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850 T C BN
1 Come (v) n Did you come here by car?
2 Get (v) t c Can I get you a drink?
3 Give (v) a Give me a book.
4 Keep (v) Gi Can I keep this photo?
5 Let (v) cho She opened the door and let me in (= allowed me
to enter).
6 Make (v) Lm cho My wedding ring is made of gold.
7 Put (v) t, She puts her coffee cup on the table.
8 Seem (v) Dng nh You seem very quiet today.
9 Take (v) Cm ly It may rain, so take your umbrella.
10 Be (v) L, th, He is a doctor.
11 Do (v) Lm Where do you work?
12 Have (v) C c I've heard that story before.
13 Say (v) Ni How do you say your name?
14 See(v) Nhn Can you see what is happening?
15 Send(v) Gi She sent a message with John to say that she
couldn't come.
16 May (modal v) C th He may be there.
17 Will (n) S We will visit my grandparents.
18 About (pre) V We are talking about this topic.
19 Across (pre) Bng qua We walked across the bridge.
20 Against (pre) Chng li I know youd like to get a more expensive car,
but Im against it.
21 Among (pre) Trong s She felt lonely among all these strange people.
22 At (pre) ti Call me at work.
23 Before (adv) Trc Less than a week before, hed graduated from
24 Between (pre) gia We live halfway between Toronto and Montreal.
25 Through (pre) Xuyn qua Have you read the report all the way through?
26 To (pre) n She agreed to help.
27 Under (pre) pha di Our dog hides under the bed whenever we have
a lightning storm.
28 Up (adv), (pre) pha trn Pick up your clothes and put them away.
29 With (pre) Cng Hes an impossible person to work with.
30 As (adv), (pre) Nh l They live in the same town as my parents.
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31 For (pre) cho Theres a phone message for you on your desk.
32 Of (pre) Ca She is a friend of mine.
33 Till (n), (conj) n tn khi Tell him to take it easy till we get there.
34 Than (conj) Hn My brothers older than you.
35 A (n), (article) Mt, mt ci I have a book.
36 The (article) Mt, mt ci Ill pick you up at the airport at 6 oclock.
37 All (adj) Tt c All four of her children are under six.
38 Any (adj) Bt k There was hardly any snow this winter.
39 Every (adj) Mi Theyre open every day.
40 No (adj), (n) Khng No trees grow near the top of the mountain.
41 Other (adj) ci khc Some people like living in big cities, but others
prefer the suburbs.
42 Some(adj) Mt vi Lets get some work done.
43 Such(adj) Nh th It seems like such a long way to drive.
44 That(pronoun) Ci My usual train was canceled. Thats why Im
45 This (pronoun) Ci ny This book is mine yours is over there.
46 I (pronoun) Ti I have two best friends.
47 She (pronoun) C ta, b ta She is talking.
48 He (pronoun) ng ta, anh ta He plays game every morning.
49 You (pronoun) Bn, cc bn You can learn English well.
50 When (adv) Khi no When did you go out yesterday?
51 Where (adv) u Where did they go?
52 Why (adv), (n) Ti sao Why does she cry?
53 Again (adv) Lp li Speak again, please.
54 Ever (adv) tng Have you ever been to Europe?
55 Far(adj) Xa She doesnt live far from here.
56 Forward(adv) Pha trc I look forward to seeing you again.
57 Here (adv) y We are here.
58 Near (adj) gn y We live near the school.
59 Now (adv) By gi She used to work in an office, but now she
works at home.
60 Out (adv), (n) Bn ngoi She has gone out.
61 Still (adv) Vn The universe is still expanding.
62 Then (adv) Sau She was then sixteen years old.
63 There (adv) Put the chair there.
64 Together (adv) Cng nhau She went home for a family get-together over
the weekend.
65 Well (adv) Tt We speak English well.
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66 Almost (adv) Hu nh Itll cost almost as much to repair your computer
as to buy a new one.
67 Enough (adj) He had just enough time to make his train.
68 Even (n), (adj) Ngay c The class has a pretty even mix of boys and
69 Little (adj) Mt t She has a little room on the top floor where she
works on her computer.
70 Much (adj) Nhiu Marks got too much work to do.
71 Not (adv) Khng Her life was not happy.
72 Only (adj) (adv) Ch There is only table in this room.
73 Quite (adv) Hon ton Weve had quite a lot of rain this year.
74 By (pre) Do Im reading some short stories by Chekhov.
75 Down (adv) Pha di Theres a bathroom down the stairs and to the
76 From (pre) T She ran away from home.
77 In (pre) ti, vo lc Anne is still in bed.
78 Off (adv), (pre) Xa ra, cch xa Was the computer on or off when you left?
79 On (pre) trn There is snow on the ground.
80 Over (n), (pre) khp He put a sweater on over his shirt.
81 Who (Pro) Ai Who can do this exercise?
82 And (conj), (n) V We were tired and hungry.
83 Because (conj) Bi v He walked slowly because of his bad leg
84 But (conj) Nhng I never pass my old house but I think of the
happy years I spent there
85 Or (n), ( pre) Hoc l Is it yellow or red ?
86 If (n), (conj) Nu I'll only stay if you offer me more money
87 Though (conj) Mc d Even though she knew the answer, she did not
88 While (n) Trong khi For a long while we had no news of him
89 How (adv) Nh th no How are you?
90 So (adv) V th How could you be so stupid as to believe him ?
91 Very (adj) Rt Her hair is very long.
92 Yesterday (n) Hm qua I met her yesterday.
93 Tomorrow (n) Ngy mai He said hell call tomorrow after work.
94 North (n) Phng bc The points of the compass are north, south, east,
and west.
95 South (n) Phng nam We moved to the South when I was a child.

96 East (n) Phng ng Most of the states heavy industry is in the east.
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97 West (n) Phng ty The sun sets in the west.
