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By Edward Coles - Jordan
Finding Some Time 4
Dues 5
Drunken Chord 6
Recurring Dream 7
I Told Him 8
Remission II 9
Cao Crisales !"
# $e% Home !!
Re&lacea'le !(
)issing *erson !+
Reired Home,maker !4
Homeless !5
The -ld Sage !6
# .ood Da/ !6
Hea0en is Full o1 #ngles !7
Daugher !8
Co2ee a 3aersones !9
*aradise Reco0er/ ("
Free 4o0e (!
3hen I Ha0e Children ((
Con0ersaions (+
#1er he Rain (4
)/ 5lackou Friend (6
6&on #r7s 3ake (7
4a m8lodie de la Ri0i9re (9
)/ Cure +"
5ra0e $e% 3orld +(
#&hrodie +4
)iss :ones +5
Finding Some Time
I sood on he cli2s o1 Ca'o .ir;o<
I %ached he 0illage sli& a%a/<
ino o he mouh o1 moher naure=
ino he sea o1 sal and s&ra/>
#nd in m/ 'ase'all ca&< I lean ou<
and hre% m/ ,shir o he sea<
I %as done %ih missing sunligh=
I %as done %ih auumn lea0es>
I headed ou o %armer climaes<
and I %as cradled in he sun>
I disco0ered ne% 'eginnings<
in he roos o1 5a'/lon>
The/ %his&ered hrough a/ahuasca<
as I 1orce,1ed m/sel1 he ea<
as I mal1uncioned in m/ 0ision=
as ne% 0oices came o 'e>
3e laughed on hrough he #ma?on<
and in he em&ied srees o1 Rome<
@arh had s%allo%ed he old kingdom=
no% all he land %as home>
-ld &ick,u& rucks are le1 o rus<
as all memories are alered>
# cigaree %ill em& m/ deah<
in 'reah so rushed and 1alered>
The 0oices le1 me '/ he high,rise<
on ha car,&ark< %e 'oh looked ou>
%e sa% he limi o1 he hori?on<
%e sa% a 1uure 1ull o1 dou'>
I ha0e ra0elled hrough he a1ermah<
and 1ound no one here a all>
# leas here7s &eace in m/ delusion<
kicking u& ashes 1rom he s&ra%l>
Ae< sill %ih all hese Buesions<
o1 %ha %as caused< under %hich name<
/ou sill send hem o eC&ire<
as I linger on /our ga?e>
I70e no seen /ou in a %hile no%<
/ou could 'e dead< or %orseD in &ain>
#ll I %an is o End ha @den<
and o see /our 1ace again>
The %airess sends signals in neon code<
hrough Chrismas illuminaions ha srech across
he car,&ark< and sraigh ino m/ 0odka orange>
She laughs hrough a%k%ard &laiudes<
and all he 'eards ha commen on her skir>
She7s %orking o make a li0ing=
some%here do%n he line>
I %ach as she scri''les &oer/ on old recei&s<
e/es glossing o0er he kechu& sains<
and ino he &assing o1 each momen>
I ho&e ha she is %riing o1 esca&e<
o1 'eer imes and 'eer slee&>
She %ill smash he glass ceiling<
and sa0e us 1rom he greenhouse e2ec>
5arione singers lure her ino ar<
ino he &romise o1 so1,heared men
%ih resilien chess>
The %airess %ais 1or a signal
o resar her li1e> There %ill 'e Fares
on he hori?on< here %ill 'e ne% lo0ers
leaning on heir cars in he sun>
She %ill Enall/ ge o si>
She %ill hank he %aier 1or her drink>
Drn!en C"ord
This 'eer %as 're%ed in *rague<
1ar 1rom hese crooked miles o1 eernal $o0em'er<
hese long %iners ha o1en
srech ou ino he 1all>
I hold his drink 'ecause I can7 hold /ou>
5ecause< all ha I %an is a 0ani/ rain'o%=
ha 1ossil o1 lo0e 'orn in music<
and again in our dou'led desires>
*la/ a drunken chord 1or me
as /ou se /our long Engers o he ke/s<
as /ou look o a 1uure ci/sca&e<
and 'egin o sing 1or he &as>
In 1aded sui< 0erse and rh/me<
I sill cling o /ou> # &oem o1 aCiderm/<
small 1orge,me,nos< and old lo0e7s okens=
he/ conErm ha /ou %ere here a all>
I se Fame o he *arisian ligher>
There is a ho&e in cro%ded 'reah<
/ou %ill 1eel near< or else 1urher a%a/=
%ih kno%ledge ha /ou %ill ne0er come 'ack>
Re#rring Dream
Some%here 1rom his hea0/ &resen
is a ligher mood< is a conEden :une=
is a glass o1 %hea 'eer on he 0eranda<
circling ice gians %ih m/ s%ee )iranda>
Some%here 1rom his lacklusre o%n
is a 1ogg/ ne% sar< a li1e li0ed hrough ar=
