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Niciosoft Excel is one of the most populai spieausheet applications that helps you
manage uata, cieate visually peisuasive chaits, anu thought-piovoking giaphs. Excel
is suppoiteu by both Nac anu PC platfoims. Niciosoft Excel can also be useu to
balance a checkbook, cieate an expense iepoit, builu foimulas, anu euit them.


To begin Niciosoft Excel, uo to !"#$" & '(( )$*+$#,- & '..(/0#"/*1- & 2/0$*-*3"
433/05 & 2/0$*-*3" 6705( (Figuie 1). When openeu a new spieausheet will pop up
on the scieen, if this uoes not happen click on the 433/05 80*1 & 95:. Fiom heie
a uialog box with vaiious uiffeient templates will appeai on the scieen that you can
choose fiom. 0nce a template is chosen, click ;$5#"5.

Figuie 1. Navigate to Niciosoft Excel on a PC.

Figuie 2. 0pening a new woikbook


Computeis ciash anu uocuments aie lost all the time, so it is best to save often.


Befoie you begin you shoulu save youi uocument. To uo this, click on the floppy uisk
locateu at the top of the scieen . Then Niciosoft Excel will open a uialog box
(Figuie S) wheie you can specify the new file's name, location of wheie you want it
saveu, anu foimat of the uocument. 0nce you have specifieu a name, place, anu
foimat foi youi new file, piess the !#<5 button.

9*"5= Specifying youi file foimat will allow you to open youi uocument on a PC as
well as a NAC. To uo this you use the uiop uown menu next to the >*$,#" option.
Also, when you aie specifying a file extension (i.e. .uoc) make suie you know what
you neeu to use.

Figuie S. Saving uialog box.


Aftei you have initially saveu youi blank uocument unuei a new name, you can
begin youi pioject. Bowevei, you will still want to peiiouically save youi woik as
insuiance against a computei fieeze oi a powei outage. To save, just click on the
floppy uisk, oi foi a shoitcut piess CTRL + S.


In Niciosoft Excel 2uu7 foi a PC, the toolbais aie automatically placeu as tabs at the
top of the scieen. Within these tabs you will finu all of youi options to change text,
uata, page layout, anu moie. To be able access all of the ceitain toolbais you neeu to
click on a ceitain tab that is locateu towaius the top of the scieen.

The ?*,5 Tab: (Figuie 4). This is one of the most common tabs useu in Excel. You
aie able to foimat the text in youi uocument, cut, copy, anu paste infoimation.
Change the alignment of youi uata, inseit, uelete, anu foimat cells. The ?*,5 @#A
also allows you to change the numbei of youi uata (i.e. cuiiency, time, uate).

Figuie 4. Bome Tab.

The 81-5$" Tab: (Figuie S). This tab is mainly useu foi inseiting visuals anu giaphics
into youi uocument. Theie aie vaiious uiffeient things that can be inseiteu fiom
this tab such as pictuies, clip ait, chaits, links, heaueis anu footeis, anu woiu ait.

Figuie S. Inseit Tab.

The )#+5 B#C*D" Tab: (Figuie 6). Beie you aie able to auu maigins, themes to youi
uocument, change the oiientation, page bieaks, anu titles. The scale fit of youi
uocument is also incluueu as a featuie within this tab, if neeueu.

Figuie 6. Page Layout Tab.



Cells aie an impoitant pait of any pioject being useu in 2/0$*-*3" 6705(. Cells holu
all of the uata that is being useu to cieate the spieausheet oi woikbook. To entei
uata into a cell you simply click once insiue of the uesiieu cell, a black boiuei will
appeai aiounu the cell (Figuie 7). This boiuei inuicates that it is a selecteu cell. You
may then begin typing in the uata foi that cell.

Figuie 7. Enteiing Bata.


You may change an entiy within a cell two uiffeient ways:
Click the cell one time anu begin typing. The new infoimation will ieplace
any infoimation that was pieviously enteieu.
Bouble click the cell anu a cuisoi will appeai insiue. This allows you to euit
ceitain pieces of infoimation within the cells insteau of ieplacing all of the


You can use the ;D", ;*.C anu )#-"5 featuies of Excel to change the uata within
youi spieausheet, to move uata fiom othei spieausheets into new spieausheets, anu
to save youiself the time of ie-enteiing infoimation in a spieausheet. ;D" will
actually iemove the selection fiom the oiiginal location anu allow it to be placeu
somewheie else. ;*.C allows you to leave the oiiginal selection wheie it is anu
inseit a copy elsewheie. )#-"5 is useu to inseit uata that has been cut oi copieu.