98 Please (v) Xin vui lng Please do as I say and dont ask questions.
99 Yes (n) Vng Yes, he is.
100 Account (n) Ti khon Will you pay cash or shall I charge it to your
account ?
101 Act (v) Hnh ng Don't believe what she says - it's all an act !
102 Addition (n) Thm In addition, I 'm active and enthusiastic.
103 Adjustment (n) iu chnh We have made some adjustment on the prices.
104 Advertisement
Qung co I make a presentation on advertisement.
105 Agreement (n) S ng Are we in agreement about the price ?
106 Amount (n) S lng what's the amount of this ?
107 Air (n) Khng kh Open a window and let in some air.
108 Amusement (n) S lm vui lng I only do it for amusement.
109 Animal (n) ng vt Man is a social animal.
110 Answer (v) Tr li We answered that we would accept the
111 Apparatus (n) Dng c I need a breathing apparatus.
112 Approval (n) S chp thun We need your company's approval.
113 Argument (n) S tranh ci They have weak argument.
114 Art (n) Ngh thut It's an art.
115 Comfort (n) S tin nghi the hotel has all modern comforts
116 Company (n) Cng ty we're expecting company next week.
117 Committee (n) y ban This was discussed in committee.
118 Comparison (n) S so snh There's no comparison between them.
119 Condition (n) iu kin Living condition in this ares is high.
120 Connection (n) S lin kt there is no connection in his speech
121 Cook (v) Nu He is cooking.
122 Control (v) Kim sot We try to control it.
123 Copper (n) Bng ng Is the pipe copper or lead?
124 Coppy (v) Sao chp Do you want to copy it?
125 Cork (n) Nt, nt chai I'll put the cork here.
126 Cotton (n) Bng It is 95% cotton.
127 Cough (v) Ho I cough badly.
128 County (n) Ht, bang The county has a population of 12,345 people
129 Cover (n) Bao ph the book covers the whole subject.
130 Dust (n) Bi bm what a dust !
131 Earth (n) Tri t Why is the Earth round?
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132 Edge (n) B mp They 're sitting at the water's edge.
133 Education (n) Gio dc Education is very important.
134 Effect (v) Tc ng It has an magical effect.
135 And (Conj), (n) V My mother and I went to the market last week.
136 Error (n) Li she was quick to point out my errors.
137 Example (n) V d Give me an example.
138 Event (n) S kin Yesterday was his happy event.
139 Exchange (n) S trao i How about an exchange?
140 Existence (n) S hin hu when did the world come into existence ?
141 Expansion (n) S bnh trng Expansion will take place in all markets.
142 Experience (n) Kinh nghim We have experience in listening English.
143 Expert (n) Chuyn gia My father is an expert.
144 Fact (n) Thc th Is that a fact?
145 Attack (v), (n) S tn cng They planed an attack.
146 Attemp (n) S c gng He had a satisfactory attempt.
147 Attention (n) S c mt She was the center of attention.
148 Authority (n) S thm quyn She's an authority on phonetics.
149 Back (n) Lng Welcome back!
150 Balance (n) Cn bng How long can you balance on one foot ?
151 Base (n) C s That is base lesson.
152 Behavior (n) C x His behavior is great.
153 Belief (n) Nim tin Belief is the most important.
154 Birth (n),(v) S sinh sn She is blind from birth.
155 Bit (n) Mt t He bit me!
156 Bite (v) Cn Does your dog bite?
157 Blood (n) Mu My blood type is O.
158 Blow (v) Thi The wind blew from the West.
159 Body (n) C th Body language is very important in speaking
160 Brass (n) ng thau He's got plenty of brass.
161 Bread (n) Bnh m He likes eating bread.
162 Brother (n) Anh, em trai His brother is very tall.
163 Building (n) Ta nh We bought a building last week.
164 Burn (n) Bc chy They burned the house.
165 Burst (n), (v) Bng n The balloon burst.
166 Business (n) Cng vic How's business?
167 Canvas (n) Vi bt This dress is made of canvas.
168 Crack (n) ng nt There is a crack here.
169 Credit (n) Th tn dng have a new credit.
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170 Crime (n) Ti phm He commits crime.
171 Crush (n) p Crush the juice out or oranges.
172 Cry(v) Khc She is crying.
173 Curent (n), (adj) Hin hnh The word is no longer in current use.
174 Curve (v) Khc chm He drew a curve on graph paper.
175 Damage (v) Ph hy It'll damage your hair.
176 Daughter (n) Em gi My daughter is 8 years old.
177 Day (n) Ngy Today is a great day.
178 Death (n) Ci cht Let's talk about death.
179 Debt (n) N Are you in debt now?
180 Decision (n) Quyt nh Let's make a decision.
181 Degree (n) Bng We offer vocational degree.
182 Design (v) Thit k It's a personal design.
183 Desire (v) S mong mun What is your desire?
184 Destruction (n) S ph hy The house must be saved from destruction.
185 Detail (n) Chi tit She described everything in detail.
186 Development(n) S pht trin They are under development.
187 Digestion (n) S tiu ha Discover how eating raw food helps balance
your body and aids digestion.
188 Discovery (n) S khm ph He has a new discovery.
189 Discussion (n) Tho lun The matter is still under discussion.
190 Fall (n) Ri, thc He fell badly and broke his leg.
191 Family (n) Gia nh My family is great.
192 Father (n) Cha My father like meat.
193 Fear (n) Ni s hi I have a fear of heights.
194 Feeling (n) Cm xc I've got this strange feeling in my stomach.
195 Fiction (n) Vin tng When he's telling you something, you never
know what's fact and what's fiction.
196 Field (n) Lnh vc Drive sheep into a field.
197 Fight (n) Cuc chin Don't fight it!
198 Fire (n) La They lost everything in the fire.
199 Flame (n) Ngn la He cooked over a low flame.
200 Flight (n) Chuyn bay There's another flight.
201 Flower (n) Bng hoa My sister hates flowers.
202 Fold (n) Np gp Fold your hands.
203 Food (n) Thc n My favorite food is fry meat.
204 Force (n) Lc lng The force of the wind had brought down a great
many trees in the area.
