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First Final Examination in TLE Dressmaking/Tailoring

Grade 9 Specialization Course

I. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Direction. Read each item carefully and choose the letter of the best
answer form the choices below.
1. a. Entrepreneurship b. Business c. Market d. None of these,
starts when someone recognize that there are saleable goods and services based on the needs
of the people and the available resoureces.
2. This is the center of population, commerce and culture; a town of significant size and
a. province b. town c. city d. municipality
3. This refers to the relationship between the size of the map and the actual size of area that is
a. contour b. legend c. scale d. measure
4. Which of the following is NOT considered as a characteristic of an entrerpreneur?
a. persistent b. committed c. dependent d. futuristic
5. A collective indoctrination of the human mind that distinguishes the members of one group or
category of people from one another.
a. philosophy b. religion c. mores d. culture
6. If you obtain useful comments and advises of others you are described as ____________.
a. opportunity seeker c. copes with undertainty
b. sets own standard d. responds to feedback
7. You are described as profit-oriented if you ________________.
a. see to it that the business can generate enough income
b. plan to extend your business out of generated income
c. look for what you know will be your bread and butter
d. any of the answers is correct
8. Putting yourself in a position where you personally are responsible for the failure or success
of your business.
a. takes initiative c. builds on strenghs
b. copes with failture d. willing to listen
9. As an entrepreneur, you must be firm, strong-willed, and be able to stick to or follow your
belief. This personal competency refers to __________________.
a. being observant b. goal-oriented c. persistence d. hard work
10. The act of generating a new idea puttingit into action or practical use.
a. Innovation b. management c. creativity d. leadership
11. Which of the following PECS is unlikely to be an entrepreneurs characteristics?
a. organized b. meticulous c. critical d. extravagant
12. Entrepreneurs prefer to get goals which are realistic and achievable.
a. self-confidence and self-reliance c. preference for moderate risk
b. reliable and has integrity d. desire for personal responsibility
13. Organizing and managing the work and people for achieving goals are the skills found in
a. Persuasive ability c. Stimulation by feedback
b. Managerial ability d. future orientation
14. The following are exmaples of peoples basic needs except:
a. shelter b. recreation c. food d. clothing
15. Which of the following should be considered first by a prospective entrepreneur in choosing
the right location form his/her store?
a. the prevailing prices of goods in the area
b. the access of the target customers
c. the attractiveness of the store layout
d. types of merchandise
16. Ceasar studies the population in his immediate community. He is doint this to
a. determine whom to sell his product or service
b. select his favorite customer
c. identify his would-be suki
d. predicting his biggest buyer would be
17. When an entrepreneur improves and alters products to make it more appealing to target
consumers, he/she is doing an _________ of the product.
a. invention b. innovation c. alteration d. improvisation
18. A process of gathering, analyzing and dispensing information for tactical or strategic
a. Web browsing c. Enviroment learning
b. SWOT analysis d. Marketing strategy
19. The classification of a city that has a minimun population of 200,00 inhabitants and earns at
leat 350 million pesos.
a. urbanized b. not urbanized c. highly urbanized d. less urbanized
20. The classification of a city that has a minimun population of 150,00 inhabitants and earns at
leat 350 million pesos.
a. independent b. component c. Dependent d. None is correct
21. To meet his resonsiblilities for long hours at work, an entrepreneur must maintain an optimum
a. self- confidence b. conceptural ability c. good health d. objective approach
22. Entrepreneurs are quick thinkers that they can easily identify the root of all their problems
together with the conceptualization of the solutions for all these.
a. emotional stability b. conceptural ability c. sense of urgency d. none of this.
23. An entrepreneur has discipline. He is able to focus on this goals by not letting his weakness
overcome him.
a. self-control b. creativity c. courage d. high energy level
24. This gives an entrepreneur the opportunity to choose his own time for work.
a. energy and stamina b. flexibility of time c. family support d. none of these
25. The most abundant resources in the country.
a. natural resources b. human resources c. capital d. none of these
26. The most prominent feature of the body is _________
a. face b. legs c. shoulder d. waist
27. The main division of the body is the
a. hipline b. waistline c. shoulderline d. buttocks
28. What color combination uses only are color but of different values?
a. analogous b. monochromatic c. complementary d. split complementary
29. The color combination uses two colors which are opposite each other in the color wheel?
a. secondary b. primary c. complementary d. split complementary
30. Violet is a property of color which corresponds to _________
a. hue b. value c. intensity d. harmony
31. Which of the following suggest the pleasing combination of lines, colors, shapes and texture?
a. proportion b. harmony c. intensity d. value
32. From what point should items, specifically dresses, be balanced?
a. focal point b. end point c. side point d. all of these
33. The principle of design considered was the center of interest?
a. balance b. emphasis c. rhythm d. proportion
34. These lines give a soft beautiful and feminine effect. These lines are appropriate for persons
who are sweet, feminine and frail looking.
a. curved lines b. diagonal lines c. horizontal lines d. slanting lines
35. Lines that give a soft, beautiful and feminine effect. These lines are appropriate for
person who are sweet, feminine and frail-looking.
a. diagonal lines b. vertical lines c. curved lines d. all of these
36. These are the lines formed in hemlines, waistline, or dartlines
a. construction lines b. shoulder line c. decorative line d. dotted line
37. The relation of the two areas of the body is called
a. proportion b. silhouette c. figure d. appearance
38. It gives special effects on figures and personalities. It makes a person look big while some
give the illusion of reduced size.
a. lines b. color c. texture d. none of these

39. The brightness or dullness of a color.
a. intensity b. value c. hue d. scheme
40. Refers to the continuity of eye movement.
a. proportion b. rhythm c. emphasis d. balance

Test II. Enumeration. Enumerate the following:

1 2 Types of lines
3 4 Two main division of the body
5 9 Principles of design
10 14 Construction lines in a dress
15 17 Properties of color
18 19 Elements of design

Good Luck!

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