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Microsoft Data Access Components 2!

IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULL"# This End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement
between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Microsoft or!oration for the Microsoft software
!roduct identified above" which includes com!uter software and may include associated media" !rinted
materials" and "online" or electronic documentation ("#roduct")$ An amendment or addendum to this
EULA may accom!any the #roduct$ %&U A'(EE T& )E )&U*+ )% T,E TE(M- &. T,/- EULA
)% /*-TALL/*'" &#%/*'" &( &T,E(0/-E U-/*' T,E #(&+UT$ /. %&U +& *&T A'(EE"
+& *&T /*-TALL &( U-E T,E #(&+UT1 %&U MA% (ETU(* /T T& %&U( #LAE &.
#U(,A-E .&( A .ULL (E.U*+$
Microsoft grants you the following rights !rovided that you com!ly with all terms and conditions of this
a Insta%%ation an& Use
%ou may install and use an unlimited number of co!ies of the #roduct only for your internal use on your
!remises$ %ou may ma3e an unlimited number of co!ies (either in hard co!y or electronic form) of any
electronic documents included with the #roduct only for your internal use on your !remises$
' Stora(e)Net*or+ Use
%ou may also store or install a co!y of the #roduct on a storage device" such as a networ3 server" used only
to install or run the #roduct on your other com!uters over an internal networ3$
c Performance or ,enc-mar+ Testin(
%ou may not disclose the results of any benchmar3 test using the #roduct to any third !arty without
Microsoft4s !rior written a!!roval$
& Re&istri'.tion Ri(-ts an& Re/.irements
(i) Microsoft grants you a non-e5clusive" royalty-free right to re!roduce and distribute only the
Microsoft /nstaller om!onent of the #roduct" which are the files identified as M+A6ty!$e5e and
M+A6ty!$msm (the ".ile")" !rovided you agree to (a)not alter the .ile1 (b)distribute the unaltered .ile in
ob7ect code form and only in con7unction with and as !art of the installation setu! of a software a!!lication
created by you that adds significant and !rimary functionality to the #roduct ("A!!lication")1 (c)not use
Microsoft4s name" logo" or trademar3s to mar3et your A!!lication without the !rior written consent of
Microsoft1 (d)include a valid co!yright notice in your name or on your behalf with your A!!lication1
(e)indemnify" hold harmless" and defend Microsoft from and against any claims or lawsuits" including
attorneys4 fees" that arise or result from the use or distribution of your A!!lication1 and (f)not !ermit further
distribution of the .ile by end users of your A!!lication$ %ou may direct your A!!lication end users who
desire to obtain #roduct redistribution rights to2 8htt!299www$microsoft$com9data:$ Microsoft reserves the
right to delete the #roduct download and to change" move" or remove this web !age at any time" at its sole
(ii) (eservation of (ights$
Microsoft reserves all rights not e5!ressly granted to you in this EULA$
To use a #roduct identified as an u!grade" you must first be licensed for the !roduct identified by Microsoft
as eligible for the u!grade$ After u!grading" you may no longer use the !roduct that formed the basis for
your u!grade eligibility$
This EULA a!!lies to u!dates or su!!lements to the original #roduct !rovided by Microsoft" unless we
!rovide other terms along with the u!date or su!!lement$
Transfer to Third #arty$ The initial user of the #roduct may ma3e a one-time transfer of the #roduct to
another end user$ The transfer has to include all com!onent !arts" media" !rinted materials" this EULA" and
if a!!licable" the ertificate of Authenticity$ The transfer may not be an indirect transfer" such as a
