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Class 9th Computer Guess Paper 2011

Q1: Choose the best answers: (15)
1. _______________ is a program that controls and supervises the operations of the computer.
a. D o s
b. Operating System
c. Programming System
d. None of the above
2. The base of octal number system is ___________.
a. 2
b. 8
c. 10
d. 16
3. ____________ is a pointing device.
A Joy stick
b. Scanner
c. Track Ball
d. None of the above
4. The image or colour set in the background of the desktop is _______________.
a. Screen saver
b. Picture
c. Monogram
d. Wall paper
5. Laser printer and inkjet printer are example of ______________.
a. Line printer
b. Impact printer
c. Non impact printer
d. Wheel Printer.
6. The command that creates a new directories is ______________
a. make Dir
d. MKD
7. The command that can show current date in a prompt is __________________
a. Prompt$ date
b. Prompt
c. Prompt$p
d. Prompt$d
8. According to the distributive law:
a. A(B+C )=AB+AC
C. A(A+1)=A
9. Ram is _____________ memory.
a. Volatile memory
b. Non volatile
c. Permanent
d. None of above
10. Bus is a set of____________that is used as a communication path.
a. Wire
b. Processors
c. Register
d. None of above
11. The device that enables the computer to make a dialup networking is ______________.
a. Mouse
b. Monitor
c. Modem
d. Keyboard
12. _____________ is a characteristic of a monitor that affects the sharpness of an image.
a. Net pitch
b. Dot Pitch
c. Path Pitch
d. None of the above
13. Source program before translation is called____________________.
a. Source program
b. Object program
c. Assembly
d. None of the above.
14. _____________generation is called the generation of artificial intelligence.
a. 1st
b. 2nd
c. 3rd
d. 5th
15. Each byte is the combination of______________small unit called a bit.
a. 16
b. 10
c. 8
d. 18
NOTE: Attempt any 9 questions from this section, all questions carry equal marks (36)
Section "B"
1. Define a Port and describe its types?
2. Define the term hardware and software?
3. What is difference between a compiler and the interpreter?
4. Describe Low-level and High level language? Define keyboard and its division
5. Define data and briefly states its kinds also write their purpose?
6. Differentiate between an Analog computer and a digital computer?
7. What are the characteristics of 3rd or 2nd generation of computer?
8. Solve the following binary numbers?
a. (101101)2 + (1101011)2
b. 1101111 - 101101
c. (1001)2 x (101)2
d. 100011+110111
e. 1001/ 1010
9. What is the difference between DoS and windows operating system?
10. Convert the following numbers to their equivalent number system in the given base?
a. (11111011)2 = ( )10
b. (467)10 = ( )2
c. (1046)10 = ( )2
d. (673)8 = ( )10
e. (733)10 = ( )16
f. (4CA) = ( )
g. (999)10 = ( )16
h. (634)10 = ( )16
i. (987)10 = ( )8
j. (ABC)16 = ( )10
11. Write a note on any 5 of the following:
a.Printer and its types
b. Define variable and its types.
c. Transfer of control
d.Plotter and RAM
e. Control panel
f.Flow chart and its advantages.
12. write down the difference between any five of the following:
a. Implier and Complier
b. Internal and External command of DOS
c. Data & information
d. RAM and ROM
e. Impact and non impact printer
f. analogue and digital
13. Define a monitor and its types?
14. Construct the following truth table of the following De morgans theorem and check it. XY = X + Y
15. Use a Karnaugh map to simplify each of the given expressions:
b) AB + AB + AB
NOTE: Attempt any 2 questions from this section:
Q1a: Define an algorithm? What are the main steps involved in the solution of a problem?
b:Describe a minicomputer, a micro computer and a mainframe computer?

Q2a: What is a computer virus? How can you remove it from your disk?
b: What is meant by Windows? Describe the properties of Windows operating system?

Q3a: Draw generation table and describe the generations of computer?
b: What are the language translators? Explain each of them?
Q4: What are the laws of Boolean Algebra? State their various types?
Q5:Define a Backing storage Device and describe any two of them?