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WORLD PUMPS March 2010

Product news
Totaliser computes
flowmeter flow rates
Trimec-Europe has introduced a
ow rate totaliser specically
designed for computing and
displaying ow rates and totals
from owmeters with pulse, sine
wave or frequency outputs.
The RT20 Rate Totaliser can be
battery or externally powered and
features a six digit large LCD total,
eight digit cumulative totaliser
and ve digit rate display.
The instrument displays reset-
table (batch) total, cumulative
total and instantaneous ow rate
in engineering units as
programmed by the user.
It features a IP66/67-NEMA 4X
aluminium eld and panel
mountable housing which makes
the unit suitable for the most
rugged applications.
Other features include scaleable
universal pulse or frequency
inputs, scaled pulse output, long
battery life, non-volatile memory
and reverse polarity protection.
Multilayer diaphragm pumps for aggressive media
Seybert & Rahier GmbH (sera) has
introduced four new types of
multilayer diaphragm pumps
along with four new types of
piston diaphragm pumps also
featuring multilayer diaphragm
technology. These include two
types for the company's local,
manual control (R-series) as well
as two types with integrated
control electronics (the C-series).
The pumps have capacities of
between 7.5 l/h and 900 l/h at
an operating pressure of up to
80 bar. For operating pressures in
the area of 20 bar, the multilayer
diaphragm pumps have
capacities of 10 l/h to 1,200 l/h.
The two new pump types have
multi-layer diaphragms made of
polytetrauoroethene (PTFE) with
an integrated diaphragm rupture
indication. They can pump and
dose nearly all liquids of low and
medium viscosity as well as
conductive and non-conductive
liquids, since the multilayer
diaphragm ensures the separa-
tion of the drive from the parts
in contact with the uid
designed to prevent any contact
between the pump hydraulic
and the medium even in the
event of a breakdown, thus
preventing both corrosion within
the pump and contamination of
the uid or the environment.
The pumps are suitable for high
precision dosing of aggressive or
toxic chemicals, with the piston
diaphragm pumps in particular
suitable for the chemical,
petrochemical, pharmaceutical
and the food and drink
industries for the dosing of
additives, as well as the a
disinfection of drinking and
process water in systems with
pressures greater than 10 bar. In
power plant engineering, the
piston diaphragm pumps are
used in the dosing process
during the boiler feed water
The mechanical equipment of the
piston diaphragm pumps has an
adjustable, integrated hydraulic
overow valve which protects the
pump from excess pressure.
Seybert & Rahiers pump ranges featuring multilayer diaphragms.
In-line gas ow sensor
Trolex has introduced an in-line
version of its vortex gas flow
The TX5926 and TX5927 models
are designed for in-line flow
monitoring of air, gases and
vapours in pipelines, and
provide the option of either a
1 in or 2 in nominal bore.
The new in-line vortex gas ow
sensors are certied intrinsically
safe, Group I and Group II for use
in potentially explosive atmos-
pheres to EURONORM standards.
Applications include ventilation
systems, cooling systems, plant
protection, high accuracy
transfer metering, environmental
control and monitoring.
They are built for use in
power plants, process
plants, pharmaceutical
production, biogas plants,
landfill sites as well as
cement manufacture and
the mining industry.
Corrosion resistant
pumps for sea water
Cat Pumps has developed the
7CP6111 and 7CP6171 stainless
steel pumps, which feature a
corrosion resistant 316 Stainless
Steel liquid-end for corrosion
resistance. The triplex plunger
pumps are suitable for pumping
liquids like sea water in small sea
water reverse osmosis (SWRO)
installations, deionised water for
misting or hot water and sanitizers
for sterile cleaning systems.
The 7CP pumps have either
belt-drive or direct-drive bell
housing mounting. They deliver
10.5 GPM up to 2000 psi.
The 7CP8111 stainless steel
pump from Cat Pumps.
Trolexs inline
gas ow sensor.