth shall pour forth all the se'rets of wisdom and 'ounsel2
Sor the Ford of *pirits hath #i"en (them) to him and hath #lorified him.
6nd in those days shall the mountains leap li&e rams(
6nd the hills also shall s&ip li&e lambs satisfied with mil&(
6nd the fa'es of 8all9 the an#els in hea"en shall be li#hted up with Boy.
6nd the earth shall reBoi'e(
6nd the ri#hteous shall dwell upon it( (0atthew ;2;)
6nd the ele't shall wal& thereon. (Re"elation /.2/ , 5)
#II. *he SeFen Metal Mountains and the -lect 2ne.
. 6nd after those days in that pla'e where I had seen all the "isions of that whi'h
is hidden ,for
I had been 'arried off in a whirlwind and they had borne me towards the west
,There mine eyes saw all the se'ret thin#s of hea"en that shall be( a mountain of
iron( and a mountain of 'opper( and a mountain of sil"er( and a mountain of #old(
and a mountain of soft metal( and a mountain of lead.
6nd I as&ed the an#el who went with me( sayin#( E<hat thin#s are these whi'h I
ha"e seen in
se'retTE 6nd he said unto me2 E6ll these thin#s whi'h thou hast seen shall ser"e
the dominion of His 6nointed that he may be potent and mi#hty on the earth.E
6nd that an#el of pea'e answered( sayin# unto me2 E<ait a little( and there shall
be re"ealed unto thee all the se'ret thin#s whi'h surround the Ford of *pirits.
6nd these mountains whi'h thine eyes ha"e seen(
The mountain of iron( and the mountain of 'opper( and the mountain of sil"er(
6nd the mountain of #old( and the mountain of soft metal( and the mountain of
6ll these shall be in the presen'e of the Ele't 7ne
6s waA2 before the fire(
6nd li&e the water whi'h streams down from abo"e 8upon those mountains9(
6nd they shall be'ome powerless before his feet.
6nd it shall 'ome to pass in those days that none shall be sa"ed(
Either by #old or by sil"er( (Nephaniah .2.C)
6nd none be able to es'ape.
6nd there shall be no iron for war(
Nor shall one 'lothe oneself with a breastplate.
%ron>e shall be of no ser"i'e(
6nd tin 8shall be of no ser"i'e and9 shall not be esteemed(
6nd lead shall not be desired.
6nd all these thin#s shall be 8denied and9 destroyed from the surfa'e of the
<hen the Ele't 7ne shall appear before the fa'e of the Ford of *pirits.E
#III#I6. *he 6alley of Eud(e'ent: the 0n(els of 1unish'ent: the
$o''unities of the -lect 2ne.
There mine eyes saw a deep "alley with open mouths( and all who dwell on the
earth and sea and islands shall brin# to him #ifts and presents and to&ens of
homa#e( but that deep "alley shall not be'ome full.
6nd their hands 'ommit lawless deeds(
6nd the sinners de"our all whom they lawlessly oppress2
Yet the sinners shall be destroyed before the fa'e of the Ford of *pirits(
6nd they shall be banished from off the fa'e of His earth(
6nd they shall perish for e"er and e"er.
Sor I saw all the an#els of punishment abidin# (there) and preparin# all the
instruments of *atan. (Re"elation :2. , ..)
6nd I as&ed the an#el of pea'e who went with me2 ESor whom are they preparin#
these InstrumentsTE
6nd he said unto me2 EThey prepare these for the &in#s and the mi#hty of this
earth( that they may thereby be destroyed. (Re"elation :2. , ..)
6nd after this the Ri#hteous and Ele't 7ne shall 'ause the house of his
'on#re#ation to appear2 hen'eforth they shall be no more hindered in the name
of the Ford of *pirits.
6nd these mountains shall not stand as the earth before his ri#hteousness(
%ut the hills shall be as a fountain of water(
6nd the ri#hteous shall ha"e rest from the oppression of sinners.E
6nd I loo&ed and turned to another part of the earth( and saw there a deep "alley
with burnin#
fire. 6nd they brou#ht the &in#s and the mi#hty( and be#an to 'ast them into this
deep "alley.
6nd there mine eyes saw how they made these their instruments( iron 'hains of
immeasurable wei#ht. (Re"elation /@2. , 5)
6nd I as&ed the an#el of pea'e who went with me( sayin#2 ESor whom are these
'hains bein# preparedTE 6nd he said unto me2 EThese are bein# prepared for the
hosts of 6>G>Jl( so that they may ta&e them and 'ast them into the abyss of
'omplete 'ondemnation( and they shall 'o"er their Baws with rou#h stones as the
Ford of *pirits 'ommanded. (Re"elation /@2. , 5)
6nd 0i'hael( and Gabriel( and Raphael( and Rhanuel shall ta&e hold of them on
that #reat day( and 'ast them on that day into the burnin# furna'e( that the Ford
of *pirits may ta&e "en#ean'e on them for their unri#hteousness in be'omin#
subBe't to *atan and leadin# astray those who dwell on the earth.E (Re"elation /@2.@)
#I6.>.#6.2. =oahic .ra('ent on the first &orld Eud(e'ent. (Flood)
6nd in those days shall punishment 'ome from the Ford of *pirits( and he will
open all the 'hambers of waters whi'h are abo"e the hea"ens( and of the
fountains whi'h are beneath the earth.
6nd all the waters shall be Boined with the waters2 that whi'h is abo"e the
hea"ens is the mas'uline(
and the water whi'h is beneath the earth is the feminine. 6nd they shall destroy
all who dwell
on the earth and those who dwell under the ends of the hea"en. 6nd when they
ha"e re'o#ni>ed their unri#hteousness whi'h they ha"e wrou#ht on the earth(
then by these shall they perish.
#6.7.#6I.8. .inal Eud(e'ent of 0;a;el, the &atchers and their
6nd after that the Head of )ays repented and said2 EIn "ain ha"e I destroyed all
who dwell
on the earth.E 6nd He sware by His #reat name2 EHen'eforth I will not do so to all
who dwell on the earth( and I will set a si#n in the hea"en2 and this shall be a
pled#e of #ood faith between 0e and them for e"er( so lon# as hea"en is abo"e
the earth. 6nd this is in a''ordan'e with 0y 'ommand.
<hen I ha"e desired to ta&e hold of them by the hand of the an#els on the day of
tribulation and pain be'ause of this( I will 'ause 0y 'hastisement and 0y wrath
to abide upon them( saith
God( the Ford of *pirits. Ye mi#hty &in#s who dwell on the earth( ye shall ha"e to
behold 0ine Ele't 7ne( how he sits on the throne of #lory and Bud#es 6>G>Jl(
and all his asso'iates( and all his hosts in the name of the Ford of *pirits.E (Re" 52/.)
6nd I saw there the hosts of the an#els of punishment #oin#( and they held
s'our#es and 'hains
of iron and bron>e. 6nd I as&ed the an#el of pea'e who went with me( sayin#2 ETo
whom are
these who hold the s'our#es #oin#TE 6nd he said unto me2 ETo their ele't and
belo"ed ones( that they may be 'ast into the 'hasm of the abyss of the "alley.
6nd then that "alley shall be filled with their ele't and belo"ed(
6nd the days of their li"es shall be at an end(
6nd the days of their leadin# astray shall not then'eforward be re'&oned.
#6I.5?. #ast Stru((le of the 4eathen 1owers a(ainst Israel.
6nd in those days the an#els shall return
6nd hurl themsel"es to the east upon the Rarthians and 0edes2
They shall stir up the &in#s( so that a spirit of unrest shall 'ome upon them(
6nd they shall rouse them from their thrones(
That they may brea& forth as lions from their lairs( (Re"elation .?2.?)
6nd as hun#ry wol"es amon# their flo'&s.
6nd they shall #o up and tread under foot the land of His ele't ones(Re"elation .:2.:)
86nd the land of His ele't ones shall be before them a threshin#,floor and a
hi#hway 29
%ut the 'ity of my ri#hteous shall be a hindran'e to their horses.
6nd they shall be#in to fi#ht amon# themsel"es(
6nd their ri#ht hand shall be stron# a#ainst themsel"es(
6nd a man shall not &now his brother(
Nor a son his father or his mother(
Till there be no number of the 'orpses throu#h their slau#hter(
6nd their punishment be not in "ain.
In those days *heol shall open its Baws(
6nd they shall be swallowed up therein
6nd their destru'tion shall be at an endH
*heol shall de"our the sinners in the presen'e of the ele't.E
#6II. *he 3eturn fro' the :ispersion.
6nd it 'ame to pass after this that I saw another host of wa#ons( and men ridin#
thereon( and
'omin# on the winds from the east( and from the west to the south. 6nd the noise
of their wa#ons was heard( and when this turmoil too& pla'e the holy ones from
hea"en remar&ed it( and the pillars of the earth were mo"ed from their pla'e( and
the sound thereof was heard from the one end of hea"en (Re"elation .?2/@)
to the other( in one day. 6nd they shall all fall down and worship the Ford of
*pirits. 6nd this is the end of the se'ond Rarable.
#6III#99I. *he *hird 1arable.
#6III. *he +lessedness of the Saints.
6nd I be#an to spea& the third Rarable 'on'ernin# the ri#hteous and ele't.
%lessed are ye( ye ri#hteous and ele't(
Sor #lorious shall be your lot.
6nd the ri#hteous shall be in the li#ht of the sun.
6nd the ele't in the li#ht of eternal life2
The days of their life shall be unendin#(
6nd the days of the holy without number.
6nd they shall see& the li#ht and find ri#hteousness with the Ford of *pirits2
There shall be pea'e to the ri#hteous in the name of the Eternal Ford.
6nd after this it shall be said to the holy in hea"en
That they should see& out the se'rets of ri#hteousness( the herita#e of faith2
Sor it has be'ome bri#ht as the sun upon earth(
6nd the dar&ness is past.
6nd there shall be a li#ht that ne"er endeth(
6nd to a limit (lit. EnumberE) of days they shall not 'ome(
Sor the dar&ness shall first ha"e been destroyed(
86nd the li#ht established before the Ford of *pirits9
6nd the li#ht of upri#htness established for e"er before the Ford of *pirits.
#I9. *he #i(hts and the *hunder.
8In those days mine eyes saw the se'rets of the li#htnin#s( and of the li#hts( and
the Bud#ements they eAe'ute (lit. Etheir Bud#ementE)2 and they li#hten for a
blessin# or a 'urse as the Ford of
*pirits willeth. 6nd there I saw the se'rets of the thunder( and how when it
resounds abo"e in the hea"en( the sound thereof is heard( and he 'aused me to
see the Bud#ements eAe'uted on the earth( whether they be for well,bein# and
blessin#( or for a 'urse a''ordin# to the word of the Ford of *pirits.
6nd after that all the se'rets of the li#hts and li#htnin#s were shown to me( and
they li#hten for blessin# and for satisfyin#.9
+oo, of =oah a .ra('ent
#9. Hua,in( of the 4eaFen: +ehe'oth and #eFiathan: the -le'ents.
In the year ;@@( in the se"enth month( on the fourteenth day of the month in the
life of Eno'h. In that Rarable I saw how a mi#hty =ua&in# made the hea"en of
hea"ens to =ua&e( and the host of the 0ost Hi#h( and the an#els( a thousand
thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand( were
dis=uieted with a #reat dis=uiet. 6nd the Head of )ays sat on the throne of His
#lory( and the an#els and the ri#hteous stood around Him.
6nd a #reat tremblin# sei>ed me(
6nd fear too& hold of me(
6nd my loins #a"e way(
6nd dissol"ed were my reins(
6nd I fell upon my fa'e.
6nd 0i'hael sent another an#el from amon# the holy ones and he raised me up(
and when he had raised me up my spirit returnedH for I had not been able to
endure the loo& of this host( and the
'ommotion and the =ua&in# of the hea"en. 6nd 0i'hael said unto me2 E<hy art
thou dis=uieted with su'h a "isionT Pntil this day lasted the day of His mer'yH
and He hath been mer'iful and
lon#,sufferin# towards those who dwell on the earth. 6nd when the day( and the
power( and the punishment( and the Bud#ement 'ome( whi'h the Ford of *pirits
hath prepared for those who worship not the ri#hteous law( and for those who
deny the ri#hteous Bud#ement( and for those who ta&e His name in "ain,that day
is prepared( for the ele't a 'o"enant( but for sinners an in=uisition.
<hen the punishment of the Ford of *pirits shall rest upon them( it shall rest in
order that the punishment of the Ford of *pirits may not 'ome( in "ain( and it shall
slay the 'hildren with their mothers and the 'hildren with their fathers. 6fterwards
the Bud#ement shall ta&e pla'e a''ordin# to His mer'y and His patien'e.E
6nd on that day were two monsters parted( a female monster named Fe"iathan(
to dwell in the
abysses of the o'ean o"er the fountains of the waters. %ut the male is named
%ehemoth( who o''upied with his breast a waste wilderness named )uidain( on
the east of the #arden where the ele't and ri#hteous dwell( where my #randfather
was ta&en up( the se"enth from 6dam( the first
man whom the Ford of *pirits 'reated. 6nd I besou#ht the other an#el that he
should show me the mi#ht of those monsters( how they were parted on one day
and 'ast( the one into the abysses
of the sea( and the other unto the dry land of the wilderness. 6nd he said to me2
EThou son of man( herein thou dost see& to &now what is hidden.E
6nd the other an#el who went with me and showed me what was hidden told me
what is first and last in the hea"en in the hei#ht( and beneath the earth in the
depth( and at the ends of the
hea"en( and on the foundation of the hea"en. 6nd the 'hambers of the winds(
and how the winds are di"ided( and how they are wei#hed( and (how) the portals
of the winds are re'&oned( ea'h a''ordin# to the power of the wind( and the
power of the li#hts of the moon( and a''ordin# to the power that is fittin#2 and the
di"isions of the stars a''ordin# to their names( and how all the di"isions
are di"ided. 6nd the thunders a''ordin# to the pla'es where they fall( and all the
di"isions that are made amon# the li#htnin#s that it may li#hten( and their host
that they may at on'e obey.
Sor the thunder has pla'es of rest (whi'h) are assi#ned (to it) while it is waitin#
for its pealH and the thunder and li#htnin# are inseparable( and althou#h not one
and undi"ided( they both #o to#ether
throu#h the spirit and separate not. Sor when the li#htnin# li#htens( the thunder
utters its "oi'e( and the spirit enfor'es a pause durin# the peal( and di"ides
e=ually between themH for the treasury of their peals is li&e the sand( and ea'h
one of them as it peals is held in with a bridle( and turned ba'& by the power of
the spirit( and pushed forward a''ordin# to the many =uarters of the earth.
6nd the spirit of the sea is mas'uline and stron#( and a''ordin# to the mi#ht of
his stren#th he draws it ba'& with a rein( and in li&e manner it is dri"en forward
and disperses amid all the mountains
of the earth. 6nd the spirit of the hoar,frost is his own an#el( and the spirit of the
hail is a #ood
an#el. 6nd the spirit of the snow has forsa&en his 'hambers on a''ount of his
stren#th ,There is a
spe'ial spirit therein( and that whi'h as'ends from it is li&e smo&e( and its name
is frost. 6nd the spirit of the mist is not united with them in their 'hambers( but it
has a spe'ial 'hamberH for its 'ourse is #lorious both in li#ht and in dar&ness(
and in winter and in summer( and in its 'hamber is an an#el.
6nd the spirit of the dew has its dwellin# at the ends of the hea"en( and is
'onne'ted with the 'hambers of the rain( and its 'ourse is in winter and summer2
and its 'louds and the 'louds of the
mist are 'onne'ted( and the one #i"es to the other. 6nd when the spirit of the rain
#oes forth from its 'hamber( the an#els 'ome and open the 'hamber and lead it
out( and when it is diffused o"er the whole earth it unites with the water on the
earth. 6nd whensoe"er it unites with the water on
the earth... Sor the waters are for those who dwell on the earthH for they are
nourishment for the earth from the 0ost Hi#h who is in hea"en2 therefore there is
a measure for the rain(
and the an#els ta&e it in 'har#e. 6nd these thin#s I saw towards the Garden of
the Ri#hteous.
6nd the an#el of pea'e who was with me said to me2 EThese two monsters(
prepared 'onformably to the #reatness of God( shall feed...
#9I. 0n(els (o off to 'easure 1aradise: the Eud(e'ent of the
3i(hteous by the -lect 2ne: the 1raise of the -lect 2ne and of God.
6nd I saw in those days how lon# 'ords were #i"en to those an#els( and they
too& to themsel"es win#s and flew( and they went towards the north.
6nd I as&ed the an#el( sayin# unto him2 E<hy ha"e those (an#els) ta&en these
'ords and #one offTE 6nd he said unto me2 EThey ha"e #one to measure.E
6nd the an#el who went with me said unto me2
EThese shall brin# the measures of the ri#hteous(
6nd the ropes of the ri#hteous to the ri#hteous(
That they may stay themsel"es on the name of the Ford of *pirits for e"er and
The ele't shall be#in to dwell with the ele't(
6nd those are the measures whi'h shall be #i"en to faith
6nd whi'h shall stren#then ri#hteousness.
6nd these measures shall re"eal all the se'rets of the depths of the earth(
6nd those who ha"e been destroyed by the desert(
6nd those who ha"e been de"oured by the beasts(
6nd those who ha"e been de"oured by the fish of the sea(
That they may return and stay themsel"es
7n the day of the Ele't 7neH
Sor none shall be destroyed before the Ford of *pirits(
6nd none 'an be destroyed.
6nd all who dwell abo"e in the hea"en re'ei"ed a 'ommand and power and one
"oi'e and one li#ht li&e unto fire.
6nd that 7ne (with) their first words they blessed(
6nd eAtolled and lauded with wisdom(
6nd they were wise in utteran'e and in the spirit of life.
