... through Bertha Dudde
Rejecting the strength of love was the ‘sin’ ....
f !ou are s"o#en to fro$ a%ove it is a sign of &! never'ending
love which ta#es "it! u"on hu$anit! and wants to co$e to their
aid .... (nd this love will alwa!s and forever a""l! to !ou) for !ou
are also "art of Me) even though !ou followed &! adversar! into
the a%!ss of !our own free will.
*evertheless) !our fundamental nature is love. (nd will not
rest until !ou have changed !ourselves into !our funda$ental
nature again.
+o if !ou are now s"o#en to fro$ a%ove !ou will also recognise
%! &! address that it can onl! %e the wor# of a good power) for
onl! ever endeavour to cultivate love in !ou and to refer !ou to
,esus -hrist and .is act of +alvation) since then !ou will travel
the right "ath which results in !our change while !ou are still on
this earth.
.ence !ou should not dou%t the origin of that which co$es to
!ou fro$ a%ove .... ts content cannot %e an!thing %ut good)
and thus it $ust %e free fro$ error .... For !ou are taught %! the
Eternal Truth Itself and can %e co$"letel! confident that It will
not offer !ou $isguided teachings.
But during the last da!s this assurance is a%solutel! essential) for
it is even intended to $a#e &! light %earers dou%t the
truthfulness of their $essages. /et let it %e sufficient for !ou to
#now that &!self "rotect &! %earers of light fro$ all errors.
For who else can give !ou the guarantee for "ure truth if not
&!self) Who #nows their will and their desire for truth0
1i$e and again sa! to !ou that the adversar!’s wor#ing is
es"eciall! ai$ed at those of you who want to s"read the
light .... that he intends to "revent this and therefore avails
hi$self of all $eans in order to cast dou%ts into "eo"le’s hearts
regarding the truthfulness of these "rocla$ations ....
/et My influence) too) will %eco$e $ore and $ore evident.
will ever $ore o%viousl! highlight the error he has "ushed !ou
into) for his ai$ is to "revent !ou fro$ #nowing the truth ....
although he will not succeed with those who genuinel! desire the
(nd thus ever!one $ust seriousl! scrutinise hi$self as to
whether he desires the "ure truth .... in that case he cannot %e
$isled an!$ore2 he will recognise it and li%erate hi$self fro$
The moment of creation was an act of incomparable bliss
for Myself as well as for My bearer of light, for the
products of his will and My strength of love were so
extraordinarily magnificently shaped that they made both
of us indescribably happy so that the light bearer’s love
for Me flared up ever brighter.
For the sa$e creative "ower was inherent in the$ .... the! were
a%le to ta#e "leasure in it and li#ewise activel! fashion s"iritual
creations) there%! raising their %lissful ha""iness %e!ond
f therefore state the fact that these created %eings did not lac#
an!thing) that the! were all e3ternalised in &! i$age and that
the! were a%le to wor# and %e creativel! active as long as the!
were "er$eated %! &! light of love .... then it $ust also %e
o%vious to !ou
that the! forfeited their activit! when the! rejected this flow of
My strength of love ....
that the! there%! lost their light) their realisation) so that their
thin#ing %eca$e confused and the! were no longer ca"a%le of
%eing active ....
that the! hardened %ut were nevertheless &! once e$anated
strength which therefore resha"ed into creations of the $ost
varied #inds ....
1his "rocess has %een descri%ed to !ou so often alread! and !ou
can acce"t this as the "urest truth) !ou can unhesitatingl! acce"t
that onl! the rejection of My strength of love was the sin
against &e) since the %rightest light was #indled in the$ in which
the! were entirel! aware of the i$"lications of their re%ellion.
-onse4uentl!) will also highlight the $isguided notion of an!
"ortra!al that determined or caused the fall of the %earer of
light as well as the fallen %eings.
(ll %eings acted according to &! will until the! rejected the flow
of &! strength of love.
But this also resulted in the hardening of the s"iritual
su%stance .... and the strength once e$anated as a %eing had
to %eco$e active in different wa!s) which ha""ened through the
dissolution of the su%stance into tin! "articles and thus -reation
e$erged fro$ these.
Onl! fro$ then on did the %eing have to fight against all #inds of
o%stacles) since it had to overco$e the$ in order to develo"
higher again.