is he 1ull &oenial o1 human kindness<
as %e Enall/ see hrough his hird,e/e 'lindness>
Some%here 1rom hese 'ur/ing shees
li0es an auumn lo0e< %here deah and 'eau/ mee=
li0es an ocean s%ell o1 sheer inde&endence<
%here hunger is nourished< %ih all in aendance>
I Told $im
He asked me 1or m/ name<
and so I old him ha I los i
long ago< once men had
so&&ed calling me '/ i>
I old him ha m/ 1aher
onl/ kne% neck,ies and
em&lo/men 'inds=
ha lo0e and men can onl/ eCis
ogeher in he 'reahing s&aces
'e%een %ars> I old him
ha he #mericans o%n
he can/ons< and he Chinese
ma/ learn o mine he moon=
'u his hear is oo 1ull o1 %ine
o e0er End room 1or a man>
He looked con1used '/ m/ lack
o1 desire< and claimed ha li1e
mus ha0e long le1 me 'ehind>
I old him ha I slee& %ih he radio on
cha saions< s&ors ne%s< and nighs
s&en sinking ino &oeic &s/cho,'a''le<
and mis&laced ho&e> I old him o1 mediaion<
co2ee sho&s< and Sunda/ morning ea
o0er he laes 'iogra&hies> I old him
o1 m/ sk/ligh< 'leached in sun<
and o1 he sound o1 he rain u&on i>
I old him ha here are inEnie
&leasures< %hich can ou,li0e an orgasm>
I old him ha &h/sical lo0e is
Gus a selEsh gene<
a Eckle 1riend<
and a chalice o1 lead>
Aes< I old him all o1 his<
as he laid me ou on he 'ed>
Remission II
I am a lonel/ narcissis<
in a E< in a sruggle<
and sraining o eCis>
The almonds are sugared<
he &oaoesD sarched>
# hi&ser,dream
o1 hird,%orld colours<
sreched ou on m/ 'ack<
and lamening he disance o1 sars>
5um&er cara0ans o1 %eed and cherr/ cola 0acaions=
he/ Ell m/ mind in he coming o1 summer>
ThereHs 'eer 'oled ears<
and e/es le1 'loodsho<
in his 1e0ered remission
o a li1e %e 1orgo>
5u change< is change< is change=
IHm lisening o Ga?? and no hea0/ guiar<
and m/ eenage lo0er is a sacriEced cahedral
in he la/ing do%n o1 all arms>
Sill< IHm looking o sa/ so'er
1or a %eek or so< or more>
5u anoher da/< /ear or era o come=
1or no%< IHll Gus ge u& and o2 he Foor>
IHm sel1,o'sessed 'u de0oid o1 sel1<
in a rigid Fo% o1 car %indo% reFecions=
a 'od/ check o see i1 m/ shado% sill eCiss>
Ho% much does a shado% %eighI
'u ErsD %here can /ou ge me some 'lo%I
Aou see< I need o shar&en u& m/ am'iion=
o ha% ou in he 1ro?en sno%>
I canH 'e long< old 1riend<
'e1ore one o1 us succum's o addicion>
# heroin Ga%< or a healerHs mouh=
%ell< I su&&ose ha eiher o2er us
a 'ed o slee& in< and a &lace o mend>
I hink I see m/ li1e no%>
is &ur&le ligh is cas o2 in he disance>
I am coming o2 he chemo
1or a cou&le %eeks more=
I am com'ing he meado%s<
and I am asking 1or more>
Ca%o Cristales
He %ashed his hands in he Cao Crisales>
Fi0e colours o1 healing 'ruises &u o &asure
in his &ur&led 0eins> There %as 'lood again=
he had 'ecome a residen o1 @arh>
Facial hair had gro%n %ildl/ ino a hal1,'eard>
He scrached a i in he Colum'ian sun<
s%eaing in he lack o1 5riish rain<
and hinking o1 all he miles he had
&u 'e%een he %o>
HeHd s&en all his li1e com'ing he mirror>
Com'ing he mirror and eC&ecing change=
an esca&e 1rom 0ani/ &u'lishers and
cele'ri/ sna&shos> Com'ing he mirror<
and so nohing %ould e0er aler>
Searching his memories o1 hose *eru0ian &lains<
he sa% diagrams eched '/ @arh7s 1ormer residen>
He ook ou his 1olded noe'ook< and sared on
The 5rand $e% Tesamen< 'e1ore hro%ing
all he ashes ino he liBuid rain'o%=
ino he manle o1 omorro%>
& New $ome
Take me 1rom his 5riish land
o1 &hon/ &oliics and &rescri'ed 1reedom>
Take me 1rom hese eC&ensi0e ases
1or chea& %ine and cigarees=
ariEcial 1ood 1or a %aning a&&eie>
I do no %an o gro% old here<
and lamen &oholes and ca&&uccino 1roh>
