Reconciliation Resource Ministries Fall 2007 Update

Thank you everyone for your prayer, concern, and support. Since there has

interest in what RRM is now doing, I thought I’d drop you a slightly longer newsletter. Much has happened since I last wrote.
been such an outpouring of concern for me and

Taste of Reconciliation
The Lord blessed RRM to bring together the Body of Christ in a powerful way! Taste of Reconciliation 2007 was like a mini Taste of Heaven (Rev.7:9) in that believers from many cultures and denominations came together for the common purpose of worshiping our Lord and to promote reconciliation and cooperation in the Body of Christ. We appreciate Living Springs and their Building Bridges Committee for hosting and co-sponsoring the event. The Building Bridges Committee (Marlene Garrot & Mary Marsh Dir’s) lined up the food & took care of most of the details. I also want to say thanks to our Program Director, Dorothy Huiesman, and the many others who pitched in to make this special evening possible. The food and fellowship was fabulous! Singers from Living Springs, Inglesia Comunidad Nueeva Vida, United Protestant Korean Church, Dexter Manley & the Zion Movement Corale, Kings Community Church, SS Chinese Church and others in a combined choir provided the special music. Pastor Roy Patterson and I shared. I believe we had over 500 come to The Taste of Reconciliation and more importantly many said they were blessed by this endeavor. The “Taste” was featured in October’s RCA Today October Bulletin insert. The racial make up of many south suburban villages are changing which presents both challenging issues and unusual opportunities for churches. Prayerfully, my 30 years of cross cultural experience can be of a help to churches facing these issues.

RRM was involved with three Vacation Bible School Programs. We also want to thank the children of First Reformed of Lansing and Crete Church for collecting donations for RRM during their VBS programs.

Once again we partnered with Galilee Baptist Church for their annual Back to School Rally in Roseland. We had about 150 come out for a time of fun, food, and sharing of the GOOD NEWS along with the distribution of school supplies. We were also able to resource other ministries in their efforts to demonstrate



Once again the Van Til’s opened up their farm to host a pumpkin patch hayride. We also partnered with Grace Reformed Youth Group and CPO (Chicagoland Prison Outreach) to get Urban Youth to this event. The kid’s (& moms from Roseland Christian Ministries Homeless Shelter) went on a “hayride” in the fields and then were allowed to Pick a pumpkin to decorate and take home. We then came back to the farm for games & food. My assistant Jeff Bryson shared “the Word” around the campfire. The kids had a great time. I was especially touched by the words of some of the homeless moms – they shared how quiet and refreshing it was to come out to Crete – and they expressed great gratitude for this activity.

As I write this we are geared up to help two Halloween Alternative Activities. A special thank you to those who are providing candy so we can get the Light of the GOOD NEWS out on this night that is most often thought of in terms of Darkness.

On Nov. 17 we will be distributing “Boxes of Love” (Thanksgiving Turkey, food, Bible, & material – donated by Campus Crusade’s Agape Center) as an evangelistic outreach. We are in need of additional food for Christian families that are going through a tough time financially. We prefer Canned hams so we don’t have to deal with Freezer issues. Due Nov. 15.

11/10/07 RRM’s Volunteer Training (see separate article). 12/17/07 TOYS DUE FOR “Christ the Greatest Gift” campaign. Let me know if you feel that you need the extra Sunday (Dec. 23) to collect toys - special arrangements can be made.

Rich Van Til donated an “inflatable bouncer”. Already it has helped with ministry outreaches to kids from Roseland (Chicago), Glenwood, Chicago Heights, and Ford Heights. As you know I have been working on a “shared resources” project to bless the Body of Christ especially in the area of

empowering churches to have evangelistic outreaches to their communities. Much more is needed and please contact me if you would like a list of supplies we are trying to get. Also, someone who attended the “Taste of Reconciliation” told me that they could probably get us a u-haul type of truck. Well I lost his business card (not only do I drive others crazy, I drive myself nuts also). IF YOU KNOW WHO THIS MAY BE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 3

I would also appreciate your prayers as I work to foster reconciliation, encourage ministers, and empower ministries.