consignment$ #rior to the transfer" the end user receiving the transferred #roduct must agree to all the
EULA terms$ *o (ental$ %ou may not rent" lease" or lend the #roduct$
%ou may not reverse engineer" decom!ile" or disassemble the #roduct" e5ce!t and only to the e5tent that it
is e5!ressly !ermitted by a!!licable law notwithstanding this limitation$
0ithout !re7udice to any other rights" Microsoft may cancel this EULA if you do not abide by the terms
and conditions of this EULA" in which case you must destroy all co!ies of the #roduct and all of its
com!onent !arts$
%ou agree that Microsoft and its affiliates may collect and use technical information you !rovide as a !art
of su!!ort services related to the #roduct$ Microsoft agrees not to use this information in a form that
!ersonally identifies you$
%ou ac3nowledge that the #roduct is sub7ect to U$-$ e5!ort 7urisdiction$ %ou agree to com!ly with all
a!!licable international and national laws that a!!ly to the #roduct" including the U$-$ E5!ort
Administration (egulations" as well as end-user" end-use and destination restrictions issued by U$-$ and
other governments$ .or additional information" see htt!299www$microsoft$com9e5!orting9$
To the ma5imum e5tent !ermitted by a!!licable law" Microsoft and its su!!liers !rovide the #roduct and
su!!ort services (if any) A- /- A*+ 0/T, ALL .AULT-" and hereby disclaim all other warranties and
conditions" either e5!ress" im!lied or statutory" including" but not limited to" any (if any) im!lied
warranties" duties or conditions of merchantability" of fitness for a !articular !ur!ose" of accuracy or
com!leteness of res!onses" of results" of wor3manli3e effort" of lac3 of viruses" and of lac3 of negligence"
all with regard to the #roduct" and the !rovision of or failure to !rovide su!!ort services$ AL-&" T,E(E
/- *& 0A((A*T% &( &*+/T/&* &. T/TLE" ;U/ET E*<&%ME*T" ;U/ET #&--E--/&*"
&((E-#&*+E*E T& +E-(/#T/&* &( *&*-/*.(/*'EME*T 0/T, (E'A(+ T& T,E
T& T,E MA=/MUM E=TE*T #E(M/TTE+ )% A##L/A)LE LA0" /* *& E>E*T -,ALL
M/(&-&.T &( /T- -U##L/E(- )E L/A)LE .&( A*% -#E/AL" /*/+E*TAL" /*+/(ET" &(
&*-E;UE*T/AL +AMA'E- 0,AT-&E>E( (/*LU+/*'" )UT *&T L/M/TE+ T&" +AMA'E-
.&( L&-- &. #(&./T- &( &*./+E*T/AL &( &T,E( /*.&(MAT/&*" .&( )U-/*E--
/*TE((U#T/&*" .&( #E(-&*AL /*<U(%" .&( L&-- &. #(/>A%" .&( .A/LU(E T& MEET
A*% +UT% /*LU+/*' &. '&&+ .A/T, &( &. (EA-&*A)LE A(E" .&( *E'L/'E*E"
A*+ .&( A*% &T,E( #EU*/A(% &( &T,E( L&-- 0,AT-&E>E() A(/-/*' &UT &. &( /*
A*% 0A% (ELATE+ T& T,E U-E &. &( /*A)/L/T% T& U-E T,E #(&+UT" T,E #(&>/-/&*
&. &( .A/LU(E T& #(&>/+E -U##&(T -E(>/E-" &( &T,E(0/-E U*+E( &( /*
&**ET/&* 0/T, A*% #(&>/-/&* &. T,/- EULA" E>E* /* T,E E>E*T &. T,E .AULT"
T&(T (/*LU+/*' *E'L/'E*E)" -T(/T L/A)/L/T%" )(EA, &. &*T(AT &( )(EA,
&. 0A((A*T% &. M/(&-&.T &( A*% -U##L/E(" A*+ E>E* /. M/(&-&.T &( A*%
-U##L/E( ,A- )EE* A+>/-E+ &. T,E #&--/)/L/T% &. -U, +AMA'E-$
*otwithstanding any damages that you might incur for any reason whatsoever (including" without
limitation" all damages referenced above and all direct or general damages)" the entire liability of Microsoft
and any of its su!!liers under any !rovision of this EULA and your e5clusive remedy for all of the
foregoing shall be limited to the greater of the amount actually !aid by you for the #roduct or U$-$?@$AA$
The foregoing limitations" e5clusions and disclaimers (including -ections B and CA above) shall a!!ly to
the ma5imum e5tent !ermitted by a!!licable law" even if any remedy fails its essential !ur!ose$
T,E #(&+UT MA% &*TA/* -U##&(T .&( #(&'(AM- 0(/TTE* /* <A>A$ <A>A
TE,*&L&'% /- *&T .AULT T&LE(A*T A*+ /- *&T +E-/'*E+" MA*U.ATU(E+" &(
/*TE*+E+ .&( U-E &( (E-ALE A- &*L/*E &*T(&L E;U/#ME*T /* ,ADA(+&U-
E*>/(&*ME*T- (E;U/(/*' .A/L--A.E #E(.&(MA*E" -U, A- /* T,E &#E(AT/&* &.