Take me o ha %armer climae<
a slo%er &ace= %here lo0e is a 1riend<
and deah is no a 1ailure o1 am'iion>
Take me 1rom hese long %iners
o1 Fash,Foods o1 ears< once &olieness
Has ended and 'oredom kicks in> 4e me read<
Enall/ read< and %iness he sound=
IHll kno% %hen he 1ores has 1allen<
1or IHll 'e li0ing %ihin he lea0es>
Take me 1rom he o%ering masses
o1 concree< 'ill'oards< and sirens>
The high,srees sir and disrac aenion<
CallingJ 4a'our< Tor/< .od< and )one/J
IHs a eureka momen K a Fash in he &an>
Take me 1rom his 5riish land
-1 hard,earned cash 1or harder imes>
4e me End m/ &lace u&on moherHs crus<
3here oceans di0ide he ne% 1rom m/ old>
To %here &ro1ani/ 1ails o scale his 1eeling=
This ar o1 li0ing< his &lace 1or healing>
I1 I sruggle %ih he ans%er
1or he &rices o1 hese 'eers<
*lease le me ge on '/<
1or iHs a %onder IHm sill here>
3eHre s%arming hrough he headlighs
as %e make our %a/ hrough o%n<
he %omen EC heir heels and e/e,lines<
%hils he srees Ell u& %ih sound>
#nd I canH hink a'ou omorro%
o0er he loudness o1 m/ shir<
an imiaion o1 $e% Ha%aii=
:us hro% a rain'o% o0er hur>
Ae sill I7ll ha0e o sa/ Lhank /ouH<
as /ou hro% u& in m/ 1ace<
and hen IHll &our /ou anoher 0odka=
e0er/hing can 'e re&laced>
Missing Person
IHm Eling as a missing &erson<
1or all hese monhs IH0e s&en inside>
Des&ie he &ills ha IH0e 'een gi0en<
/ou can ne0er urn he ide>
#ll I %aned %as some 1reedom<
a chance o srech ou in he sun<
'u IHm ha0ing con0ersaions %ih he sree,lighs=
in0ening 1riends %hen here are none>
This 'us is 1ull o1 lonel/ &eo&le<
%hoHll cr/ onl/ cr/ ou in he dark<
1or all he dreams he/Hd le1 in high school=
he eenage lo0ers in he &ark>
3e onl/ send ou grae1ul leers<
once old 1riends ha0e mo0ed address<
and I canH Egh his slee& much longer<
%hils I am sraining o con1ess>
This li1e isnH %ha I %aned<
nor can I ho&e 1or an/hing more<
so I %ill sele 1or he sound o1
/ou coming o knock u&on m/ door>
T"e Retired $ome-ma!er
-h< min lea0es on a garnished drink<
a cockail chained o he kichen sink>
The %i1e has come o lose her name<
o a lo0e &la/ed ou like a guessing game>
She cleans his 1ee< his 1oo&rins oo<
'e1ore aking o he a0enue<
She is o2 o 'u/ a richer s/le<
o em&/ his &ockes= o make him smile>
The %i1e s%eas 'eneah he ceiling 1an<
agains he glass and he soles o1 man>
In he dark she dresses o mee his needs<
she7ll &lan his cro&s< and hen desro/ his %eeds>
She7ll caress his em&les in he nigh<
end o his knuckles a1er he Egh>
He %ill hank her %ih a shar& righ hook<
he7ll la/ do%n he la%= he7ll hro% do%n he 'ook>
The %i1e< she 'ends do%n o his %ill<
o his li0elihood< &a/ing he heaing 'ill>
She7ll &a/ he de's ha he acBuired<
1or an auonom/ o1 %ill< no% le1 eC&ired>
Ae< as she sares a her moral 1rame<
in her lonesome 'ed< she comes o dream again>
-h< 1or all o1 her &assion ha has come o 'e ame<
she has Enall/ sood= she remem'ers her name>
I canno recall he momen
ha sani/ 'ecame a %orking goal>
Drugs are eC&ensi0e<
lo0ers= e0en more so>
Some%here 'e%een all his<
IHll ha0e o learn o li0e>
The homeless are &ushed ou o1 o%n<
li0ing under %ailing rail%a/ 'ridges
ha send rain do%n hrough ri0es
like 'ulles>
#nd< I kee& &unching he clock
as i hroles @ros %ih slo% hands>
LSomeimes< Gus a smile is enoughH<
reads a card'oard &lacard<
'u I ha0enH cracked a smile
since I sared &o&&ing hese &ills>
T"e Old Sage
The old sage laid ou m/ li1e in egg shells and incense>
He old me ha I %as as much he smoke<
curling amids he radio %a0es<
as I %as he sheler o1 calcium<
and he cell o1 a 1ormer nes>
The old sage had no ouched an/one 1or /ears>
