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1. Whats your name?

2. How do you spell it?
3. Whats your phone number?
4. Whats your e-mail?
5. Whats your address?
6. How old are you?
7. How are you?
8. Are you single or married?
9. What is your favourite food? /sport?
10. Where are you from?
11. What is your occupation?
12. What is your job?
13. What do you do? What do you do exactly?
14. What are doing here?


1. Hello
2. Hi
3. How do you do?
4. Good morning / afternoon / evening
5. Are you fine? Are you OK? How are you today?
6. Whats up?
7. Nice too meet you.


1. Good morning / afternoon / good night
2. See you/ see you later / tomorrow / soon / then
3. Have a nice weekend / day / time
4. Bye kiss
5. Good to see you
6. Nice too see you
7. Nice too meet you, too.


1. Whats your name? My name is .
2. Whats your phone number? My phone number is
3. Whats your e-mail? It is .
4. Whats your address? Its .
5. How old are you? I am ________ years old.
6. How are you? Im fine. Im sick Im very tired
7. Are you single or married? Im single .
8. What is your favourite food? /sport? My favourite sport is
9. Where are you from? Im from Concepcin . Per. Colombia
10. What is your occupation? Im a student / teacher / arquitect
11. What is your job? .
12. What do you do? Im a teacher What do you do exactly? I teach English / Maths
13. What are doing here? I dont know Im on business / Im learning English

14. What is your nationality? MY NATIONALITY IS Chilean Peruvian Colombian Im from .
15. Where are you from? I am from
16. What is your address? My address is
17. Are you married or single? I am
18. What is your phone number? My phone number is
19. What is your e-mail address? My e-mail address is ___


1. Do you have brothers or sisters? Yes, I do. I have two brothers and a sister.
2. Do you have children? Yes, I do.
3. How many children do you have? I have 2 kids.
4. What are your kids names? Their names are Vicente and Clemente.
5. What is your fathers name?
6. Are you married? No, I am single. / Yes, I am married.
7. What does your sister / wife / husband / grandfather / daughter do?
8. Where does your sister live / work / study ?
9. How old is your father / your mother ?
10. How old are your children?
11. What is your brothers occupation?


1. How do you spend your day? morning / afternoon?
2. How does your wife / husband / son / daughter spend his /her free time?
3. What time do you wake up / get up / take a shower / get dressed / have breakfast / come to the university / have a lunch / get home?
4. Where do you have lunch?
5. Where do you study? Work?
6. What activities do you do in the morning / afternoon / evening?
7. Describe two things you do on Saturdays / on weekends.


1. Are you a doctor / teacher / engineer / chef?
2. What is your occupation?
3. What is your job?
4. What do you do? What do you do exactly?


1. Where do you work? I work in a hospital, office, university, restaurant
2. Do you like your job?
3. What job is more dangerous a fire fighter or teacher? Policeman or taxi driver?
A fire fighter is more dangerous, because its risker
4. How many hours do you work everyday? I work 8 hours / I dont work
5. How many hours do you study English? One hour everyday
6. How much money do you earn? Its not your business
7. How do you get your job? By car / by buss / on foot
8. How time do you take to arrive your job?
9. Is your father a farmer / policeman ?


Use questions with HOW OFTEN HOW LONG?

1. How often do you study / go shopping / go to the gym / play soccer? Etc.
2. How do you go out with friends / go to concerts?
3. What activities dont you usually do?
4. Do you ever go to cultural events? Which ones?
5. How long do you spend on the Internet every day?
6. How often do you go to parties / go to the cinema?
7. What do you usually do in the morning / afternoon / evening / on weekends?

LESSON 8: Use verbs GO / PLAY / DO

1. What do you do in your free time? I play chess / I do aerobics / I go shopping
2. How long do you do aerobics?
3. Do you play any sport?
4. Do you go running?
5. What sports do you do?
6. Who is your favourite soccer player?
7. How often do you go to the stadium?
8. Do you practice any physical exercises?
9. How do you like to spend your free time?
10. What is your favourite season of the year? Why? Describe what you do.

LESSON 9: Expressing likes and dislikes. See page 62.

Use like + ing _ verb I hate + ing _ verb

1. What are your favourite activities?
2. Do you have hobbies?
3. What kinds of movies do you like / hate?
4. Do you like going to the movies? Why?
5. What kind of food do you like / dislike eating?
6. Do you like watching TV?
7. What kinds of TV programs do you like / hate?
8. Where do you enjoy going in summer?
9. Do you have any favourite restaurant?
10. Do you like music? What kind of music do like?