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Revolutionary performance

Hi l t i DD EC- 1 di amond cori ng syst em

Hand-held diamond coring
system for drilling anchor
holes and through holes.
Features unique TopSpin
technology for an entirely new
level of performance and ease
of use.
Perfectly drilled holes for HVZ, HVA, HSL-TZ,
HST, HSA, HKD-S and HRD anchor systems
No dust, no dirty water: The built-in drilling
slurry extraction system makes unrestricted use
possible even in sensitive surroundings where
special precautions would otherwise have to be
taken. Costly, time-consuming cleaning up after
completing the job becomes a thing of the past.
Hilti TopSpin technology for top productivity
Calculable costs
Unique software: Calculate time requirem
and the number of core bits necessary fo
job, taking into account the material in w
the holes are to be drilled and the numbe
reinforcing bars expected to be encounte
Thanks to the new Hilti DD-C core bits and
TopSpin technology, the DDEC-1 drills through
various types of steel reinforced concrete,
marble, sandstone and tiles with the same
single speed setting for all diameters.
Through holes of up to 35 mm diameter for
various applications
The Hilti DDEC-1 diamond coring system
marks the beginning of a new era. Its
unique TopSpin technology, a world first,
sets completely new standards in drilling
performance and ease of use.
Precise anchor holes and through holes
of 835 mm diameter can now be
drilled neatly and tidily almost any-
where. The Hilti DD-REC1 mobile
water recycling unit filters the used
cooling water before returning it to the
closed-circuit system.
It's time to start thinking in a new
dimension, because Hilti has re-
invented diamond coring, making it
quicker, more efficient and more eco-
nomical than ever.
Productivity with a system
Hilti DDEC-1 diamond coring
I Drills anchor holes or through holes
of 835 mm dia. quickly and accu-
I Unique TopSpin technology for
maximum efficiency
I Plug and drill ready for use with-
in seconds!
I Keeps vibration and noise to an
absolute minimum ideal for reno-
vation and conversion work
I Drills through reinforcing bars up to
100% faster
I Less tiring to use thanks to low
weight of 5.7 kg
I Reduces contact pressure by up to
40% for higher productivity
I Simple, one-man operation
Hilti DD-C core bits
I Special core bits for optimum trans-
mission of the revolutionary
TopSpin action and long life
I Drilling depth up to 300 mm
I Cores can be removed without diffi-
culty through the open end of the
core bit
I No tools required for changing core
Hilti DD-REC1 water recycling unit
I Efficient and environmentally
friendly: This unique water supply,
extraction and recycling system is
a world first.
I Independence from external water
supplies for maximum mobility
I Simple and efficient: The intelligent
water management system controls
the pump and extraction function
I Drills without dust and leaves no
slurry behind cleaning up after
completion becomes a thing of the
I Easy transport thanks to the trolley
Smooth and quiet
The low-vibration, low-noise Hilti DDEC-1 drills
smoothly and quietly in materials sensitive to
cracking, making it ideal for renovation work
and drilling jobs in inhabited buildings such as
offices or hospitals.
or the
er of
Easy core removal: The open end of the core bit
and a special core breaking tool make life easy
for the operator.
Economical and environmentally
The unique water recycling unit, a world first,
uses up to two-thirds less water than conven-
tional systems. Also equipped with a container
to facilitate environmentally correct disposal of
the drilling slurry.
Electronic water management: The pump and
extraction function are activated / deactivated
automatically by the drilling machine control
switch. The operator simply regulates the water
flow rate, as necessary.
Take it anywhere: The Hilti DD-REC1 ensures
maximum mobility and flexibility on the jobsite
thanks to almost total independence from exter-
nal water supplies. It comes complete with a
practical trolley for easy transport.
Hilti DD-REC1: Water power!