Please pray for the kids of “Reese’s Refuge” these are neighborhood kids that enjoy hanging out at our house. Currently I pack our van on Wednesday nights to bring them to an “Olympians” Bible Club at East Hazel Crest Bible Church. We pray that they will grow strong in the Lord and be a witness in their community.

monthly activity that we have been calling “The Little Angels Club”. This is an area wide youth activity we sponsor for
We also have a Urban Youth, especially those who have suffered through a calamity. Let us know if you would like to sponsor one of these activities.

We would appreciate your prayers as Scott is helping establish several Basketball and Bible Programs. He is assisting CPO to start an outreach league at Living Springs CC. RRM also plans on starting both a Grade School and also a high school / adult “Basketball & Bible Programs” at a church in Chicago Heights.

A couple of the ministries that we are endeavoring to help have asked me if I could help spread the word about special needs.
NEW LIFE BAPTIST CHURCH is having problems with its gymnasium heaters. They are located on the ceiling so they are difficult to get to. The first step is diagnosing the problem and would appreciate help with this. LIVING WORD OUTREACH (of Chicago Heights) is looking for a couple of volunteers to help unload a truck of food that comes twice a month for their food program. (Preferably guys, and it is on a weekday late afternoon to early evening- 3 to 4 hours including waiting time for the

truck). They also have .






THE FORD HEIGHTS HOPE CENTER is a wonderful organization run by Robin Quinn. They recently have been able to secure a building on Lincoln Highway in the center of town. I am really impressed in what they are doing and am doing what I can to help them. They are in need of volunteers and also materials to rehab their building. A list of needed materials can be found at : .


Two other ministries that I work with are in need of special prayer:
THE SS CHINESE CHURCH: I have had the awesome privilege of preaching on a regular basis to this congregation for nearly 20 years. They are some of the most wonderful people that I have ever met and have a deep love for our Lord. They are now searching for a pastor. Please pray that the Lord will provide for this need soon and that the church will be used in a powerful way to bring the GOOD NEWS to the south suburban Chinese population. GALLILEE BAPTIST CHURCH: They are strategically located on Michigan Ave. in Roseland. They have a heart to reach out in love to their needy neighborhood. Thanks to the Liccar family, RRM is able to provide a meal there once a month for the homeless. I have been helping them in various ways for about a decade now. Their pastor, Rev. Joseph Kitchen started the church 34 years ago. For the last couple years he has had major health issues (Alzheimer’s and an amputated leg from diabetes complications) and has not been able to fulfill pastoral duties. His wife Kristine has MS and still works tirelessly to provide services to the community. At this point the congregation is small and they need wisdom on how to proceed. There is a strong difference of opinion within the congregation. Please pray that the will of God will be made plain.

In my last newsletter we asked for prayer for Fred’s salvation. Thank you for your prayers – the very day most of you received your newsletter (& prayed) Fred told Lisa that he was ready to put his trust in the Lord. His life has changed in many ways, in fact now that he is a Christian he thought he should marry his “girlfriend” of 13 years – I will be performing the ceremony on Nov. 3. Fred is a good father & they have six kids. He has completed a carpentry training class offered by CPO and has to wait several months to start a

carpenters apprentice class. Please pray that he will continue to grow in the Lord and that he will find a good paying job.

At this point I am only investing one afternoon a week to this. This week I created a website for a non profit organization ministering in Ford Heights. I strongly believe that the Internet is presenting a historic & low budget opportunity to get the GOOD NEWS to the lost. There are now over one billion people that have access to the Internet. More and more people are spending great amounts of time on the Internet. This advancement has far more potential than what the advancements of radio and TV brought to the kingdom. However for our Internet outreach to be truly effective, I would need volunteers and designated funds. I am praying for God’s direction on this.

