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the game to sustain.

Y Dao
Jon Lacar
Virginia Reinauer
David Shin
A highly interactive game application to teach elementary
school students about recycling and composting
Content shall prove to educate and instill facts
and information.
Content shall be worthwhile and instill
awareness for outside world.
Content shall have a lasting effect.
Content is easy to grasp.
Content is relevant and trendy.
Students are able to create personal avatars and earn
points from the games to customize their characters
Flower Power
Help clean up the garden by dragging com-
postables to the fower to help it grow.
Trash on The Trail
Follow the path and click on the recyclables and
compostables to answer questions and earn points.
Grubbish Blast
Shoot copostables to connect 3 or more together to
make them disappear. Players must clear the wall
before it gets to the bottom of the screen.
Match the recycled and compostable items with the
correct disposal.
Find the correct ingredients indicated from the reci-
pes to make drinks. Only compostable
items will blend. Judges give thumbs up for a cor-
rect drink to earn points.
Sorting Super Star
Drag the moving compostables and recycling into
the correct bins to earn points.
Character Stats
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Spencer is an active elementary school student inter-
ested in bugs and nature. His parents are both
science teachers. He would enjoy the Trash on the
Trail game because he would feel like he was clean-
ing up the home of his beloved bugs.
Age: 10
-bug wrangling
-looking at microscopes
-finding things in ISPY
Spencer Lewis
On average, how many alumi-
num soda cans are used in the
United States each year?
A. 90 million
B. 80 billion
C. 120 million
D. 3 billion
Emily is shy and sweet. She loves animals and apple
juice. Her game would be Flower Power, where she
can take her compassionate tendencies and direct
them towards help this fower grow by feeding it
compostable and cleaning the fowers home of
Age: 9
-banagram playing
Emily Waters
Deshawnas favorite subject is lunch. Her parents say
if you ever need to fnd her, look in a kitchen. The
game for her would be Blendables, where the object
of the game is to mix up smoothies from compostable
items making sure to avoid recyclable ones.
Age: 10
-playing dress up
-sneaking into her mothers
makeup collection
Deshawna Smith
Coconut Ice Cream:
1 coconut
1/2 cup of blueberries
2 parts ice
4 parts cream
ZachAttack, much to his mothers dismay, is an explo-
sion fanatic. The fourth of July is his favorite holiday.
Grubbish Blast would be right up his alley, a game
where compost and recycling items are shot out of a
cannon, connect three of a kind and earn points.
Age: 11
-being a pyromaniac
-putting impromptu per-
formances involving his
Star Wars action figures
Zachary Grey
Mia, as shes known to her friends, delights in things
beings ordered. She even sorts all her m&ms in
different color piles. She is without a doubt a sorting
superstar, a game where she can use her affnity of
tidiness to help sort out compost and recycling.
Age: 12
-color coordinating her closet
-ballet classes
-feeling superior because her
room is prettier than her little
Amelia Jones
Lucas is a serious kid. He plays the cello, and was the
youngest member of his neighborhood chess team.
He reveals in a good strategy. The game that would
play to his analytical strengths is Grubmatch, where
he can match pictures with corresponding letters to
achieve the title of Grand master of Grubmatch.
Age: 10
-playing Magic The Gathering
Lucas Whitworth
Visual Identity
Usability Testing
The graphics and illustrations used created a positive response, with users giving feed back that
the visuals felt appropriate for elementary school students
During the game testing, users found it simple enough for children to play and enjoyed the
types of game play styles
During the navigation a user pointed out that there was no way to go back to a previously
visited menu
During the testing of the game Blendable users pointed out that this game might infuence
kids to blend recycling as well as rotten food
The product was tested by asking potential users to interact with the application using a paper
Navigation was tested by the user going through the application as they saw ft while the tester
changed the paper screens to what the user was on
Games were tested only when the user navigated to that option. when the user selected the
game, mock up game pieces were used to simulate the gameplay
thank you.