Diamond coring with unprecedented mobility and flexibility Drills cleanly, causing no dust
TopSpin: The future of diamond coring
The unique TopSpin principle is based on
a slightly eccentric movement of the core
bit. Pressure is transferred selectively to
part of the diamond ring, thus causing the
diamonds to cut into the material more
deeply and more effectively. Especially
when coring through reinforcing bars, Hilti
TopSpin technology in conjunction with
the high speed of 8000 r.p.m. sets new
standards in diamond coring performance
and efficiency.
DDEC-1 motor unit
Ordering designation Item no.
DD EC-1 motor unit (230 V) 000000/0
Supplied with: water collector, 5-metre supply cord with built-in PRCD, depth gauge,
Hilti spray, cleaning cloth, impact-resistant plastic toolbox and operating instructions
DD-REC1 water recycling unit
Ordering designation Item no.
DD-REC1 water recycling unit 000000/0
Supplied with: removable trolley, 5-metre hose set (without electric supply cord),
cleaning pad and operating instructions
DD-REC1 filter
Ordering designation Item no.
DD-REC1 filter 338524/2
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Hilti Corporation
FL-9494 Schaan
Principality of Liechtenstein
Right of technical andprogrammechanges reserved S. E. &O.
Hilti DDEC-1: The clean machine
Core bits / core-breaking tools
Special DD-C core bits for the DDEC-1 and TopSpin kinematics
Equipped with water collector ring
T2 core bits T4 core bits Core-breaking tools
Corebit dia. (mm) Working length (mm) Ordering designation Item no. Ordering designation Item no. Ordering designation Item no.
8 70 DD-C 8/ 70 T2 336885/9
10 150 DD-C 10/150 T2 336887/5
12 150 DD-C 12/150 T2 336889/5 DD-CB 12 338346/0
14 150 DD-C 14/150 T2 336891/1 DD-C 14/150 T4 336855/2 DD-CB 14 338348/6
15 150 DD-C 15/150 T2 336895/8 DD-C 15/150 T4 336859/4 DD-CB 15 338350/2
16 150 DD-C 16/150 T2 336897/4 DD-C 16/150 T4 336861/0 DD-CB 16 338351/0
16 300 DD-C 16/300 T2 336898/2 DD-C 16/300 T4 336862/8 DD-CB 16 338351/0
18 150 DD-C 18/150 T2 336899/0 DD-C 18/150 T4 336863/6 DD-CB 18 338352/8
18 300 DD-C 18/300 T2 336900/6 DD-C 18/300 T4 336864/4 DD-CB 18 338352/8
20 150 DD-C 20/150 T2 336905/5 DD-C 20/150 T4 336869/3 DD-CB 20 338355/1
20 300 DD-C 20/300 T2 336906/3 DD-C 20/300 T4 336870/1 DD-CB 20 338355/1
22 300 DD-C 22/300 T2 336909/7 DD-C 22/300 T4 336873/5 DD-CB 22 338357/7
24 300 DD-C 24/300 T2 336911/3 DD-C 24/300 T4 336875/0 DD-CB 24 338359/3
25 300 DD-C 25/300 T2 336912/1 DD-C 25/300 T4 336876/8 DD-CB 25 338360/1
28 300 DD-C 28/300 T2 336914/7 DD-C 28/300 T4 336878/4 DD-CB 28 338362/7
30 300 DD-C 30/300 T2 336916/2 DD-C 30/300 T4 336880/0 DD-CB 30 338364/3
32 300 DD-C 32/300 T2 336917/0 DD-C 32/300 T4 336881/8 DD-CB 32 338365/0
35 300 DD-C 35/300 T2 336920/4 DD-C 35/300 T4 336884/2 DD-CB 35 338368/4
T2 For concrete of low to medium abrasiveness, natural stone and clinker.
T4 For concrete of medium to high abrasiveness and brick.
Tested for anchor applications
Core bit diameters specially designed
For optimum load-bearing behaviour of the Hilti HSL-TZ, HSA,
HST, HKD-S, HRD, HVZ and HVA anchors
(Hilti HIT-HY150 only in conjunction with the TE-Y-RT)