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acid a chemical substance that has a pH of less

than 7
2. auditory relating to the ability to hear
3. boost to increase or improve something and make
it more successful
4. commercial an advertisement on television or radio
5. complaint an illness that affects a particular part of
your body
6. complexion the natural colour or appearance of the skin
on your face
7. concentration the ability to think about something carefully
or for a long time
8. confirm to show that something is definitely true
9. convalesce to spend time getting well after an illness
10. customer someone who buys goods or services from a
shop, company
11. data information or facts
12. determination the quality of trying to do something even
when it is difficult
13. digest to change food that you have just eaten into
substances that your body can use
14. dismiss to refuse to consider someone's idea, opinion
etc, because you think it is not serious, true,
or important
15. dizzy feeling unable to stand steadily, for example
because you are ill
16. dominate to control someone or something or to have
more importance than other people or things
17. duty something that you have to do because it is
morally or legally right
18. emotionally relating to your feelings or how you control
19. empowered given more control over their own life or
20. enzyme a chemical substance that is produced in a
plant or animal, and helps chemical
changes to take place in the plant or animal
21. expert having a special skill or special knowledge
of a subject
22. harmful causing or likely to cause injury or sickness
23. illusion an idea or opinion that is wrong
24. insurance an arrangement with a company in which
you pay them money, especially regularly,
and they pay the costs if something bad
25. limit the greatest possible amount of something that
can exist or be obtained
26. malpractice when a professional person makes a mistake
or does not do their job properly and can be
punished by a court
27. masses all the ordinary people in society
28. modest not very great, big, or expensive
29. nervous related to the nerves in your body
30. nutritious full of the natural substances that your body
needs to stay healthy or to grow properly
31. observe to see and notice something
32. permanently always, or for a very long time
33. physician a doctor
34. prescription a piece of paper on which a doctor writes what
medicine a sick person should have, so that
they can get it from a pharmacist
35. prevent to stop something from happening
36. reveal to make known something that was previously
secret or unknown
37. self-help the use of your own efforts to deal with your
problems, instead of depending on other
38. self-reliant able to do or decide things by yourself, without
depending on the help or advice of other people
39. sensible reasonable, practical, and showing good
40. source a thing, place, activity etc that you get
something from
41. stick to to do or keep doing what you said you would do
or what you believe in, even when it is difficult
42. stimulate to make a plant or part of the body become
active or stronger
43. struggle to try extremely hard to achieve something,
even though it is very difficult
44. substance a particular type of solid, liquid, or gas
45. substitute something used instead of the one that you
usually have
46. vice a bad habit
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