205 Form (n) Hnh thc A solution began to form in her mind.
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206 Friend (n) Bn hu My friends are boys.
207 Fruit (n) Tri cy Oranges, apples, pears, and bananas are all types
of fruit.
208 Glass (n) Knh gng In cool climates you have to grow tropical plants
under glass.
209 Gold (n) Vng Gold is a chemical element that is a valuable,
shiny, yellow metal used to make coins and
210 Government (n) Chnh ph Government issued economic policies.
211 Grain (n) Ht She cooked without a grain of salt.
212 Grass (n) C Keep off the grass!
213 Care (n) S thn trng I really care about my work.
214 Cause (n) Gy nn Smoking can cause lung cancer.
215 Chalk (n) Vin phn I need a piece of chalk.
216 Chance (n) C hi we have a good chance of winning.
217 Cloth (n) Vi vc This floor cloth is old.
218 Coal(n) Than Is coal dust harmful?
219 Colour (n) Mu sc The leaves have begun to colour.
220 Heat (n) (v) Sc nng Heat the oil!
221 Help (v), (n) S gip May I help you?
222 History (n) Lch s My friends love history.
223 Hole (n) Ci l The mouse ran into a hole.
224 Hope(n), (v) Hy vng Hope you understand.
225 Hour (n) Gi it's eighteen hours.
226 Humour (n) Hi hc he was in a good humuor.
227 Ice (n) Bng, nc With ice?
228 Idea (n) tng Good idea.
229 Impulse (n) Xc ng He is a man of impulse.
230 Increase (v) Gia tng The boss finally increased her salary.
231 Industry (n) Ngnh CN Tourism is a service industry.
232 Ink (n) Mc It's as black as ink.
233 Insect (n) Cn trng I have just bitten by an insect.
234 Instrument (n) Dng c Learn a musical instrument.
235 Disease (n) Bnh tt The first symptom of the disease is a very high
236 Disgust (n) S gh tm She walked out in disgust.
237 Distance (n) Khong cch He travels quite a distance (= a long way) to
work every day.
238 Distribution (n) S phn phi It has a wide distribution network.
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239 Division (n) S phn chia We have a new division.
240 Double (n) S gp i 36 is the double of 18.
241 Drink (v) Ung She is drinking milk.
242 Driving (n) Li He is driving.
243 Mass (n) Khi lng He is a mass serial killer.
244 Meal (n) Ba n Enjoy your meal!
245 Meat (n) Tht like meat.
246 Measure (n) o, cn Can we measure it?
247 Meeting (n) Bui mt tinh There was an informal meeting in my company.
248 Memory (n) K c It's a fun memory.
249 Metal (n) Kim loi Steel is heavy metal.
250 Middle (n) gia What is her middle name?
251 Milk (n) Sa She is drinking milk.
252 Mind (n) Tm hn he reads to improve his mind
253 Mine (n) Ca ti That's mine.
254 Minute (n) Pht Just a minute.
255 Mist (n) Sng A landscape clothed in mist.
256 Money (n) Tin How much money do you earn?
257 Month (n) Thng She has two months' holiday every year.
258 Grip (n) S nm chc The baby gripped my finger with her tiny hand.
259 Group (n) Nhm I'm meeting a group of friends for dinner
260 Growth (n) S pht trin Economic growth is on rise.
261 Guide (v) Hng dn Who do you guide?
262 Harbour (n) Hi cng We visited Folkestone harbour.
263 Harmony (n) S ha hp Brothers live together in harmony.
264 Hate (v) Ght I hate troubling you.
265 Hearing (n) S nghe Let me try hearing it.
266 Plant (n) Cy trng Rice is kind of plants.
267 Play (n) V kch We like this play.
268 Pleasure (n) Nim vui Smoking is one of his few pleasures.
269 Point (n) im Yes, I can see your point.
270 Poison (n) Cht c Her drink had been laced with a deadly poison.
271 Polish (n) nh bng Polish your shoes regularly to protect the leather.
272 Porter (n) Ngi khun vc The hotel porter opened the door for me and
then called a taxi.
273 Position (n) V tr He likes this position.
274 Powder (n) Bt The snow was fresh and powdery.
275 Price (n) Gi c These goods are priced too high.
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276 Power (n) Nng lc, quyn
Knowledge is power.
277 Print (n) In This is a lovely print.
278 Process (n) Qu trnh They have developed a new process.
279 Produce (v) Sn xut France produces a great deal of wine for export.
280 Profit (n) Li nhun He sold his house at a huge profit.
281 Insurance (n) Bo him Do you have insurance?
282 Interest (n) Mi quan tm Would this book be of any interest to you?
283 Jelly (n) Tht nu ng My family like jelly.
284 Join (v) Ni Join us.
285 Judge (v) Phn x I 'm able to judge.
286 Jump (v) Nhy Please do not jump.
287 Kick (n) He gave the ball a powerful kick.
288 Kiss (v) Hn She kiss her.
289 Know (v) Hiu bit We know him.
290 Ledge (n) G, ra The climbers rested on a sheltered ledge.
291 Language (n) Ngn g What's their body language?
292 Laugh (v) Ci Promise you won't laugh.
293 Law (n) Lut She is studying law.
294 Lead (v) Dn n Lead the way.
295 Learning (n) Hc tp Keep learning.
296 Letter (n) L th Please type the letter.
297 Level (n) Mc You should find your level.
298 Lift (n) Cu thang my Is there a lift?
299 Light (n) nh sng Light the candles.
300 Limit (n) Gii hn Everything has its own limit.
301 Linen (n) Vi Bags made from coarse linen.
302 Liquid (n) Cht lng Water is a liquid.
303 List (n) Danh sch Who's next on the list?
304 Look (v) Nhn Look ahead.
305 Loss (n) Mt She died from blood loss.
306 Morning (n) Bui sng Morning, Mike.
307 Month (n) Thng See you next month!
308 Mother (n) M My mother is great.
309 Movement (n) S chuyn ng I know his movements this week.
310 Moutain (n) Ni The Matterhorn is one of the biggest mountains
in Europe.