1he activit! of the non'fallen %eings consisted of using the
strength flowing fro$ &e to the$ .... %ut these %eings were in a
state of %rightest enlighten$ent .... hence in a state of
realisation .... and therefore these %eings used nothing else %ut
what was according to &! will ....
(s long as the %eing re$ained faithful to &e it wor#ed and
created in &! will. But when it turned awa! fro$ &e it lost the
strength for creating and sha"ing. t hardened and re$ained
inactive .... which then resulted in the e$ergence of -reation.
certainl! #new fro$ the ver! %eginning that 5ucifer and the
%eings would fall and) for sa#e of his free will) did not sto" hi$.
*evertheless) too# no "art in it %ecause had granted the
%earer of light .... 5ucifer .... the sa$e "ower) and neither did
li$it it) so that he was a%le to do an!thing he wanted to do ....
(nd so it was "ossi%le for hi$ to "ersuade the %eings to fall awa!
fro$ &e in order to create a second world) in a $anner of
s"ea#ing) a world in co$"lete o""osition to &e ....
/et all this was onl! "ossi%le %! closing hi$self .... and
afterwards also his followers .... to the flow of &! strength of
love .... +o the rejection of &! strength of love was the actual
sin) for it was ai$ed against Me Myself) since the %eings were
utterl! enlightened regarding their "ast origin fro$ &e.
1he fact that the %eings’ thin#ing a%ilit! e3"ressed itself in a
co$"letel! o""osite will to &ine) that it gave rise to so$ething
utterl! adverse to God) did not originate fro$ Me) however) the
rejection of &! strength of love resulted in this wrong direction of
will %ecause it signified s"iritual dar#ness) s"iritual %lindness.
Fro$ then on 5ucifer %eca$e &! direct o""osite who was a%le to
transfer all evil thoughts .... which originated fro$ hi$self ....
onto the %eings.
For fro$ the $o$ent the! consciousl! rejected &! love he
gained full control over these %eings and #e"t it until let
-reation arise in order to snatch the$ fro$ his "ower and to
inaugurate the "rocess of return.
But then the %eings had to travel a "ainful "ath until the! .... in
the stage of self'awareness and free will as a hu$an %eing ....
were a%le to dis"el all their wrong thoughts) co$"letel! change
their will and utterl! deif! the$selves again. 1hus the! $ust
discard ever!thing of a satanic nature and) of their own free will)
strive towards the divine.
1his alone alread! "roves that evil cannot originate fro$ &e or
could not %e called divine) since only good can %e understood
%! it .... that light and dar#ness cannot e3ist at the same time)
that do not incor"orate love and hate .... in short) all
opposites within Myself.
1he free will was indeed a%le to choose %etween &e or &!
adversar!) %ut he was alread! evil when he %eca$e &!
adversary .... and then also created ever!thing that was in
o""osition to &e .... as he was a "ower li#e &!self was .... with
the e3ce"tion that he had a %eginning.
1he worst dece"tion used %! &! adversar! is to $a#e !ou
%elieve that ever!thing of an evil nature originates fro$ &e as
well. 1his is wh! re"eatedl! draw !our attention to the fact that
the actual sin was .... the rejection of My strength of love)
%ecause this caused the state of confusion in the %eings .... the
state in which the! refused ever! #ind of activit! according to &!
will and therefore were dissolved and %ound in all #inds of
For it is the law of eternit! that &! e$anated strength $ust
%eco$e active .... that this strength $ust voluntaril! %e
re4uested again in order to ena%le the re'transfor$ation into a
"erfect %eing.
1hat these i$"lanted thoughts in the %eing originate fro$ 5ucifer
and thus $ust %e fought against during the ti$e of e$%odi$ent
as a hu$an %eing has) through &! love) %eco$e the "rocess
which is intended to turn the ‘creatures’ into God’s true ‘children’.
(nd thus 5ucifer unwittingl! ta#es an active "art in this "rocess
of return) which certainl! foresaw fro$ the %eginning %ut
&!self have not destined hi$ to %eco$e &! direct o""osite)
%ecause he) too) was a free %eing which ca$e forth fro$ &e in
all "erfection ....
6u%lished %! friends of new revelations of God 7 nfor$ation)
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