To Cut or Copy:

Bighlight the uata oi text by selecting the cells that they aie helu within.
uo to the ?*,5 @#A & ;*.C (CTRL + C) oi ?*,5 @#A & ;D" (CTRL + X).
Click the location wheie the infoimation shoulu be placeu.
uo to ?*,5 @#A & )#-"5 (CTRL + v) to be able to paste youi infoimation.


Theie aie vaiious uiffeient options that can be changeu to foimat the spieausheets
cells uiffeiently. When changing the foimat within cells you must select the cells
that you wish to foimat.

To get to the >*$,#" ;5((- uialog box select the cells you wish to change then go to
?*,5 @#A & >*$,#" & >*$,#" ;5((-. A box will appeai on the scieen with six
uiffeient tab options (Figuie 8). Explanations of the basic options in the foimat
uialog box aie bulleteu below.

Figuie 8. Foimatting Cells

9D,A5$= Allows you to change the measuiement in which youi uata is useu. (If
youi uata is conceineu with money the numbei that you woulu use is cuiiency)
'(/+1,51"= This allows you to change the hoiizontal anu veitical alignment of youi
text within each cell. You can also change the oiientation of the text within the cells
anu the contiol of the text within the cells as well.
>*1"= uives the option to change the size, style, coloi, anu effects.
E*$F5$= uives the option to change the uesign of the boiuei aiounu oi thiough the


When foimatting iows anu columns you can change the height, choose foi youi
infoimation to autofit to the cells, hiue infoimation within a iow oi column, un-hiue
the infoimation. To foimat a iow oi column go to ?*,5 @#A & G*: ?5/+H" (oi
Column Beight), then choose which height you aie going to use (Figuie 9). The cell
oi cells that aie going to be foimatteu neeu to be selecteu befoie uoing this. When
changing the iow oi column visibility (hiuuen, un-hiuuen) oi autofit, you will go to
the ?*,5 @#A anu click >*$,#". The uiop uown menu will show these options

Figuie 9. Foimatting Rows anu Columns Beight


When auuing a iow oi column you aie inseiting a blank iow oi column next to youi
alieauy enteieu uata. Befoie you can auu a G*: you aie going to have to select the
iow that you wish foi youi new iow to be placeu. (Rows aie on the left hanu siue of
the spieausheet) once the iow is selecteu it is going to highlight the entiie iow that
you chose. To inseit the iow you have to go to ?*,5 @#A & 81-5$" & 81-5$" !H55"
G*:- (Figuie 1u). The iow will automatically be placeu on the spieausheet anu any
uata that was selecteu in the oiiginal iow will be moveu uown below the new iow.

Figuie 1u. Inseiting Rows

Befoie you can auu a ;*(D,1 you aie going to have to select a column on the
spieausheet that is locateu in the aiea that you want to entei the new column.
(Columns aie on the top pait of the spieausheet.) 0nce the column is selecteu it is
going to highlight the entiie iow that you chose. To inseit a column you have to go
to ?*,5 @#A & 81-5$" & 81-5$" !H55" ;*(D,1 (Figuie 11). The column will
automatically be place on the spieausheet anu any uata to the iight of the new
column will be moveu moie to the iight.

Figuie 11. Inseiting Columns


Chaits aie an impoitant pait to being able to cieate a visual foi spieausheet uata. In
oiuei to cieate a chait within Excel the uata that is going to be useu foi it neeus to
be enteieu alieauy into the spieausheet uocument. 0nce the uata is enteieu, the
cells that aie going to be useu foi the chait neeu to be highlighteu so that the
softwaie knows what to incluue. Next, click on the 81-5$" @#A that is locateu at the
top of the scieen. (Figuie 12).

