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To be completed by Supplier
Project Name : Supplier Concession No. :
Date Initiated : CONTRACTOR Job No. :
Supplier Name : Location :
Purchase Order No. : Supplier Identification No. :
Description of Deviation / Query Requested (define all attachments) :
Routine Urgent ( please turn over for definitions and instructions )
Proposed Action (define all attachments) :
Effect on Cost : Effect on Delivery :
Effect on Quality : Effect on Weight :
Requested By (name / position) :
Signature : Date :
To be completed by CONTRACTOR Requisitioning Engineer
Comments / Recommendations by Requisitioning Engineer :
Engineering Decision
Accept Accept (with comments) Reject Revision to Purchase Order
Requisitioning Engineer EHS/Q Manager Project Manager Client Approval (as required)
Date : Date : Date : Date :
COPY : Project Controls
Definitions :
The Concession Request form shall be marked 'URGENT' is the problem is likely to affect the works to be
performed within five (5) working days or as 'ROUTINE' if this is not the case.
Instructions to Supplier :
1 This form shall be used for obtaining approval from CONTRACTOR where Supplier seeks
any concession, waiver, relaxation, variation, change or deviation to or form the Purchase Order requirements.
2 This form shall not be used where a nonconformity has already been identified and not closed out.
3 Supplier shall sequentially number each concession request in the 'Supplier Identification
No.' box prior to submitting to CONTRACTOR and shall maintain a log of the numbers.
4 Where a concession request form is raised after Supplier's drawing/document has been accepted
by CONTRACTOR, the Concession Request number shall be referenced by Supplier in the drawing/document
revision control box.
5 Initial telephone or facsimile advice of the deviation request shall be followed up immediately with the
completed Supplier Concession Request form sent direct, preferably by facsimile to the
CONTRACTOR Project Office.
6 The Supplier shall direct the initial advice and the subsequent completed Supplier
Concession Request form to the appropriate CONTRACTOR Engineer located in the CONTRACTOR Project Office.
Address :
Telephone No. :
Facsimile No. :
( Please turn over )
( Continuation page )
7 On receipt of the completed Supplier Concession Request form, the Supplier shall
include the concession request in all the relevant Supplier's Manufacturer Data Report (MDR).