6nd the Ford of *pirits pla'ed the Ele't one on the throne of #lory. (Re"elation //25)
6nd he shall Bud#e all the wor&s of the holy abo"e in the hea"en( (Re"elation .:2.. , .5)
6nd in the balan'e shall their deeds be wei#hed
6nd when he shall lift up his 'ountenan'e
To Bud#e their se'ret ways a''ordin# to the word of the name of the Ford of
*pirits( (Re"elation .:2.. , .5)
6nd their path a''ordin# to the way of the ri#hteous Bud#ement of the Ford of
Then shall they all with one "oi'e spea& and bless( (Re"elation .; and below)
6nd #lorify and eAtol and san'tify the name of the Ford of *pirits. (Re"elation ;2.. , ./)
6nd He will summon all the host of the hea"ens( and all the holy ones abo"e(
and the host of God( the +herubi'( *eraphin and 7phannin( and all the an#els of
power( and all the an#els of prin'ipalities(
and the Ele't 7ne( and the other powers on the earth (and) o"er the water. 7n
that day shall raise one "oi'e( and bless and #lorify and eAalt in the spirit of faith(
and in the spirit of wisdom( and in the spirit of patien'e( and in the spirit of mer'y(
and in the spirit of Bud#ement and of pea'e( and in the spirit of #oodness( and
shall all say with one "oi'e2 Q%lessed is He( and may the name of the Ford of
*pirits be blessed for e"er and e"er.Q (Re"elation ;2.5)
6ll who sleep not abo"e in hea"en shall bless Him2
6ll the holy ones who are in hea"en shall bless Him(
6nd all the ele't who dwell in the #arden of life2
6nd e"ery spirit of li#ht who is able to bless( and #lorify( and eAtol( and hallow
Thy blessed name(
6nd all flesh shall beyond measure #lorify and bless Thy name for e"er and e"er.
Sor #reat is the mer'y of the Ford of *pirits( and He is lon#,sufferin#(
6nd all His wor&s and all that He has 'reated He has re"ealed to the ri#hteous
and ele't
In the name of the Ford of *pirits.E
#9II. Eud(e'ent of the <in(s and the Mi(hty: +lessedness of the
6nd thus the Ford 'ommanded the &in#s and the mi#hty and the eAalted( and
those who dwell on the earth( and said2
E7pen your eyes and lift up your horns if ye are able to re'o#ni>e the Ele't 7ne.E
6nd the Ford of *pirits seated him on the throne of His #lory( (Re"elation //25)
6nd the spirit of ri#hteousness was poured out upon him(
6nd the word of his mouth slays all the sinners( (Re"elation .:2/.)
6nd all the unri#hteous are destroyed from before his fa'e.
6nd there shall stand up in that day all the &in#s and the mi#hty(
6nd the eAalted and those who hold the earth(
6nd they shall see and re'o#ni>e How he sits on the throne of his #lory(
6nd ri#hteousness is Bud#ed before him(
6nd no lyin# word is spo&en before him.
Then shall pain 'ome upon them as on a woman in tra"ail(
86nd she has pain in brin#in# forth9
<hen her 'hild enters the mouth of the womb(
6nd she has pain in brin#in# forth.
6nd one portion of them shall loo& on the other(
6nd they shall be terrified(
6nd they shall be down'ast of 'ountenan'e(
6nd pain shall sei>e them( (Re"elation /@( entire 'hapter for these se"eral lines abo"e)
<hen they see that *on of 0an *ittin# on the throne of his #lory. (Re"elation .:2.. , .5)
6nd the &in#s and the mi#hty and all who possess the earth shall bless and
#lorify and eAtol him who rules o"er all( who was hidden.
Sor from the be#innin# the *on of 0an was hidden( ($ohn .2. , .@)
6nd the 0ost Hi#h preser"ed him in the presen'e of His mi#ht( (Rsalm ..@2.)
6nd re"ealed him to the ele't. (0atthew /12/1)
6nd the 'on#re#ation of the ele't and holy shall be sown(
6nd all the ele't shall stand before him on that day.
6nd all the &in#s and the mi#hty and the eAalted and those who rule the earth
*hall fall down before him on their fa'es(
6nd worship and set their hope upon that *on of 0an(
6nd petition him and suppli'ate for mer'y at his hands.
Ne"ertheless that Ford of *pirits will so press them
That they shall hastily #o forth from His presen'e(
6nd their fa'es shall be filled with shame(
6nd the dar&ness #row deeper on their fa'es.
6nd He will deli"er them to the an#els for punishment(
To eAe'ute "en#ean'e on them be'ause they ha"e oppressed His 'hildren and
His ele't
6nd they shall be a spe'ta'le for the ri#hteous and for His ele't2
They shall reBoi'e o"er them(
%e'ause the wrath of the Ford of *pirits resteth upon them(
6nd His sword is drun& with their blood.
6nd the ri#hteous and ele't shall be sa"ed on that day(
6nd they shall ne"er then'eforward see the fa'e of the sinners and unri#hteous.
(Re"elation ./2?)
6nd the Ford of *pirits will abide o"er them(
6nd with that *on of 0an shall they eat
6nd lie down and rise up for e"er and e"er.
6nd the ri#hteous and ele't shall ha"e risen from the earth(
6nd 'eased to be of down'ast 'ountenan'e. (Re"elation ./2..)
6nd they shall ha"e been 'lothed with #arments of #lory( (Re"elation 42.1)
6nd these shall be the #arments of life from the Ford of *pirits2
6nd your #arments shall not #row old(
Nor your #lory pass away before the Ford of *pirits.
#9III. *he unaFailin( 3epentance of the <in(s and the Mi(hty.
In those days shall the mi#hty and the &in#s who possess the earth implore (Him)
to #rant them a little respite from His an#els of punishment to whom they were
deli"ered( that they mi#ht fall
down and worship before the Ford of *pirits( and 'onfess their sins before Him.
6nd they shall bless and #lorify the Ford of *pirits( and say2
E %lessed is the Ford of *pirits and the Ford of &in#s(
6nd the Ford of the mi#hty and the Ford of the ri'h(
6nd the Ford of #lory and the Ford of wisdom(
6nd splendid in e"ery se'ret thin# is Thy power from #eneration to #eneration(
6nd Thy #lory for e"er and e"er2
)eep are all Thy se'rets and innumerable(
6nd Thy ri#hteousness is beyond re'&onin#.
<e ha"e now learnt that we should #lorify
6nd bless the Ford of &in#s and Him who is &in# o"er all &in#s.E
6nd they shall say2
E<ould that we had rest to #lorify and #i"e than&s
6nd 'onfess our faith before His #loryD
6nd now we lon# for a little rest but find it not2
<e follow hard upon and obtain (it) not2
6nd li#ht has "anished from before us(
6nd dar&ness is our dwellin#,pla'e for e"er and e"er2
Sor we ha"e not belie"ed before Him
Nor #lorified the name of the Ford of *pirits( 8nor #lorified our Ford9
%ut our hope was in the s'eptre of our &in#dom(
6nd in our #lory.
6nd in the day of our sufferin# and tribulation He sa"es us not(
6nd we find no respite for 'onfession
That our Ford is true in all His wor&s( and in His Bud#ements and His Busti'e(
6nd His Bud#ements ha"e no respe't of persons.
6nd we pass away from before His fa'e on a''ount of our wor&s(
6nd all our sins are re'&oned up in ri#hteousness.E
Now they shall say unto themsel"es2 E7ur souls are full of unri#hteous #ain( but it
does not pre"ent us from des'endin# from the midst thereof into the burden of
6nd after that their fa'es shall be filled with dar&ness
6nd shame before that *on of 0an(
6nd they shall be dri"en from his presen'e(
6nd the sword shall abide before his fa'e in their midst. (Re"elation /2.?( Re"elation .:2.;)
Thus spa&e the Ford of *pirits2 EThis is the ordinan'e and Bud#ement with respe't
to the mi#hty and the &in#s and the eAalted and those who possess the earth
before the Ford of *pirits.E
#9I6. 6ision of the .allen 0n(els in the 1lace of 1unish'ent.
6nd other forms I saw hidden in that pla'e. I heard the "oi'e of the an#el sayin#2
EThese are the an#els who des'ended to the earth( and re"ealed what was
hidden to the 'hildren of men and sedu'ed the 'hildren of men into 'ommittin#
#96. -noch foretells to =oah the :elu(e and his own 1reserFation.
6nd in those days Noah saw the earth that it had sun& down and its destru'tion
was ni#h. 6nd he arose from then'e and went to the ends of the earth( and 'ried
aloud to his #randfather Eno'h2
This is Noah, about to speak for quite some time, startin here.
This explains ho! the story of "noch reached this !orld: throuh Noah#
and Noah said three times with an embittered "oi'e2 EHear me( hear me( hear
me.E 6nd I said unto him2 ETell me what it is that is fallin# out on the earth that the
earth is in su'h e"il pli#ht
and sha&en( lest per'han'e I shall perish with itTE 6nd thereupon there was a
#reat 'ommotion ( on the earth( and a "oi'e was heard from hea"en( and I fell on
my fa'e. 6nd Eno'h my #randfather 'ame and stood by me( and said unto me2
E<hy hast thou 'ried unto me with a bitter 'ry and weepin#
6nd a 'ommand has #one forth from the presen'e of the Ford 'on'ernin# those
who dwell on the earth that their ruin is a''omplished be'ause they ha"e learnt
all the se'rets of the an#els( and all the "iolen'e of the *atans( and all their
powers ,the most se'ret ones, and all the power of those who pra'ti'e sor'ery(
and the power of wit'h'raft( and the power of those who ma&e molten ima#es
for the whole earth2 6nd how sil"er is produ'ed from the dust of the earth( and
how soft metal
ori#inates in the earth. Sor lead and tin are not produ'ed from the earth li&e the
first2 it is a fountain
that produ'es them( and an an#el stands therein( and that an#el is pre,eminent.E
6nd after that my #randfather Eno'h too& hold of me by my hand and raised me
up( and said unto me2 EGo( for I ha"e
as&ed the Ford of *pirits as tou'hin# this 'ommotion on the earth. 6nd He said
unto me2 Q%e'ause of their unri#hteousness their Bud#ement has been
determined upon and shall not be withheld by 0e for e"er. %e'ause of the
sor'eries whi'h they ha"e sear'hed out and learnt( the earth and those
who dwell upon it shall be destroyed.Q 6nd these ,they ha"e no pla'e of
repentan'e for e"er( be'ause they ha"e shown them what was hidden( and they
are the damned2 but as for thee( my son( the Ford of *pirits &nows that thou art
pure( and #uiltless of this reproa'h 'on'ernin# the se'rets.
6nd He has destined thy name to be amon# the holy(
6nd will preser"e thee amon#st those who dwell on the earth(
6nd has destined thy ri#hteous seed both for &in#ship and for #reat honours(
6nd from thy seed shall pro'eed a fountain of the ri#hteous and holy without
number for e"er.
#96I. *he 0n(els of the &aters bidden to hold the' in $hec,.
6nd after that he showed me the an#els of punishment who are prepared to
'ome and let loose all the powers of the waters whi'h are beneath in the earth in
order to brin# Bud#ement and destru'tion
on all who 8abide and9 dwell on the earth. 6nd the Ford of *pirits #a"e
'ommandment to the an#els who were #oin# forth( that they should not 'ause
the waters to rise but should hold them
in 'he'&H for those an#els were o"er the powers of the waters. 6nd I went away
from the presen'e of Eno'h.
#96II. GodDs 1ro'ise to =oah: 1laces of 1unish'ent of the 0n(els
and of the <in(s.
6nd in those days the word of God 'ame unto me( and He said unto me2 ENoah(
thy lot has 'ome
up before 0e( a lot without blame( a lot of lo"e and upri#htness. 6nd now the
an#els are ma&in# a wooden (buildin#)( and when they ha"e 'ompleted that tas&
I will pla'e 0y hand upon it and preser"e it( and there shall 'ome forth from it the
seed of life( and a 'han#e shall set in so that the
earth will not remain without inhabitant. 6nd I will ma&e fast thy seed before me
for e"er and e"er( and I will spread abroad those who dwell with thee2 it shall not
be unfruitful on the fa'e of the earth( but it shall be blessed and multiply on the
earth in the name of the Ford.E
6nd He will imprison those an#els( who ha"e shown unri#hteousness( in that
burnin# "alley whi'h my #randfather Eno'h had formerly shown to me in the west
amon# the mountains of #old
and sil"er and iron and soft metal and tin. 6nd I saw that "alley in whi'h there
was a #reat
'on"ulsion and a 'on"ulsion of the waters. 6nd when all this too& pla'e( from that
fiery molten metal and from the 'on"ulsion thereof in that pla'e( there was
produ'ed a smell of sulphur( and it was 'onne'ted with those waters( and that
"alley of the an#els who had led astray (man&ind) burned
beneath that land. 6nd throu#h its "alleys pro'eed streams of fire( where these
an#els are punished who had led astray those who dwell upon the earth.
%ut those waters shall in those days ser"e for the &in#s and the mi#hty and the
eAalted( and those who dwell on the earth( for the healin# of the body( but for the
punishment of the spiritH now their spirit is full of lust( that they may be punished
in their body( for they ha"e denied the Ford of *pirits
and see their punishment daily( and yet belie"e not in His name. 6nd in
proportion as the burnin# of their bodies be'omes se"ere( a 'orrespondin#
'han#e shall ta&e pla'e in their spirit for e"er and e"erH
for before the Ford of *pirits none shall utter an idle word. Sor the Bud#ement
shall 'ome upon them(
be'ause they belie"e in the lust of their body and deny the *pirit of the Ford. 6nd
those same waters will under#o a 'han#e in those daysH for when those an#els
are punished in these waters( these water,sprin#s shall 'han#e their
temperature( and when the an#els as'end( this water of the
sprin#s shall 'han#e and be'ome 'old. 6nd I heard 0i'hael answerin# and
sayin#2 E This Bud#ement wherewith the an#els are Bud#ed is a testimony for the
&in#s and the mi#hty who possess the ()aniel ./2.)
earth.E %e'ause these waters of Bud#ement minister to the healin# of the body of
the &in#s and the lust of their bodyH therefore they will not see and will not belie"e
that those waters will 'han#e and be'ome a fire whi'h burns for e"er.
#96III. Michael and 3aphael astonied at the SeFerity of the
6nd after that my #randfather Eno'h #a"e me the tea'hin# of all the se'rets in
the boo& in the Rarables whi'h had been #i"en to him( and he put them to#ether
for me in the words of the boo&
of the Rarables. 6nd on that day 0i'hael answered Raphael and said2 EThe
power of the spirit transports and ma&es me to tremble be'ause of the se"erity of
the Bud#ement of the se'rets( the Bud#ement of the an#els2 who 'an endure the
se"ere Bud#ement whi'h has been eAe'uted( and before
whi'h they melt awayTE 6nd 0i'hael answered a#ain( and said to Raphael2 E<ho
is he whose heart is not softened 'on'ernin# it( and whose reins are not troubled
by this word of Bud#ement
(that) has #one forth upon them be'ause of those who ha"e thus led them outTE
6nd it 'ame to pass when he stood before the Ford of *pirits( 0i'hael said thus
to Raphael2 EI will not ta&e their part under the eye of the FordH for the Ford of
*pirits has been an#ry with them be'ause they do
as if they were the Ford. Therefore all that is hidden shall 'ome upon them for
e"er and e"erH for neither an#el nor man shall ha"e his portion (in it)( but alone
they ha"e re'ei"ed their Bud#ement for e"er and e"er.
#9I9. *he =a'es and .unctions of the (fallen 0n(els and" Satans:
the secret 2ath.
6nd after this Bud#ement they shall terrify and ma&e them to tremble be'ause
they ha"e shown this to those who dwell on the earth.
6nd behold the names of those an#els 8and these are their names2 the first of
them is *amBG>G( the se'ond 6rtG=IfG( and the third 6rmWe'ir'Hn( the fourth
KL&abJl( the fifth TOrGJl( the siAth ROmBGl( the se"enth )GnBGl( the ei#hth NJ=GJl(
the ninth %arG=Jl( the tenth 6>G>Jl( the ele"enth 6rmGrLs( the twelfth %atarBGl( the
thirteenth %usasJBal( the fourteenth HanGnJl( the fifteenth TOrJl( and the
siAteenth *ImGpJsIJl( the se"enteenth $etrJl( the ei#hteenth TOmJJl( the
nineteenth TOrJl(
the twentieth ROmGJl( the twenty,first 6>G>Jl. 6nd these are the 'hiefs of their
an#els and their names( and their 'hief ones o"er hundreds and o"er fifties and
o"er tens9.
The name of the first $e=Ln2 that is( the one who led astray 8all9 the sons of God(
and brou#ht them
down to the earth( and led them astray throu#h the dau#hters of men. 6nd the
se'ond was named 6sbeJl2 he imparted to the holy sons of God e"il 'ounsel(
and led them astray so that they defiled
their bodies with the dau#hters of men. 6nd the third was named GGdreJl2 he it is
who showed the 'hildren of men all the blows of death( and he led astray E"e(
and showed 8the weapons of death to the sons of men9 the shield and the 'oat of
mail( and the sword for battle( and all the weapons
of death to the 'hildren of men. 6nd from his hand they ha"e pro'eeded a#ainst
those who dwell
on the earth from that day and for e"ermore. 6nd the fourth was named
RJnJmOe2 he tau#ht the
'hildren of men the bitter and the sweet( and he tau#ht them all the se'rets of
their wisdom. 6nd he instru'ted man&ind in writin# with in& and paper( and
thereby many sinned from eternity to
eternity and until this day. Sor men were not 'reated for su'h a purpose( to #i"e
to their #ood faith with pen and in&. Sor men were 'reated eAa'tly li&e the an#els(
to the intent that they should 'ontinue pure and ri#hteous( and death( whi'h
destroys e"erythin#( 'ould not ha"e ta&en hold of them( but throu#h this their
&nowled#e they are perishin#( and throu#h this power
it is 'onsumin# me. 6nd the fifth was named KGsdeBG2 this is he who showed the
'hildren of men all the wi'&ed smitin#s of spirits and demons( and the smitin#s of
the embryo in the womb( that it may pass away( and 8the smitin#s of the soul9 the
bites of the serpent( and the smitin#s
whi'h befall throu#h the noontide heat( the son of the serpent named TabGEet.
6nd this is the tas& of KGsbeJl( the 'hief of the oath whi'h he showed to the holy
ones when he dwelt hi#h
abo"e in #lory( and its name is %I=G. This (an#el) re=uested 0i'hael to show him
the hidden name( that he mi#ht enun'iate it in the oath( so that those mi#ht
=ua&e before that name and oath who
re"ealed all that was in se'ret to the 'hildren of men. 6nd this is the power of this
oath( for it is powerful and stron#( and he pla'ed this oath 6&Ge in the hand of
6nd these are the se'rets of this oath...
6nd they are stron# throu#h his oath2
6nd the hea"en was suspended before the world was 'reated(
6nd for e"er.
6nd throu#h it the earth was founded upon the water(
6nd from the se'ret re'esses of the mountains 'ome beautiful waters(
Srom the 'reation of the world and unto eternity.