He said ha he could 1eel he sorro%
o1 one million 1aces in he monaser/
%ihou e0er needing o look> He said ha
human ouch had al%a/s come o 1ail him>
The old sage asked me o see ino he 1uure>
He laughed a m/ hel&lessness and hen
&oined o he sea> MSee here<N he said<
in some 'eckoning %isdom= M/ou can see
he %a0esH 1ae< 'e1ore heir conclusion>N
& Good Day
Here is a oas 1or a 1uure li1e
o1 1oreign seas and ca&i0aing %i1e>
I7ll %rie in he da/ %hils she is a%a/<
%e7ll ge drunk on good %ine<
%ih no de's le1 o &a/>
$ea)en is Fll o* &ngles
3orld o1 code=
and a 'rand ne%
I hold /ou close m/
dear< as /ou sum'le on hrough he dark nigh>
This kno%ledge
is hasening o 'ring m/ demise>
Aou si %ihin m/ &enameer<
so %hen did
I lose m/ &eace1ul mindI
I7m sill sruggling in &oer/< in Ending ar
amongs he 'urdens o1 he sree> Aou7re a&&l/ing sunscreen
o /our 'ack and shoulders< and hen
/ou7re 'asking in he hea o1 m/ asral 'each>
I7m sranded here
alone no%<
sending hese &oscards
o no%here a all> I ha0e gro%n ired
o1 his mere eCisence<
o1 1ading in he ci/ s&ra%l>
$o% )ahemaics
is he language o1 he uni0erse<
and %ill s&eak 1or
cenuries o come<
gra0i/ making sense
ou o1 chaos< and %ill alk 1ore0er o0er
he nuclear 'om'>
I7m learning
m/ sums again darling< I7m going 'ack
o a clean sae o1 mind< ho&ing o disco0er
an ans%er< o %h/ I7m
consanl/ 1alling
'ehind> 3hen I End he eBuaion I %ill
call /ou< and &ro1ess hem uno he sars<
a lo0e ne0er los
ranslaion< no% I %iness 'oh sea< and he source>
I heard %his&ers o1 a secre sound<
1rom #leCandria< hidden under he ground<
i %as he sead/ 'ea< 'ea< 'ea=
more like a hear'ea< han a 'us/ ci/ sree>
$o%< he/ old me once and he/ old me %ice<
ha all occasions are &la/ed ou hrice>
Three imes o1 &leasure and o1 hearache oo=
o1 a 'lood,hirs/ conBues< he &eo&le7s cou&>
I %as a glo'al a%akening< 1el in he 'irh
o1 a 'leak disregard 1or he markeing church<
a rini/ o1 &roE< o1 hea< ligh and gas=
o1 eenage lo0ers< 'eneah he under&ass>
3e sole hrough he 1armland<
I &ressed o /our ches=
%e sang o he auumn<
he coming o1 deah>
3e learned in science< o1 co0er desiuion<
&rosiued kno%ledge o sa0e he insiuion<
o1 rockes no% missiles and 1orce,1ed hough=
%here o&inions are roe< and all &oliicsD 'ough>
The %his&ers reurned in Sumerian sound<
aooed on m/ skin< aooed in he ground<
he/ came 'ack o me< in m/ dee&< dee& slee&=
gold hair descending 1rom he grea casle kee&>
I clim'ed 1rom m/ 'od/< led u& o he sk/<
as oceans gaher 1rom he ears ha I cr/<
in solemn disdain< 1or he conBues o1 man=
heir s/nheic %aseland< heir hree,/ear,&lan>
3e collided in memor/<
as ime %as sri&&ed a%a/<
1ore0er %e sa/ed here<
'eneah he &aciEc island s%a/>
I heard cacalls 1rom a sone,circle mound<
clear as cirus o he 'asse hound<
%hils :esus %as caugh dealing on he sree=
eCchanging num'ers %ih he %hores he7d mee>
$o%< he/ old me once and he/ old me %ice<
ha all occasions are &la/ed ou hrice<
hree lo0ers no% nohing 'u a saus u&dae=
oh< %e7re nohing 'u sla0es< Gus licking he &lae>
#n inro0er a%akening< he hree saes o1 %aer<
ho&ing one da/< o nurure a daugher>
To each her o1 lo0e %ihou an/ condiion=
o end o her srengh< o 'e her nuriion>
Co+ee &t ,aterstones
IHm r/ing m/ 'es no%>
I am lea0ing he house on occasions
and leing he sun sink ino m/ skin>
IHm old ha i is good 1or me<
and 1or once IHm %illing o lisen>
IHm %i&ing Fakes o1 &asr/
and &o%dered sugar 1rom m/ li&s>
#lmonds collec on he &lae 'eside me<
as I so& and hink o1 /ou o0er co2ee=
assessing ho% 1ar %eH0e come>
The 1olks in here are old>
The/ mo0e slo%er han he usual
