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Organization Details

Mamasan Travel Services

Mission: To provide a colourful, vibrant and enriching travel
experience for accomplished gentlemen
Vision: To be Singapore's premier escort agency
Values: Discreet, local and fun!
Products and Services:
Discreet scort services, Sensual massage, !", #ersonali$ed
tours, private parties%
Diplomats, sophisticated socialites, celebrities%
Learners Profle
Name Daphne
lan !oots Mocha
!ender "emale Male "emale
&ge '( )* ++
Status ,- girl .S/T0 Diploma
) years #art7
time, currently
8il, currently
in engineering
8il, currently a
married, no
9arriers to
might ;nd out
5o3 education
level, lo3 self
esteem, not
tech savvy
Learning O"#ectives
9y the end of the training programme .total duration: +< hours
over = days0> escorts should be able to:
'% 4dentify the various aches and symptoms exhibited by
clients .through role play assessment0
)% Display the = 2ey criteria for a good Thai massage
+% Set up their massage rooms
?% Display appropriate social eti@uette .dressing, ma2eup,
behaviour0 at various occasions
a% "ormal dinner .;ne dining venue0
b% 1otel room service .Aut7call0
c% Massage .4n7call0
d% -ompanionship .non7dinner dates0
e% Special Services
=% :se the Mamasan Anline System
Training Programme
Training targets: &ll escorts under probation .+ months0 3ill
undergo +< hours of training spread out over = days
M': Massage Theory .+ hours0
M'b: Massage #ractice .* hours0
M): #reparation for escorting .* hours0
M+: Special Services .* hours0
M?: -ompanionship services .* hours0
M=: :sing the Mamasan Anline System .+ hours0
Detailed Training Programme $%ndividual
M': Massage Theory .+ hours0
4ntroduction to massage techni@ues used around the 3orld
Bhat is so special about the MamaSan Massage
Bhy 3e speciali$e in massage
Types of massages
-oncept behind massages .ho3 they 3or20
4mportant .C/0 pressure points for massage
:sage of oils and minerals in massage
:sage of other e@uipment .toys, vibrators, massagers etc0
Setting up a MamaSan Standard Massage Doom
o -hoosing the right music
o Types of cloth
o Types of bed
o 5ighting
o Temperature
o Athers
#hysical7motional -onnection of massage
4ncreasing arousal during massage
M'b: Massage #ractice .* hours0
1osting .from meeting client to 3ashing up0
Massage #rep .professional code of conduct 3hen undressing0
Demonstration by trainers
Massage #ractice .pair up and exchange0
o Trial ': 8ec2 E shoulders .'<min0
o Trial ): 9ac2 .'<min0
o Trial +: &rms E legs .'<min0
o Trial ?: 1ead .'<min0
o Trial =: :pper 9ody .+<min0
o Trial *: 5o3er 9ody .+<min0
o Trial F: "ull body .*<min0
M): #reparation for scorting Service .* hours0
1ygiene E !rooming
Dressing for the occasion
xtra e@uipment .if needed0
Ane 3ee2 before .scouting location, safety e@uipment, other
-ase Studies on past assignments G generation of ne3 ideas
M+: Special Services .* hours0
MamaSanHs #rofessional code of conduct
#roper protection .Staying safe0
Venues of possibilities
Despecting limits and values .of self and client0
8on7sexual services
Sexual services
9DSM services
1o3 to handle strange re@uests
M?: -ompanionship Services .* hours0
MamaSanHs Standard for companionship
-onversation topics
Ma2ing small tal2
#relude to extra services
Seduction techni@ues
Dealing 3ith conIicts6misunderstandings
#hysical touching .if appropriate0
&ttire and grooming
Special client re@uests .-ase studies0
Simulation by current escorts .role play 3ith trainees0
M=: MamaSan Anline System .+ hours0
&ccessing the system from secure connections
-reating multiple levels of security
9idding for a client .if applicable0
:ploading pictures6videos .if applicable0
-reating a pro;le .3ill be vetted before posting0
#romoting yourself as an escort
:pdating personal schedule

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