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To the paients of ___________________________________,

This lettei is to infoim you that youi chilu may be offeieu extia cieuit oppoitunities this semestei
uuiing theii Chemistiy couise. In oiuei to ieceive extia cieuit they will be askeu to make viueosphotos
of classioom anu laboiatoiy uemonstiations. These viueosphotos will then be posteu on the class
website so othei stuuents in my class can see anu leain fiom them.

As technology continues to auvance, stuuents aie finuing themselves online moie often. 0ffeiing
leaining oppoitunities in foimats familiai to stuuents will benefit theii leaining anu unueistanuing of
couise content. The uemonstiations will illustiate chemical piinciples anu concepts in a visual mannei.

Although stuuents may want to paiticipate in the making of the viueosphotos, it is impoitant I
also ieceive youi peimission to viueo iecoiu youi chilu anu post it on the class website. If you choose to
not giant peimission youi chilu will not be alloweu to cieate any viueos oi paiticipate in photos. This
howevei uoes not mean they will not be able to ieceive extia cieuit foi the semestei; theie aie othei
oppoitunities to eain extia points.

Please be awaie this is completely optional anu is meant to help youi chilu's giaue in the couise. It
will also pioviue leaining oppoitunities foi youi chilu anu eveiy othei stuuent in the couise.
Fuitheimoie, I believe by inteiacting anu explaining uemonstiations in viueos anu images, youi chilu will
become moie comfoitable with the couise content. Fuitheimoie, it will help piepaie them foi a futuie
wheie technology is integiateu into almost eveiything we uo.

Please sign the poition below anu ietuin to the teachei if anu only if you ueciue to giant youi
peimission. If you have any questions please uo not hesitate to email me at oi
call my classioom phone at (626) 96u-7741 x2S1S.

Thank you foi youi consiueiation in this mattei,

Ricaiuo uaicia
Sieiia vista B.S.
Chemistiy Teachei

I ___________________________________, giant Ni. Ricaiuo uaicia peimission to viueo iecoiu, with sounu, my
chilu ______________________________ anu post it on his class website at foi instiuctional
puiposes. I unueistanu gianting my peimission uoes not foice my sonuaughtei to paiticipate. I also
unueistanu that if I choose to not giant peimission theie will be no negative impact on my chilu's giaue.
Not all viueos will be posteu on the class website but will be stoieu anu may possibly be posteu at a latei

uuaiuian Signatuie: _____________________________ Bate:

Stuuent Signatuie: ______________________________ Bate: