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AMS-500 Plus – Calisto

Early detection of transformer incipient Oil immersed PTFE fibers. RS-232 ports (2)
faults using continuous monitoring Analog 4-20 mA isolated outputs (2)
of dissolved hydrogen. Predictive DETECTION TECHNOLOGY See below for optional communication
maintenance action triggering using Proprietary TCD cell for hydrogen. features
continuous monitoring of dissolved Oil-immersed RS capacitive sensor
water content. for water. ALARMS
RANGE CALIBRATION Two programmable alarm levels
0 to 50000 ppm of dissolved Field calibration not required. with corresponding NO/NC solid
hydrogen in oil. OIL CIRCULATION state relays rated 10A @ 250 Vac.
0 to 100% RS, displayed in %RS Solenoid pump, 30-240 ml/min Water:
at 25ºC, PPM, or %RS at specific (0.01 to 0.06 gpm) flow rate, pulsing. Two programmable alarm levels
transformer temperature (temperature Inlet line to monitor: activating NO/NC solid state relay
input to monitor required), for 3/8" OD copper (or S.S.) tubing with rated 10A @ 250 Vac.
dissolved water in oil. brass compression fitting. STANDARD FEATURES
INTERFERENCES (H2 MEASUREMENT) Return line to transformer: • Separate hydrogen & water
+0.5% or less for carbon monoxide. 1/4" OD copper (or S.S.) tubing with measurements
Less than 0.1% for all other fault brass compression fitting. • 8-Digit LCD display
and atmospheric gases. PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS • RS-232 ports (2)
Width . . . . . . . . . . . 14.0 in/356 mm • Microcontroller based electronics
STEP RESPONSE • Oil & box temp. conditioning
Instantaneous at start of step. Depth . . . . . . . . . . . 10.4 in/264 mm
Height . . . . . . . . . . 16.0 in/406 mm • Oil circulation
Better than 50% of step change • Windows based configuration
after 60 minutes for hydrogen. Operating weight. . . . 50.0 lb/23 kg
Shipping weight. . . . . 65.0 lb/30 kg software
Better than 90% of step change • Users’ manual
after 5 minutes for water. ENCLOSURE MATERIAL • One-year Warranty
REPEATABILITY 14-gauge stainless steel.
Better than 5% or 5 ppm, whichever POWER REQUIREMENTS • Extended warranty
is greater, for hydrogen. All lines single phase, line to neutral. • Isolated RS-485
Better than 2% or 2 ppm, whichever 90/264 VAC 47-63 Hz, universal communication port
is greater, for water. power input, 150 watts. • V90 Modem
SENSITIVITY • Ethernet Communication Board
Better than 5 ppm in oil for hydrogen • PC based data trending software
OTHER MSS PRODUCTS Thermo-electric elements, 40 Watts,
Better than 2 ppm in oil for water • Outdoor Spread Spectrum Wireless
electronically controlled.
Data Transceiver and antenna
PORTABLE MULTIGAS DATA UPDATES • Indoor Spread Spectrum Wireless
ANALYZER TFGA-P200 Validated (hydrogen): maximum First stage: passive counter-flow heat Data Transceiver and antenna
update frequency of 8 times per day. exchanger. • Fiber-Optic transceiver
FAULT GAS PROBE GP-100 Continuous (hydrogen and water): Second stage: thermo-electric * Some options may require connection
DISSOLVED MOISTURE maximum update frequency of 0.2 Hz. elements, 40 Watts, electronically to one of the standard RS-232 ports.


Unlimited probe lifetime in oil. SAFETY Morgan Schaffer Systems' Calisto
PORTABLE HYDROGEN Unlimited hydrogen sensor lifetime. Complete shutdown using fusible monitor is backed by a 12-month
ANALYZER PHA-1000 Unlimited moisture sensor lifetime. thermal link rated at 76 ºC. factory warranty. Calisto and other
Operating ambient temperature range MSS monitoring systems are available
TRANSFORMER OIL (ºC): -40 to 55 (1). READOUT AND through Morgan Schaffer Systems'
ANALYST SOFTWARE Operating oil temperature range (ºC): DATA MANAGEMENT worldwide network of authorized
-40 to 120 at monitor input valve. 8-Digit LCD display. distributors and agents.
Storage temperature range (ºC): -30/75. Data storage capacity: 1500 records.
NOTE: Continuing research and improvements
Pressure withstand (oil phase): may result in specification or appearance changes
vacuum/40 psig. at any time.
(1) Ambient conditions up to 65 °C can be
achieved using special factory setup.

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Dissolved Hydrogen and Water Monitor

AMS-500 Plus – Calisto High accuracy IED for transformer fault detection
and moisture monitoring

Calisto is a high accuracy IED (Intelligent

Electronic Device) designed to detect incipient
faults and monitor moisture content in
critical oil-filled transformers. The instrument
is specially designed to withstand extreme
environments and to be easily integrated to
SCADA and larger transformer/sub-station
monitoring systems.


Hydrogen is produced to a greater or lesser extent by all transformer faults. Calisto measures dissolved
hydrogen continuously and accurately. Installing Calisto on your critical transformers guarantees that
developing incipient faults will be detected at their earliest stage thus reducing unplanned outages and
the possibilities of catastrophic failures.


Insulation integrity is vital to your transformer's operation. Moisture content can quietly build up to the point
where serious deterioration to the paper/oil system can arise, leading to major transformer problems. Calisto
detects and monitors the evolution of dissolved water and is therefore an invaluable tool in assessing insulation
integrity on a continuous basis.

