Pokemon Learning League


Written By
Timothy Whitfield

(Episode opens with Iris, Axew, Ash, Pikachu and Misty arriving
in Nimbasa City on a partly cloudy afternoon and Iris casually
speaks to the audience.)
Iris: Oh, hi, guys.
Axew: Axew.
Ash: Hey.
Pikachu: Pika.
Misty: Hi.
Ash: So, Misty, where would you like to go to?
Misty: I don’t know. What places does Nimbasa City have?
Iris: Well, we can go to the amusement park.
Misty: Okay.
(They head down the road to the park.)
Misty: By the way, what rides do they have?
Iris: They have all kinds of things.
Axew: Axew.
Ash: Yeah. You’re going to have a great time.
Pikachu: Pika.
(They arrive at the amusement park.)
Ash: So, what do you want to do first?
Misty: Hmm. Let’s go on that.
(She points to the roller coaster.)
Ash and Iris: All right.
(They head inside. Once there, they get into the cars.)
Ash: Here we go.
(The cars take off at a burst of speed. Then, they make twists
and turns.)
All: Whoa!!!
Pikachu: Pika!!!
Axew: Axew!!!
(They approach the hills and go up and down them really fast.)
All (excited): AHHH!!
(They then go through the loop-the-loops. Afterwards, they get
off the ride.)
Ash: That was great!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Misty: Now what?
Iris: Let’s head over there.
(She points over to the bumper cars.)
Ash: Okay.
(They each get into a car. The ride starts up. Ash rams right in
to Iris.)
Ash: Got you!
Pikachu: Pika!
(He drives away.)
Iris (playfully): Don’t think you’ll get away with that!
(She tries to go after him.)
Misty (playfully): I’m going to get you guys!
(Later, they go over to a Ferris wheel.)
Misty: What do you say, guys?
(Ash and Iris nod their heads. They go inside one of the pods,
the ride starts up and they reach eventually the top of it.)
Misty (amazed): Wow, look at that view.
(They see the entire city and the mountains over the horizon.)
Ash: It’s amazing.
Pikachu: Pika.
(The wheel starts turning again and they return to the ground.)
Iris: So, what you want to do now?
Ash: Let’s go get some ice cream?
Both: Sounds good.
(They head over to the ice cream stand and have some. Ash has
chocolate, Misty has vanilla and Iris has strawberry.)
Ash: Mmm, this is good.
Pikachu: Pika.
Misty: you said it.
(As they enjoy their ice cream, they hear someone angrily
groaning. They look over and see a young girl, Tammy, on her
laptop. She has brown hair in a bun, dark blue eyes, red shirt,
blue suspenders and white sneakers. They go over to her.)
Misty: Excuse me?
(Tammy look over to her.)
Tammy: Yes, can I help you with something?
Misty: Yes. What is it you’re doing there?
Tammy: I’m just checking my emails.
Misty: Oh.
Tammy: I’m Tammy. It’s nice to meet you.
Misty: Thanks. I’m Misty
Ash: I’m Ash, and this is my buddy, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Iris: I’m Iris, and this is Axew.
Axew: Axew.
Iris: Tammy, what are you getting angry about?
Tammy: I’ve been getting really insulting emails.
(They see some of the emails.)
Ash: Oh, that is pretty nasty.
Tammy: Yeah, they’ve been coming all in day, and it’s really
getting on my nerves.
Ash: Well, do you know who’s been sending them?
Tammy: No, I don’t.
Misty: Well, have you tried ignoring them?
Tammy: Yes, but that didn’t work at all. (She hears a chime and
checks them again. She groans angrily.) This is getting
Ash: Well, maybe Diana can you help you with this.
Tammy: Really?
Ash: Yep. (He pulls out the Pokepilot and calls Diana, who is
doing some training with Torchic.)
Diana: Hey, guys. How’s it going?
Misty: Great, Diana. This is Tammy.
Diana: Hi, Tammy. Pleasure to meet you.
Tammy: Thanks, same to you.
Misty: What are you doing there?
Diana: I’m teaching Torchic to use Overheat.
Iris: That’s cool.
Diana: It is, but it’ll be hard to pull it off. So, what are you
Ash: We’re having some fun at the Nimbasa amusement park.
Diana: That’s good.
Misty: We found Tammy really angry because she’s been
getting pretty nasty emails from some unknown people, and is
really annoyed about it, so do you know what’s up with that?
Diana: Sure. Tammy’s being a victim of cyberbullying.