rush ha is 1ound in he srees
'elo%= ne0er hinking< ne0er so&&ing<
and /e al%a/s asking 1or more>
I %onder %ha he/ hink o1 me>
I should 'e ou ha0ing seC< r/ing on
loud shirs and s&oring ca&s in he mirror<
%hils 'inge,drinking he 1ounain o1 /ouh<
and chasing i do%n %ih hol/ %ine>
Insead I si %ih hem< 1ro?en
in &lace %ih a noe'ook I donH deser0e>
I7ll &reend o enGo/ m/ macchiao<
%hils ho&ing /ou7ll ne0er End me ou>
*lease< le me 'ecome he 1urniure>
I hink deah is a&&roaching me>
I see i in he demise o1 &oer/<
and in he gre/ hair o1 he 'ook sho& lo/aliss>
I see i in heir ringed e/es<
as he/ look u&on me like some s&ecies o1 'ird
he/Hd long hough o ha0e gone eCinc>
Paradise Re#o)ery
Talk o me< oh summer7s da/<
&lease< li1 me 1rom m/ silence<
his &ained room
is an e0enual om'<
i1 /ou don7 lead he %a/>
Take me u& in &ur&led ligh<
&lease< 1ori1/ m/ garden<
his 'arren land
and his shi1ing sand<
i 'arricades m/ sigh>
So< %ih all he ime ha I ha0e le1<
here 'eas oali/ in m/ ches<
as I cling o all ha is su'lime<
I70e &aid m/ dues and ser0ed m/ ime>
#nd ime< ime al%a/s comes o m/ mind<
ho% shado%s lenghen and clocks %ill %ind<
'u I7ll arr/ 1or /ou< oh summer7s da/<
as /ou ake me 1rom m/ hear7s a2ra/>
Talk o me< oh childhood7s end<
&lease< gi1 me %ih /our %isdom<
his aro card
&redics a 1uure hard<
in he a'sence o1 a 1riend>
4o0e me no%< as I 1all and 'o%
a he merc/ o1 disco0er/<
I7ll ake %ih me
onl/ memories<
in his &aradise reco0er/>
Free -o)e
I me a %iling %hore '/ he roadside<
she %as 'are1oo and dro%ned '/ he ri&ide<
she said<
ha had s%allo%ed her u&
o0er he course o1 her ime>
I sa do%n 'eside her in he ru''le<
hu''le< 'u''le and a load o1 rou'le<
she said<
ha 'usiness mus come Ers<
so ha she doesn7 %ase m/ ime>
I old her I %as Gus anoher %ase<
anoher scra& o1 1ood %ihou he ase<
I said<
ha I %ould la/ %ih her<
and li0e %ihou clocks and no ime>
She %a0ed o2 kindness %ih her ruined hands<
she kne% no lo0e 'u cusomer demands<
she said<=
7no man has kissed me since
m/ 1aher ran ou o1 ime>7
3e alked 1or hours in he summer hea>
She %as hungr/< 'u she re1used o ea<
she said=
7o End 'eau/< I mus
kee& hin< and hen de1/ ime>7
# nigh she sum'led 'ack u& on her 1ee<
1or some loose,skinned man she7d &romised o mee<
she said<
Monigh I ha0e 1ound lo0e<
as i1 gi1ed 1rom all he sars a'o0e<
'u he ci/ 'ells ha0e 'egun o chime<
and I7m a1raid ha lo0e canno so& he ime>N
,"en I $a)e C"ildren
-h< 'lessed e/es o1 in1anc/<
unkno%a'le lo0e o1 miser/<
I %ill lend o /ou m/ 1aherl/ 1ace<
1or /our slee&/ 'reah
and all sin erased>
5e sill in sigh< make a man o1 me<
le me hold /ou close< m/ mimicr/>
I %ill lend o /ou misakes o1 m/ &as<
o de0our a lesson
ha is 'uil o las>
-h< 'rand ne% e/es o1 innocence<
Im&aien lo0e o1 m/ descen<
I %ill 1eign a srengh
ha IH0e ne0er &ossessed<
I %ill end o /our soul<
I %ill 'ea in /our ches>
)/ s%eehear once old me
a'ou he &assing o1 he moon<
ho% i akes an age o 'urn so 'righ<
hen gone a%a/ oo soon>
)/ 1aher once old me
a'ou he %his&er o1 he %ind<
ho% ghoss are soldiers le1 o die<
in 'rual %ar7s rescind>
)/ shaman once old me
a'ou colleci0e memor/ loss<
ho% i akes an age o 'uild a kingdom<
%hich s%i1l/ urns o moss>
)/ eacher once old me
a'ou coincidenal 'eau/<
ho% lo0e is 1ound in &aien 'liss
and cusodial du/>
)/ &en,&al once old me
a'ou ho% all o1 li1e is %ork<
ho% /ou mus oil< oil< oil he Eelds<
onl/ o end u& hur>
)/ moher once old me
a'ou he ruh 1ound on he coas<
ho% in a landlocked o%n< she 'uried hough
and missed m/ 1aher he mos>
)/ 'lackou 1riend once old me
ho% he re,in0ened sin<
ho% ruh is 'u an echo o1 hough