6nd throu#h that oath the sea was 'reated(
6nd as its foundation He set for it the sand a#ainst the time of (its) an#er(
6nd it dare not pass beyond it from the 'reation of the world unto eternity.
6nd throu#h that oath are the depths made fast(
6nd abide and stir not from their pla'e from eternity to eternity.
6nd throu#h that oath the sun and moon 'omplete their 'ourse(
6nd de"iate not from their ordinan'e from eternity to eternity.
6nd throu#h that oath the stars 'omplete their 'ourse(
6nd He 'alls them by their names(
6nd they answer Him from eternity to eternity.
86nd in li&e manner the spirits of the water( and of the winds( and of all >ephyrs(
and (their) paths
from all the =uarters of the winds. 6nd there are preser"ed the "oi'es of the
thunder and the li#ht of the li#htnin#s2 and there are preser"ed the 'hambers of
the hail and the 'hambers of the
hoarfrost( and the 'hambers of the mist( and the 'hambers of the rain and the
dew. 6nd all these belie"e and #i"e than&s before the Ford of *pirits( and #lorify
(Him) with all their power( and their food is in e"ery a't of than&s#i"in#2 they
than& and #lorify and eAtol the name of the Ford of *pirits for e"er and e"er.9
6nd this oath is mi#hty o"er them
6nd throu#h it 8they are preser"ed and9 their paths are preser"ed(
6nd their 'ourse is not destroyed.
6nd there was #reat Boy amon#st them(
6nd they blessed and #lorified and eAtolled
%e'ause the name of that *on of 0an had been re"ealed unto them.
6nd he sat on the throne of his #lory(
6nd the sum of Bud#ement was #i"en unto the *on of 0an( (The entire New Testament)
6nd he 'aused the sinners to pass away and be destroyed from off the fa'e of
the earth(
6nd those who ha"e led the world astray.
<ith 'hains shall they be bound( (Re"elation /@2. , /)
6nd in their assembla#e,pla'e of destru'tion shall they be imprisoned( (Re". /@25)
6nd all their wor&s "anish from the fa'e of the earth. (Re"elation /@2.@)
6nd from hen'eforth there shall be nothin# 'orruptibleH
Sor that *on of 0an has appeared(
6nd has seated himself on the throne of his #lory( (Re"elation 52/.( Re"elation //.5)
6nd all e"il shall pass away before his fa'e( (Re"elation /.2?)
6nd the word of that *on of 0an shall #o forth
6nd be stron# before the Ford of *pirits. (Re"elation /.2. , 4)
This is the third parable of Eno'h.
#99. *he .inal *ranslation of -noch.
6nd it 'ame to pass after this that his name durin# his lifetime was raised aloft to
that *on of
0an and to the Ford of *pirits from amon#st those who dwell on the earth. 6nd
he was raised aloft
(Genesis 5:28I =otice that the Son of Man was there Just as Eohn tau(ht in his Gospel, Eohn 1:1 2"
on the 'hariots of the spirit and his name "anished amon# them. 6nd from that
day I was no lon#er numbered amon#st them2 and he set me between the two
winds( between the North and the
<est( where the an#els too& the 'ords to measure for me the pla'e for the ele't
and ri#hteous. 6nd there I saw the first fathers and the ri#hteous who from the
be#innin# dwell in that pla'e.
#99I. *wo earlier 6isions of -noch.
6nd it 'ame to pass after this that my spirit was translated
6nd it as'ended into the hea"ens2
6nd I saw the holy sons of God.
They were steppin# on flames of fire2
Their #arments were white 8and their raiment9( (Re"elation 42.1( Re"elation .:2.1)
6nd their fa'es shone li&e snow.
6nd I saw two streams of fire(
6nd the li#ht of that fire shone li&e hya'inth(
6nd I fell on my fa'e before the Ford of *pirits.
6nd the an#el 0i'hael 8one of the ar'han#els9 sei>ed me by my ri#ht hand(
6nd lifted me up and led me forth into all the se'rets(
6nd he showed me all the se'rets of ri#hteousness.
6nd he showed me all the se'rets of the ends of the hea"en(
6nd all the 'hambers of all the stars( and all the luminaries(
<hen'e they pro'eed before the fa'e of the holy ones.
6nd he translated my spirit into the hea"en of hea"ens(
6nd I saw there as it were a stru'ture built of 'rystals(
6nd between those 'rystals ton#ues of li"in# fire.
6nd my spirit saw the #irdle whi'h #irt that house of fire(
6nd on its four sides were streams full of li"in# fire(
6nd they #irt that house.
6nd round about were *eraphin( +herubi'( and 7phannin2
6nd these are they who sleep not
6nd #uard the throne of His #lory. (Re"elation 12C)
6nd I saw an#els who 'ould not be 'ounted(
6 thousand thousands( and ten thousand times ten thousand(
En'ir'lin# that house.
6nd 0i'hael( and Raphael( and Gabriel( and Rhanuel(
6nd the holy an#els who are abo"e the hea"ens(
Go in and out of that house.
6nd they 'ame forth from that house(
6nd 0i'hael and Gabriel( Raphael and Rhanuel(
6nd many holy an#els without number.
6nd with them the Head of )ays(
His head white and pure as wool( (Re"elation .2.1( Re"elation 42.1)
6nd His raiment indes'ribable.
6nd I fell on my fa'e(
6nd my whole body be'ame relaAed(
6nd my spirit was transfi#uredH
6nd I 'ried with a loud "oi'e(
. . . with the spirit of power(
6nd blessed and #lorified and eAtolled.
6nd these blessin#s whi'h went forth out of my mouth were well pleasin# before
that Head of
)ays. 6nd that Head of )ays 'ame with 0i'hael and Gabriel( Raphael and
Rhanuel( thousands and ten thousands of an#els without number.
8Fost passa#e wherein the *on of 0an was des'ribed as a''ompanyin# the
Head of )ays( and Eno'h as&ed one of the an#els (as in Al"i. 5) 'on'ernin# the
*on of 0an as to who he was.9
6nd he (i.e. the an#el) 'ame to me and #reeted me with His "oi'e( and said unto
EThis is the *on of 0an who is born unto ri#hteousness( (%oo& of $ohn( +hapter .)
6nd ri#hteousness abides o"er him(
6nd the ri#hteousness of the Head of )ays forsa&es him not.E
6nd he said unto me2
EHe pro'laims unto thee pea'e in the name of the world to 'omeH
Sor from hen'e has pro'eeded pea'e sin'e the 'reation of the world(
6nd so shall it be unto thee for e"er and for e"er and e"er.
6nd all shall wal& in his ways sin'e ri#hteousness ne"er forsa&eth him2(New Testament)
<ith him will be their dwellin#,pla'es( and with him their herita#e(
6nd they shall not be separated from him for e"er and e"er and e"er. (Re" /.2. , 4)
6nd so there shall be len#th of days with that *on of 0an(
6nd the ri#hteous shall ha"e pea'e and an upri#ht way
In the name of the Ford of *pirits for e"er and e"er.E (Re"elation //2. , ;)
Section III.
$hapters #99II#999II. *he +oo, of the 4eaFenly #u'inaries.
#99II. *he Sun.
The boo& of the 'ourses of the luminaries of the hea"en( the relations of ea'h(
a''ordin# to their 'lasses( their dominion and their seasons( a''ordin# to their
names and pla'es of ori#in( and a''ordin# to their months( whi'h Priel( the holy
an#el( who was with me( who is their #uide( showed meH and he showed me all
their laws eAa'tly as they are( and how it is with re#ard to all the years of the
and unto eternity( till the new 'reation is a''omplished whi'h dureth till eternity.
6nd this is the first law of the luminaries2 the luminary the *un has its risin# in the
eastern portals of the hea"en(
and its settin# in the western portals of the hea"en. 6nd I saw siA portals in whi'h
the sun rises( and siA portals in whi'h the sun sets and the moon rises and sets
in these portals( and the leaders of the stars and those whom they lead2 siA in the
east and siA in the west( and all followin# ea'h other
in a''urately 'orrespondin# order2 also many windows to the ri#ht and left of
these portals. 6nd first there #oes forth the #reat luminary( named the *un( and
his 'ir'umferen'e is li&e the
'ir'umferen'e of the hea"en( and he is =uite filled with illuminatin# and heatin#
fire. The 'hariot on whi'h he as'ends( the wind dri"es( and the sun #oes down
from the hea"en and returns throu#h the north in order to rea'h the east( and is
so #uided that he 'omes to the appropriate (lit. EthatE) portal and
shines in the fa'e of the hea"en. In this way he rises in the first month in the
#reat portal( whi'h
is the fourth 8those siA portals in the 'ast9. 6nd in that fourth portal from whi'h the
sun rises in the first month are twel"e window,openin#s( from whi'h pro'eed a
flame when they are opened in
their season. <hen the sun rises in the hea"en( he 'omes forth throu#h that
fourth portal thirty(
mornin#s in su''ession( and sets a''urately in the fourth portal in the west of the
hea"en. 6nd durin# this period the day be'omes daily lon#er and the ni#ht
ni#htly shorter to the thirtieth
mornin#. 7n that day the day is lon#er than the ni#ht by a ninth part( and the day
amounts eAa'tly to ten parts and the ni#ht to ei#ht parts. 6nd the sun rises from
that fourth portal( and sets in the fourth and returns to the fifth portal of the east
thirty mornin#s( and rises from it and sets in the fifth
portal. 6nd then the day be'omes lon#er by two parts and amounts to ele"en
parts( and the ni#ht
be'omes shorter and amounts to se"en parts. 6nd it returns to the east and
enters into the siAth .1 portal( and rises and sets in the siAth portal one,and,thirty
mornin#s on a''ount of its si#n. 7n that day the day be'omes lon#er than the
ni#ht( and the day be'omes double the ni#ht( and the day
be'omes twel"e parts( and the ni#ht is shortened and be'omes siA parts. 6nd the
sun mounts up to ma&e the day shorter and the ni#ht lon#er( and the sun returns
to the east and enters into the
siAth portal( and rises from it and sets thirty mornin#s. 6nd when thirty mornin#s
are a''omplished(
the day de'reases by eAa'tly one part( and be'omes ele"en parts( and the ni#ht
se"en. 6nd the sun #oes forth from that siAth portal in the west( and #oes to the
east and rises in the fifth portal for
thirty mornin#s( and sets in the west a#ain in the fifth western portal. 7n that day
the day de'reases by two parts( and amounts to ten parts and the ni#ht to ei#ht
parts. 6nd the sun #oes forth from that fifth portal and sets in the fifth portal of the
west( and rises in the fourth portal for one,
and,thirty mornin#s on a''ount of its si#n( and sets in the west. 7n that day the
day is e=uali>ed with the ni#ht( 8and be'omes of e=ual len#th9( and the ni#ht
amounts to nine parts and the day to
nine parts. 6nd the sun rises from that portal and sets in the west( and returns to
the east and rises
thirty mornin#s in the third portal and sets in the west in the third portal. 6nd on
that day the ni#ht be'omes lon#er than the day( and ni#ht be'omes lon#er than
ni#ht( and day shorter than day till the thirtieth mornin#( and the ni#ht amounts
eAa'tly to ten parts and the day to ei#ht
parts. 6nd the sun rises from that third portal and sets in the third portal in the
west and returns to the east( and for thirty mornin#s rises
in the se'ond portal in the east( and in li&e manner sets in the se'ond portal in
the west of the hea"en. 6nd on that day the ni#ht amounts to ele"en
parts and the day to se"en parts. 6nd the sun rises on that day from that se'ond
portal and sets in the west in the se'ond portal( and returns to the east into the
first portal for one,and,thirty
mornin#s( and sets in the first portal in the west of the hea"en. 6nd on that day
the ni#ht be'omes lon#er and amounts to the double of the day2 and the ni#ht
amounts eAa'tly to twel"e parts and
the day to siA. 6nd the sun has (therewith) tra"ersed the di"isions of his orbit and
turns a#ain on those di"isions of his orbit( and enters that portal thirty mornin#s
and sets also in the west
opposite to it. 6nd on that ni#ht has the ni#ht de'reased in len#th by a ninth part(
and the ni#ht
has be'ome ele"en parts and the day se"en parts. 6nd the sun has returned and
entered into the se'ond portal in the east( and returns on those his di"isions of
his orbit for thirty mornin#s( risin#
and settin#. 6nd on that day the ni#ht de'reases in len#th( and the ni#ht amounts
to ten parts
and the day to ei#ht. 6nd on that day the sun rises from that portal( and sets in
the west( and returns to the east( and rises in the third portal for one,and,thirty
mornin#s( and sets in the west of the hea"en.
7n that day the ni#ht de'reases and amounts to nine parts( and the day to nine
parts( and the ni#ht
is e=ual to the day and the year is eAa'tly as to its days three hundred and siAty,
four. 6nd the len#th of the day and of the ni#ht( and the shortness of the day and
of the ni#ht arise,throu#h the 'ourse
of the sun these distin'tions are made (lit. Ethey are separatedE). *o it 'omes that
its 'ourse be'omes
daily lon#er( and its 'ourse ni#htly shorter. 6nd this is the law and the 'ourse of
the sun( and his return as often as he returns siAty times and rises( i.e. the #reat
luminary whi'h is named the sun(
for e"er and e"er. 6nd that whi'h (thus) rises is the #reat luminary( and is so
named a''ordin# to
its appearan'e( a''ordin# as the Ford 'ommanded. 6s he rises( so he sets and
de'reases not( and rests not( but runs day and ni#ht( and his li#ht is se"enfold
bri#hter than that of the moonH but as re#ards si>e they are both e=ual.
#99III. *he Moon and its 1hases.
6nd after this law I saw another law dealin# with the smaller luminary( whi'h is
named the 0oon.
6nd her 'ir'umferen'e is li&e the 'ir'umferen'e of the hea"en( and her 'hariot in
whi'h she rides
is dri"en by the wind( and li#ht is #i"en to her in (definite) measure. 6nd her risin#
and settin# 'han#e e"ery month2 and her days are li&e the days of the sun( and
when her li#ht is uniform
(i.e. full) it amounts to the se"enth part of the li#ht of the sun. 6nd thus she rises.
6nd her first phase in the east 'omes forth on the thirtieth mornin#2 and on that
day she be'omes "isible( and 'onstitutes for you the first phase of the moon on
the thirtieth day to#ether with the sun in the
portal where the sun rises. 6nd the one half of her #oes forth by a se"enth part(
and her whole 'ir'umferen'e is empty( without li#ht( with the eA'eption of one,
se"enth part of it( (and) the
fourteenth part of her li#ht. 6nd when she re'ei"es one,se"enth part of the half of
her li#ht( her li#ht
amounts to one,se"enth part and the half thereof. 6nd she sets with the sun( and
when the sun rises the moon rises with him and re'ei"es the half of one part of
li#ht( and in that ni#ht in the be#innin# of her mornin# 8in the 'ommen'ement of
the lunar day9 the moon sets with the sun( and
is in"isible that ni#ht with the fourteen parts and the half of one of them. 6nd she
rises on that day with eAa'tly a se"enth part( and 'omes forth and re'edes from
the risin# of the sun( and in her remainin# days she be'omes bri#ht in the
(remainin#) thirteen parts.
#99I6. *he #unar Kear.
6nd I saw another 'ourse( a law for her( (and) how a''ordin# to that law she
performs her monthly
re"olution. 6nd all these Priel( the holy an#el who is the leader of them all(
showed to me( and their positions( and I wrote down their positions as he showed
them to me( and I wrote down their months
as they were( and the appearan'e of their li#hts till fifteen days were
a''omplished. In sin#le se"enth parts she a''omplishes all her li#ht in the east(
and in sin#le se"enth parts a''omplishes all her
dar&ness in the west. 6nd in 'ertain months she alters her settin#s( and in 'ertain
months she pursues
her own pe'uliar 'ourse. In two months the moon sets with the sun2 in those two
middle portals the
third and the fourth. *he #oes forth for se"en days( and turns about and returns
a#ain throu#h the portal where the sun rises( and a''omplishes all her li#ht2 and
she re'edes from the sun( and in ei#ht
days enters the siAth portal from whi'h the sun #oes forth. 6nd when the sun
#oes forth from the fourth portal she #oes forth se"en days( until she #oes forth
from the fifth and turns ba'& a#ain in se"en days into the fourth portal and
a''omplishes all her li#ht2 and she re'edes and enters into the
first portal in ei#ht days. 6nd she returns a#ain in se"en days into the fourth
portal from whi'h the
sun #oes forth. Thus I saw their position ,how the moons rose and the sun set in
those days. 6nd if fi"e years are added to#ether the sun has an o"erplus of thirty
days( and all the days whi'h a''rue
to it for one of those fi"e years( when they are full( amount to 5?1 days. 6nd the
o"erplus of the sun and of the stars amounts to siA days2 in ; years ? days e"ery
year 'ome to 5@ days2 and the
moon falls behind the sun and stars to the number of 5@ days. 6nd the sun and
the stars brin# in all the years eAa'tly( so that they do not ad"an'e or delay their
position by a sin#le day unto eternityH but 'omplete the years with perfe't Busti'e
in 5?1 days. In 5 years there are .(@:/ days( and in ; years .(C/@ days( so that
in C years there are /(:./ days. Sor the moon alone the days amount in 5 years
to .(@?/ days( and in ; years she falls ;@ days behind2 8i.e. to the sum (of .(44@)
there is
to be added (.(@@@ and) ?/ days.9 6nd in ; years there are .(44@ days( so that
for the moon the days
in C years amount to /(C5/ days. 8Sor in C years she falls behind to the amount of
C@ days9( all the
days she falls behind in C years are C@. 6nd the year is a''urately 'ompleted in
'onformity with their world,stations and the stations of the sun( whi'h rise from
the portals throu#h whi'h it (the sun) rises and sets 5@ days.