Tammy: Okay, but how do I handle it?
Diana: To start with, you can try psyching them out. If it’s a
random person bullying you, try messing with their minds or
make clever or smart comebacks that’ll make them want to
Ash: Okay, what else is there?
Diana: Yes, take some time away from the computer. Yeah, it
sounds weird, but what it does is help you regain your
perspective and distant yourself from the bullying.
Iris: What else can she do?
Diana: She can tell someone about it. If the situation doesn’t
get any better, don’t keep quiet about it and tell a trusted
friend about it.
Misty: Anything else?
Diana: You can block them from emailing you. It’s the simplest
solution and often the most effective.
Tammy: Those can be really helpful.
Diana: Yes, they can, but what’s important to remember is that
most cyberbullies are just scared and are full of talk. They’re
doing it to either fill a void they have or just get a thrill out of it.
Oh, and if it really gets out of hand, report it to the authorities.
Tammy: Okay.
Diana: So, guys, you want to do something?
Misty: Of course.
(Pan left to a left side panel.)
Diana: You guys ready?
Ash: You bet.
Pikachu: Pika.
Diana: Okay, then. Here, we have a guy who has been getting
posts telling him to drop dead and go away. What do you think
he should do?
Iris: He should psych him or her out.
Diana: Okay, Iris. This has been getting nonstop nasty emails
about herself and is starting to feel a little scared. What do you
think she should do?
Misty: She should take some time away from her computer.
Diana: Sure, Misty. This guy’s been receiving messages about
how worthless he and his Pokemon are and they’re still coming
in. What do you think he should do?
Ash: He should block him or her.
Diana: All right, Ash. Here, this girl has been getting harassing
emails saying how worthless she is. What do you think she
should do?
Tammy: She should tell someone about it.
Diana: Okay, Tammy. You guys did great.
Iris: Thanks, Diana.
Axew: Axew.
Diana: No problem, Iris. Now, Torchic and I have to get back to
training. See you guys later.
Misty: See you.
(Ash puts the Pokepilot away.)
Misty: So, guys, what do you say we see how Tammy can stop
the cyberbullying?
Ash: Sure, Misty, but let’s see if the viewers want to do it.
Iris: Okay. (She looks at the viewers.) You guys up for it? (She
waits for an answer from the viewers.) All right.
Tammy: Do you guys do this a lot?
Ash: Yes, we do.
(Cut to three of Tammy’s emails.)
Ash: All right, let’s get to it. This email says that she a weakling
and will never be a great trainer. What do you think she should
do? (He waits for an answer from the viewers.) Take some
time away from the computer. Sure, why not.
Iris: This one is saying very harassing things about her. What do
you think she should do? (She waits for an answer from the
viewers.) Block them. Oh, yeah.
Misty: This one here says she’s a useless nobody and give up on
life. What do you think she should do? (He waits for an answer
from the viewers.) She should psych them out. Good.
(Cut back to them and Ash speaks.)
Ash: Thanks, you guys.
Pikachu: Pika.
Tammy: Thanks for the help, guys.
Iris: It was no trouble, Tammy.
Axew: Axew.
(She returns to the laptop, checking her emails.)
Misty: So, what do you guy want to do now?
Ash: Let’s go ride the roller coaster again.
Iris: All right.
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Axew: Axew.
(They start to walk over to it, but Misty stops.)
Misty: Hold on, guys.
(She goes back over to Tammy.)
Misty (inviting): Tammy, would you like to join us on the
Tammy: Sure.
Misty: That’s good.
(They return to the others and they all turn to the viewers.)
All: Thanks a lot, guys.
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Axew: Axew.
(Cut to them outside the roller coaster.)
Iris: That was an interesting episode. Did you enjoy it? (She
waits for an answer from the viewers.) Oh, good. We’ll see you
later, then.
Axew: Axew.
(They all wave goodbye to the viewers and they all go on the
roller coaster. It then irises out, ending the episode.)

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