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%&'()*+ 23)&34)5 ChemoLheraopy ls an lmporLanL LreaLmenL for cancer pauenLs, buL ls llmlLed by several drawbacks, one of whlch ls a
lack of drug selecuvlLy for Lumor cells over normal cells. Cne promlslng area for lmprovlng Lumor selecuvlLy ls Lhrough
enzyme prodrug Lherapy. A prodrug ls a precursor chemlcal compound of a drug LhaL usually have no or poor blologlcal
acuvlLy. ln prodrug LreaLmenLs, enzymes are aruclally lnLroduced lnLo Lhe body, auach Lo Lhe Lumor, and Lhen
acuvaLed Lo selecuvely klll Lhe Lumor.

1hls Lechnology ls a new meLhod for selecuvely Largeung an anucancer drug Lo a cancer Lumor. 1hls Lherapy ls
deslgned for easy and rapld dellvery Lo Lhe Lumor and for mlnlmlzlng slde eecLs from Lhe anucancer drug.

ur. Parrlson's meLhod uses slngle-walled carbon nanoLubes (SWn1s) Lo dellver Lhe annexln-v enzyme. 1he drug Lhen
seeks Lhe Lumor and uses lnfrared Lo vlbraLe nanoLubes whlch desLroy Lhe Lumor. near-lnfared (nl8) radlauon would
be dlrecLed Lo Lhe Lumor, causlng Lhe SWn1s Lo be heaLed, and resulung ln Lhe Lumor Lo be selecuvely kllled by a
comblnauon of heaung and cumng o lLs blood supply.

lL ls belleved LhaL Lhls meLhod resulLs ln less LoxlclLy Lo normal organs and ussue compared Lo when Lhe drug lLself ls
ln[ecLed lnLo Lhe bloodsLream.
%&'()*+ 6-*71&'089 1he ro[ecL rourug Lechnology was dlsclosed Lo Lhe unlverslLy ln 2007 and Lhe unlverslLy led a paLenL ln november
2009. ur. Parrlson has good mouse daLa Lo supporL hls research of Lhls meLhodology. 1he Lechnology ls currenLly ln
paLenL prosecuuon. ur. Parrlson's research relaLed Lo Lhls prodrug dellvery meLhod earned hlm a 2014 CCAS1 granL Lo
furLher fund research and developmenL of Lhls LreaLmenL. 1he Cu Cmce of 1echnology uevelopmenL (Cu) ls relylng on
CCLW lnLerns Lo ldenufy poLenual lndusLry parLners Lo furLher developmenL of Lhls drug.

ur. Parrlson's general area of research ls Lhe appllcauon of bloLechnology Lo solve medlal problems. Cne of hls pasL
Lechnologles has been llcensed Lo a bloLechnology company for Lhe worldwlde research markeL.
:0**);; <'-=; LvaluaLe Lhe commerclal poLenual of ur. Parrlson's prodrug LreaLmenL ln Lhe LargeLed cancer Lherapy markeL
LvaluaLe poLenual lndusLry parLners for drug developmenL and ldenufy fundlng opporLunlues
<049481 %&48*4>=); Lnsure LhaL Lhe work ls hlgh lmpacL ln a way LhaL seLs Lhe basls for commerclal success beyond CCLW's paruclpauon.

undersLand Lhe currenL sLaLe of Lhe Lechnology, Lesung Lo daLe and poLenual appllcauons for Lhe
ldenufy Lhe value proposluon of Lhls new meLhod, undersLandlng whaL lL provldes over Lradluonal
undersLand Lhe sLaLus of Lhe lnLellecLual properLy
ueLermlne whaL sLeps are needed Lo make Lhe Lechnology commerclally vlable

B48-8*4-= C8-=@;4;
ueLermlne fundlng needs based upon developmenL guldellnes
ldenufy fundlng opporLunlues Lo nlsh developmenL and brlng Lhe Lechnology Lo Lhe markeL (CranL
fundlng, fundlng wlLhln Lhe unlverslLy? CuLslde lnvesLmenL?)
resenL Lhe Cu Cmce of 1echnology uevelopmenL a comprehenslve commerclallzauon plan and sLraLegy
for Lhe markeLablllLy of ur. Parrlson's prodrug Lherapy.

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Assess Lhe slze and segmenLauon of Lhe LargeLed drug Lherapy markeL
ldenufy Lhe growLh raLe and any key Lrends LhaL wlll aecL lL ln Lhe fuLure
erform a compeuuve analysls on Lhe currenL and emergenL Lheraples and sLandard of care used for
melonoma chemoLherapy
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ldenufy Lhe poLenual markeLs for Lhls form of LargeLed Lherapy
Map Lhe value chaln Lo undersLand Lhe key players ln Lhe LargeLed Lherapy lndusLry
undersLand Lhe role and needs of Lhe luA ln approvlng and regulaung new prodrug Lheraples
ldenufy poLenual parLners for drug developmenL
Who are Lhe poLenual parLners for Lhls Lechnology?
WhaL ls Lhelr lndusLry role?
AL whaL sLage would Lhey be lnLeresLed ln a llcenslng opporLunlLy?

I83)8+'&. /&J H'1)& K-&&4;'8

8oger Parrlson recelved hls h.u. ln chemlcal englneerlng aL Lhe unlverslLy of Wlsconsln, Madlson.
8efore [olnlng Lhe unlverslLy of Cklahoma, he worked for Lhe up[ohn Company ln fermenLauon 8&u
developmenL. Pe also worked for Lhe hllllps eLroleum Company ln Lhe bloLechnology 8&u dlvlslon.
ur. Parrlson ls currenLly an AssoclaLe rofessor for Lhe School of Chemlcal, 8lologlcal and MaLerlals
Lnglneerlng aL Lhe unlverslLy of Cklahoma
E)8+'&. ?6/
?)-F L)-9)&. E)=4;;- M08N

Sprlng 2014 CCLW lnLern, CulLural CuLreach Soluuons
MasLers, Llbrary & lnformauon SLudles
uocLor of Law (!u), unlverslLy of Cklahoma (2011)
8achelor of ArLs ln Lngllsh, Pendrlx College
CraduaLe AsslsLanL, SchusLerman Llbrary
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