6nd the leaders of the heads of the thousands( who are pla'ed o"er the whole
'reation and o"er all the stars( ha"e also to do with the four inter'alary days(
bein# inseparable from their offi'e( a''ordin# to the re'&onin# of the year( and
these render ser"i'e on the four days whi'h are not
re'&oned in the re'&onin# of the year. 6nd owin# to them men #o wron# therein(
for those luminaries truly render ser"i'e on the world,stations( one in the first
portal( one in the third portal of the hea"en( one in the fourth portal( and one in
the siAth portal( and the eAa'tness of the year is
a''omplished throu#h its separate three hundred and siAty,four stations. Sor the
si#ns and the times and the years and the days the an#el Priel showed to me(
whom the Ford of #lory hath set for e"er o"er all the luminaries of the hea"en( in
the hea"en and in the world( that they should rule on the fa'e of the hea"en and
be seen on the earth( and be leaders for the day and the ni#ht( i.e. the sun(
moon( and stars( and all the ministerin# 'reatures whi'h ma&e their re"olution in
all the 'hariots
of the hea"en. In li&e manner twel"e doors Priel showed me( open in the
'ir'umferen'e of the sunEs 'hariot in the hea"en( throu#h whi'h the rays of the
sun brea& forth2 and from them is warmth
diffused o"er the earth( when they are opened at their appointed seasons. 86nd
for the winds and
the spirit of the dew when they are opened( standin# open in the hea"ens at the
ends.9 6s for the twel"e portals in the hea"en( at the ends of the earth( out of
whi'h #o forth the sun( moon( and stars(
and all the wor&s of hea"en in the east and in the west( There are many windows
open to the left and ri#ht of them( and one window at its (appointed) season
produ'es warmth( 'orrespondin# (as these do) to those doors from whi'h the
stars 'ome forth a''ordin# as He has 'ommanded them(
and wherein they set 'orrespondin# to their number. 6nd I saw 'hariots in the
hea"en( runnin#
in the world( abo"e those portals in whi'h re"ol"e the stars that ne"er set. 6nd
one is lar#er than all the rest( and it is that that ma&es its 'ourse throu#h the
entire world.
#996I. *he *welFe &inds and their 1ortals.
6nd at the ends of the earth I saw twel"e portals open to all the =uarters (of the
hea"en)( from
whi'h the winds #o forth and blow o"er the earth. Three of them are open on the
fa'e (i.e. the east) of the hea"ens( and three in the west( and three on the ri#ht
(i.e. the south) of the hea"en( and
three on the left (i.e. the north). 6nd the three first are those of the east( and
three are of the
north( and three 8after those on the left9 of the south( and three of the west.
Throu#h four of these 'ome winds of blessin# and prosperity( and from those
ei#ht 'ome hurtful winds2 when they are sent( they brin# destru'tion on all the
earth and on the water upon it( and on all who dwell thereon( and on e"erythin#
whi'h is in the water and on the land.
6nd the first wind from those portals( 'alled the east wind( 'omes forth throu#h
the first portal whi'h is in the east( in'linin# towards the south2 from it 'ome forth
desolation( drou#ht( heat(
and destru'tion. 6nd throu#h the se'ond portal in the middle 'omes what is
fittin#( and from it there 'ome rain and fruitfulness and prosperity and dewH and
throu#h the third portal whi'h lies toward the north 'ome 'old and drou#ht.
6nd after these 'ome forth the south winds throu#h three portals2 throu#h the
first portal of
them in'linin# to the east 'omes forth a hot wind. 6nd throu#h the middle portal
neAt to it there
'ome forth fra#rant smells( and dew and rain( and prosperity and health. 6nd
throu#h the third portal lyin# to the west 'ome forth dew and rain( lo'usts and
6nd after these the north winds2 from the se"enth portal in the east 'ome dew
and rain( lo'usts
and desolation. 6nd from the middle portal 'ome in a dire't dire'tion health and
rain and dew and prosperityH and throu#h the third portal in the west 'ome 'loud
and hoar,frost( and snow and rain( and dew and lo'usts.
6nd after these 8four9 are the west winds2 throu#h the first portal adBoinin# the
north 'ome forth
dew and hoar,frost( and 'old and snow and frost. 6nd from the middle portal
'ome forth dew and rain( and prosperity and blessin#H and throu#h the last portal
whi'h adBoins the south 'ome forth
drou#ht and desolation( and burnin# and destru'tion. 6nd the twel"e portals of
the four =uarters of the hea"en are therewith 'ompleted( and all their laws and all
their pla#ues and all their benefa'tions ha"e I shown to thee( my son
#996II. *he .our Huarters of the &orld: the SeFen Mountains, the
SeFen 3iFers, Lc.
6nd the first =uarter is 'alled the east( be'ause it is the first2 and the se'ond( the
south( be'ause the 0ost Hi#h will des'end there( yea( there in =uite a spe'ial
sense will He who is blessed for e"er
des'end. 6nd the west =uarter is named the diminished( be'ause there all the
luminaries of the
hea"en wane and #o down. 6nd the fourth =uarter( named the north( is di"ided
into three parts2 the first of them is for the dwellin# of men2 and the se'ond
'ontains seas of water( and the abysses and forests and ri"ers( and dar&ness
and 'loudsH and the third part 'ontains the #arden of ri#hteousness.
I saw se"en hi#h mountains( hi#her than all the mountains whi'h are on the
earth2 and then'e
'omes forth hoar,frost( and days( seasons( and years pass away. I saw se"en
ri"ers on the earth lar#er than all the ri"ers2 one of them 'omin# from the west
pours its waters into the Great *ea.
6nd these two 'ome from the north to the sea and pour their waters into the
Erythraean *ea in the
east. 6nd the remainin#( four 'ome forth on the side of the north to their own sea(
two of them to the Erythraean *ea( and two into the Great *ea and dis'har#e
themsel"es there 8and some say2
into the desert9. *e"en #reat islands I saw in the sea and in the mainland2 two in
the mainland and fi"e in the Great *ea.
#996III. *he Sun and Moon: the &a5in( and &anin( of the Moon.
6nd the names of the sun are the followin#2 the first 7rBGrJs( and the se'ond
TLmGs. 6nd the moon has four names2 the first name is 6sLnBG( the se'ond EblG(
the third %enGsJ( and the fourth
ErGe. These are the two #reat luminaries2 their 'ir'umferen'e is li&e the
'ir'umferen'e of the
hea"en( and the si>e of the 'ir'umferen'e of both is ali&e. In the 'ir'umferen'e of
the sun there are se"en portions of li#ht whi'h are added to it more than to the
moon( and in definite measures it is
transferred till the se"enth portion of the sun is eAhausted. 6nd they set and enter
the portals of the west( and ma&e their re"olution by the north( and 'ome forth
throu#h the eastern portals
on the fa'e of the hea"en. 6nd when the moon rises one,fourteenth part appears
in the hea"en2
8the li#ht be'omes full in her92 on the fourteenth day she a''omplishes her li#ht.
6nd fifteen parts of li#ht are transferred to her till the fifteenth day (when) her li#ht
is a''omplished( a''ordin# to the si#n of the year( and she be'omes fifteen
parts( and the moon #rows by (the addition of) fourteenth
parts. 6nd in her wanin# (the moon) de'reases on the first day to fourteen parts
of her li#ht( on the se'ond to thirteen parts of li#ht( on the third to twel"e( on the
fourth to ele"en( on the fifth to ten( on the siAth to nine( on the se"enth to ei#ht(
on the ei#hth to se"en( on the ninth to siA( on the tenth to fi"e( on the ele"enth to
four( on the twelfth to three( on the thirteenth to two( on the fourteenth
to the half of a se"enth( and all her remainin# li#ht disappears wholly on the
fifteenth. 6nd
in 'ertain months the month has twenty,nine days and on'e twenty,ei#ht. 6nd
Priel showed me another law2 when li#ht is transferred to the moon( and on
whi'h side it is transferred to her by
the sun. )urin# all the period durin# whi'h the moon is #rowin# in her li#ht( she is
transferrin# it to herself when opposite to the sun durin# fourteen days 8her li#ht
is a''omplished in the hea"en(
and when she is illumined throu#hout( her li#ht is a''omplished full in the
hea"en. 6nd on the first
day she is 'alled the new moon( for on that day the li#ht rises upon her. *he
be'omes full moon eAa'tly on the day when the sun sets in the west( and from
the east she rises at ni#ht( and the moon shines the whole ni#ht throu#h till the
sun rises o"er a#ainst her and the moon is seen o"er a#ainst
the sun. 7n the side when'e the li#ht of the moon 'omes forth( there a#ain she
wanes till all the li#ht "anishes and all the days of the month are at an end( and
her 'ir'umferen'e is empty( "oid of
li#ht. 6nd three months she ma&es of thirty days( and at her time she ma&es
three months of twenty,nine days ea'h( in whi'h she a''omplishes her wanin# in
the first period of time( and in the first
portal for one hundred and se"enty,se"en days. 6nd in the time of her #oin# out
she appears for three months (of) thirty days ea'h( and for three months she
appears (of) twenty,nine ea'h. 6t ni#ht she appears li&e a man for twenty days
ea'h time( and by day she appears li&e the hea"en( and there is nothin# else in
her sa"e her li#ht.
#99I9#999.1. 3ecapitulation of seFeral of the #aws.
6nd now( my son( I ha"e shown thee e"erythin#( and the law of all the stars of
the hea"en is
'ompleted. 6nd he showed me all the laws of these for e"ery day( and for e"ery
season of bearin# rule( and for e"ery year( and for its #oin# forth( and for the
order pres'ribed to it e"ery month
and e"ery wee&2 6nd the wanin# of the moon whi'h ta&es pla'e in the siAth
portal2 for in this
siAth portal her li#ht is a''omplished( and after that there is the be#innin# of the
wanin#2 (6nd the wanin#) whi'h ta&es pla'e in the first portal in its season( till
one hundred and se"enty,se"en
days are a''omplished2 re'&oned a''ordin# to wee&s( twenty,fi"e (wee&s) and
two days. *he falls behind the sun and the order of the stars eAa'tly fi"e days in
the 'ourse of one period( and when
this pla'e whi'h thou seest has been tra"ersed. *u'h is the pi'ture and s&et'h of
e"ery luminary whi'h Priel the ar'han#el( who is their leader( showed unto me.
6nd in those days the an#el Priel answered and said to me2 E%ehold( I ha"e
shown thee e"erythin#( Eno'h( and I ha"e re"ealed e"erythin# to thee that thou
shouldst see this sun and this moon( and the leaders of the stars of the hea"en
and all those who turn them( their tas&s and times and departures.
#999.2?. 1erFersion of =ature and the heaFenly +odies due to the
Sin of Men.
6nd in the days of the sinners the years shall be shortened( (0atthew /12//)
6nd their seed shall be tardy on their lands and fields(
6nd all thin#s on the earth shall alter(
6nd shall not appear in their time2
6nd the rain shall be &ept ba'& (Re"elation ..2?)
6nd the hea"en shall withhold (it).
6nd in those times the fruits of the earth shall be ba'&ward(
6nd shall not #row in their time(
6nd the fruits of the trees shall be withheld in their time.
6nd the moon shall alter her order(
6nd not appear at her time.
86nd in those days the sun shall be seen and he shall Bourney in the e"enin# on
the eAtremity of the #reat 'hariot in the west9
6nd shall shine more bri#htly than a''ords with the order of li#ht.
6nd many 'hiefs of the stars shall trans#ress the order (pres'ribed).
6nd these shall alter their orbits and tas&s(
6nd not appear at the seasons pres'ribed to them.
6nd the whole order of the stars shall be 'on'ealed from the sinners(
6nd the thou#hts of those on the earth shall err 'on'ernin# them(
86nd they shall be altered from all their ways9(
Yea( they shall err and ta&e them to be #ods.
6nd e"il shall be multiplied upon them(
6nd punishment shall 'ome upon them *o as to destroy all.E
#999I. *he 4eaFenly *ablets and the Mission of -noch.
6nd he said unto me2
E7bser"e( Eno'h( these hea"enly tablets(
6nd read what is written thereon(
6nd mar& e"ery indi"idual fa't.E
6nd I obser"ed the hea"enly tablets( and read e"erythin# whi'h was written
(thereon) and understood e"erythin#( and read the boo& of all the deeds of
man&ind( and of all the 'hildren of flesh (Re"elation /@2./)
that shall be upon the earth to the remotest #enerations. 6nd forthwith I blessed
the #reat Ford the Kin# of #lory for e"er( in that He has made all the wor&s of the
6nd I eAtolled the Ford be'ause of His patien'e(
6nd blessed Him be'ause of the 'hildren of men.
6nd after that I said2
E%lessed is the man who dies in ri#hteousness and #oodness(
+on'ernin# whom there is no boo& of unri#hteousness written(
6nd a#ainst whom no day of Bud#ement shall be found.E
6nd those se"en holy ones brou#ht me and pla'ed me on the earth before the
door of my house( and said to me2 E)e'lare e"erythin# to thy son 0ethuselah(
and show to all thy 'hildren that no
flesh is ri#hteous in the si#ht of the Ford( for He is their +reator. 7ne year we will
lea"e thee with thy son( till thou #i"est thy (last) 'ommands( that thou mayest
tea'h thy 'hildren and re'ord (it) for them( and testify to all thy 'hildrenH and in
the se'ond year they shall ta&e thee from their midst.
Fet thy heart be stron#(
Sor the #ood shall announ'e ri#hteousness to the #oodH
The ri#hteous with the ri#hteous shall reBoi'e(
6nd shall offer 'on#ratulation to one another.
%ut the sinners shall die with the sinners(
6nd the apostate #o down with the apostate.
6nd those who pra'ti'e ri#hteousness shall die on a''ount of the deeds of men(
6nd be ta&en away on a''ount of the doin#s of the #odless.E
6nd in those days they 'eased to spea& to me( and I 'ame to my people(
blessin# the Ford of the world.
#999II. $har(e (iFen to -noch: the four Intercalary days: the Stars
which lead the Seasons and the Months.
6nd now( my son 0ethuselah( all these thin#s I am re'ountin# to thee and writin#
down for theeD and I ha"e re"ealed to thee e"erythin#( and #i"en thee boo&s
'on'ernin# all these2 so preser"e( my son 0ethuselah( the boo&s from thy
fatherEs hand( and (see) that thou deli"er them to the #enerations of the world.
I ha"e #i"en wisdom to thee and to thy 'hildren(
86nd thy 'hildren that shall be to thee9(
That they may #i"e it to their 'hildren for #enerations(
This wisdom (namely) that passeth their thou#ht.
6nd those who understand it shall not sleep(
%ut shall listen with the ear that they may learn this wisdom(
6nd it shall please those that eat thereof better than #ood food.
%lessed are all the ri#hteous( blessed are all those who wal& in the way of
ri#hteousness and sin not as the sinners( in the re'&onin# of all their days in
whi'h the sun tra"erses t he hea"en( enterin# into and departin# from the portals
for thirty days with the heads of thousands of the order of the stars( to#ether with
the four whi'h are inter'alated whi'h di"ide the four portions of the year( whi'h
lead them and enter with them four days. 7win# to them men shall be at fault
and not re'&on them in the whole re'&onin# of the year2 yea( men shall be at
fault( and not re'o#ni>e them a''urately.
Sor they belon# to the re'&onin# of the year and are truly re'orded (thereon) for
e"er( one in the first portal and one in the third( and one in the fourth and one in
the siAth( and the year is 'ompleted in three hundred and siAty,four days.
6nd the a''ount thereof is a''urate and the re'orded re'&onin# thereof eAa'tH for
the luminaries( and months and festi"als( and years and days( has Priel shown
and re"ealed to me( to whom the
Ford of the whole 'reation of the world hath subBe'ted the host of hea"en. 6nd he
has power o"er ni#ht and day in the hea"en to 'ause the li#ht to #i"e li#ht to men
,sun( moon( and stars(
and all the powers of the hea"en whi'h re"ol"e in their 'ir'ular 'hariots. 6nd
these are the orders of the stars( whi'h set in their pla'es( and in their seasons
and festi"als and months.
6nd these are the names of those who lead them( who wat'h that they enter at
their times( in their orders( in their seasons( in their months( in their periods of
dominion( and in their positions.
Their four leaders who di"ide the four parts of the year enter firstH and after them
the twel"e leaders of the orders who di"ide the monthsH and for the three
hundred and siAty (days) there are heads o"er thousands who di"ide the daysH
and for the four inter'alary days there are the leaders whi'h sunder
the four parts of the year. 6nd these heads o"er thousands are inter'alated
leader and leader( ea'h behind a station( but their leaders ma&e the di"ision. 6nd
these are the names of the leaders who di"ide the four parts of the year whi'h
are ordained2 0Il&IEJl( HelEemmJlJ&( and 0JlEJBal(
and NGrJl. 6nd the names of those who lead them2 6dnGrEJl( and IBGsOsaEJl( and
EElLmJEJl ,these three follow the leaders of the orders( and there is one that
follows the three leaders of the orders whi'h follow those leaders of stations that
di"ide the four parts of the year.
In the be#innin# of the year 0el&eBGl rises first and rules( who is named TamEGinI
and sun( and
all the days of his dominion whilst he bears rule are ninety,one days. 6nd these
are the si#ns of the days whi'h are to be seen on earth in the days of his
dominion2 sweat( and heat( and 'almsH and all the trees bear fruit( and lea"es are
produ'ed on all the trees( and the har"est of wheat( and the rose,flowers( and all
the flowers whi'h 'ome forth in the field( but the trees of the winter season
be'ome withered. 6nd these are the names of the leaders whi'h are under them2
%er&aEJl( NJlebsEJl( and another who is added a head of a thousand( 'alled
HIlOBGseph2 and the days of the dominion of this (leader) are at an end.
The neAt leader after him is HJlEemmJlJ&( whom one names the shinin# sun( and
all the days
of his li#ht are ninety,one days. 6nd these are the si#ns of (his) days on the
earth2 #lowin# heat and dryness( and the trees ripen their fruits and produ'e all
their fruits ripe and ready( and the sheep pair and be'ome pre#nant( and all the
fruits of the earth are #athered in( and e"erythin# that is
in the fields( and the winepress2 these thin#s ta&e pla'e in the days of his
dominion. These are the names( and the orders( and the leaders of those heads
of thousands2 GIdGEIBal( KJEJl( and HJEJl( and the name of the head of a thousand
whi'h is added to them( 6sfGEJl2 and the days of his dominion are at an end.
Section I6.
$hapters #999III9$. *he :rea'6isions.
#999III#999I6. .irst :rea'6ision on the :elu(e.