311 Move (v) Di chuyn I'm so cold I can't move my fingers.
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312 Music (n) m nhc We love music.
313 Name (n) Tn Whats your name?
314 Nation (n) Quc gia China is a populous nation.
315 Need (n) Nhu cu I feel a need to talk to you about it.
316 News (n) Tin tc it was news to me"
317 Night (n) m Good night!
318 Noise (n) Ting n Make some noise!
319 Note (n) Ghi ch Please note that!
320 Number (n) S I 'm number one.
321 Observation (n) S quan st How was yesterday's observation?
322 Offer (n) ngh Thanks for the offer.
323 Oil (n) Du n Heat the oil!
324 Operation (n) Gii phu Must I have an operation?
325 Opinion (n) kin What's your opinion?
326 Order (n) Yu cu Can I take your order now?
327 Ornament (n) Trang hong Garden ornaments such as statues and
328 Own (pronoun) Ca chnh bn
You may only use company computers to access
the Web in your own time.
329 Page (n) Trang For details on how to enter the competition, see
page 134.
330 Pain (n) Cn au Are you in (= suffering from) pain?
331 Paint (n) Sn There were so many paints (= types of paint) to
choose from that I couldn't decide which to buy.
332 Paper (n) T giy Dictionaries are usually printed on thin paper.
333 Part (n) Phn Watch this part.
334 Property (n) Ti sn "he is a man of property"
335 Prose (n) Vn xui She is a prose writer.
336 Protect (n) Bo v We must protect rare animals.
337 Pull (n) Ko Pull the door shut.
338 Punishment (n) Pht The punishment was very fair.
339 Purpose (n) Mc ch What's your purpose in life?
340 Quality (n) Cht lng It's of good quality.
341 Question (n) Cu hi Please answer my question.
342 Rain (n) Ma It rains.
343 Range (n) Cp bc What is their age range?
344 Rate (n) T l the rate of change was faster than expected.
345 Range (n) Hng, dy We could see a low range of hills in the
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346 Reaction (n) Phn ng I love to watch people's reactions when I say
who I am.
347 Reading (n) c Reading and tennis are my favourite pastimes.
348 Reason (n) L do Give me a reason!
349 Record (n) K lc Who holds the world record?
350 Regret (n) Hi tic I really regret it.
351 Relation (n) Mi quan h Is he any relation to you?
352 Religion (n) Tn gio What religion are you?
353 Representative
(adj), (n)
i din Who will be the representative?
354 Request (v) Yu cu I received a request.
355 Respect (n) Knh trng It shows respect.
356 Rest (n) Phn cn li he threw away the rest.
357 Reward (n) Phn thng The journey is the reward.
358 Rhythm (n) Vn Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.
359 Rice (n) Go I 'm cooking rice.
360 River (n) Sng ngi We live near the river.
361 Love (n) Yu thng I love French food.
362 Machine (n) My mc This is my coffee machine.
363 Man (n) Ngi Hey, man, how are you doing?
364 Manage (v) Qun l Don't worry about us - we'll manage!
365 Mark (n) nh du I'll mark my calendar.
366 Salt (n) Mui Add some salt.
367 Sand (n) Ct I really enjoy the sand.
368 Scale (n) Ci cn We buy a new scale.
369 Science (n) Khoa hc I love science.
370 Sea (n) Bin She likes sea.
371 Seat (n) Gh ngi This is my seat.
372 Secretary (n) Th k My secretary is very great.
373 Selection (n) S la chn Here is a selection.
374 Self (adj), (n) Chnh, t He wasn't his usual self.
375 Sense (n) ngha Am I making sense?
376 Servant (n) Ngi hu He works as a servant.
377 Sex(n) Ngi tnh What is your sex?
378 Shade (n) Bng rm We are sitting in the shade.
379 Shake (n) Rung, lc We are shaking hand.
380 Shame (n) H thn What a shame!
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381 Shock (n) Xc ng I'd had a bad shock.
382 Side (n) Pha Look on the bright side.
383 Sign (n) Du hiu There is no sign.
384 Silk (n) La Silk feels soft and smooth.
385 Silver (n) Bc time is gold, silver.
386 Sister (n) Ch Her sister is 32 years old.
387 Size (n) Kch thc What's your size?
388 Sky (n) Bu tri Look at the sky!
389 Sleep (n) (v) Gic ng How is your sleep?
390 Slip (n) Trn, trt She slipped on the ice.
391 Slope (n) Dc nghing The roof is at a slope (= at an angle to a
horizontal surface) of 30.
392 Paste (n) H Paste pieces of paper together.
393 Payment (n) Tin cng Thanks for your payment.
394 Peace (n) Ha bnh We love peace.
395 Person (n) Ngi Next person, please.
396 Place (n) Ni, chn This place is heaven.
397 Stop (n) Dng Stop the car.
398 Story (n) Cu chuyn We like this story.
399 Strech (v) S dui thng She streches her leg.
400 Struture (n) Cu trc This structure is so difficult.
401 Substance (n) Cht This is speacial substance.
402 Sugar (n) ng More sugar, please.
403 Suggestion (n) ngh Can you give me a suggestion?
404 Summer (n) Ma h I like summer.
405 Support (v) ng h You support us.
406 Surprise (adj) Ngc nhin Jack is surprised when his wife wearing skirt.
407 Swim (v) Bi She is swimming in a pool.
408 System (n) H thng We have a new system in education.
409 Tall (adj) Cao He is taller than me.
410 Taste (n) Th nm A good taste.
411 Tax (n) Thu Tax is raising in this month.
412 Teaching(n) Ging dy Teaching English is her job now.
413 Tendercy (n) Khuynh hng We can see a new tendercy.
414 Test (n) Kim tra We have a test in this morning.
415 Theory (n) L thuyt We have learned theory how to write a good
416 Thing (n) Vt, vt We have many things.
417 Thought (n) Suy ngh The doctor is full of thought for the patient.
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418 Thunder (n) Sm It thundered all night.