and grea delusion7s %in>
The ne%s anchor once old me
a'ou he 1alling o1 he o%ers<
ho% 'rohers 1ell under he m/hic s&ell
o1 dehumanising &o%ers>
)/ elecrician once old me
a'ou he sounds o1 a'andonmen<
ho% a million memories %ihin he halls<
are no% 'u hisories s&en>
)/ garden gnome once old me
a'ou .od %ihin he %eaher<
ho% %e raded in moonli &onds
1or car seas made o1 leaher>
)/ &s/chologis once old me
a'ou li0ing %ih de&ression<
ho% i akes an age o 1ace he da/
and a second 1or nigh7s o&&ression>
)/ 1ailed lo0e agreed %ih his
as she urned o %alk a%a/<
and 1or all he %ords I7d %rien do%n<
I had nohing le1 o sa/>
&*ter T"e Rain
#1er he rain<
here 'e Food o1 Go/<
here 'e &ianis Engers
sha&ing he ke/s< ending
sounds o solace>
There 'e sra/ dogs
1alling in lo0e
o0er rail%a/ racks<
here 'e dinners o1 ase
and %ine unending<
a1er he rain>
#1er he rain<
here 'e conEden sride<
here 'e sun ra/s milked
o0er cloud as I see da/ligh>
#1er he rain<
here 'e con1ei in he sk/<
here 'e cleaner 'lood<
cris& %ind and sal in he air>
There 'e long %alks
hrough he old &ark<
card'oard los o1 reasure
and a &eace1ul guiar<
a1er he rain>
#1er he rain<
here 'e 1aded scars<
here 'e o2,%hie reminders
o1 he &assing o1 %iner<
he ide o1 S&ring< as ears
come o0er in he &romise o1 da/>
5eau/ ha%ed ou
and urned o ice,%aer<
dulling he drink o1 #Buarius=
he &ours i ou o he need/ 0alle/s
and all he humans
%ih heir acBuired ases>
#1er he rain<
%e drink ogeher<
%e drink as one
and %e drink in one<
he dilued drink o1 he .ods<
a1er he rain>
#1er he rain<
I %rie %ih 1orce<
I %rie %ih 1oresigh
and a %i o sa/ sorr/>
#1er he rain<
here 'e no more anger<
here 'e no 'lame
1or se0ered 1riends
and eenage eCcess o1 lo0e
and urmoil>
#1er he rain<
here 'e no more %ase<
here 'e no &lasic eCisence
under he guise o1 hese %alls<
here 'e no Fag,%a0ing<
here 'e no elecion<
here 'e no she&herding
o1 senien ligh<
no endon o che%
and no 'lood o &our<
a1er he rain>
#1er he rain<
li1e %ill Enall/ ha&&en>
#1er he rain<
here 'e no more cloud>
My Old Bla#!ot Friend
I shall ne0er kno%<
i1 /ou 1aked hose 'lackous>
The ones ha made /ou crum&le
on he sairs< or else ou in he cold
o1 #nd/7s shed> -nce I caugh
/ou naked< /ou kno%<
during one o1 /our 'lackous>
I shall ne0er kno%<
i1 /ou 1aked hose 'lackous>
I %ouldn7 ha0e 'lamed /ou>
# shed,1ull o1
%ased anks and canisers=
ligher Fuid< degreaser< air 1reshener<
1oo s&ra/ K he/ s&oil he Fooring<
and he/ s&oil our houghs>
$e0er once deerring
1rom he sel1,mani1es dream o1 esca&e<
o1 ruh and e0enual deca/=
%e ook o 'are arms
o sais1/
our esca&e 1rom oC/gen>
#nd< in o&en 0ie%<
/ou laid do%n %ih her>
Aou more sudied her<
han 1ucked her<
/ou more o'ser0ed seC<
han 'ecame i>
I %aned her
as much as I %aned o 'e /ou>
So< I raced m/ dreams o /our nohings<
u&on /our heralded %isdom<
'u ne0er could I unangle
1rom some im&ossi'le condiion>
$o< I ne0er could unangle
he means 1rom he ends<
and ne0er could I darken
a %ill<
m/ old 'lackou 1riend>
.'on &rt/s ,a!e
The &oliceman srides he concree<
some &oisoned da2odil
in his sage 'oos o1 read and leaher
and 1ear o1 auhori/>
Troll,like he emerges o0er he sound
o1 he head,dressed 'usker<
her sim&le song< her rio o1 chords
singing under he sho&s<
%ho des&ise her ar>
#nd I< agains he ide o1 1oo1alls
and La%%HsH a he laes range
o1 li&sicks and dail/ disracions<
I so& o %ach as her %ill 1alls lim&>
Her sBuee?e'oC is srangled o1 sound<
and he music dies a he order
o1 an order< he noise &olluion
o1 he High SreeHs maing call>
Chair 1olded< she e0acuaes hrough
he raOc 1umes< Lcross he road<