6nd now( my son 0ethuselah( I will show thee all my "isions whi'h I ha"e seen(
them before thee. Two "isions I saw before I too& a wife( and the one was =uite
unli&e the other2 the first when I was learnin# to write2 the se'ond before I too&
thy mother( (when) I saw a terrible
"ision. 6nd re#ardin# them I prayed to the Ford. I had laid me down in the house
of my #randfather 0ahalalel( (when) I saw in a "ision how the hea"en 'ollapsed
and was borne off and fell to
the earth. 6nd when it fell to the earth I saw how the earth was swallowed up in a
#reat abyss( and mountains were suspended on mountains( and hills san& down
on hills( and hi#h trees were rent
from their stems( and hurled down and sun& in the abyss. 6nd thereupon a word
fell into my mouth(
and I lifted up (my "oi'e) to 'ry aloud( and said2 EThe earth is destroyed.E 6nd my
#randfather 0ahalalel wa&ed me as I lay near him( and said unto me2 E<hy dost
thou 'ry so( my son( and why
dost thou ma&e su'h lamentationTE 6nd I re'ounted to him the whole "ision whi'h
I had seen( and he said unto me2 E6 terrible thin# hast thou seen( my son( and of
#ra"e moment is thy dream, "ision as to the se'rets of all the sin of the earth2 it
must sin& into the abyss and be destroyed with
a #reat destru'tion. 6nd now( my son( arise and ma&e petition to the Ford of
#lory( sin'e thou art a belie"er( that a remnant may remain on the earth( and that
He may not destroy the whole
earth. 0y son( from hea"en all this will 'ome upon the earth( and upon the earth
there will be #reat
destru'tion. 6fter that I arose and prayed and implored and besou#ht( and wrote
down my prayer
for the #enerations of the world( and I will show e"erythin# to thee( my son
0ethuselah. 6nd when I had #one forth below and seen the hea"en( and the sun
risin# in the east( and the moon settin# in the west( and a few stars( and the
whole earth( and e"erythin# as He had &nown it in the be#innin#( then I blessed
the Ford of Bud#ement and eAtolled Him be'ause He had made the sun to #o
forth from the windows of the east( and he as'ended and rose on the fa'e of the
hea"en( and set out and &ept tra"ersin# the path shown unto him.
6nd I lifted up my hands in ri#hteousness and blessed the Holy and Great 7ne(
and spa&e with the breath of my mouth( and with the ton#ue of flesh( whi'h God
has made for the 'hildren of the flesh of men( that they should spea& therewith(
and He #a"e them breath and a ton#ue and a mouth that they should spea&
E%lessed be Thou( 7 Ford( Kin#(
Great and mi#hty in Thy #reatness(
Ford of the whole 'reation of the hea"en(
Kin# of &in#s and God of the whole world.
6nd Thy power and &in#ship and #reatness abide for e"er and e"er(
6nd throu#hout all #enerations Thy dominionH
6nd all the hea"ens are Thy throne for e"er(
6nd the whole earth Thy footstool for e"er and e"er.
Sor Thou hast made and Thou rulest all thin#s(
6nd nothin# is too hard for Thee(
<isdom departs not from the pla'e of Thy throne(
Nor turns away from Thy presen'e.
6nd Thou &nowest and seest and hearest e"erythin#(
6nd there is nothin# hidden from Thee 8for Thou seest e"erythin#9.
6nd now the an#els of Thy hea"ens are #uilty of trespass(
6nd upon the flesh of men abideth Thy wrath until the #reat day of Bud#ement.
6nd now( 7 God and Ford and Great Kin#(
I implore and besee'h Thee to fulfil my prayer(
To lea"e me a posterity on earth(
6nd not destroy all the flesh of man(
6nd ma&e the earth without inhabitant(
*o that there should be an eternal destru'tion.
6nd now( my Ford( destroy from the earth the flesh whi'h has aroused Thy wrath(
%ut the flesh of ri#hteousness and upri#htness establish as a plant of the eternal
6nd hide not Thy fa'e from the prayer of Thy ser"ant( 7 Ford.E
#99969$. Second :rea'6ision of -noch: the 4istory of the &orld
to the .oundin( of the Messianic <in(do'.
6nd after this I saw another dream( and I will show the whole dream to thee( my
son. 6nd Eno'h lifted up (his "oi'e) and spa&e to his son 0ethuselah2 ETo thee(
my son( will I spea&2 hear my
words ,in'line thine ear to the dream,"ision of thy father. %efore I too& thy mother
Edna( I saw in a "ision on my bed( and behold a bull 'ame forth from the earth(
and that bull was whiteH and after it 'ame forth a heifer( and alon# with this (latter)
'ame forth two bulls( one of them bla'& and
the other red. 6nd that bla'& bull #ored the red one and pursued him o"er the
earth( and thereupon
I 'ould no lon#er see that red bull. %ut that bla'& bull #rew and that heifer went
with him( and
I saw that many oAen pro'eeded from him whi'h resembled and followed him.
6nd that 'ow( that first one( went from the presen'e of that first bull in order to
see& that red one( but found him
not( and lamented with a #reat lamentation o"er him and sou#ht him. 6nd I
loo&ed till that first
bull 'ame to her and =uieted her( and from that time onward she 'ried no more.
6nd after that she bore another white bull( and after him she bore many bulls and
bla'& 'ows.
6nd I saw in my sleep that white bull li&ewise #row and be'ome a #reat white
bull( and from Him pro'eeded many white bulls( and they resembled him. 6nd
they be#an to be#et many white bulls( whi'h resembled them( one followin# the
other( (e"en) many.
#9996I. *he .all of the 0n(els and the :e'orali;ation of Man,ind.
6nd a#ain I saw with mine eyes as I slept( and I saw the hea"en abo"e( and
behold a star fell
from hea"en( and it arose and eat and pastured amon#st those oAen. 6nd after
that I saw the lar#e and the bla'& oAen( and behold they all 'han#ed their stalls
and pastures and their 'attle( and be#an
to li"e with ea'h other. 6nd a#ain I saw in the "ision( and loo&ed towards the
hea"en( and behold I saw many stars des'end and 'ast themsel"es down from
hea"en to that first star( and they be'ame
bulls amon#st those 'attle and pastured with them 8amon#st them9. 6nd I loo&ed
at them and saw( and behold they all let out their pri"y members( li&e horses( and
be#an to 'o"er the 'ows of the oAen(
and they all be'ame pre#nant and bare elephants( 'amels( and asses. 6nd all
the oAen feared them and were affri#hted at them( and be#an to bite with their
teeth and to de"our( and to #ore with their
horns. 6nd they be#an( moreo"er( to de"our those oAenH and behold all the
'hildren of the earth be#an to tremble and =ua&e before them and to flee from
#9996II. *he 0dFent of the SeFen 0rchan(els.
6nd a#ain I saw how they be#an to #ore ea'h other and to de"our ea'h other(
and the earth
be#an to 'ry aloud. 6nd I raised mine eyes a#ain to hea"en( and I saw in the
"ision( and behold there 'ame forth from hea"en bein#s who were li&e white
men2 and four went forth from that pla'e
and three with them. 6nd those three that had last 'ome forth #rasped me by my
hand and too& me up( away from the #enerations of the earth( and raised me up
to a lofty pla'e( and showed me
a tower raised hi#h abo"e the earth( and all the hills were lower. 6nd one said
unto me2 ERemain here till thou seest e"erythin# that befalls those elephants(
'amels( and asses( and the stars and the oAen( and all of them.E
#9996III. *he 1unish'ent of the .allen 0n(els by the 0rchan(els.
6nd I saw one of those four who had 'ome forth first( and he sei>ed that first star
whi'h had fallen from the hea"en( and bound it hand and foot and 'ast it into an
abyss2 now that abyss was
narrow and deep( and horrible and dar&. 6nd one of them drew a sword( and
#a"e it to those elephants and 'amels and asses2 then they be#an to smite ea'h
other( and the whole earth =ua&ed
be'ause of them. 6nd as I was beholdin# in the "ision( lo( one of those four who
had 'ome forth stoned (them) from hea"en( and #athered and too& all the #reat
stars whose pri"y members were li&e those of horses( and bound them all hand
and foot( and 'ast them in an abyss of the earth.
#999I9.1@. *he :elu(e and the :eliFerance of =oah.
6nd one of those four went to that white bull and instru'ted him in a se'ret(
without his bein# terrified2 he was born a bull and be'ame a man( and built for
himself a #reat "essel and dwelt thereonH
and three bulls dwelt with him in that "essel and they were 'o"ered in. 6nd a#ain
I raised mine eyes towards hea"en and saw a lofty roof( with se"en water
torrents thereon( and those torrents
flowed with mu'h water into an en'losure. 6nd I saw a#ain( and behold fountains
were opened on the surfa'e of that #reat en'losure( and that water be#an to
swell and rise upon the surfa'e(
and I saw that en'losure till all its surfa'e was 'o"ered with water. 6nd the water(
the dar&ness( and mist in'reased upon itH and as I loo&ed at the hei#ht of that
water( that water had risen abo"e the hei#ht of that en'losure( and was
streamin# o"er that en'losure( and it stood upon the earth.
6nd all the 'attle of that en'losure were #athered to#ether until I saw how they
san& and were
swallowed up and perished in that water. %ut that "essel floated on the water(
while all the oAen and elephants and 'amels and asses san& to the bottom with
all the animals( so that I 'ould no lon#er
see them( and they were not able to es'ape( (but) perished and san& into the
depths. 6nd a#ain I saw in the "ision till those water torrents were remo"ed from
that hi#h roof( and the 'hasms
of the earth were le"eled up and other abysses were opened. Then the water
be#an to run down into these( till the earth be'ame "isibleH but that "essel settled
on the earth( and the dar&ness
retired and li#ht appeared. %ut that white bull whi'h had be'ome a man 'ame out
of that "essel( and the three bulls with him( and one of those three was white li&e
that bull( and one of them was red as blood( and one bla'&2 and that white bull
departed from them.
#999I9.1A2>. .ro' the :eath of =oah to the -5odus.
6nd they be#an to brin# forth beasts of the field and birds( so that there arose
different #enera2 lions( ti#ers( wol"es( do#s( hyenas( wild boars( foAes( s=uirrels(
swine( fal'ons( "ultures( &ites(
ea#les( and ra"ensH and amon# them was born a white bull. 6nd they be#an to
bite one anotherH but that white bull whi'h was born amon#st them be#at a wild
ass and a white bull with it( and the
wild asses multiplied. %ut that bull whi'h was born from him be#at a bla'& wild
boar and a white
sheepH and the former be#at many boars( but that sheep be#at twel"e sheep.
6nd when those twel"e sheep had #rown( they #a"e up one of them to the
asses( and those asses a#ain #a"e up that sheep
to the wol"es( and that sheep #rew up amon# the wol"es. 6nd the Ford brou#ht
the ele"en sheep to li"e with it and to pasture with it amon# the wol"es2 and they
multiplied and be'ame many
flo'&s of sheep. 6nd the wol"es be#an to fear them( and they oppressed them
until they destroyed their little ones( and they 'ast their youn# into a ri"er of mu'h
water2 but those sheep be#an to
'ry aloud on a''ount of their little ones( and to 'omplain unto their Ford. 6nd a
sheep whi'h had been sa"ed from the wol"es fled and es'aped to the wild
assesH and I saw the sheep how they lamented and 'ried( and besou#ht their
Ford with all their mi#ht( till that Ford of the sheep des'ended
at the "oi'e of the sheep from a lofty abode( and 'ame to them and pastured
them. 6nd He 'alled that sheep whi'h had es'aped the wol"es( and spa&e with it
'on'ernin# the wol"es that it should
admonish them not to tou'h the sheep. 6nd the sheep went to the wol"es
a''ordin# to the word of the Ford( and another sheep met it and went with it( and
the two went and entered to#ether into the assembly of those wol"es( and spa&e
with them and admonished them not to tou'h the
sheep from hen'eforth. 6nd thereupon I saw the wol"es( and how they
oppressed the sheep
eA'eedin#ly with all their powerH and the sheep 'ried aloud. 6nd the Ford 'ame to
the sheep and they be#an to smite those wol"es2 and the wol"es be#an to ma&e
lamentationH but the sheep be'ame
=uiet and forthwith 'eased to 'ry out. 6nd I saw the sheep till they departed from
amon#st the wol"esH but the eyes of the wol"es were blinded( and those wol"es
departed in pursuit of the sheep
with all their power. 6nd the Ford of the sheep went with them( as their leader(
and all His sheep
followed Him2 and his fa'e was da>>lin# and #lorious and terrible to behold. %ut
the wol"es
be#an to pursue those sheep till they rea'hed a sea of water. 6nd that sea was
di"ided( and the water stood on this side and on that before their fa'e( and their
Ford led them and pla'ed Himself between
them and the wol"es. 6nd as those wol"es did not yet see the sheep( they
pro'eeded into the midst of that sea( and the wol"es followed the sheep( and
8those wol"es9 ran after them into that sea.
6nd when they saw the Ford of the sheep( they turned to flee before His fa'e( but
that sea #athered itself to#ether( and be'ame as it had been 'reated( and the
water swelled and rose till it 'o"ered
those wol"es. 6nd I saw till all the wol"es who pursued those sheep perished and
were drowned.
#999I9.2?8A. Israel in the :esert, the GiFin( of the #aw, the
-ntrance into 1alestine.
%ut the sheep es'aped from that water and went forth into a wilderness( where
there was no water and no #rassH and they be#an to open their eyes and to seeH
and I saw the Ford of the sheep
pasturin# them and #i"in# them water and #rass( and that sheep #oin# and
leadin# them. 6nd that
sheep as'ended to the summit of that lofty ro'&( and the Ford of the sheep sent it
to them. 6nd after that I saw the Ford of the sheep who stood before them( and
His appearan'e was #reat and
terrible and maBesti'( and all those sheep saw Him and were afraid before His
fa'e. 6nd they all feared and trembled be'ause of Him( and they 'ried to that
sheep with them 8whi'h was amon#st
them92 E<e are not able to stand before our Ford or to behold Him.E 6nd that
sheep whi'h led them a#ain as'ended to the summit of that ro'&( but the sheep
be#an to be blinded and to wander
from the way whi'h he had showed them( but that sheep wot not thereof. 6nd the
Ford of the sheep was wrathful eA'eedin#ly a#ainst them( and that sheep
dis'o"ered it( and went down from the summit of the ro'&( and 'ame to the
sheep( and found the #reatest part of them blinded and fallen
away. 6nd when they saw it they feared and trembled at its presen'e( and
desired to return to their
folds. 6nd that sheep too& other sheep with it( and 'ame to those sheep whi'h
had fallen away( and be#an to slay themH and the sheep feared its presen'e( and
thus that sheep brou#ht ba'& those
sheep that had fallen away( and they returned to their folds. 6nd I saw in this
"ision till that sheep be'ame a man and built a house for the Ford of the sheep(
and pla'ed all the sheep in that house.
6nd I saw till this sheep whi'h had met that sheep whi'h led them fell asleep2
and I saw till all the #reat sheep perished and little ones arose in their pla'e( and
they 'ame to a pasture( and
approa'hed a stream of water. Then that sheep( their leader whi'h had be'ome
a man( withdrew
from them and fell asleep( and all the sheep sou#ht it and 'ried o"er it with a
#reat 'ryin#. 6nd I saw till they left off 'ryin# for that sheep and 'rossed that
stream of water( and there arose the two sheep as leaders in the pla'e of those
whi'h had led them and fallen asleep (lit. Ehad fallen asleep and led
themE). 6nd I saw till the sheep 'ame to a #oodly pla'e( and a pleasant and
#lorious land( and I saw till those sheep were satisfiedH and that house stood
amon#st them in the pleasant land.
#999I9.815A. .ro' the *i'e of the Eud(es to the +uildin( of the
6nd sometimes their eyes were opened( and sometimes blinded( till another
sheep arose and led them and brou#ht them all ba'&( and their eyes were
6nd the do#s and the foAes and the wild boars be#an to de"our those sheep till
the Ford of the sheep raised up 8another sheep9 a ram from their
midst( whi'h led them. 6nd that ram be#an to butt on either side those do#s(
foAes( and wild
boars till he had destroyed them all. 6nd that sheep whose eyes were opened
saw that ram( whi'h was amon#st the sheep( till it forsoo& its #lory and be#an to
butt those sheep( and trampled upon them( and beha"ed itself
unseemly. 6nd the Ford of the sheep sent the lamb to another lamb and raised it
to bein# a ram and leader of the sheep instead of that
ram whi'h had forsa&en its #lory. 6nd it went to it and spa&e to it alone( and
raised it to bein# a ram( and made it the prin'e and leader of the sheepH but
durin# all these thin#s those do#s
oppressed the sheep. 6nd the first ram pursued that se'ond ram( and that
se'ond ram arose and fled before itH and I saw till those do#s pulled
down the first ram. 6nd that se'ond ram arose
and led the 8little9 sheep. 6nd those sheep #rew and multipliedH but all the do#s(
and foAes( and wild boars feared and fled before it( and that ram butted and &illed
the wild beasts( and those wild beasts had no lon#er any power amon# the 1Cb
sheep and robbed them no more of ou#ht. 6nd that ram be#at many sheep and
fell asleepH and a little sheep be'ame ram in its stead( and be'ame prin'e and
leader of those sheep.
6nd that house be'ame #reat and broad( and it was built for those sheep2 (and) a
tower lofty and #reat was built on the house for the Ford of the sheep( and that
house was low( but the tower was ele"ated and lofty( and the Ford of the sheep
stood on that tower and they offered a full table before Him.
#999I9.51!>. *he *wo <in(do's of Israel and Eudah to the
:estruction of Eerusale'.
6nd a#ain I saw those sheep that they a#ain erred and went many ways( and
forsoo& that their house( and the Ford of the sheep 'alled some from amon#st
the sheep and sent them to the sheep(
but the sheep be#an to slay them. 6nd one of them was sa"ed and was not slain(
and it sped away and 'ried aloud o"er the sheepH and they sou#ht to slay it( but
the Ford of the sheep sa"ed it from
the sheep( and brou#ht it up to me( and 'aused it to dwell there. 6nd many other
sheep He sent
to those sheep to testify unto them and lament o"er them. 6nd after that I saw
that when they forsoo& the house of the Ford and His tower they fell away
entirely( and their eyes were blindedH and I saw the Ford of the sheep how He
wrou#ht mu'h slau#hter amon#st them in their herds until
those sheep in"ited that slau#hter and betrayed His pla'e. 6nd He #a"e them
o"er into the hands of the lions and ti#ers( and wol"es and hyenas( and into the
hand of the foAes( and to all the wild
beasts( and those wild beasts be#an to tear in pie'es those sheep. 6nd I saw
that He forsoo& that their house and their tower and #a"e them all into the hand
of the lions( to tear and de"our them(
into the hand of all the wild beasts. 6nd I be#an to 'ry aloud with all my power(
and to appeal to the Ford of the sheep( and to represent to Him in re#ard to the
sheep that they were de"oured
by all the wild beasts. %ut He remained unmo"ed( thou#h He saw it( and reBoi'ed
that they were de"oured and swallowed and robbed( and left them to be
de"oured in the hand of all the beasts.