419 Time (n) Thi gian what a (long ) time you've been !
420 Tin (n) Hp ,km Open my tin of beans, please.
421 Top (n) nh Let's reach the top.
422 Touch (v) S m That paint is wet - don't touch (it).
423 Road (n) Con ng We live on a busy/quiet road.
424 Roll (n) Cun The dog rolled over onto its back.
425 Room (n) Cn phng My room has a new bed. We live on a
busy/quiet road.
426 Rule run (n) Lut l chy We have known about the rule run.
427 Week (n) Tun l We visited grandparents last week.
428 Weight (n) Trng lng He is over weight.
429 Wind (n) Gi Its windy.
430 Wine (n) Ru They are drinking wine.
431 Winter (n) Mu ng We hate winter.
432 Woman (n) n b She's a really nice woman.
433 Wood (n) G They are made of wood.
434 Word (n) Li Keep your word!
435 Work (n) Cng vic Her work is teaching.
436 Wound (n) Vt thng He died from wound.
437 Writing (n) Vit I 'm writing an essay.
438 Year (n) Nm He is the first year student.
439 Ange (n) Gc The picture was hanging at an angle.
440 Ant (n) Con kin An ant is an insect.
441 Apple (n) Qu to How about apple juice?
442 Arch (n) Ca vm He always wears such an arch smile.
443 Arm (n) Cnh tay Is the arm broken?
444 Baby (n) a b You 're such a baby.
445 Bag (n) Ci ti Is this bag new?
446 Ball (n) Tri banh The ball is round.
447 Band (n) Ban nhc I love Westlife band.
448 Basin (n) Ci bn I 've cleaned the basin and scrubbed the bath.
449 Basket (n) Ci d She shot the winning basket.
450 Bath (n) S tm With bath or without?
451 Bed (n) Ci ging My brother bought a new bed.
452 Smash (n) S va chm He ran smash into the wall.
453 Smell (v) Ngi Her feet really smell.
454 Smile (v) Ci He is smiling.
455 Smoke (v) Ht My father does not smoke.
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456 Sneeze (v) Ht hi sneezed much yesterday.
457 Snow (n) Tuyt Snow is white.
458 Soap (n) X phng My mother bought soap last week.
459 Society (n) X hi Society has many classes.
460 Son (n) Con trai My son is four years old.
461 Song (n) Bi ht They are singing a song together.
462 Sort (n) Loi, th It's sort of bed.
463 Sound (n) m thanh Its sound great.
464 Soup (n) Xp My father enjoys soup.
465 Space (n) V tr She looked into space.
466 Stage (n) Sn khu They are building a new stage.
467 Start (n) Bt u We start at 6.30.
468 Statement (n) Li tuyn b Your statement is very interesting.
469 Steam (n) Hi nc Steam clouded my mirror.
470 Steel (n) Thp It's made of steel.
471 Step (n) Bc Step aside, please.
472 Stitch (n) Mi khu We'll stitch it before washing.
473 Stone (n) A house built of stone.
474 Cake (n) Ci bnh Enjoy your cake.
475 Camera (n) My nh I need a camera.
476 Card (n) Th, tm th I'll pay my card.
477 Trade (n) Kinh doanh They trade in futures.
478 Transport (v) Vn chuyn Do you have transport?
479 Trick (n) Mu mo You to trick me!
480 Trouble (n) iu phin toi What's your trouble?
481 Turn (n) S thay i Turn around.
482 Twist (n) S xon li Twist your body like this.
483 Unit (n) n v We have learned unit three.
484 Use (v) Dng I'll use chopsticks.
485 Value (n) Gi tr Find your value!
486 Verve (n) Cu th She delivered her speech with tremendous wit
and verve.
487 Vessel (n) Chu We bought a new vessel.
488 View (n) Quan im In my view, English is great.
489 Voice (n) Ging ni His voice is great.
490 Walk (v) i b Let's walk.
491 War (n) Chin tranh Which war?
492 Wash (v) Ra My sister is washing her face.
492 Waste (n), (adj) Ph Don't waste anything.
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494 Water (n) Nc They build a water pool.
495 Wave (n) Sng bin Her hair has natural wave.
496 Wax (n) Sp This is a bottle of wax.
497 Way (n) Cch No way!
498 Weather (n) Thi tit How's the weather?
499 Goat (n) Con d Climb like a mountain goat.
500 Gun (n) Khu sng It's his gun.
501 Hair (n) Tc It's his gun.
502 Bee (n) Con ong It's a bee.
503 Bell (n) Ci chung A bell doesn't work.
504 Berry (n) Qu mng Her skin is as brown as berry.
505 Bird (n) Con chim I 'm like a bird.
506 Blade (n) Li ca This saw blade is not sharp.
507 Board (n) Ci bng Here is my board.
508 Boat (n) Con thuyn We run the boat.
509 Bone (n) Xng She choked on a fish bone.
510 Book ( n) Quyn sch Where's the book?
511 Boot (n) ng She bought new boots.
512 Bottle (n) Ci chai I'll take a bottle.
513 Box (n) Ci hp There is a big box on my table.
514 Boy (n) Con trai My class has 24 boys.
515 Brain (n) c, no Brain is very important.
516 Brake (n) Ci hm That is the brake.
517 Branch (n) Chi nhnh I broke a branch.
518 Brick (n) Gch Houses built of red brick.
519 Bridge (n) Cu The bridge is finished.
520 Brush (v) chi Brush your teeth.
521 Brucket (n) Ci gu Can you help me to screw this brucket to the
522 Bull (n) B c I saw a bull.
523 Bottm (n) Nt Here's the bottom line.
524 Plate (n) Ci a There is a plate on the table.
525 Plough (n) Ci cy Two horses are pulling the plough.
526 Pot (n) Ci bnh There's some in the pot.
527 Carriage (n) Xe nga My father bought a carriage.
528 Cart (n) Xe b Here is his cart.
529 Cat (n) Con mo My cat is black.
530 Chain (n) Chui That's the chain effect.
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531 Cheese (n) Pho mt Eat the cheese.
