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Our Neighborhood Council

Governing Board Members:

Executive Board
Danielle Lafayette, Chair
Yvonne Ellett, Co-Chair
Diane Robertson, Rec. Secretary
Edmond Warren, Treasurer
Board Members
Wilson Washensy, !rea " Re#.
$ary %ones-Dars, !rea " Re#.
Carl $or&an, !rea ' Re#.
%acie Ryan, !rea ' Re#.
Robin (illiam, !rea ) Re#.
!shley Thomas, !rea ) Re#.
$isty Wils, !t-Lar&e Re#.
%ohnnie Raines ***, !t-Lar&e Re#.
+ic ,ill , !t-Lar&e Re#.
%ason Lombard, !t-Lar&e Re#
Erma $icens, Corr. Secretary
A Certifed City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
Serving the communities of: Arlington Park, Baldwin Hills,
Baldwin Village, Baldwin Vista, Cameo Woods,
Crenshaw Manor, eimert Park ! Village "reen
All Meetings are #$en to the Pu%lic
Empowerment Congress West
Contact Information
3701 Stocker Street 106
Los Angeles, California
(ele$hone)*a+: ,-.-/ .0121344
Email: ofceec!an"c#org
We%site: www'ecwandc'org
congress west
Stake$ol"ers %o!n &all
Saturda6 of the Month
Crenshaw 7nited Methodist
-389 :on *eli$e :rive
0:-9 ; 55:-9 am
(oar" 'eetings
Monda6 of the Month
:WP Crenshaw Communit6
89-9 Crenshaw Blvd
4:-9 ; =:-9 $m
-.TRE!C, C-$$*TTEE $EET*+( !(E+D!
Wednesday, !u&ust "), '/"0, 12//-32//#m
Baldwin HillsCrenshaw Mall ! Communit" #oom
)45/ W. $artin Luther 6in& 7lvd., Los !n&eles, C! 3///8
**Refreshments will be served**
". Welcome Remars 9 Call to -rder :12//-12/5#m;5 mins<
'. *ntroductions and (round Rules :12/5-12"/#m;5 mins<
). =ublic Comment on +on-!&enda *tems2 Comments limited to matters >ithin the -utreach Committee?s
#urvie>. :.# to ' minutes #er s#eaer.< :12"/-12'/#m;"/ mins<
0. Discussion2 Debrief of National Night Out :12'/#m-12)/#m;"/ mins<
5. Discussion and;or =ossible !ction2 -utreach $aterials :12)/-82"5#m;05 mins<
a. Revie> Draft @!bout .sA Scri#t
b. Revie> Recommendation on ECW! 7randed $aterials
c. Lo&o Desi&n
4. Discussion and;or =ossible !ction2 $eet 9 (reet Series :82"5-82)/#m<
a. Select Series +ame
b. Revie> List of =ossible Benues in !reas "-)
c. Select Date for "
$eet 9 (reet in -ctober
1. Discussion and;or =ossible !ction2 .#comin& Events :82)/-32//#m<
a. =ar $esa ,ei&hts .nity Cest :Saturday 8;');"0< D =artici#ation and Bolunteer Recruitment
b. CicL!via :Sunday "';/1;"0< D =artici#ation and Cundin&
c. ECW! 7randed Event
3. !dEournment :3#m<
-fficial =ublic +otice for ECW!+DC Standin& Committees2
Committee $eetin& Date 9 Location Chair
=lannin&, Land .se 9
Last $onday of the $onth at 42)/ #m
C,C )1)" Stocer St Ste F'/"
Carl $or&an
Cinance )
$onday of the $onth at 52)/ D 42)/ #m !S +EEDED
DW= Crensha> Community Room2 0/)/ Crensha> 7lvd
$ary %ones-Dars
-utreach 'nd Wednesday of the $onth at 12//-32// #m !S
7ald>in ,ills-Crensha> $all, Community Room
)45/ W. $artin Luther 6in& 7lvd
Diane Robertson
Safety "
Saturday of the $onth at "'2// #m !S +EEDED
%ohnnie Raines ***
Education and Youth
Wilson Washensy
South L! !lliance of +ei&hborhood Councils :SL!!+C< ;
Los !n&eles 7ud&et Committee
Lar (allo>ay-(illiam ;
Danielle Lafayette
$embers of the #ublic are reHuested to fill out a @S#eaer CardA to address the 7oard on any item on
the a&enda #rior to the 7oard tain& action. Comments are limited to ' minutes #er s#eaer, unless
modified by the #residin& officer of the 7oard.
In compliance with Government Code section 54957.5 non!e"empt writings that are distri#uted to a
ma$orit% or all o& the #oard in advance o& a meeting ma% #e viewed at our we#site #% clic'ing on the
&ollowing lin' http()) or at the scheduled meeting. In addition i& %ou would li'e a
cop% o& an% record related to an item on the agenda please contact *C+,N-C Chair -anielle
.a&a%ette at chair/
,s a covered entit% under 0itle II o& the ,mericans with -isa#ilities ,ct the Cit% o& .os ,ngeles does
not discriminate on the #asis o& disa#ilit% and upon re1uest will provide reasona#le accommodation
to ensure e1ual access to its programs services and activities. 2ign language interpreters assistive
listening devices or other au"iliar% aids and)or services ma% #e provided upon re1uest. 0o ensure
availa#ilit% o& services please ma'e %our re1uest at least 3 #usiness da%s prior to the meeting %ou
wish to attend #% contacting -anielle .a&a%ette :)')< '35-5144 or e!mail chair/
2I 4*56I*4* 2*47ICIO2 -* 04,-6CCION 8,7O4 -* NO0I8IC,4 , ., O8ICIN, 3 dias de
tra#a$o 97: horas; ,N0*2 -*. *7*N0O. 2I N*C*2I0, ,<6-, CON *20, ,G*N-, =O4 8,7O4
..,>* , N6*204, O8ICIN, ,. :)')< '35-5144.
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