6nd He 'alled se"enty shepherds( and 'ast those sheep to them that they mi#ht
pasture them( and He spa&e to the shepherds and their 'ompanions2 EFet ea'h
indi"idual of you pasture the sheep
hen'eforward( and e"erythin# that I shall 'ommand you that do ye. 6nd I will
deli"er them o"er unto you duly numbered( and tell you whi'h of them are to be
destroyed,and them destroy ye.E 6nd
He #a"e o"er unto them those sheep. 6nd He 'alled another and spa&e unto
him2 E7bser"e and mar& e"erythin# that the shepherds will do to those sheepH for
they will destroy more of them than
I ha"e 'ommanded them. 6nd e"ery eA'ess and the destru'tion whi'h will be
wrou#ht throu#h the shepherds( re'ord (namely) how many they destroy
a''ordin# to my 'ommand( and how many a''ordin# to their own 'apri'e2 re'ord
a#ainst e"ery indi"idual shepherd all the destru'tion he
effe'ts. 6nd read out before me by number how many they destroy( and how
many they deli"er o"er for destru'tion( that I may ha"e this as a testimony
a#ainst them( and &now e"ery deed of the shepherds( that I may 'omprehend
and see what they do( whether or not they abide by my
'ommand whi'h I ha"e 'ommanded them. %ut they shall not &now it( and thou
shalt not de'lare it to them( nor admonish them( but only re'ord a#ainst ea'h
indi"idual all the destru'tion whi'h
the shepherds effe't ea'h in his time and lay it all before me.E 6nd I saw till those
shepherds pastured in their season( and they be#an to slay and to destroy more
than they were bidden( and they deli"ered
those sheep into the hand of the lions. 6nd the lions and ti#ers eat and de"oured
the #reater part of those sheep( and the wild boars eat alon# with themH and they
burnt that tower and demolished
that house. 6nd I be'ame eA'eedin#ly sorrowful o"er that tower be'ause that
house of the sheep was demolished( and afterwards I was unable to see if those
sheep entered that house.
#999I9.!?>1. .irst 1eriod of the 0n(elic 3ulers fro' the
:estruction of Eerusale' to the 3eturn fro' $aptiFity.
6nd the shepherds and their asso'iates deli"ered o"er those sheep to all the wild
beasts( to de"our them( and ea'h one of them re'ei"ed in his time a definite
number2 it was written by the other
in a boo& how many ea'h one of them destroyed of them. 6nd ea'h one slew
and destroyed many
more than was pres'ribedH and I be#an to weep and lament on a''ount of those
sheep. 6nd thus in the "ision I saw that one who wrote( how he wrote down e"ery
one that was destroyed by those shepherds( day by day( and 'arried up and laid
down and showed a'tually the whole boo& to the Ford of the sheep,(e"en)
e"erythin# that they had done( and all that ea'h one of them had made
away with( and all that they had #i"en o"er to destru'tion. 6nd the boo& was read
before the Ford of the sheep( and He too& the boo& from his hand and read it and
sealed it and laid it down.
#999I9.>2>>. Second 1eriod fro' the *i'e of $yrus to that of
0le5ander the Great.
6nd forthwith I saw how the shepherds pastured for twel"e hours( and behold
three of those sheep turned ba'& and 'ame and entered and be#an to build up
all that had fallen down of that
houseH but the wild boars tried to hinder them( but they were not able. 6nd they
be#an a#ain to build as before( and they reared up that tower( and it was named
the hi#h towerH and they be#an a#ain to pla'e a table before the tower( but all the
bread on it was polluted and not pure.
6nd as tou'hin# all this the eyes of those sheep were blinded so that they saw
not( and (the eyes of) their shepherds li&ewiseH and they deli"ered them in lar#e
numbers to their shepherds for
destru'tion( and they trampled the sheep with their feet and de"oured them. 6nd
the Ford of the sheep remained unmo"ed till all the sheep were dispersed o"er
the field and min#led with them (i.e. the
beasts)( and they (i.e. the shepherds) did not sa"e them out of the hand of the
beasts. 6nd this one who wrote the boo& 'arried it up( and showed it and read it
before the Ford of the sheep( and implored Him on their a''ount( and besou#ht
Him on their a''ount as he showed Him all the doin#s
of the shepherds( and #a"e testimony before Him a#ainst all the shepherds. 6nd
he too& the a'tual boo& and laid it down beside Him and departed.
9$.15. *hird 1eriod fro' 0le5ander the Great to the GraecoSyrian
6nd I saw till that in this manner thirty,fi"e shepherds undertoo& the pasturin# (of
the sheep)( and they se"erally 'ompleted their periods as did the firstH and others
re'ei"ed them into their
hands( to pasture them for their period( ea'h shepherd in his own period. 6nd
after that I saw in my "ision all the birds of hea"en 'omin#( the ea#les( the
"ultures( the &ites( the ra"ensH but the ea#les led all the birdsH and they be#an to
de"our those sheep( and to pi'& out their eyes and to
de"our their flesh. 6nd the sheep 'ried out be'ause their flesh was bein#
de"oured by the birds(
and as for me I loo&ed and lamented in my sleep o"er that shepherd who
pastured the sheep. 6nd I saw until those sheep were de"oured by the do#s and
ea#les and &ites( and they left neither flesh nor s&in nor sinew remainin# on them
till only their bones stood there2 and their bones too fell
to the earth and the sheep be'ame few. 6nd I saw until that twenty,three had
underta&en the pasturin# and 'ompleted in their se"eral periods fifty,ei#ht times.
9$.!12. .ourth 1eriod fro' the GraecoSyrian :o'ination to the
Maccabean 3eFolt.
%ut behold lambs were borne by those white sheep( and they be#an to open their
eyes and to see(
and to 'ry to the sheep. Yea( they 'ried to them( but they did not hear&en to what
they said to C them( but were eA'eedin#ly deaf( and their eyes were "ery
eA'eedin#ly blinded. 6nd I saw in the "ision how the ra"ens flew upon those
lambs and too& one of those lambs( and dashed the sheep
in pie'es and de"oured them. 6nd I saw till horns #rew upon those lambs( and
the ra"ens 'ast down their hornsH and I saw till there sprouted a #reat horn of one
of those sheep( and their eyes
were opened. 6nd it loo&ed at them 8and their eyes opened9( and it 'ried to the
sheep( and the
rams saw it and all ran to it. 6nd notwithstandin# all this those ea#les and
"ultures and ra"ens and &ites still &ept tearin# the sheep and swoopin# down
upon them and de"ourin# them2 still the
sheep remained silent( but the rams lamented and 'ried out. 6nd those ra"ens
fou#ht and battled with it and sou#ht to lay low its horn( but they had no power
o"er it.
9$.171@. *he last 0ssault of the Gentiles on the Eews (where vv. 17
15 and 1!1? are doublets".
6nd I saw till the shepherds and ea#les
and those "ultures and &ites 'ame( and
they 'ried to the ra"ens that they should
brea& the horn of that ram( and they
battled and fou#ht with it( and it battled
with them and 'ried that its help mi#ht
6ll the ea#les and "ultures and ra"ens
and &ites were #athered to#ether( and
there 'ame with them all the sheep of
the field( yea( they all 'ame to#ether(
and helped ea'h other to brea& that horn
of the ram.
6nd I saw till a #reat sword was #i"en to the sheep( and the sheep pro'eeded
a#ainst all the beasts of the field to slay them( and all the beasts and the birds of
the hea"en fled before their fa'e.
6nd I saw till that man( who wrote down
the names of the shepherds 8and9
'arried up into the presen'e of the Ford
of the sheep 8'ame and helped it and
showed it e"erythin#2 he had 'ome down
for the help of that ram9.
6nd I saw that man( who wrote the boo&
a''ordin# to the 'ommand of the Ford(
till he opened that boo& 'on'ernin# the
destru'tion whi'h those twel"e last
shepherds had wrou#ht( and showed
that they had destroyed mu'h more than
their prede'essors( before the Ford of
the sheep.
6nd I saw till the Ford of the sheep 'ame
unto them in wrath( and all who saw Him
6nd I saw till the Ford of the sheep 'ame
unto them and too& in His hand the staff
fled( and they all fell into His shadow
from before His fa'e.
of His wrath( and smote the earth( and
the earth 'la"e asunder( and all the
beasts and all the birds of the hea"en
fell from amon# those sheep( and were
swallowed up in the earth and it 'o"ered
9$.2A2>. Eud(e'ent of the .allen 0n(els, the Shepherds, and the
6nd I saw till a throne was ere'ted in the pleasant land( and the Ford of the
sheep sat Himself thereon( and the other too& the sealed boo&s and opened
those boo&s before the Ford of the sheep.
6nd the Ford 'alled those men the se"en first white ones( and 'ommanded that
they should brin# before Him( be#innin# with the first star whi'h led the way( all
the stars whose pri"y members
were li&e those of horses( and they brou#ht them all before Him. 6nd He said to
that man who wrote before Him( bein# one of those se"en white ones( and said
unto him2 ETa&e those se"enty shepherds to whom I deli"ered the sheep( and
who ta&in# them on their own authority slew more
than I 'ommanded them.E 6nd behold they were all bound( I saw( and they all
stood before Him.
6nd the Bud#ement was held first o"er the stars( and they were Bud#ed and found
#uilty( and went to the pla'e of 'ondemnation( and they were 'ast into an abyss(
full of fire and flamin#( and full (Re"elation ./21( so as to illustrate Re"elation /@25)
of pillars of fire. 6nd those se"enty shepherds were Bud#ed and found #uilty( and
they were 'ast
into that fiery abyss. 6nd I saw at that time how a li&e abyss was opened in the
midst of the earth( full of fire( and they brou#ht those blinded sheep( and they
were all Bud#ed and found #uilty and
'ast into this fiery abyss( and they burnedH now this abyss was to the ri#ht of that
house. 6nd I saw those sheep burnin# and their bones burnin#.
9$.2?82. *he =ew Eerusale', the $onFersion of the surFiFin(
Gentiles, the 3esurrection of the 3i(hteous, the Messiah. -noch
awa,es and weeps. (3eference 3eFelation $hapter 21 / this entire
6nd I stood up to see till they folded up that old houseH and 'arried off all the
pillars( and all the beams and ornaments of the house were at the same time
folded up with it( and they 'arried (Re"elation //2.)
it off and laid it in a pla'e in the south of the land. 6nd I saw till the Ford of the
sheep brou#ht a new house #reater and loftier than that first( and set it up in the
pla'e of the first whi'h had beer folded up2 all its pillars were new( and its
ornaments were new and lar#er than those of the first( the old one whi'h He had
ta&en away( and all the sheep were within it. (Re"elation //2/)
6nd I saw all the sheep whi'h had been left( and all the beasts on the earth( and
all the birds of the hea"en( fallin# down and doin# homa#e to those sheep and
ma&in# petition to and obeyin#
them in e"ery thin#. 6nd thereafter those three who were 'lothed in white and
had sei>ed me by my hand 8who had ta&en me up before9( and the hand of that
ram also sei>in# hold of me( they
too& me up and set me down in the midst of those sheep before the Bud#ement
too& pla'e. 6nd those
sheep were all white( and their wool was abundant and 'lean. 6nd all that had
been destroyed and dispersed( and all the beasts of the field( and all the birds of
the hea"en( assembled in that house( and the Ford of the sheep reBoi'ed with
#reat Boy be'ause they were all #ood and had returned to
His house. 6nd I saw till they laid down that sword( whi'h had been #i"en to the
sheep( and they brou#ht it ba'& into the house( and it was sealed before the
presen'e of the Ford( and all the sheep (0i'ah 125( Isaiah /21)
were in"ited into that house( but it held them not. 6nd the eyes of them all were
opened( and they
saw the #ood( and there was not one amon# them that did not see. 6nd I saw
that that house was lar#e and broad and "ery full.
6nd I saw that a white bull was born( with lar#e horns and all the beasts of the
field and all the
birds of the air feared him and made petition to him all the time. 6nd I saw till all
their #enerations were transformed( and they all be'ame white bullsH and the first
amon# them be'ame a lamb( and that lamb be'ame a #reat animal and had
#reat bla'& horns on its headH and the Ford of the sheep
reBoi'ed o"er it and o"er all the oAen. 6nd I slept in their midst2 and I awo&e and
saw e"erythin#.
This is the "ision whi'h I saw while I slept( and I awo&e and blessed the Ford of
ri#hteousness and
#a"e Him #lory. Then I wept with a #reat weepin# and my tears stayed not till I
'ould no lon#er endure it2 when I saw( they flowed on a''ount of what I had
seenH for e"erythin# shall 'ome and
be fulfilled( and all the deeds of men in their order were shown to me. 7n that
ni#ht I remembered the first dream( and be'ause of it I wept and was troubled,
be'ause I had seen that "ision.
Section 6. 9$I$I6 (i.e. 9$II, 9$I. 112, 1?1@, 9$III. 112, 9$I. 121>,
0 +oo, of -5hortation and 1ro'ised +lessin( for the 3i(hteous and
of Malediction and &oe for the Sinners.
9$II, 9$I.11A, 1?1@. -nochDs +oo, of 0d'onition for his $hildren.
The boo& written by Eno'h ,8Eno'h indeed wrote this 'omplete do'trine of
wisdom( (whi'h is) praised of all men and a Bud#e of all the earth9 for all my
'hildren who shall dwell on the earth. 6nd for the future #enerations who shall
obser"e upri#htness and pea'e.
Fet not your spirit be troubled on a''ount of the timesH
Sor the Holy and Great 7ne has appointed days for all thin#s.
6nd the ri#hteous one shall arise from sleep( (Re"elation /@2.5)
8*hall arise9 and wal& in the paths of ri#hteousness( (Re"elation /@2.;)
6nd all his path and 'on"ersation shall be in eternal #oodness and #ra'e.
He will be #ra'ious to the ri#hteous and #i"e him eternal upri#htness(
6nd He will #i"e him power so that he shall be (endowed) with #oodness and
6nd he shall wal& in eternal li#ht. (Re"elation /.2/5( Re"elation //2;)
6nd sin shall perish in dar&ness for e"er(
6nd shall no more be seen from that day for e"ermore. (Re"elation( +hapter /.)
9$I.11A, 1?1@. -nochDs 0d'onition to his $hildren.
E6nd now( my son 0ethuselah( 'all to me all thy brothers
6nd #ather to#ether to me all the sons of thy motherH
Sor the word 'alls me(
6nd the spirit is poured out upon me(
That I may show you e"erythin#
That shall befall you for e"er.E
6nd thereupon 0ethuselah went and summoned to him all his brothers and
assembled his relati"es.
6nd he spa&e unto all the 'hildren of ri#hteousness and said2
EHear( ye sons of Eno'h( all the words of your father(
6nd hear&en ari#ht to the "oi'e of my mouthH
Sor I eAhort you and say unto you( belo"ed2
Fo"e upri#htness and wal& therein.
6nd draw not ni#h to upri#htness with a double heart(
6nd asso'iate not with those of a double heart(
%ut wal& in ri#hteousness( my sons.
6nd it shall #uide you on #ood paths(
6nd ri#hteousness shall be your 'ompanion.
Sor I &now that "iolen'e must in'rease on the earth(
6nd a #reat 'hastisement be eAe'uted on the earth(
6nd all unri#hteousness 'ome to an end2
Yea( it shall be 'ut off from its roots(
6nd its whole stru'ture be destroyed.
6nd unri#hteousness shall a#ain be 'onsummated on the earth(
6nd all the deeds of unri#hteousness and of "iolen'e
6nd trans#ression shall pre"ail in a twofold de#ree.
6nd when sin and unri#hteousness and blasphemy
6nd "iolen'e in all &inds of deeds in'rease(
6nd apostasy and trans#ression and un'leanness in'rease(
6 #reat 'hastisement shall 'ome from hea"en upon all these(
6nd the holy Ford will 'ome forth with wrath and 'hastisement
To eAe'ute Bud#ement on earth.
In those days "iolen'e shall be 'ut off from its roots(
6nd the roots of unri#hteousness to#ether with de'eit(
6nd they shall be destroyed from under hea"en.
6nd all the idols of the heathen shall be abandoned(
6nd the temples burned with fire(
6nd they shall remo"e them from the whole earth(
6nd they (i.e. the heathen) shall be 'ast into the Bud#ement of fire(
6nd shall perish in wrath and in #rie"ous Bud#ement for e"er.
6nd the ri#hteous shall arise from their sleep(
6nd wisdom shall arise and be #i"en unto them.
86nd after that the roots of unri#hteousness shall be 'ut off( and the sinners shall
be destroyed by the sword ... shall be 'ut off from the blasphemers in e"ery
pla'e( and those who plan "iolen'e and those who 'ommit blasphemy shall
perish by the sword.9 (Re"elation .2.?( Re"elation .:2/.)
6nd now I tell you( my sons( and show you
The paths of ri#hteousness and the paths of "iolen'e.
Yea( I will show them to you a#ain
That ye may &now what will 'ome to pass.
6nd now( hear&en unto me( my sons(
6nd wal& in the paths of ri#hteousness(
6nd wal& not in the paths of "iolen'eH
Sor all who wal& in the paths of unri#hteousness shall perish for e"er.E
9$III, 9$I.121>. *he 0pocalypse of &ee,s.
6nd after that Eno'h both #a"e and be#an to re'ount from the boo&s. 6nd Eno'h
E+on'ernin# the 'hildren of ri#hteousness and 'on'ernin# the ele't of the world(
6nd 'on'ernin# the plant of upri#htness( I will spea& these thin#s(
Yea( I Eno'h will de'lare (them) unto you( my sons2
6''ordin# to that whi'h appeared to me in the hea"enly "ision(
6nd whi'h I ha"e &nown throu#h the word of the holy an#els(
6nd ha"e learnt from the hea"enly tablets.E
6nd Eno'h be#an to re'ount from the boo&s and said2
EI was born the se"enth in the first wee&(
<hile Bud#ement and ri#hteousness still endured.
6nd after me there shall arise in the se'ond wee& #reat wi'&edness(
6nd de'eit shall ha"e sprun# upH
6nd in it there shall be the first end.
6nd in it a man shall be sa"edH
6nd after it is ended unri#hteousness shall #row up(
6nd a law shall be made for the sinners.
6nd after that in the third wee& at its 'lose
6 man shall be ele'ted as the plant of ri#hteous Bud#ement(
6nd his posterity shall be'ome the plant of ri#hteousness for e"ermore.
6nd after that in the fourth wee&( at its 'lose(
Visions of the holy and ri#hteous shall be seen(
6nd a law for all #enerations and an en'losure shall be made for them.