MORGAN SCHAFFER SYSTEMS leads the way in providing the electrical industry, worldwide, with reliable field
instruments for the early detection and diagnosis of faults in oil-filled electrical equipment.
Dissolved Hydrogen and Water Monitor

Calisto is Morgan Schaffer’s newest IED for monitoring
dissolved hydrogen and water in oil. Based on more than 10
years of experience in the manufacturing of on-line monitors
and portable gas analyzers, Calisto uses Morgan Schaffer’s
latest developments in dissolved hydrogen and water
measurement technologies to offer unequalled measuring
performance, especially at low concentrations.
Calisto: the future
of predictive
Hydrogen is a reliable indicator of a recent or existing fault Calisto can be delivered with today’s
as it is produced to a greater or lesser extent by all fault types. most popular communication
Hydrogen’s low solubility in oil and high diffusibility facilitate packages. Standard features include
its detection at low concentrations thus providing the earliest isolated 4-20 mA output signals Calisto offers a wide range
warning of the presence of a fault. Installing Calisto on (hydrogen and water) and two of telecommunication options,
critical transformers gurantees that low levels of dissolved RS-232 communication ports (local including wireless connection.
hydrogen will be detected as soon as an incipient fault and remote communication). Event monitoring (alarm
appears. Calisto will prevent equipment failure and extend on/off) is also standard via high capacity dry-contact relays.
transformer life duration. Options include an isolated RS-485 port, a V90 modem,
a fiber optic module and Ethernet commmunication.
WATER-IN-OIL MONITORING Spread spectrum wireless communication modules are also
In combination with polar products and acids, dissolved available when minimum costs of installation and wiring
water can significantly affect the dielectric properties of are required.
insulating fluids and materials. Monitoring dissolved water
over an extended period of time and taking proper action Hydrogen vs Time
after a sudden or abnormal increase in dissolved water 500
Transformer shutdown
will extend the life, performance and serviceability of 400
Hydrogen (ppm)

oil-filled equipment. 300

Gas relay alarm

AMS-500 Plus alarm

The most important source of interference on dissolved gas
sensors comes from the environment.Varying ambient and 12/23/94 12/30/94 1/6/95

oil temperatures significantly affect the solubility and diffusion Date

rates of dissolved fault gases thus creating baseline drift and Inadvertent core ground on 360 MVA step-up transformer is
caught by AMS-500 Plus monitor.
signal oscillation.This often limits the ability of the sensors
to monitor low levels of fault gases. Calisto features highly
efficient passive and thermo-electric temperature conditioning Dissolved Water vs Time

modules which eliminate interference from varying oil and

ambient temperatures.This leads to unequalled sensitivity,
Water (ppm)

repeatability and long term stability.The result: amazing fault

detection performance, especially at low concentrations. 100


23/07/98 10/08/98 28/08/98


Stirring of free water during re-inhibiting operation suddenly

increases moisture content in 700 MVA transformer. Event
is caught by AMS-500 Plus monitor and degassing/drying
operation is scheduled right away.
AMS-500 Plus – Calisto
Calisto’s hydrogen
detector uses proven COST BENEFITS
thermal conductivity
technology which Operating and capital costs as well as consequential damages can be
provides laboratory- avoided by using Calisto on all critical transformers:
like sensitivity and
reliability in a field • Reduce unplanned outages
instrument. • Prevent irremediable solid insulation deterioration
• Reduce down time on false alarms
• Optimize your maintenance schedule
• Better control load on equipment known to have faults
• Prevent equipment failure and production losses
• Monitor critical equipment continuously
On-line monitoring of dissolved hydrogen requires that
sensors be continuously in contact with representative oil
from the transformer to react quickly upon variations in
gas concentrations. In order to guarantee accuracy and fast
• Unit can be field installed in less than 2 hours
responses on fault on-sets, Calisto features its own oil
circulation system (small, 10 year MTBF, internal 60 mL/min • Easily integrated to existing data acquisition
circulation pump). or transformer/sub-station monitoring systems
• Reliable, accurate and stable signals
GAS EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY • Eliminates sampling and analysis for water
Dissolved hydrogen is continuously extracted by a specially content
designed probe made of PTFE capillary tubes. Hydrogen diffuses • Fast response on fault on-sets
in the capillary tubes to form a gas sample inside the probe. • Unit withstands vacuum
Once the probe is filled and stabilized, any change in hydrogen
concentration in the oil modifies the equilibrium in the probe
immediately. Hydrogen concentration is measured using a
specially designed thermal conductivity detector. FEATURES
• Low cost
Dissolved water is measured using high-end IC technology. • Hydrogen specific
Content can be reported in parts per million (ppm), %RS • Continuous water monitoring
at 25 ºC or %RS at a specific transformer temperature(1).This • High sensitivity and wide range
measurement combined with the continuous measurement • Continuous oil circulation
of dissolved hydrogen, makes the Calisto IED one of the most • Proven MSS gas extraction technology
effective instruments for the low cost prevention of transformer • RS-232 and 4-20 mA output ports.
failures and early aging for utilities worldwide. • Optional RS-485, wireless RS-232
(1) Temperature input to monitor is required to use this mode. and Ethernet configurations

Eliminate sampling and analysis for OR AT THE LABORATORY.
water content, use Calisto