and %ih ho&e< %ih Engers crossed
and e/es %e< I ho&e his is a rerea
and no a surrender>
-nce more he srides he concree<
his Fuorescen Gaundice coa
a %arning< a reminder< and I see
his e/es mouh he %ordsD
LAour license &lease<H he sa/s o her<
L/our &a&er &roo1 o1 /our righ o &la/>
3ha &roE &lan do /ou ha0e in &lace
and %ho a&&ro0ed /our nameIH
LAou canH call /oursel1 a 'uskerH< he sa/s<
Lmuch less an aris or %ork o1 ar<
%hich alen sho% do /ou ho&e o ener<
o 0alidae /our &arIH
LAour &ar in his %holesome land<H he sa/s<
Lho% /ou do /our 'i< /our &roEs large<
'ecause our econom/ is going asunder<
and so %e ha0e no ime 1or ar>H
LSo iHs %ih no due regre<H he sa/s<
Lha IHll send /ou on /our %a/>
#nd i1 %ih /ou goes he deah o1 music<
%ell haHs Gus &rogress made>H
#nd so I %alked a%a/ 1rom his scene o1
deFo%ered and &ur&led ho&e<
m/ somach %rough %ih inGusice
and no nicoine in o%>
#nd i is o his a'le I am sa<
%ih Gus one 0ocaion u&on m/ mind=
o reclaim her song< no% sung in silence<
and seel her memor/ in ime>
#nd i is o his a'le I am sa<
%ih e0er/hing on m/ mind<
o ell o1 %ha IH0e seen<
o indulge anoher rh/meD
Sing o me /our sorro%<
sing uno he skies<
&la/ o me /our &leasanries
and &lease &urge me o1 m/ lies>
*a/ us %ih /our sorr/ une<
&a/ us %ih /our li1e<
all /our 1orsaken childhood dreams<
/our 1aded ho&es and sri1e>
#nd &lease<
'ahe me in his sunligh<
and 'ahe me in ime<
scour me %ih ci/ srees
and allo% me %ha is mine>
-a m0lodie de la Ri)i1re
The 'lind 'eggar &la/s
o he une o1 he ri0er<
a *arisian lulla'/=
une ode P la Seine
o deli0er>
-h< Buickened sree<
oh< &assing Go/=
m/ concree sla'<
m/ Helen o1 Tro/>
*lease sa/ %ih me no%<
m/ dear %ine,soaked 1riend<
do no linger on 'eginnings=
nor 1ocus u&on
he end>
3eHll sing o0er co2ee
Gus o %elcome $o0em'er<
a *arisian ensem'le=
une chanson &our la saison<
d/ing em'er>
-h< rain/ skies<
oh< &ained &ri?e=
m/ lucid dream<
se 'e1ore m/ e/es>
*lease sa/ %ih me no%<
m/ idealised sigh<
do no lend o com&romise=
in hese 1oreign srees
o1 no &ligh>
#nd he 'lind 'eggar sill &la/s
ha une o1 he ri0er<
a *arisian lulla'/=
une ode P la Seine<
e chaleur &our lHhi0er>
My Cre
iHs %ind/ i hink<
a leas he %indo%s are raling>
he men in hard has<
/ello% moes o2 in he disance
and heir Gackes he colour
o1 &oison<
he/ scale he 1aQade
o1 he conralaeral 'uilding>
he/Hre s&eaking< /elling<
&ro'a'l/ cacalling< singing
heir ugl/ songs on cherr/ &ickers
like some cro%ned nes
o1 %agails>
iHs earl/ i hink<
hough he lighs are al%a/s on>
he/Hre Fuorescen< saining<
unFaering colouraion< rinse
/our skin o &o0er/<
o Gaundice>
iHm here 'ecause o1 &ills
iHm here 'ecause school is ou<
iHm here 'ecause iHm ired<
and iHm here 'ecause o1 /ou>
Fo%ers si a he side<
alread/ dr/ u&on &urchase>
gi1ed a%k%ardl/=
7do %e gi0e Fo%ers o a manI7
a 'o/ in shees< 1oolish drunkard<
'alloons %ih helium
o li1 m/ s&iris>
is lonel/ i hink<
hough iHs Elled %ih &eo&le>
%riscuer< lu&us< chemo
all hro%n ino one>
%eHre %haHs le1 &os,&roducion<
le1 o si in an oule sore=
7'u/ me 1or hal1,&rice
or else< hal1 an hour o1 com&an/>7
iHm he /oung one<
nurses scan me %ih moherl/ e/es<
heir radiaor %armh<
heir rounded 'osoms=
L/ou remind me o1 someoneH>
a %el0e o hree< she %ashes me<
asks me o li1 m/ 'alls
so she can ge a he %o,da/ grime
o1 indolence>
iHs sad here i hink<
a leas he ele0ision is 'oring>
da/ime ghoss and 'roken 1amilies
make m/ 'edshees gain %eigh=
e0en he 'alloon sags
in hea0/ miser/<
nohing is mine>
slee& comes in Es<
and sars in 'lankness>
i ends %ih m/ Buesioning
o1 %here he dream 'egan
and %here ho&e had &erished>