6nd after that in the fifth wee&( at its 'lose(
The house of #lory and dominion shall be built for e"er.
6nd after that in the siAth wee& all who li"e in it shall be blinded(
6nd the hearts of all of them shall #odlessly forsa&e wisdom.
6nd in it a man shall as'endH
6nd at its 'lose the house of dominion shall be burnt with fire(
6nd the whole ra'e of the 'hosen root shall be dispersed.
6nd after that in the se"enth wee& shall an apostate #eneration arise(
6nd many shall be its deeds(
6nd all its deeds shall be apostate.
6nd at its 'lose shall be ele'ted
The ele't ri#hteous of the eternal plant of ri#hteousness(
To re'ei"e se"enfold instru'tion 'on'ernin# all His 'reation.
8Sor who is there of all the 'hildren of men that is able to hear the "oi'e of the
Holy 7ne without bein# troubledT 6nd who 'an thin& His thou#htsT and who is
there that 'an behold all the wor&s
of hea"enT 6nd how should there be one who 'ould behold the hea"en( and who
is there that 'ould understand the thin#s of hea"en and see a soul or a spirit and
'ould tell thereof( or as'end and see
all their ends and thin& them or do li&e themT 6nd who is there of all men that
'ould &now what is the breadth and the len#th of the earth( and to whom has
been shown the measure of all of themT
7r is there any one who 'ould dis'ern the len#th of the hea"en and how #reat is
its hei#ht( and upon what it is founded( and how #reat is the number of the stars(
and where all the luminaries restT9
9$I.121>. *he #ast *hree &ee,s.
6nd after that there shall be another( the ei#hth wee&( that of ri#hteousness(
6nd a sword shall be #i"en to it that a ri#hteous Bud#ement may be eAe'uted on
the oppressors(
6nd sinners shall be deli"ered into the hands of the ri#hteous.
6nd at its 'lose they shall a'=uire houses throu#h their ri#hteousness(
6nd a house shall be built for the Great Kin# in #lory for e"ermore(
6nd all man&ind shall loo& to the path of upri#htness.
6nd after that( in the ninth wee&( the ri#hteous Bud#ement shall be re"ealed to the
whole world(
6nd all the wor&s of the #odless shall "anish from all the earth(
6nd the world shall be written down for destru'tion.
6nd after this( in the tenth wee& in the se"enth part(
There shall be the #reat eternal Bud#ement(
In whi'h He will eAe'ute "en#ean'e amon#st the an#els.
6nd the first hea"en shall depart and pass away(
6nd a new hea"en shall appear(
6nd all the powers of the hea"ens shall #i"e se"enfold li#ht.
6nd after that there will be many wee&s without number for e"er(
6nd all shall be in #oodness and ri#hteousness(
6nd sin shall no more be mentioned for e"er.
9$I6.15. 0d'onitions to the 3i(hteous.
6nd now I say unto you( my sons( lo"e ri#hteousness and wal& thereinH
Sor the paths of ri#hteousness are worthy of a''eptation(
%ut the paths of unri#hteousness shall suddenly be destroyed and "anish.
6nd to 'ertain men of a #eneration shall the paths of "iolen'e and of death be
6nd they shall hold themsel"es afar from them(
6nd shall not follow them.
6nd now I say unto you the ri#hteous2
<al& not in the paths of wi'&edness( nor in the paths of death(
6nd draw not ni#h to them( lest ye be destroyed.
%ut see& and 'hoose for yoursel"es ri#hteousness and an ele't life(
6nd wal& in the paths of pea'e(
6nd ye shall li"e and prosper.
6nd hold fast my words in the thou#hts of your hearts(
6nd suffer them not to be effa'ed from your heartsH
Sor I &now that sinners will tempt men to e"illy,entreat wisdom(
*o that no pla'e may be found for her(
6nd no manner of temptation may minish.
9$I6.!11. &oes for the Sinners.
<oe to those who build unri#hteousness and oppression
6nd lay de'eit as a foundationH
Sor they shall be suddenly o"erthrown(
6nd they shall ha"e no pea'e.
<oe to those who build their houses with sinH
Sor from all their foundations shall they be o"erthrown(
6nd by the sword shall they fall. (Re"elation .:2/.( et al)
86nd those who a'=uire #old and sil"er in Bud#ement suddenly shall perish.9
($ames ;2/ 3 1( Re"elation :2.:( et al)
<oe to you( ye ri'h( for ye ha"e trusted in your ri'hes( (story endin# at Fu&e .?2/;)
6nd from your ri'hes shall ye depart( ($ames ;25)
%e'ause ye ha"e not remembered the 0ost Hi#h in the days of your ri'hes.
Ye ha"e 'ommitted blasphemy and unri#hteousness(
6nd ha"e be'ome ready for the day of slau#hter( (Re"elation( +hapter .C)
6nd the day of dar&ness and the day of the #reat Bud#ement.
Thus I spea& and de'lare unto you2
He who hath 'reated you will o"erthrow you(
6nd for your fall there shall be no 'ompassion(
6nd your +reator will reBoi'e at your destru'tion.
6nd your ri#hteous ones in those days shall be
6 reproa'h to the sinners and the #odless.
9$6. -nochDs Grief: fresh &oes a(ainst the Sinners.
7h that mine eyes were 8a 'loud of9 waters
That I mi#ht weep o"er you(
6nd pour down my tears as a 'loud of waters2
That so I mi#ht rest from my trouble of heartD
<ho has permitted you to pra'ti'e reproa'hes and wi'&ednessT
6nd so Bud#ement shall o"erta&e you( sinners.
Sear not the sinners( ye ri#hteousH
Sor a#ain will the Ford deli"er them into your hands(
That ye may eAe'ute Bud#ement upon them a''ordin# to your desires.
<oe to you who fulminate anathemas whi'h 'annot be re"ersed2
Healin# shall therefore be far from you be'ause of your sins.
<oe to you who re=uite your nei#hbour with e"ilH
Sor ye shall be re=uited a''ordin# to your wor&s.
<oe to you( lyin# witnesses(
6nd to those who wei#h out inBusti'e(
Sor suddenly shall ye perish.
<oe to you( sinners( for ye perse'ute the ri#hteousH
Sor ye shall be deli"ered up and perse'uted be'ause of inBusti'e(
6nd hea"y shall its yo&e be upon you.
9$6I. Grounds of 4opefulness for the 3i(hteous: &oes for the
%e hopeful( ye ri#hteousH for suddenly shall the sinners perish before you(
6nd ye shall ha"e lordship o"er them a''ordin# to your desires.
86nd in the day of the tribulation of the sinners(
Your 'hildren shall mount and rise as ea#les(
6nd hi#her than the "ultures will be your nest(
6nd ye shall as'end and enter the 're"i'es of the earth(
6nd the 'lefts of the ro'& for e"er as 'oneys before the unri#hteous(
6nd the sirens shall si#h be'ause of you,and weep.9
<herefore fear not( ye that ha"e sufferedH
Sor healin# shall be your portion(
6nd a bri#ht li#ht shall enli#hten you(
6nd the "oi'e of rest ye shall hear from hea"en.
<oe unto you( ye sinners( for your ri'hes ma&e you appear li&e the ri#hteous(
%ut your hearts 'on"i't you of bein# sinners( (This is the mark of the beast found all through Revelation)
6nd this fa't shall be a testimony a#ainst you for a memorial of (your) e"il deeds.
<oe to you who de"our the finest of the wheat(
6nd drin& wine in lar#e bowls(
6nd tread under foot the lowly with your mi#ht.
<oe to you who drin& water from e"ery fountain(
Sor suddenly shall ye be 'onsumed and wither away(
%e'ause ye ha"e forsa&en the fountain of life.
<oe to you who wor& unri#hteousness
6nd de'eit and blasphemy2
It shall be a memorial a#ainst you for e"il.
<oe to you( ye mi#hty(
<ho with mi#ht oppress the ri#hteousH ($ames /2. , ?( et al)
Sor the day of your destru'tion is 'omin#.
In those days many and #ood days shall 'ome to the ri#hteous ,in the day of
your Bud#ement. (The entire %oo& of Re"elation)
9$6II. *he -Fils in Store for Sinners and the 1ossessors of
Gnri(hteous &ealth.
%elie"e( ye ri#hteous( that the sinners will be'ome a shame
6nd perish in the day of unri#hteousness.
%e it &nown unto you (ye sinners) that the 0ost Hi#h is mindful of your
6nd the an#els of hea"en reBoi'e o"er your destru'tion.
<hat will ye do( ye sinners(
6nd whither will ye flee on that day of Bud#ement( (Re"elation ?2.1 , .4)
<hen ye hear the "oi'e of the prayer of the ri#hteousT
Yea( ye shall fare li&e unto them(
6#ainst whom this word shall be a testimony2
QYe ha"e been 'ompanions of sinners.Q
6nd in those days the prayer of the ri#hteous shall rea'h unto the Ford(
6nd for you the days of your Bud#ement shall 'ome. (Re"elation ?2: , ..)
6nd all the words of your unri#hteousness shall be read out before the Great
Holy 7ne(
6nd your fa'es shall be 'o"ered with shame(
6nd He will reBe't e"ery wor& whi'h is #rounded on unri#hteousness.
<oe to you( ye sinners( who li"e on the mid o'ean and on the dry land(
<hose remembran'e is e"il a#ainst you.
<oe to you who a'=uire sil"er and #old in unri#hteousness and say2
Q<e ha"e be'ome ri'h with ri'hes and ha"e possessionsH
6nd ha"e a'=uired e"erythin# we ha"e desired.
: (This is the beast whi'h has been here sin'e the foundation of this earth)
6nd now let us do what we purposed2
Sor we ha"e #athered sil"er(
6nd many are the husbandmen in our houses.Q
6nd our #ranaries are (brim) full as with water( (Re"elation .C2/ , :)
Yea and li&e water your lies shall flow awayH
Sor your ri'hes shall not abide
%ut speedily as'end from youH
Sor ye ha"e a'=uired it all in unri#hteousness(
6nd ye shall be #i"en o"er to a #reat 'urse. (This is the mar& of the beast)
9$6III. Selfindul(ence of Sinners: Sin ori(inated by Man: all Sin
recorded in 4eaFen: &oes for the Sinners.
6nd now I swear unto you( to the wise and to the foolish(
Sor ye shall ha"e manifold eAperien'es on the earth.
Sor ye men shall put on more adornments than a woman(
6nd 'oloured #arments more than a "ir#in2
In royalty and in #randeur and in power(
6nd in sil"er and in #old and in purple( (0atthew /52;)
6nd in splendour and in food they shall be poured out as water. (0atthew /52?)
Therefore they shall be wantin# in do'trine and wisdom(
6nd they shall perish thereby to#ether with their possessionsH
6nd with all their #lory and their splendour(
6nd in shame and in slau#hter and in #reat destitution(
Their spirits shall be 'ast into the furna'e of fire. (0atthew /52? 3 /5)
I ha"e sworn unto you( ye sinners( as a mountain has not be'ome a sla"e(
6nd a hill does not be'ome the handmaid of a woman(
E"en so sin has not been sent upon the earth(
%ut man of himself has 'reated it(
6nd under a #reat 'urse shall they fall who 'ommit it.
6nd barrenness has not been #i"en to the woman(
%ut on a''ount of the deeds of her own hands she dies without 'hildren.
I ha"e sworn unto you( ye sinners( by the Holy Great 7ne(
That all your e"il deeds are re"ealed in the hea"ens( (E''lesiastes ./2.1( Romans /2.?)
6nd that none of your deeds of oppression are 'o"ered and hidden.
6nd do not thin& in your spirit nor say in your heart that ye do not &now and that
ye do not see
that e"ery sin is e"ery day re'orded in hea"en in the presen'e of the 0ost Hi#h.
Srom hen'eforth ye &now that all your oppression wherewith ye oppress is
written down e"ery day till the day of your Bud#ement. (Re"elation /@2./)
<oe to you( ye fools( for throu#h your folly shall ye perish2 and ye trans#ress
a#ainst the wise(
and so #ood hap shall not be your portion. 6nd now( &now ye that ye are
prepared for the day of destru'tion2 wherefore do not hope to li"e( ye sinners( but
ye shall depart and dieH for ye &now no ransomH for ye are prepared for the day of
the #reat Bud#ement( for the day of tribulation and #reat shame for your spirits.
<oe to you( ye obstinate of heart( who wor& wi'&edness and eat blood2 <hen'e
ha"e ye #ood thin#s to eat and to drin& and to be filledT Srom all the #ood thin#s
whi'h the Ford the 0ost Hi#h has pla'ed in abundan'e on the earthH therefore ye
shall ha"e no pea'e.
<oe to you who lo"e the deeds of unri#hteousness2 wherefore do ye hope for
#ood hap unto yoursel"esT &now that ye shall be deli"ered into the hands of the
ri#hteous( and they shall 'ut
off your ne'&s and slay you( and ha"e no mer'y upon you. <oe to you who
reBoi'e in the tribulation
of the ri#hteousH for no #ra"e shall be du# for you. <oe to you who set at nou#ht
the words of
the ri#hteousH for ye shall ha"e no hope of life. <oe to you who write down lyin#
and #odless wordsH for they write down their lies that men may hear them and a't
#odlessly towards (their)
nei#hbour. Therefore they shall ha"e no pea'e but die a sudden death.
9$I9. &oes pronounced on the Godless, the #awbrea,ers: eFil
1li(ht of Sinners in *he #ast :ays: further &oes.
<oe to you who wor& #odlessness(
6nd #lory in lyin# and eAtol them2
Ye shall perish( and no happy life shall be yours.
<oe to them who per"ert the words of upri#htness(
6nd trans#ress the eternal law(
6nd transform themsel"es into what they were not 8into sinners92 (6'ts .52: , ..)
They shall be trodden under foot upon the earth.
In those days ma&e ready( ye ri#hteous( to raise your prayers as a memorial(
6nd pla'e them as a testimony before the an#els(
That they may pla'e the sin of the sinners for a memorial before the 0ost Hi#h.
In those days the nations shall be stirred up(
6nd the families of the nations shall arise on the day of destru'tion. ()aniel( +hapter ..)
6nd in those days the destitute shall #o forth and 'arry off their 'hildren(
6nd they shall abandon them( so that their 'hildren shall perish throu#h them2
Yea( they shall abandon their 'hildren (that are still) su'&lin#s( and not return to
them( (0ar& .52.4( Fu&e /52/:( The ur!an //2/)
6nd shall ha"e no pity on their belo"ed ones. (0i'ah( +hapter 4)
6nd a#ain I swear to you( ye sinners( that sin is prepared for a day of un'easin#
bloodshed. (Re"elation .12.: 3 /@)
6nd they who worship stones( and #ra"e ima#es of #old and sil"er and wood
(and stone) and 'lay( and those who worship impure spirits and demons( and all
&inds of idols not a''ordin# to &nowled#e( shall #et no manner of help from them.
6nd they shall be'ome #odless by reason of the folly of their hearts(
6nd their eyes shall be blinded throu#h the fear of their hearts
6nd throu#h "isions in their dreams. (note $ %h, this is so important for today# &t
describes today's !orld perfectly. (ead on:)
Throu#h these they shall be'ome #odless and fearfulH
Sor they shall ha"e wrou#ht all their wor& in a lie(
6nd shall ha"e worshiped a stone2
Therefore in an instant shall they perish.
%ut in those days blessed are all they who a''ept the words of wisdom( and
understand them(
6nd obser"e the paths of the 0ost Hi#h( and wal& in the path of His
6nd be'ome not #odless with the #odlessH
Sor they shall be sa"ed.
<oe to you who spread e"il to your nei#hboursH
Sor you shall be slain in *heol.
<oe to you who ma&e de'eitful and false measures(
6nd (to them) who 'ause bitterness on the earthH
Sor they shall thereby be utterly 'onsumed.
<oe to you who build your houses throu#h the #rie"ous toil of others(
6nd all their buildin# materials are the bri'&s and stones of sinH
I tell you ye shall ha"e no pea'e.
<oe to them who reBe't the measure and eternal herita#e of their fathers
6nd whose souls follow after idolsH
Sor they shall ha"e no rest.
<oe to them who wor& unri#hteousness and help oppression(
6nd slay their nei#hbours until the day of the #reat Bud#ement.
Sor He shall 'ast down your #lory(
6nd brin# affli'tion on your hearts(
6nd shall arouse His fier'e indi#nation
6nd destroy you all with the swordH
6nd all the holy and ri#hteous shall remember your sins.
$. *he Sinners destroy each other: Eud(e'ent of the .allen 0n(els:
the Safety of the 3i(hteous: further &oes for the Sinners.
6nd in those days in one pla'e the fathers to#ether with their sons shall be
6nd brothers one with another shall fall in death
Till the streams flow with their blood.
Sor a man shall not withhold his hand from slayin# his sons and his sonsE sons(
6nd the sinner shall not withhold his hand from his honoured brother2
Srom dawn till sunset they shall slay one another.
6nd the horse shall wal& up to the breast in the blood of sinners( (Re"elation .12/@)
6nd the 'hariot shall be submer#ed to its hei#ht.
In those days the an#els shall des'end into the se'ret pla'es
6nd #ather to#ether into one pla'e all those who brou#ht down sin
6nd the 0ost Hi#h will arise on that day of Bud#ement
To eAe'ute #reat Bud#ement amon#st sinners.
6nd o"er all the ri#hteous and holy He will appoint #uardians from amon#st the
holy an#els
To #uard them as the apple of an eye( (0atthew .C2.@) (The ur!an .52..)
Pntil He ma&es an end of all wi'&edness and all sin(
6nd thou#h the ri#hteous sleep a lon# sleep( they ha"e nou#ht to fear.
($ohn ..2..( $ohn ..2.1( . +orinthians .;2?( . +orinthians .;2.C)
6nd (then) the 'hildren of the earth shall see the wise in se'urity(
6nd shall understand all the words of this boo&(
6nd re'o#ni>e that their ri'hes shall not be able to sa"e them
In the o"erthrow of their sins. (Fu&e .?2/@ 3 5.( Re"elation( +hapter .C)
<oe to you( *inners( on the day of stron# an#uish(
Ye who affli't the ri#hteous and burn them with fire2
Ye shall be re=uited a''ordin# to your wor&s.
<oe to you( ye obstinate of heart(
<ho wat'h in order to de"ise wi'&edness2
Therefore shall fear 'ome upon you
6nd there shall be none to help you.
