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Product Data Sheet: NeoCryl B-841

Typical properties
Film properties
Recommendation for end-use
Formulating guidelines
NeoCryl B-841 is an acrylic/styrene copolymer, in free flowing bead
form, intended to be used for road paints and for concrete and
plastic substrates.
Viscosity Brookfield (25C; mPa.s)
Non volatile content
Molecular weight (Mw)
Tg (DSC; C)
Acid number
R&B Softening Point (C)
Knig hardness (sec)
Density (20; kg/l)
acrylic/styrene BA copolymer
white free flowing beads
3750 (40% in Toluene)
min. 98
NeoCryl B-841 gives good adhesion on concrete, asphalt and plastics and can be used in paint systems for
these substrates
Because of its molecular weight this resin is very suitable for durable road marking paints
For improved weatherability combinations with melamine resins might be advisable
NeoCryl B-841 forms hard, durable films with good gloss, adhesion and chemical resistance
Suitable plasticizers for this resin are phthalates, phosphates, chlorinated paraffines and Carbamid resins
Compatibility with other resins is limited
Solubility is optimal in mixtures of alcohol with aromatics, esters, ketones and chlorinated solvents
White spirit tolerance is limited
Soluble in alcohols, aromatics, esters, ketones
White spirit tolerance is limited
Compatible with waxes, other acrylics and plasticizers
Formulation guidelines available on request
All relevant data have been brought up-to-date in the Material Safety Data Sheet for NeoCryl B-841.
NeoCryl B-841
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