/ou ha0enH come>
i kne% ha /ou %ouldn7>
iHs hard o 'lame /ou<
%ha %ih m/ &os,use &inings<
long a1er /ouHd gi0en u&<
and he %a/ i ac 1amiliar
a1er reaing /ou like a sranger>
i long o lea0e here<
so much so< he %indo%s are raling>
iHm here 'ecause i am
iHm here 'ecause o1 m/ Go'<
iHm here 'ecause iHm ired
iHm ired 'ecause o1 /ou>
Bra)e New ,orld
The %icked< he/ come
In a cerulean dream>
The cellar door o&ened<
3ih an o&&osa'le hum'>
# dis&osa'le &as
#nd no ies in he 1uure<
The/ li0e %ihin orgasm
#nd die hrough heir case>
-h< FordJ The/ cr/ ou
For all o1 heir 'lessings>
-h< FordJ I cr/ oo<
To dro%n silen dou'>
MTake me o /our room>N
She 'reahes< 0oice co&&ered<
She conducs me> 6n?i&s in
-ne mo0emen< E o 'loom>
M4enina<N I call<
@/es 'linded '/ her colour>
In a %orld so 'uil and gre/<
I li0e onl/ in her s&ra%l>
3e Enish< m/ hear descending>
She nicks her li&s o m/ ear<
Then reminds me hus=
M@nding is 'eer han mending>N
To 'ed %e 1all= once< %ice< hrice>
@ach ime I cling longer<
3ra& her in 'edshees<
LTill she 1eels our 'odil/ s&lice>
3ih no use< sheHs gone
To some oher em'race>
Some cold shouldered su&&or<
Then o he salon>
SheHll ell all o her 1riends<
# gaggle o1 giggles>
#nd heHll s&eak o1 her
4ike some means o an end>
M*neumaic<N is she<
HeHll sa/ %ih no suer<
MAou should ha0e her<N heHll o2er<
4ike he 1rui 1rom a ree>
$o< like mea< like mea<
She is &assed around>
4ike animals< he #l&has
5ruise< 1uck and malrea>
Communi/> Snake,like<
I mo0es as i1 one>
@ach &erson a muscle<
$o se&arae 'u a &ar>
Ideni/> I 'lurs<
LTill I 1orge he use
-1 m/ name> *ush i ou<
Re&ea in m/ dreams>
Sa'ili/> I comes<
# %o,gramme holida/>
# su&erEcial gu2a%
Tha 0eneers m/ 1ace>
-h< SomaJ Come ake me<
From %here I donH 'elong>
To %here &assions are 'irhed
Far 1rom he hacher/>
To %here 1eelings are hear1el<
$o 1ound in a &ill>
3here %aislines arenH hroled
5/ a )alhusian 'el>
# sa0age I am<
In m/ &ursui 1or more>
3hen I long 1or 1reedom<
#nd no anoher hal1,gramme>
.aia< she held us in her %om'>
From Esh o a&e< she mohered oo>
$o% all haHs le1 is his soulless gloom
3here man is 'orn onl/ o consume>
#n old soul in a
ne% Foral dress> Her smile a
radian crescen
moon on he coasline>
*eace hangs 1rom her neck as he
mounain range cass a
Eciious s&ecre
1rom he island in he ha?e
o1 he hori?on>
Such reEned 'eau/<
%ih Fo%ers chained in a 'and
hrough sun,kissed 'ro%n hair>
Her legs modesl/
cur0ed %ih a kind o1
su'le seCuali/
ha causes me o
&in her do%n %ih so1 kisses
raher han '/ he
srengh o1 m/ %riss>
-h< he cigaree
she cradles in her le1 hand
couner'alances he
li1e ha 'looms 1rom he
%ind hrough her hair= scaering
lo0e like a halo
or he deah o1 a
dandelion head> I see
he hidden %eigh ha
sis on her shoulders<
he arche/&e o1 'urdened
#nd %ordlessl/=
I lo0e her> #nd all o1 her
Freckles ha are 'irhed
5/ he sun>
Miss Jones
)iss :ones across he road<
she suck a needle in her arm
o cool
a 1e0er ha she ne0er Buie allo%ed o
srike her do%n>
Her somach is Bueas/ u&on enr/<
e0en a1er he one hundred and hirieh ime>
5u''le 'u''le
a rou'le ha grees her
in he 1a o1 her 0eins>
The sun is oo srong oda/>
)iss :ones< she %alks a dusk<
&eri&heries soaked in he shade>
The moon
&ollues he sk/ and eCinguishes he sars
like a 'oo>
Her rh/hmD diurnal onl/ in
he o0erhangs and he underhanded o1 he nigh>
-h< )iss :ones on m/ road<
a carrier,'ag &igeon and
he ram&
ha eCcies he %ich/ su'ur'an curains<
and he 'oredom o1 heir ongues>
MSick a 1ork in meN
She /ells a he rain<
che%ing on cigaree &a&er>
MIHm done>N

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