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People have always desired architecture that is functional and beautiful. But
today we want more: We want our buildings to be sustainable. What does that mean?
Among other things, it means fresh air in our work spaces, natural light, clean water,
splendid views, and comfortable temperatures, too. Even that does not exhaust the
growing list of client and consumer expectations including recycled and recyclable
materials, the sustainable production of building materials, and reduced heat as well as
light pollution.
Iloilo City has always been one of the top city destinations in the Philippines
because of its wealth of attractions that draw both domestic and international tourists.
Heritage and cultural tourism is the citys unique selling point as centuries-old structures
such as churches, cathedrals, buildings, and homes with varying architectural designs,
degrees of antiquity, and historical significance made its mark as the citys best tourist
In the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP, 2011-2016), Iloilo City is
being positioned as multi-packaged destination: a culture-based destination, an
education/tourism destination and a meetings, incentives, conventions and
exhibitions/events destination. Destination Marketing Project was formalized through
the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the Iloilo Business Club (IBC), the
Local Government Support Project - Local Economic Development (LGSP-LED), and
other stakeholders. This approach will market Metro Iloilo and Guimaras (MIG) and its
tourism circuits to attract greater numbers of domestic and foreign visitors.
Together with its property developer arm GoldPeach Properties, Gaisano Capital
has seen the great potentials of Iloilo City in terms of real estate developments. A big
project Gaisano Iloilo Center was recently proposed and envisioned as a mixed-use
development of commercial, residential units and offices. The big project is a welcome
development and a clear manifestation of investors confidence on the positive business
climate in the metropolis. It is prospect to generate more employment opportunities for
the Ilonggos and create multiplier effects boosting the citys economy. The major feature
of the Gaisano Iloilo Center will be the proposed Gaisano Iloilo Convention Hotel.

The proposed Gaisano Iloilo Convention Hotel will serve as a place where the
life, values, ideals, and visions of the population in the city evolved. It will be an
epicenter as an emblem that would accommodate hosting big events to show and boost
the citys capabilities as the next convention destination and an eco-luxe hotel that would
give comfort for the users while staying for the seminars and conferences held in the
convention center should be provided.
The main goal is to build up an eco-luxe convention hotel that would be an icon
on promoting the capabilities of the city as the next convention and tourism destination
and at the same time be an emblem of thoughtfulness for the sensitivities of the mother
The primary objectives of the proposed project include:
To develop a structure integrating an active faade system which will response to
sun exposure that can maximize the use of natural light and at the same time will
help in energy conservation.
To provide a structure that regenerate resources by and within the buildings
through considerations of lessening the energy impact and by applying green
sustainable systems.
To develop a structure that is inspired by Philippine architecture and Islamic
architecture with a touch of modernity.
The proposed project will help to know the difference between green design, which is
a healthy approach to designing with healthy materials, and sustainable building, which
is not only healthy but long-lasting and energy self-sufficient. Making such development
like this will help the Philippines to be more competitive in economic means in our
neighbor countries and as well as to the world.