*ULEA( .A/L/T/E-" A/((A.T *A>/'AT/&* &( &MMU*/AT/&* -%-TEM-" A/(
T(A../ &*T(&L" +/(ET L/.E -U##&(T MA,/*E-" &( 0EA#&*- -%-TEM-" /* 0,/,
T,E .A/LU(E &. <A>A TE,*&L&'% &UL+ LEA+ +/(ETL% T& +EAT," #E(-&*AL
/*<U(%" &( -E>E(E #,%-/AL &( E*>/(&*ME*TAL +AMA'E$ -un Microsystems" /nc$ has
contractually obligated Microsoft to ma3e this disclaimer$
All #roduct !rovided to the U$-$ 'overnment !ursuant to solicitations issued on or after +ecember C" CBB@
is !rovided with the commercial license rights and restrictions described elsewhere herein$ All #roduct
!rovided to the U$-$ 'overnment !ursuant to solicitations issued !rior to +ecember C" CBB@ is !rovided
with "(estricted (ights" as !rovided for in .A(" EF .( @G$GGH-CE (<U*E CBFH) or +.A(" EF .(
G@G$GGH-HACI (&T CBFF)" as a!!licable$
/f you acJuired this #roduct in the United -tates" this EULA is governed by the laws of the -tate of
0ashington$ /f you acJuired this #roduct in anada" unless e5!ressly !rohibited by local law" this EULA is
governed by the laws in force in the #rovince of &ntario" anada1 and" in res!ect of any dis!ute which may
arise hereunder" you consent to the 7urisdiction of the federal and !rovincial courts sitting in Toronto"
&ntario$ /f this #roduct was acJuired outside the United -tates" then local law may a!!ly$
The #roduct is !rotected by co!yright and other intellectual !ro!erty laws and treaties$ Microsoft or its
su!!liers own the title" co!yright" and other intellectual !ro!erty rights in the #roduct$ The #roduct is
licensed" not sold$
This EULA" including any addendum or amendment to this EULA which is included with the #roduct" are
the entire agreement between you and Microsoft relating to the #roduct and the su!!ort services (if any)"
and they su!ersede all !rior or contem!oraneous oral or written communications" !ro!osals and
re!resentations with res!ect to the #roduct or any other sub7ect matter covered by this EULA$ To the
e5tent the terms of any Microsoft !olicies or !rograms for su!!ort services conflict with the terms of this
EULA" the terms of this EULA shall control$
-i vous aveK acJuis votre !roduit Microsoft au A*A+A" la garantie limitLe suivante vous concerne2
+M*/ +E 'A(A*T/E-$ +ans la mesure ma5imale !ermise !ar les lois a!!licables" le #roduit et les
services de soutien techniJue (le cas LchLant) sont fournis TEL- ;UEL- ET A>E T&U- LE- +M.AUT-
!ar Microsoft et ses fournisseurs" lesJuels !ar les !rLsentes dLnient toutes autres garanties et conditions
e5!resses" im!licites ou en vertu de la loi" notamment (le cas LchLant) les garanties" devoirs ou conditions
im!licites de JualitL marchande" dNada!tation O un usage !articulier" dNe5actitude ou dNe5haustivitL des
rL!onses" des rLsultats" des efforts dL!loyLs selon les rPgles de lNart" dNabsence de virus et de nLgligence" le
tout O lNLgard du #roduit et de la !restation des services de soutien techniJue ou de lNomission dNune telle
!restation$ #A( A/LLEU(-" /L *N% A AUU*E 'A(A*T/E &U &*+/T/&* ;UA*T AU T/T(E +E