Figuie 12. Chaits Tab

You may choose the chait that is uesiieu by clicking the categoiy of the chait you
will use. 0nce the categoiy is chosen the chaits will appeai as small giaphics within
a uiop uown menu. To choose a paiticulai chait just click on its icon anu it will be
placeu within the spieausheet you aie woiking on. To move the chait to a page of its
own, select the boiuei of the chait anu G/+H" ;(/0I. This will biing up a uiop uown
menu, navigate to the option that says 2*<5 ;H#$". This will biing up a uialog box
that says ;H#$" B*0#"/*1. Fiom heie you will neeu to select the ciicle next to '- '
95: !H55" anu name the sheet that will holu youi chait. The chait will pop up
laigei in a sepaiate sheet (Figuie 1S), but in the same woikbook as youi enteieu

Figuie 1S. Chait in new sheet


Theie aie vaiious uiffeient featuies that you can change to make youi chait moie
appealing. To be able to make these changes you will neeu to have the chait selecteu
oi be viewing the chait page that is within youi woikbook. 0nce you have uone that
the J5-/+1 @#A will appeai highlighteu with vaiious uiffeient options to foimat
youi giaphic (Figuie 14).

Figuie 14. Besign Tab foi chait uesign.

@/"(5-= To auu titles to a chait of giaphic you have to click on the Inseit Tab. 0nce
you have uone this, click on the Text Box Icon. This will inseit a text box that you can
type the title anu place anywheie you wish on the chait.
;H#1+5 ;H#$" @C.5= You can change youi chait easily by selecting this icon anu
navigating to a moie uesiiable chait. This featuie is veiy convenient foi someone
who chose the wiong chait anu uoesn't wish to ieselect all theii uata anu go thiough
the piocess a seconu time.
>*$,#" ;H#$" '$5#= This allows foi changes to be maue to the chaius boiuei, style,
fill, shauows, anu moie. To get this option you will neeu to iight click on the chaits
boiuei anu navigate to the >*$,#" ;H#$" '$5# option. 0nce this is clickeu a uialog
box will appeai.

Beie you aie able to change the coloi of the bais that aie within youi chait.



To inseit )/0"D$5-:
uo to the 81-5$" @#A& )/0"D$5, a uialog box will appeai anu then you can select the
uesiieu pictuie fiom the location that is it stoieu (Figuie 1S). The pictuie will be
inseiteu uiiectly onto youi uocument, wheie you can change the size of it as uesiieu.

Figuie 1S. Inseiting a pictuie

Inseiting ;(/.#$":
To inseit ;(/. '$" you will neeu to go to the 81-5$" @#A & ;(/. '$". A navigation
pane will appeai on the left hanu siue of the scieen wheie you can seaich foi woius
that peitain to the pictuie you aie looking foi.

Figuie 16. Clip Ait


When cieating a function in Excel you must fiist have the uata that you wish to
peifoim the function with selecteu.
Select the cell that you wish foi the calculation to be enteieu in (i.e.: if I want
to know the sum of B1:BS I will highlight cell B6 foi my sum to be enteieu
into) (Figuie 17).

Figuie 17. Choosing calculation cell
0nce you have uone this you will neeu to select the >*$,D(#- @#A locateu at
the top of the scieen.
A list of 2*-" G5051"(C K-5FL >/1#10/#(L B*+/0#(L @57"L J#"5 #1F @/,5L
2#"H #1F @$/+ foimulas will appeai. To choose one of the foimulas click the
icon that holus the foimula you aie looking foi.
0nce you have clickeu youi foimula this will uisplay a uialog box on youi
scieen. (Figuie 18)

Figuie 18. Fiist calculation uisplay

In this scieen it lists the cells that aie being calculateu, the values within the cells,
anu the enu iesult.

To accept that calculation you can piess 0K anu the iesult will show up in the
selecteu cell.


It is impoitant to always save youi uocument befoie you piint!


To piint youi uocument, go to the 433/05 80*1 & )$/1", select youi uesiieu settings,
anu then click 4M. You can also uo this by using the shoitcut CTRL + P

To be able to change the oiientation of youi page foi piinting you can click on the
)$*.5$"/5- button unuei the option to )$/1" then click the B#C*D" @#A (Figuie 19).

Figuie 19. Page Setup button anu piinting



In oiuei to unuo an action, you can click on the blue aiiow icon that is pointing to
the left at the top of the scieen. To ieuo an action, you can click on the blue aiiow
icon pointing to the iight. It is impoitant to note that not all actions aie unuoable,
thus it is impoitant to save befoie you make any majoi changes in youi uocument so
you can ieveit back to youi saveu uocument.


Befoie you quit, it's a goou iuea to save youi uocument one final time. You will neeu
to choose the 433/05 80*1 anu choose 67/" 6705(. This is bettei than just closing the
winuow, as it insuies youi uocument quits coiiectly.