532 Chest (n) ngc My chest hurts.
533 Cheek (n) m He kissed on her cheek.
534 Chin (n) Cm He kissed on her chin.
535 Church (n) Nh th They 're in/at church.
536 Circle (n) Vng trn Life is a circle.
537 Clock (n) ng h This clock is slow.
538 Cloud (n) My The cloud is clearing.
539 Coat (n) o chong I wore a coat.
540 Collar (n) C o What is your collar size?
541 Comb (n) Chi Please, comb my hair.
542 Cord (n) Dy The vocal cord has five different layers.
543 Cow (n) B ci She had a cow.
544 Cup (n) Ci tch Whose cup is this?
545 Curtain (n) Tm mn That's a shower curtain.
546 Cushion (n) Dng lung She thumped the cushion flat.
547 Dog (n) Con ch Is that your dog?
548 Door (n) Ca Close the door.
549 Drain (n) ng dn nc Drain the tea.
550 Drawer (n) Ngn ko Clear out your drawer.
551 Dress (n) o qun Look at her dress!
552 Drop (n) Git Don't drop the dishes.
553 Ear (n) Tai Cover your left ear.
554 Egg (n) Qu trng She boiled an egg.
555 Engine (n) B my I check the engine.
556 Eye (n) Con mt Where's the eye department?
557 Face (n) Khun mt His face is round.
558 Farm (n) Nng trang The farm is beautiful.
559 Hammer (n) Ci ba Could you lend me your hammer?
560 Hand (n) Bn tay He shakes my hand.
561 Hat (n) Ci m Give me my hat.
562 Head (n) Ci u Put this hat on to keep your head warm.
563 Heart (n) Tri tim Everybody has a heart.
564 Hook (n) Ci mc Do you hook everyday?
565 Horn (n) Ci sng This is a horn.
566 Horse (n) Con nga I have pet horse.
567 Hospital (n) Bnh vin They went to hospital.
568 House (n) Ngi nh Which house?
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569 Island (n) Hn o It looks like an island.
570 Jewel (n) Kim hon Where is your jewel box?
571 Kettle (n) Ci ni nh The kettle is boiling.
572 Keg (n) Thng nh I'd like to drink keg beer.
573 Knee (n) u gi I had a knee injury.
574 Knife (n) Con dao This knife needs sharpening.
575 Knot (n) Ci nt He tied a knot.
576 Leaf (n) Ngn l A leaf is falling.
577 Leg (n) Ci chn How's your leg?
578 Library (n) Th vin Where is the library?
579 Line (n) Dy The line is bad.
580 Lip (n) Mi Her lips are red.
581 Cock (n) G trng He's talking cock!
582 Map (n) Bn Look at the map.
583 Match (n) Trn u Who won the final match?
584 Monkey (n) Con kh You look like a monkey.
585 Moon (n) Mt trng It's full moon tonight.
586 Mouth (n) ci ming Big mouth!
587 Muscle (n) Bp tht Your muscle is very tight.
588 Nail (n) Con c sn This is a nail.
589 Neck (n) Ci c I have neck ache.
590 Pocket (n) Ci ti Which pocket?
591 Potato (n) Khoai ty I hate potato cakes.
592 Prison (n) Nh t She's gone to prison.
593 Pump (n) Ci bm Before using, you check the pump.
594 Rail (n) ng st They are building a rail network.
595 Rat (n) Chut cng The rat scratched me.
596 Receipt (n) Bin lai Here's your receipt.
597 Ring (n) Chic nhn Maybe a ring.
598 Rod (n) Ci que Spare the rod, spoil the child
599 Roof (n) Mi nh He repaired the roof.
600 Root (n) R Don't chop at the root.
601 Sail (n) Ci bum All ships are in full sail.
602 School (n) Trng hc Children start school.
603 Scissors (n) Ci ko Do not use clipper, use scissor.
604 Screw (n) Con c, vt You screw it in like this.
605 Seed (n) Ht ging The seed became a tree.
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606 Sheep (n) Con cu Sheep are nibbling the grass.
607 Shelf (n) Ci gi sch He is making a shelf.
608 Ship (n) Con tu The ship changed course.
609 Shirt (n) o s mi They has bought new shirts.
610 Shoe (n) Chic giy This is my shoes.
611 Skin (n) Da How about the skin?
612 Skirt (n) Ci vy Her skirt is black.
613 Snake (n) Con rn I saw a snake.
614 Sck (n) Tt chn I bought socks.
615 Spade (n) Ci thung Why did you buy a spade?
616 Sponge (n) Bt bin I like a sponge cake.
617 Spoon (n) Ci tha Give me another spoon, please!
618 Spring (n) Ma xun I like spring.
619 Square (n) Qung trng It is square.
620 Sun (n) Mt tri The sun is shining.
621 Feather (n) Lng v I found feather on my table.
622 Finger (n) Ngn tay I 've cut my finger.
623 Fish (n) Con c I like fish cakes.
624 Flag (n) Ngn c They raised yellow flag.
625 Floor (n) Nn nh She's cleaning the floor.
626 Fly (n) Con rui I fly on Sunday.
627 Floor (n) Thc phm Which floor, sir?
628 Fork (n) Ci ra Give me another fork.
629 Fowl (n) Con g This book is neither fish nor fowl.
630 Frame (n) Khung sn It's a silver photograph frame.
631 Garden (n) Khu vn Every garden is different.
632 Girl (n) C gi It's a girl!
633 Glove (n) Gng tay My new shoes fit like a glove.
634 Trousers (n) Qun di I bought a new trousers.
635 Umbrella (n) Ci Close your umbrella!
636 Wall (n) Bc tng The wall was broken.
637 Watch (n) Ci ng h Watch me!
638 Wheel (n) Bnh xe The wheel is off balance.
639 Whip (n) Ci roi da I suggest 20 strokes with a whip.
640 Whistle (n) Ci ci He's using whistle again.
641 Window (n) Ca s Open the window.
642 Wing (n) Cnh Never wait in the wing.
643 Wine (n) Ru We'd prefer wine.
644 Worm (n) Con su Worm eats leaf.
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645 Needle (n) Ci kim khu Do you have a sharp needle?
