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146. Chapter not to apply to baggage.- The provisions of this Chapter
shall not apply to baggage.

147. Entry of coastal goods.- (1) The consignor of any coastal goods
shall present to the appropriate officer a bill of coastal goods in the form
prescribed by the Board.

(2) Every such consignor shall make a declaration on the bill of coastal
goods presented by him as to the truth of the contents thereof.

148. Coastal goods not to be loaded until bill relating thereto is
passed.- No vessel shall take on board any coastal goods until the bill relating to
such goods has been passed by the appropriate officer and delivered to the master
of the vessel by the consignor:

Provided that the appropriate officer may, in circumstances of
exceptional nature, on a written application by the master of the vessel, permit
loading of coastal goods pending the presentation and passing of bills relating to
such goods.

149. Clearance of coastal goods at destination.- (1) The master of a
vessel carrying any coastal goods shall carry on board the vessel all bills
delivered to him under section 148 and shall, within twenty-four hours of arrival
of the vessel at any customs-port or coastal port, deliver to the appropriate officer
all bills relating to the goods which are to be unloaded at that port.

(2) Where any coastal goods are unloaded at any port, the appropriate
officer shall permit their clearance if he is satisfied that they are entered in a bill
delivered to him under sub-section (1).

150. Declaration concerning coasting vessel which has touched
foreign post.- The master of a vessel carrying coastal goods which has touched
at any foreign port immediately before its arrival at a port of
[Bangladesh] shall
deliver, along with the bills referred to in section 149, a declaration stating that

Subs. by Act XXII of 1980, s. 11 (1) (a), for "Pakistan" w.e.f. 1st July 1980.

fact and indicating the particulars and specifications of the cargo, if any,
discharged or taken on board at such foreign port.

151. Cargo book.- (1) There shall be kept on board every coasting
vessel a cargo book stating the name of the vessel, the port at which she is
registered and the name of the master.

(2) It shall be the duty of the master of every coasting vessel to enter or
cause to be entered in the cargo book-

(a) the port to which and each voyage on which the vessel is bound ;

(b) the respective times of departure from every port of lading and
of arrival at every port of discharge ;

(c) the name of every port of lading and an account of all goods
taken on board at that port with a description of the packages
and the quantities and description of the goods contained therein
or stowed loose and the names of the respective shippers and the
consignees in so far as such particulars be ascertainable;

(d) the name of every port of discharge and the respective days on
which such goods or any of them are delivered out of such

(3) The entries relating to the loading and discharge of goods shall be
made respectively at the ports of lading and discharge.

(4) Every such master shall on demand produce the cargo book for the
inspection of the appropriate officer and such officer may make such note or
remark therein as he considers necessary.

152. Coastal goods not to be loaded or unloaded except at customs-
port or coastal port.- No coastal goods shall be loaded on, or unloaded from,
any vessel at any port other than a customs-port or a coastal port declared under
section 9.

153. Coasting vessel to obtain written orders before departure.- (1)
No coasting vessel which has brought or loaded any coastal goods at a customs-
port or coastal port shall depart from such port until a written order to that effect
has been given by the appropriate officer.

(2) No such order shall be given until -

(a) the master of the vessel has answered the questions, if any, put
to him;

(b) all charges and penalties, if any, payable in respect of that vessel
or by its master have been paid or the payment secured by such
guarantee as the appropriate officer may direct.

154. Application of certain provisions of this Act to coastal goods.-
(1) Sections 64, 65 and 66 shall, so far as may be, apply to coastal goods as they
apply to imported goods or goods for export.
(2) Section 48 and 60 shall, so far as may be, apply to vessels carrying
coastal goods as they apply to vessels carrying imported goods or goods for

(3) The
[Government] may, by notification in the official Gazette, direct
that all or any of the other provisions of Chapter VII and the provisions of
section 78 shall apply to coastal goods or vessels carrying coastal goods with
such exceptions and modifications, if any, as may be specified in the notification.

155. Prohibition of the coastal trade of certain goods.- No goods shall
be carried coastwise or shipped as stores in a coasting vessel contrary to any
prohibition or restriction imposed by or under any law, nor shall such goods or
stores be brought to any place in
[Bangladesh] for the purpose of being so
carried or shipped.

Subs. by Act XXII of 1980, s. 11 (1) (b), for "Central Government" w.e.f. 1st July 1980.
Subs. by ibid. s. 11 (1) (a), for "Pakistan".