MY 5




TOMMIE BEASLEY – God has completely transformed his life. He use to be a
drug dealer and criminal and now he is serving the Lord. He has been getting weary and losing focus of late, I’m concerned, please pray that he will be refreshed and continue his powerful witness. JEFF BRYSON – Jeff’s wife totaled their car while trying to avoid running over a young lady that was thrown out of a car here in the Heights. I am working with Jeff to develop his public speaking / preaching skills – he is now available to give his testimony or to speak to a youth group. JEANNIE WILLIAMS – Jeannie is having a difficult time finding a quality job. Being a single mom makes this even more challenging. She also is in need of a car and if anyone would like to bless her financially to help her get on her feet, it would be a wonderful thing. If she gets a car she is willing to represent RRM at both urban and suburban churches. Actually if RRM was a larger ministry we’d love to hire all three on at least a part time basis, if not full time. TOMMIE is gifted at ministering in areas that no one else wants to go to. He has a heart for the homeless, gang bangers, and drug/alcohol abusers as well as a desire to help those released from prison. JEFF is a very gifted youth speaker – especially sharing a message of HOPE to urban youth. JEANNIE has been blessed with a beautiful voice and has a heart for ministry and single moms. Last Sunday she sang at Hillside Community Church. Please contact me if you’d like her to sing at your church.

Please continue to pray for us that we will make a spiritual impact for the cause of Christ. I’d also appreciate your prayers for our financial needs. We are praying that during this holiday season that the needed funds will come in and firmly reestablish our ministry. This will also serve as a barometer if the Lord wants me to continue this ministry in a full time manner or not as my first responsibility is to provide for my family. Thanks to an awesome rescue by the Body of Christ, I am in much better condition to minister effectively and also to

share the vision and needs of RRM. We’re prayerful that God will touch the hearts of those HE desires to give to RRM. I noticed in our summer newsletter that I did not thank Crete Reformed Church for hosting RRM’s special Fund Raiser. We say thanks!!! Also I don’t know how to properly express my gratitude to Rich, Debbie, & Marcia for planning it and the 240 of you that came out that night to bless us. Due to this event, besides the funds raised that evening, we had two new people decide to become monthly donors, two raised their support level, and many more are now quite interested in our ministry and give as the Lord leads. We also had someone provide the funds to hire a part time secretary for us – we are very grateful! In my last newsletter I chronicled the miracles and answers of prayer and how First Reformed Church along with donations from Crete Church, Living Springs, & Grace Reformed completely remodeled the outside of our house. M&M Roofing did an excellent job and probably gave us special pricing. Four Seasons Heating & Air donated a new furnace and air conditioning unit, – so I’d like to put a plug in for these two businesses as well as Lansing Auto for fixing our car. The outpouring of concern & help has encouraged me greatly. My personal thank you note writing is still not what it should be, but we daily are just amazed when we think of God’s goodness…THANK YOU for stepping in and helping us in a special time of need. KATIE Has a wonderful spirit about her. Please pray for her spiritual protection. Due to the nature of my ministry she is often with kids that are way more advanced in worldly things and come from homes with different values. We are finding home schooling challenging with Lisa’s and my busy schedules. We are praying for God’s direction. LEXI We praise God for the wonderful work he has done in Lexi’s heart this past half a year. Lexi has a passion for youth ministry & is now a very active leader in an area youth group and is helping me with some intern work for RRM. SCOTT & LISA Please continue to pray for my wonderful wife. She has many pressures and challenges. I appreciate your concern for my health – I wish I could say I was 100% better, but I have seen improvement. My thyroid doctor just ordered additional tests so maybe I’ll have more to report next time. I have also made dietary changes and am now exercising in the early mornings. I am excited about what God is doing. The help that we received has been helping us get out of crisis mode and has made in easier to focus on our ministry endeavors.

Reconciliation Resource Ministries

Our volunteer training will be held at First Reformed Church of Lansing.

You can make a difference!
RRM Volunteer Training 11/10/07
Two Sessions:

9:30—10:30 a.m. 11:00—12:00 RRM’S Volunteer “How to use your Opportunities & Ministry computer to Projects share God’s Love to explained

* There are many ways you can make a difference by volunteering for RRM. We will share ideas for you to consider. The information for these two sessions will also be available in print form. If you can not attend, I can send you the information, just let me know.

Reconciliation Resource Ministries Scott Reese, Director 223 W. Memorial Drive Chicago Heights, I L. 60411

(708) 709-0469