• Species

o Esorfs – the first civilized human like species on VaRul.

Esorfs were born in the land they named Aslaar. They believed in Falohej but not of his brother, Alhusteer, or their Father, LaHove. Esorfs have an extraordinary long life: can live thousands of years if not killed by the sword. They are also very great natural fighters with the sword and some can even wield Falohej’s Magic. These Esorfs were called Priests. Although this magic runs though everything in VaRul, it is strongest where more is need; such as forests, mountains, oceans, and lakes. Thus, this is where most of the Esorfs moved to and built great towers where their Priests, the ones who studied the way VaRul worked and all its secrets, lived. They built great cities on the plains and near rivers that were next to the forests and mountains. They would also mine the mountains and make great Mine Cities. Priests were exceptionally great magic wielders, and were incredibly smart. They would have one son, and they would spend their whole lives teaching him everything they knew. When the son was out on missions, the Priests usually would take in another disciple and teach him all the knowledge and fighting tactics he knew. Soon, there was a great group of elite fighting Esorfs. Esorfs are not God’s chosen species, and their souls do not go up to see LaHove. Instead, they wander Aslaar for eternity. It was a legend known to all Esorfs that there was a new species

coming some day, humans, and they would be the ones to rule the world.

First Esorfs - They started out like all species; in groups scattered across the land. Some of the groups combined and fairly soon, you have tribes spring up. It is impossible to say which tribe was the first in the land they called Aslaar, for even the earliest Esorfs cannot recall. It is known that there were five major tribes at first: MoHazaa, Traibujun, Pohclata, Abnasotre, and Leerantine. They were started all over the present day Awebruck. They grew and prospered there for many hundreds of years. They set up villages on the plains where they would farm the ground for any food they could find. Each tribe had about two to four villages. The five groups had turned into three now; The MoHazaan, Leerantines, and Palbrasiar. These three groups were chosen to lead the government of the land. The name of each group was chosen by the leaders’ name. Out of all his children, male or female, the eldest one inherits both name and the land to govern. Therefore, the name rarely changes and lasts for generations. The MoHazaa leader forced some people to go and explore this northern peninsula. They found some mountains where they thought would be a good place to settle, but it turned out that the land was desolate and nothing would grow there: no plants, no animals, no Magic. They called it the Morcane Peninsula. They

soon abandoned their colony and were persecuted amongst the Esorfs for trying such a foolish endeavor. This was in the year 407, which marked the year since the Great Union of the five tribes. Morcane was not explored until thousands of years later, when they were looking for the soon-to-be coming humans.
o Humans – The chosen species of LaHove. They believe in the

father LaHove, and that he is their savior and creator. They also believe in LaHove’s two magical sons: AlHusteer and Falohej. They weren’t, however, born with this knowledge. It was given to one human named Shalom. Shalom, therefore has the credit of being the first human to believe in God. LaHove wanted him to govern the humans and to lead them, so they, too, could believe in his awesome ways. In order to do this, LaHove granted Shalom great leadership skills so his people would believe him. *Humans were created on the eastern continent where they could be protected from the inevitable tyranny of the Esorfs. They were all scattered across this land until several groups formed. They all based their settlements on nearby rivers. All of these rivers end up at one spot, the ‘basin of life’ it is called. From here, there were three human groups that came together and parted their separate ways.