646 Nerve (n) Dy thn kinh They touched her nerve.
647 Net (n) Li The ball hit the net.
648 Nose (n) Ci mi He has a high nose.
649 Nut (n) Ht d We bought nuts.
650 Office (n) C quan Your office?
651 Oven (n) Bp l The oven is off.
652 Parcel (n) Gi hng nh Please post the parcel.
653 Pen (n) Cy bt Where's my pen?
654 Pencil (n) Bt ch Where's my pencil?
655 Pig (n) Con ln I hate pig.
656 Pipe (n) Tu thuc He smokes a pipe.
657 Plane (n) My bay Welcome aboard our plane.
658 Table (n) Ci bn Clear the table.
659 Tail (n) Ci ui Where's his tail?
660 Thread (n) Dy, si Your writing loses the thread.
661 Throat (n) C hng My throat feels dry.
662 Thrumb (n) Ngn tay ci Raise your thumb up.
663 Ticket (n) V Here's your ticket.
664 Toe (n) u ngn chn Sorry, did I step on your toe?
665 Tongue (n) Li What a tongue!
666 Tooth (n) Rng My back tooth hurts.
667 Town (n) Thnh ph I 'm out of town.
668 Train (n) Con tu Go by train.
669 Tray (n) Ci khay Here is your tray.
670 Tree (n) Cy ci I cut that tree.
671 Able (adj) C th He is an able worker.
672 Acid (n) Cht chua Acid is very sour.
673 Angry (v) Gin Stop being angry!
674 Automatic (adj) T ng Is it automatic?
675 Beautiful (adj) Xinh p It's beautiful!
676 Black (adj) Mu en Black or white?
677 Boiling (adj) Si, ang si The water is boiling.
678 Bright (adj) Sng It's very bright.
679 Full (adj) y I 'm full.
680 General (adj) Chung chung It's large and general.
681 Good (adj) Tt Its good.
682 Great (adj) To ln Itsound great.
683 Grey (adj) Mu xm Her hair is grey.
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684 Hanging (n),
Treo l lng He is hanging this picture.
685 Happy (adj) Hnh phc She feels happy.
686 Hard (adj) Cng It seems hard.
687 Separate (adj) Tch bit I have my seperate public life and my private
688 Serious (adj) Nghim trng Serious!
689 Sharp (adj) Sc bn Don't sing sharp!
690 Smooth (adj) Trn, phng I made them smooth.
691 Sticky (adj) Dnh I 'm eating sticky rice.
692 Stiff (adj) Cng rn I have a stiff neck.
693 Straight (adj) Thng He has straight nose.
694 Strong(adj) Khe We are strong.
695 Sudden (adj) Bt ng It's so sudden.
696 Broken (adj) V Everything is broken.
697 Brown (adj) Mu nu I have brown eyes.
698 Cheap (adj) R Its cheap.
699 Chemical (adj) Thuc ha cht Chemical weapon is dangerous.
700 Chief (adj) Ch yu Chemical weapon is dangerous.
701 Clean (adj), (n) Sch Let's clean up.
702 Common (adj) Chung chung He is very common.
703 Complex (adj) Phc tp Software is too complex.
704 Conscious (adj) thc tnh to He is conscious.
705 Cut (n) Ct She cut herself.
706 Deep (adj) Su sc Draw a deep breath.
707 Dependent
(adj), (n)
Ph thuc He has three dependent children.
708 Early (adj) Sm She married early.
709 Elastic (adj), (n) Co gin A lot of sportswear is made of very elastic
710 Electric (n) in It is electric motor.
711 Equal (adj) Cn bng All members are equal.
712 Fat (adj) Bo I 'm fat.
713 First (adj) Trc tin I 'm leaving first.
714 Fixed (adj) Gn cht It's not fixed.
715 Flat (adj), (n) Dt He has a flat.
716 Free (adj) T do It's free.
717 Frequent (adj) Thng xuyn I 'm a frequent flyer.
718 Green (adj) Mu xanh l cy It is green.
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719 Ill (adj) m She's ill.
720 Last (adj) ,(n) Cui Building began last year.
721 Left (adj) Pha bn tri I left home.
722 Loose (adj) Lng lo It's too loose.
723 Loud (adj) Ln It's too loud.
724 Low (adj) Thp Cook it on low.
725 Healthy (adj) Giu c Is he healthy?
726 High (adj) Cao Such a high price!
727 Hollow (adj) Lm They are hollow promise.
728 Important (adj) Quan trng That's important.
729 Kind (adj) Tt You 're very kind.
730 Like (adj), (pre) Ging nh Like this?
731 Living (n) Sng I 'm living in England.
732 Long (adj) Di How long?
733 Male (n) Ging c Are you male?
734 Married (adj) Ci hi I 'm married.
735 Material (adj) Thuc vt cht What is the material?
736 Medical (adj) Thuc thuc
What is medical insurance?
737 Military (n) Qun i The police had military backup.
738 Natural (adj) T nhin Do I look natural?
739 Necessary (adj),
Cn thit How necessary!
