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Sell or Buy Anything!!





1) Rahul Babel Branch: Computer Science Roll No. 41
2) Shadan Nazir Branch: Computer Science Roll No. 52
3) Sameer Yadav Branch: Computer Science Roll No. 46

Vivekananda Institute of Technology (East)
VIT Campus, Jaipur


Exigo is an online auction website based on buying and selling goods. Exigo provides the
local community with a platform to help them buy, sell, rent and find something and address
needs across many categories. These categories numbering over 12 and sub-categories over 140
range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics etc.
Exigo provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading,
discussing, organizing, and meeting people near you, wherever you may reside.
Technology used are -
1. Spring and hibernate for web site.
2. Android for Smart phone App.
3. Core Java for Desktop Application.

Feasibility Study:

As we have stated Exigo is online auctioning site which is aimed for revolutionizing the
whole idea of Ecommerce. If we will do an extensive research then we will find that E-
commerce has become the backbone of online media. Exigo will remove the barrier between the
buyers and the sellers. The buyer can directly search the seller via GPS and also can post their
requirements using GPS.
The buyer can contact the seller through the information provided on the website. He can
leave notification for the seller, who will get a notification message from our messaging facility.
A new user can register our portal by using their Gmail account. By doing this the user
will bind up his Gmail account with our portal, so that security becomes more rigid.

Modules to be covered in Minor Project:
1. Voice Search Voice Search will allow user to search via voice commands.
2. Text Search Text search will have a new feature to search it by text without category.
3. Message Facility This feature will allow user to get notification about its posted add.
4. Login with Gmail Anyone who have a Gmail account need not to create a separate
5. Google Maps Integration Buyer can find user by Google maps.
6. Manage Advertisements Google Ads.

Features to be added in Major Project:
Implementation of the project in Android platform.
Implementation on desktop application.