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Cng thc so snh tnh t trong ting Anh


I. So snh bng:
Cng thc:

As adj as

I am as tall as you. (Ti cao bng bn)
Trong so snh khng bng ta c th dng soas thay cho
I am not so tall as you. (Ti khng cao bng bn)
So snh cho cng mt i tng nhng khc yu t so snh.
Mary was as intelligent as she was beautiful. (S thng minh Mary cng bng vi
nhan sc ca c y.)
So snh khc i tng ln yu t so snh.
She is as kind as her brother is honest. (C y tt bng cng bng vi anh c y
tht th

C th thm cc ch sau y trc so snh bng lm r ngha hn: exactly =
just, nearly=almost, hardly, twice, three times
I am exactly/just as tall as you. (Ti cao ng bng bn)
I am almost/nearly as tall as you. (Ti cao gn bng bn)

II. So snh hn:
Cng thc tnh t ngn:
Thm er sau tnh t. Nu pha sau c i tng so snh th thm than.

Adj +er (than N)

I am taller. (Ti cao hn)
I am taller than you. (Ti cao hn bn)
Cng thc tnh t di:
Thm more trc tnh t. Nu pha sau c i tng so snh th thm than.

More Adj (than N)

I am more beautiful. (Ti p hn)
I am more beautiful than you. (Ti p hn bn)
- Ta c th nhn mnh s hn nhiu bng cch dng "much/far/a lot, many,
greatly, a great deal, " hoc hn t bng cch thm "a bit/a little/slightly" trc
hnh thc so snh..
I am far taller than you. (Ti cao hn bn nhiu)
I am much more beautiful than you.
This house is slightly more expensive than that one. (Cn nh ny th hi mc hn
cn nh kia.)
III. So snh nht:
Cng thc tnh t ngn:
Thm the trc tnh t v thm est sau tnh t. Pha sau c th c N hoc khng.

The Adj +est (N)

I am the tallest. (Ti cao nht)
I am the tallest student in the class. (Ti l hc sinh cao nht trong lp)
Nu mun ni nht trong s cc i tng th dng of pha sau.
Mary is the tallest of the three girls. (Mary cao nht trong s 3 c gi)
Cng c th cm of.. u cu:
Of the three girls, Mary is the tallest. (Trong s 3 c gi, Mary cao nht)

Cng thc tnh t di:
Thm the most trc tnh t. Pha sau c th c N hoc khng.
C th dng vi BY FAR, THE SECOND, THE FIRST trc so snh nht
ni r v s chnh lch gia i tng ng nht vi cc i tng khc.

The most Adj (N)

I am the most beautiful. (Ti p nht)
Cn phn bit the least (t nht) vi in the least trong cu trc not the least (
Khngcht no)
I am the least surprised.(Ti t ngc nhin nht)
I am not in the least surprised. (Ti chng ngc nhin cht no)
Cc cm t sau y cng c th dng tng ng vi the least trong
cng thc trn: in the slightest, the least bit. Nhm cm t ny c th sau
tnh t.

Lu :
-Nu i tng so snh vi chnh mnh mt cch chung chung th c th b THE.
The stars are brightest when there is no moon. (Nht y khng c so vi ai, i
tng no khc)
-Cn phn bit most l so snh nht v most mang ngha RT. Khi mang ngha
RT th khng dng the.
He is a most brave man. (Anh y l mt ngi rt dng cm)

Ghi ch: Cc tnh t di tn cng bng y, er, ow, ble, ple, tle, ite th vn p dng
cng thc ca tnh t ngn. Ring tn Y th i thnh I ri thm er hoc est.
He is cleverer than I.
I am happier than you.
Cc tnh t so snh khng theo quy tc
So snh s ln- s lng
Dng so snh bng v s ln trc so snh.
V d:
I am twice as heavy as you. (Ti nng gp 2 ln bn)
Dng so snh HN v s lng trc so snh
V d:
I am 2 kg heavier than you. (Ti nng hn bn 2kg)
C th dng danh t thay cho s lng.
V d:
I am a head taller than you. (Ti cao hn bn 1 ci u)
=I am taller than you by a head.


MORE adj THAN adj
She is more brave than wise. (C y dung cm hn l khng ngoan)
It is more a cat than a tiger. (N l mt con mo hn l mt con h)
NOT SO MUCH.AS ( Ch trng c th l danh t, ng t, tnh t hay mnh
Theyre not so much friends as lovers. (=Theyre more lovers than friends.) =H
l tnh nhn hn l bn b.
I do not feel so much angry as sad. (=I feel more sad than angry. )
I dont so much dislike him as hate him! (Ti ght anh ta hn l khng thch anh
Phn bit: A is no bigger than B. (=A is as small as B.)
A is not bigger than B. (=A is as small as/ smaller than B.)
NO MORE ATHAN..B(=B l khng c ci tuyt i ri, v A c
v nh B)
A whale is no more a fish than a horse is. (C voi ch th no l c c nh nga
ch th no l c vy)
Cu trc ny c p dng khi v 2 c mc nhin hiu l khng ng s tht
qu r, v v 1 dc so snh bng nh th)
Xem thm v d:
A -I think he is intelligent. (Ti ngh anh ta thng minh)
B What are you thinking about? He is no more intelligent than the aus
wife.(Bn ngh sao vy? Anh ta thng minh c v thng u th c.
NO LESSA ...THAN.B(Ngha ging no more ..than nhng khng c ph
This house is no less cheap than that house. (Nh ny r ch km nh kia u)
Lu : 2 cu trc ny tnh t gi nguyn mu ch khng thm er hay more g c
(more trong y l cu trc no more)
Much less/ still less (Hung h g )
I cant afford a NOKIA much less a iPhone. (Ti cn ch tin mua ni con
Nokia hung g con iphone)
He is too shy to ask a stranger the time, still less speak to a room full of people.
(Anh ta mc c n mc ch dm hi gi ngi l hung h g n ni chuyn
trong phng y ngi)
As adj a N as
Tom is as efficient a worker as J ack. =Tom is a worker (who is) as efficient as
J ack.
I dont want as expensive a car as this. =I dont want a car as expensive as this.

I cant drink as sweet coffee as this. =I cant drink coffee as sweet as this.
Hin tng tnh lc trong so snh:
C nhng trng hp i tng so snh th hai c b i:
You are a little fatter than when I saw you last.
=You are a little fatter than (you were) when I saw you last.
It's sometimes as cheap to buy a new one as to repair the old one. (i khi tin sa
ci c cng bng tin mua ci mi)
=It's sometimes as cheap to buy a new one as (it is) to repair the old one.
The film is not as interesting as expected. (B phim khng hay nh ngi ta ngh)
=The film is not as interesting as (it was) expected.
He's taller than I thought. =He's taller than I thought (he was).