740 New (adj) Mi It looks new.
741 Normal (adj) Bnh thng Everything looked normal.
742 Open (v) M Open the window.
743 Parallel (adj) Song song Draw parallel lines, please.
744 Past (adj) Thuc qu kh His past?
745 Physical (adj) Thuc vt cht Is physical appearance important?
746 Political (adj) Thuc chnh tr That is political stability.
747 Poon (n) Cy m u The factory produces the poon oil.
748 Possible (adj) C th It's possible.
749 Present (adj),
Hin ti Not at present.
750 Private (adj) Ring bit It is a private business.
751 Probable (adj) C th Rain is possible but not probable this evening.
752 Quick (adj) Nhanh Be quick!
753 Quiet (adj) Yn tnh Keep quiet!
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754 Ready (adj) Sn sng I am ready.
755 Sweet (adj) Ngt It's very sweet.
756 Tall (adj) Cao Is he tall?
757 Thick (adj) Dy She has thick eyebrows.
758 Tight (adj) Cht Goodnight, sleep tight!
759 Tired (adj) Mt mi I 'm dead tired.
760 True (adj) Thc Is that true?
761 Violent (adj) Mnh lit You 're a little too violent.
762 Waiting (n),
Ch i Why is he waiting?
763 Warm (adj) m p The sea was warm.
764 Wet (adj) m t I was all wet.
765 Wide (adj) Rng I 'm wide awake.
766 Wise (adj) Khn ngoan Our boss is penny wise.
767 Yellow (adj) Mu vng They look too yellow.
768 Young (adj) Tr You 're still young.
769 Awake (adj),(v) Thc gic Are you awake?
770 Bad (adj) Xu Too bad!
771 Bent (n) B cong The rib has bent.
772 Butter (adj) B Butter is delicious.
773 Blue (adj) Mu xanh Don't be blue!
773 Certain (adj) Chc chn Are you certain?
775 Cold (adj) Lnh lo Are you cold?
776 Complete (adj) y Complete this sentence.
777 Cruel (adj) c c Reality is cruel.
778 Dark (adj) Ti tm It is dark!
779 Dead (n) Cht I 'm dead.
780 Dear (adj), (n) Thn mn My dear!
781 Delicate (adj) T nh They 're delicate and beautiful.
782 Mixed (adj) Pha, pha chn I 'm all mixed up.
783 Narrow (adj) Hp Narrow your search.
784 Old (adj) Gi, c I 'm getting old.
785 Red (adj) Mu Grey and red?
786 Regular (adj) u dn We are regular customers.
787 Responsible
Trch nhim I 'm responsible for English.
788 Right (adj) ng That's right.
789 Round (adj) Trn It is round.
790 Same (adj) Cng Same price.
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791 Second (n) Th nh She is second.
792 Opposite (adj),
i din Just the opposite.
793 Public (adj) Cng cng The public rooms.
794 Rough (adj) G gh The sea is rough.
795 Sad (adj) Bun It's sad.
796 Safe (adj) An ton Safe and sound!
797 Secret (n) B mt What's your secret?
798 Short (adj) Ngn It's too short.
799 Shut (transitive
ng kn Shut your mouth!
800 Different (adj) Khc Aren't they different?
801 Dirty (adj) Bn You dirty rat.
802 Dry (adj) Kh Dry your hands.
803 False (adj) Gi Those are false teeth.
804 Feeble (adj) Yu ui Love makes us feeble.
805 Female (n) Ging ci It's a female cat.
806 Foolish (adj) Mm mi Are you foolish?
807 Future (n) Tng lai I am her future.
808 Soft (adj) Mm mi He's soft spoken.
809 Solid (adj) Cng chc Their muscles are solid.
810 Special (adj) c bit Nothing special.
811 Strange (adj) L That's strange!
812 Thin (adj) Mng I 'm thin.
813 White (adj) Mu trng Walls painted white.
814 Wrong (adj) Sai lm What's wrong?
815 Simple (adj) n gin She's very simple.
816 Slow(adj) Chm Slow down!
817 Small (adj) Nh It is small.
818 Ability (n) Kh nng I have musical ability.
819 Academic (n) Thuc nh
Academic standard are high.
820 Access (n) ng vo Please access the computer.
821 Accident (n) Tai nn That was an accident.
822 Alone (adj) Ch mt mnh Leave me alone!
823 Along (adv),
Dc theo Come along now.
824 Affect
(transitive verb)
Tc ng What will it affect?
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825 Effort (n) N lc He devoted great effort.
826 Advice (n) Li khuyn Steven gave me some good advice.
827 Advise (v) khuyn We will advise you later.
828 Allright (adj) c Everything will be allright.
829 Alternative
(adj), (n)
Thay th You have no alternative.
830 Announce (v) Tuyn b How did she announce it?
831 Attractive (adj) Cun ht It sounds attractive.
832 Average (adj),
Trung bnh My grades were average.
833 Avoid (v) Trnh We avoid him.
834 Band (n) Ban nhc It's a famous band.
835 Bank (n) Ngn hng Where's the nearest bank?
836 Bar (n) Qun ru Where is the bar?
837 Beat (v) nh p Beat it!
838 Area (n) Khu vc You are in this area.
839 Attach (v) Dn You can attach here.
840 Atmostphere (n) Kh quyn The atmostphere was charged with happiness
841 Appoint (v) B nhim Who shall we appoint as chairperson?
841 Disappear
Bin mt You better disappear!
843 Appear
Xut hin The guests began to appear.
844 Candidate (n) Ngi ng c That candidate is good.
845 Pan (n) Cho Don't worry, it'll pan out.
846 Run (v) Chy Can you run?
847 Point (n) im You have a point.
848 Chairman (n) Ch tch The chairman ordered silence.
849 Confirm (v) Xc nhn Please confirm today.
850 Action (n) Hnh ng Take action!

(pre): preposition (adv): adverb
(n) : noun (adj): adjective
(v): verb (Conj): conjunction
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