#(&#(/MTM" Q LA <&U/--A*E &U LA #&--E--/&* #A/-/)LE" Q LA &*&(+A*E Q U*E
+E-(/#T/&* */ ;UA*T Q U*E A)-E*E +E &*T(E.AR&* &*E(*A*T LE #(&+U/T$
E=LU-/&* +E- +&MMA'E- AE--&/(E-" /*+/(ET- ET +E E(TA/*- AUT(E-
+&MMA'E-$ +A*- LA ME-U(E MA=/MALE #E(M/-E #A( LE- L&/- A##L/A)LE-" E*
AUU* A- M/(&-&.T &U -E- .&U(*/--EU(- *E -E(&*T (E-#&*-A)LE- +E-
+&MMA'E- -#M/AU=" &*-MUT/.-" AE--&/(E- &U /*+/(ET- +E ;UEL;UE
*ATU(E ;UE E -&/T (*&TAMME*T" LE- +&MMA'E- Q LNM'A(+ +U MA*;UE Q 'A'*E(
&U +E LA +/>UL'AT/&* +E (E*-E/'*EME*T- &*./+E*T/EL- &U AUT(E-" +E LA #E(TE
+NE=#L&/TAT/&*" +E )LE--U(E- &(#&(ELLE-" +E LA >/&LAT/&* +E LA >/E #(/>ME" +E
LN&M/--/&* +E (EM#L/( T&UT +E>&/(" % &M#(/- +NA'/( +E )&**E .&/ &U +NE=E(E(
U* -&/* (A/-&**A)LE" +E LA *M'L/'E*E ET +E T&UTE AUT(E #E(TE #MU*/A/(E &U
AUT(E #E(TE +E ;UEL;UE *ATU(E ;UE E -&/T) -E (A##&(TA*T +E ;UEL;UE
MA*/S(E ;UE E -&/T Q LNUT/L/-AT/&* +U #(&+U/T &U Q LN/*A#A/TM +E -NE* -E(>/("
Q LA #(E-TAT/&* &U Q LN&M/--/&* +NU*E TELLE #(E-TAT/&* +E -E(>/E- +E -&UT/E*
TE,*/;UE &U AUT(EME*T AU= TE(ME- +E T&UTE +/-#&-/T/&* +U #(M-E*T EULA &U
(ELAT/>EME*T Q U*E TELLE +/-#&-/T/&*" MTME E* A- +E .AUTE" +E +ML/T />/L (%
&M#(/- LA *M'L/'E*E)" +E (E-#&*-A)/L/TM -T(/TE" +E >/&LAT/&* +E &*T(AT &U
+E >/&LAT/&* +E 'A(A*T/E +E M/(&-&.T &U +E T&UT .&U(*/--EU( ET MTME -/
M/(&-&.T &U T&UT .&U(*/--EU( A MTM A>/-M +E LA #&--/)/L/TM +E TEL- +&MMA'E-$
L/M/TAT/&* +E (E-#&*-A)/L/TM ET (E&U(-$ MalgrL les dommages Jue vous !uissieK subir !our
JuelJue motif Jue ce soit (notamment" tous les dommages susmentionnLs et tous les dommages directs ou
gLnLrau5)" lNobligation intLgrale de Microsoft et de lNun ou lNautre de ses fournisseurs au5 termes de toute
dis!osition du !rLsent EULA et votre recours e5clusif O lNLgard de tout ce Jui !rLcPde (sauf en ce Jui
concerne tout recours de rL!aration ou de rem!lacement choisi !ar Microsoft O lNLgard de tout manJuement
O la garantie limitLe) se limite au !lus LlevL entre les montants suivants 2 le montant Jue vous aveK
rLellement !ayL !our le #roduit ou @"AA ?U-$ Les limites" e5clusions et dLnis Jui !rLcPdent (y com!ris les
clauses ci-dessus)" sNa!!liJuent dans la mesure ma5imale !ermise !ar les lois a!!licables" mUme si tout
recours nNatteint !as son but essentiel$
La !rLsente onvention est rLgie !ar les lois de la !rovince dN&ntario" anada$ hacune des !arties O la
!rLsente reconnaVt irrLvocablement la com!Ltence des tribunau5 de la !rovince dN&ntario et consent O
instituer tout litige Jui !ourrait dLcouler de la !rLsente au!rPs des tribunau5 situLs dans le district 7udiciaire
de %or3" !rovince dN&ntario$
Au cas oW vous aurieK des Juestions concernant cette licence ou Jue vous dLsirieK vous mettre en ra!!ort
avec Microsoft !our JuelJue raison Jue ce soit" veuilleK contacter la succursale Microsoft desservant votre
!ays" dont lNadresse est fournie dans ce !roduit" ou LcriveK O 2 Microsoft -ales /nformation enter" &ne
Microsoft 0ay" (edmond" 0ashington BFA@G-XIBB$