<oe to you( ye sinners( on a''ount of the words of your mouth(
(0ar& of the beast 3 on forehead)
6nd on a''ount of the deeds of your hands (0ar& of the beast 3 on hand)
whi'h your #odlessness as wrou#ht(
In bla>in# flames burnin# worse than fire shall ye burn. (Re"elation .:2/@( Re"elation /@2.;)
6nd now( &now ye that from the an#els He will in=uire as to your deeds in
hea"en( from the sun and from the moon and from the stars in referen'e to your
sins be'ause upon the earth ye eAe'ute
Bud#ement on the ri#hteous. 6nd He will summon to testify a#ainst you e"ery
'loud and mist and dew and rainH for they shall all be withheld be'ause of you
from des'endin# upon you( and they
shall be mindful of your sins. 6nd now #i"e presents to the rain that it be not
withheld from des'endin# upon you( nor yet the dew( when it has re'ei"ed #old
and sil"er from you that it may des'end.
<hen the hoar,frost and snow with their 'hilliness( and all the snow,storms with
all their pla#ues fall upon you( in those days ye shall not be able to stand before
$I. -5hortation to the fear of God: all =ature fears 4i' but not the
7bser"e the hea"en( ye 'hildren of hea"en( and e"ery wor& of the 0ost Hi#h(
and fear ye Him
and wor& no e"il in His presen'e. If He 'loses the windows of hea"en( and
withholds the rain and
the dew from des'endin# on the earth on your a''ount( what will ye do thenT
6nd if He sends His an#er upon you be'ause of your deeds( ye 'annot petition
HimH for ye spa&e proud and insolent
words a#ainst His ri#hteousness2 therefore ye shall ha"e no pea'e. 6nd see ye
not the sailors of the ships( how their ships are tossed to and fro by the wa"es(
and are sha&en by the winds( and are
in sore troubleT 6nd therefore do they fear be'ause all their #oodly possessions
#o upon the sea with them( and they ha"e e"il forebodin#s of heart that the sea
will swallow them and they will
perish therein. 6re not the entire sea and all its waters( and all its mo"ements(
the wor& of the 0ost
Hi#h( and has He not set limits to its doin#s( and 'onfined it throu#hout by the
sandT 6nd at His reproof it is afraid and dries up( and all its fish die and all that is
in itH %ut ye sinners that are
on the earth fear Him not. Has He not made the hea"en and the earth( and all
that is thereinT <ho has #i"en understandin# and wisdom to e"erythin# that
mo"es on the earth and in the sea.
)o not the sailors of the ships fear the seaT Yet sinners fear not the 0ost Hi#h.
$II. *errors of the :ay of Eud(e'ent: the adFerse .ortunes of the
3i(hteous on the -arth.
In those days when He hath brou#ht a #rie"ous fire upon you(
<hither will ye flee( and where will ye find deli"eran'eT
6nd when He laun'hes forth His <ord a#ainst you <ill you not be affri#hted and
fearT (Re"elation .:2.. , /.)
6nd all the luminaries shall be affri#hted with #reat fear(
6nd all the earth shall be affri#hted and tremble and be alarmed.
6nd all the an#els shall eAe'ute their 'ommands (Re"elation 3 multiple +hapters)
6nd shall see& to hide themsel"es from the presen'e of the Great Glory(
6nd the 'hildren of earth shall tremble and =ua&eH (Re"elation ?2.1 , .4)
6nd ye sinners shall be 'ursed for e"er(
6nd ye shall ha"e no pea'e.
Sear ye not( ye souls of the ri#hteous(
6nd be hopeful ye that ha"e died in ri#hteousness.
6nd #rie"e not if your soul into *heol has des'ended in #rief(
6nd that in your life your body fared not a''ordin# to your #oodness(
%ut wait for the day of the Bud#ement of sinners
6nd for the day of 'ursin# and 'hastisement.
6nd yet when ye die the sinners spea& o"er you2
Q6s we die( so die the ri#hteous(
6nd what benefit do they reap for their deedsT (Re"elation /@2./)
%ehold( e"en as we( so do they die in #rief and dar&ness(
6nd what ha"e they more than weT
Srom hen'eforth we are e=ual.
6nd what will they re'ei"e and what will they see for e"erT
%ehold( they too ha"e died(
6nd hen'eforth for e"er shall they see no li#ht.Q
I tell you( ye sinners( ye are 'ontent to eat and drin&( and rob and sin( and strip
men na&ed( and
a'=uire wealth and see #ood days. Ha"e ye seen the ri#hteous how their end
falls out( that no manner (Fu&e .C2. 3 ;( Fu&e .C2?( 0atthew /52;( Re"elation .12;)
of "iolen'e is found in them till their deathT QNe"ertheless they perished and
be'ame as thou#h they had not been( and their spirits des'ended into *heol in
$III. :ifferent :estinies of the 3i(hteous and the Sinners: fresh
2bJections of the Sinners.
Now( therefore( I swear to you( the ri#hteous( by the #lory of the Great and
Honoured and
0i#hty 7ne in dominion( and by His #reatness I swear to you.
I &now a mystery
6nd ha"e read the hea"enly tablets(
6nd ha"e seen the holy boo&s(
6nd ha"e found written therein and ins'ribed re#ardin# them2 (Re"elation /@2./)
That all #oodness and Boy and #lory are prepared for them(
6nd written down for the spirits of those who ha"e died in ri#hteousness(
6nd that manifold #ood shall be #i"en to you in re'ompense for your labours(
6nd that your lot is abundantly beyond the lot of the li"in#. (Re"elation /@2.5 , .;)
6nd the spirits of you who ha"e died in ri#hteousness shall li"e and reBoi'e(
6nd their spirits shall not perish( nor their memorial from before the fa'e of the
Great 7ne
Pnto all the #enerations of the world2 wherefore no lon#er fear their 'ontumely.
<oe to you( ye sinners( when ye ha"e died(
If ye die in the wealth of your sins(
6nd those who are li&e you say re#ardin# you2
Q%lessed are the sinners2 they ha"e seen all their days.
6nd how they ha"e died in prosperity and in wealth(
6nd ha"e not seen tribulation or murder in their lifeH
6nd they ha"e died in honour(
6nd Bud#ement has not been eAe'uted on them durin# their life.Q
Know ye( that their souls will be made to des'end into *heol
6nd they shall be wret'hed in their #reat tribulation.
6nd into dar&ness and 'hains and a burnin# flame where there is #rie"ous
Bud#ement shall your spirits enterH
6nd the #reat Bud#ement shall be for all the #enerations of the world.
<oe to you( for ye shall ha"e no pea'e.
*ay not in re#ard to the ri#hteous and #ood who are in life2
QIn our troubled days we ha"e toiled laboriously and eAperien'ed e"ery trouble(
6nd met with mu'h e"il and been 'onsumed(
6nd ha"e be'ome few and our spirit small.
6nd we ha"e been destroyed and ha"e not found any to help us e"en with a
<e ha"e been tortured 8and destroyed9( and not hoped to see life from day to
<e hoped to be the head and ha"e be'ome the tail2 (0atthew .:25@( 0ar& :25;)
<e ha"e toiled laboriously and had no satisfa'tion in our toilH
6nd we ha"e be'ome the food of the sinners and the unri#hteous(
6nd they ha"e laid their yo&e hea"ily upon us.
They ha"e had dominion o"er us that hated us and smote usH
6nd to those that hated us we ha"e bowed our ne'&s
%ut they pitied us not.
<e desired to #et away from them that we mi#ht es'ape and be at rest(
%ut found no pla'e whereunto we should flee and be safe from them.
6nd are 'omplained to the rulers in our tribulation(
6nd 'ried out a#ainst those who de"oured us(
%ut they did not attend to our 'ries
6nd would not hear&en to our "oi'e.
6nd they helped those who robbed us and de"oured us and those who made us
fewH and they 'on'ealed their oppression( and they did not remo"e from us the
yo&e of those that de"oured us and dispersed us and murdered us( and they
'on'ealed their murder( and remembered not that they had lifted up their hands
a#ainst us.
$I6. 0ssurances (iFen to the 3i(hteous: 0d'onitions to Sinners and
the .alsifiers of the &ords of Gpri(htness.
I swear unto you( that in hea"en the an#els remember you for #ood before the
#lory of the Great
7ne2 and your names are written before the #lory of the Great 7ne. %e hopefulH
for aforetime ye were put to shame throu#h ill and affli'tionH but now ye shall
shine as the li#hts of hea"en( (Re"elation /@2./)
ye shall shine and ye shall be seen( and the portals of hea"en shall be opened to
you. 6nd in your 'ry( 'ry for Bud#ement( and it shall appear to youH for all your
tribulation shall be "isited on the
rulers( and on all who helped those who plundered you. %e hopeful( and 'ast not
away your hopeH (0atthew ;2.@ , ./)
for ye shall ha"e #reat Boy as the an#els of hea"en. <hat shall ye be obli#ed to
doT Ye shall not ha"e to hide on the day of the #reat Bud#ement and ye shall not
be found as sinners( and the eternal
Bud#ement shall be far from you for all the #enerations of the world. 6nd now fear
not( ye ri#hteous( when ye see the sinners #rowin# stron# and prosperin# in their
ways2 be not 'ompanions with them(
but &eep afar from their "iolen'eH for ye shall be'ome 'ompanions of the hosts of
hea"en. 6nd( althou#h ye sinners say2 Q6ll our sins shall not be sear'hed out and
be written down(Q ne"ertheless (Re"elation /@2./ , .5)
they shall write down all your sins e"ery day. 6nd now I show unto you that li#ht
and dar&ness(
day and ni#ht( see all your sins. %e not #odless in your hearts( and lie not and
alter not the words of upri#htness( nor 'har#e with lyin# the words of the Holy
Great 7ne( nor ta&e a''ount of your
idolsH for all your lyin# and all your #odlessness issue not in ri#hteousness but in
#reat sin. 6nd now I &now this mystery( that sinners will alter and per"ert the
words of ri#hteousness in many ways( and will spea& wi'&ed words( and lie( and
pra'ti'e #reat de'eits( and write boo&s 'on'ernin#
their words. %ut when they write down truthfully all my words in their lan#ua#es(
and do not 'han#e or minish ou#ht from my words but write them all down
truthfully ,all that I first testified
'on'ernin# them. Then( I &now another mystery( that boo&s will be #i"en to the
ri#hteous and the
wise to be'ome a 'ause of Boy and upri#htness and mu'h wisdom. 6nd to them
shall the boo&s be #i"en( and they shall belie"e in them and reBoi'e o"er them(
and then shall all the ri#hteous who ha"e learnt there from all the paths of
upri#htness be re'ompensed.E
$6. God and the Messiah to dwell with Man.
In those days the Ford bade (them) to summon and testify to the 'hildren of earth
'on'ernin# their wisdom2 *how (it) unto themH for ye are their #uides( and a
re'ompense o"er the whole earth.
Sor I and 0y son will be united with them for e"er in the paths of upri#htness in
their li"esH and ye shall ha"e pea'e2 reBoi'e( ye 'hildren of upri#htness. 6men.
(The entire New Testament( espe'ially $ohn .124)
.ra('ent of the +oo, of =oah
6nd after some days my son 0ethuselah too& a wife for his son Fame'h( and
she be'ame
pre#nant by him and bore a son. 6nd his body was white as snow and red as the
bloomin# of a rose( and the hair of his head and his lon# lo'&s were white as
wool( and his eyes beautiful. 6nd when he opened his eyes( he li#hted up the
whole house li&e the sun( and the whole house
was "ery bri#ht. 6nd thereupon he arose in the hands of the midwife( opened his
mouth( and 'on"ersed with the Ford of ri#hteousness.
6nd his father Fame'h was afraid of him and
fled( and 'ame to his father 0ethuselah. 6nd he said unto him2 EI ha"e be#otten a
stran#e son( di"erse from and unli&e man( and resemblin# the sons of the God of
hea"enH and his nature is different and he is not li&e us( and his eyes are as the
rays of the sun( and his
'ountenan'e is #lorious. 6nd it seems to me that he is not sprun# from me but
from the an#els( and I fear that in his days a wonder may be
wrou#ht on the earth. 6nd now( my father( I am here to petition thee and implore
thee that thou mayest #o to Eno'h( our father( and learn from him the truth( for
his dwellin#,pla'e is
amon#st the an#els.E 6nd when 0ethuselah heard the words of his son( he 'ame
to me to the ends of the earthH for he had heard that I was there( and he 'ried
aloud( and I heard his "oi'e and I 'ame to him. 6nd I said unto him2 E%ehold( here
am I( my son( wherefore hast
thou 'ome to meTE 6nd he answered and said2 E%e'ause of a #reat 'ause of
anAiety ha"e I 'ome to thee( and be'ause of a disturbin# "ision
ha"e I approa'hed. 6nd now( my father( hear me2 unto Fame'h my son there
hath been born a son( the li&e of whom there is none( and his nature is not li&e
manEs nature( and the 'olour of his body is whiter than snow and redder than the
bloom of a rose( and the hair of his head is whiter than white wool( and his eyes
are li&e the rays of the sun( and he opened his eyes and
thereupon li#hted up the whole house. 6nd he arose in the hands of the midwife(
and opened
his mouth and blessed the Ford of hea"en. 6nd his father Fame'h be'ame afraid
and fled to me( and did not belie"e that he was sprun# from him( but that he was
in the li&eness of the an#els of hea"enH and behold I ha"e 'ome to thee that thou
mayest ma&e &nown to me the truth.E
6nd I( Eno'h( answered and said unto him2 EThe Ford will do a new thin# on the
earth( and this I ha"e already seen in a "ision( and ma&e &nown to thee that in
the #eneration of my father $ared some of the an#els of hea"en
trans#ressed the word of the Ford. 6nd behold they 'ommit sin and trans#ress
the law( and ha"e united themsel"es with women and 'ommit sin with them( and
ha"e married some of them(
and ha"e be#ot 'hildren by them. 6nd they shall produ'e on the earth #iants not
a''ordin# to the spirit( but a''ordin# to the flesh( and there shall be a #reat
punishment on the earth( and the
earth shall be 'leansed from all impurity. Yea( there shall 'ome a #reat
destru'tion o"er the whole earth( and there shall be a delu#e and
a #reat destru'tion for one year. 6nd this son who has been born unto you shall
be left on the earth( and his three 'hildren shall be sa"ed with him2 when all
man&ind that are on the earth
shall die 8he and his sons shall be sa"ed9. 6nd now ma&e &nown to thy son
Fame'h that he who has been born is in truth his son( and 'all his name NoahH
for he shall be left to you( and he and his sons shall be sa"ed from the
destru'tion( whi'h shall 'ome upon the earth on a''ount of all the sin and all the
unri#hteousness( whi'h shall be 'onsummated on the earth in his days.
6nd after that there shall be still more unri#hteousness than that whi'h was first
'onsummated on the earthH for I &now the mysteries of the holy onesH for He( the
Ford( has showed me and informed me( and I ha"e read (them) in the hea"enly
6nd I saw written on them that #eneration upon #eneration shall trans#ress( till a
#eneration of ri#hteousness arises( and trans#ression is destroyed and sin
passes away from the earth( and all
manner of #ood 'omes upon it. 6nd now( my son( #o and ma&e &nown to thy son
Fame'h that this
son( whi'h has been born( is in truth his son( and that (this) is no lie.E 6nd when
0ethuselah had heard the words of his father Eno'h ,,for he had shown to him
e"erythin# in se'ret,, he returned and showed (them) to him and 'alled the name
of that son NoahH for he will 'omfort the earth after all the destru'tion.
6nother boo& whi'h Eno'h wrote for his son 0ethuselah and for those who will
'ome after him(
and &eep the law in the last days. Ye who ha"e done #ood shall wait for those
days till an end is
made of those who wor& e"ilH and an end of the mi#ht of the trans#ressors. 6nd
wait ye indeed till sin has passed away( for their names shall be blotted out of the
boo& of life and out of the holy boo&s( and their seed shall be destroyed for e"er(
and their spirits shall be slain( and they shall 'ry and ma&e lamentation in a pla'e
that is a 'haoti' wilderness( and in the fire shall they
burnH for there is no earth there. 6nd I saw there somethin# li&e an in"isible
'loudH for by reason of its depth I 'ould not loo& o"er( and I saw a flame of fire
bla>in# bri#htly( and thin#s li&e shinin#
mountains 'ir'lin# and sweepin# to and fro. 6nd I as&ed one of the holy an#els
who was with me and said unto him2 E<hat is this shinin# thin#T for it is not a
hea"en but only the flame of a bla>in#
fire( and the "oi'e of weepin# and 'ryin# and lamentation and stron# pain.E 6nd
he said unto me2 EThis pla'e whi'h thou seest,here are 'ast the spirits of sinners
and blasphemers( and of those who wor& wi'&edness( and of those who per"ert
e"erythin# that the Ford hath spo&en throu#h the mouth
of the prophets ,(e"en) the thin#s that shall be. Sor some of them are written and
ins'ribed abo"e in the hea"en( in order that the an#els may read them and &now
that whi'h shall befall the sinners( and the spirits of the humble( and of those who
ha"e affli'ted their bodies( and been re'ompensed
by GodH and of those who ha"e been put to shame by wi'&ed men2 <ho lo"e
God and lo"ed neither #old nor sil"er nor any of the #ood thin#s whi'h are in the
world( but #a"e o"er their bodies to
torture. <ho( sin'e they 'ame into bein#( lon#ed not after earthly food( but
re#arded e"erythin# as a passin# breath( and li"ed a''ordin#ly( and the Ford
tried them mu'h( and their spirits were
found pure so that they should bless His name. 6nd all the blessin#s destined for
them I ha"e re'ounted in the boo&s. 6nd he hath assi#ned them their
re'ompense( be'ause they ha"e been found to be su'h as lo"ed hea"en more
than their life in the world( and thou#h they were trodden under foot of wi'&ed
men( and eAperien'ed abuse and re"ilin# from them and were put to shame(
yet they blessed 0e. 6nd now I will summon the spirits of the #ood who belon# to
the #eneration of li#ht( and I will transform those who were born in dar&ness( who
in the flesh were not re'ompensed
with su'h honour as their faithfulness deser"ed. 6nd I will brin# forth in shinin#
li#ht those who
ha"e lo"ed 0y holy name( and I will seat ea'h on the throne of his honour. 6nd
they shall be resplendent for times without numberH for ri#hteousness is the
Bud#ement of GodH for to the faithful
He will #i"e faithfulness in the habitation of upri#ht paths. 6nd they shall see
those who were
born in dar&ness led into dar&ness( while the ri#hteous shall be resplendent. 6nd
the sinners shall 'ry aloud and see them resplendent( and they indeed will #o
where days and seasons are pres'ribed for them.