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Volume VIII - August 2014
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Minh Th, Dee Hunh, Thanh Loan, Trish Thanh Phng, Ava AnhDao Do, Thu Tm,
Lara Nguyen, Sarah Tran, Daniel Rutley, Psy. D., Vivian Luu, Wendy Rorong, Manjit Gill


vietlife magazine
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Volume VIII - August 2014
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Volume III - July 2014

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VIETLIFE magazine
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PINAYSUN magazine
- Canada -

VietSun magazine is Canadas first Vietnamese magazine. Published 11 times a year by VietSun Inc., it is printed in Canada and distributed across North America. VietSuns Health and Beauty sections focus on new products
and developments. Ideas expressed by researchers should not be used to diagnose or treat individual health issues. We encourage readers to consult a licensed physician or health-care professional to discuss appropriate
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Enjoy the short

and precious
Hy tn hng
ma h ngn ngi
nhng qu gi!


his month, VietSun, along with Dr. Bao

Vo of TMJ Sleep Dental, will be awarding
scholarships to 5 first year university
students at our Summer BBQ on August 16th.
Many outstanding candidates applied and we
were so proud to behold a plethora of worthy
Vietnamese-Canadian academic achievements
and positive social contributions. We hope to
continue this meaningful tradition for many
years to come.
August calls for many outings and glamorous
terrace events and who better to represent the
month than Trang Pham VietSuns stunning
Beauty Editor. Trangs love for humanity and
creative expression has always been at the
root of all her life endeavours. After graduating
from Wink Makeup Studio and Academy, she
immersed herself in the fashion and beauty
industry, doing creative photo shoots and
pouncing on every opportunity that came her
way. Her mission to help strengthen her clients
self-esteem and self-perception is what gives
her the most gratification and has served as
her source of motivation. When approached by
the editors of VietSun to take on this new role,
she knew instantly that with their support, she
could help more women at a greater capacity
and that this was the next step in her journey.


VietSun's Beauty Contributor

Cng Tc Vin Chuyn Mc Lm p


VIETSUN August 2014

Trang enjoys travelling abroad, experiencing

new cultures and exposure to different
perspectives. This passionate foodie loves to
stay active and enjoys the outdoors and sports,
especially tennis. She recently took an interest
in international music, and over the past year
has picked up guitar playing and singing. Read
her monthly column on VietSun, visit her beauty
site and let her help you
look your most radiant, inside and out.

rong thng ny, VietSun cng

vi bc s Bo V ca TMJ Sleep
Dental, s trao hc bng cho 5
sinh vin nm th nht ti bui
Summer BBQ vo ngy 16 thng Tm.
Nhiu sinh vin xut sc np n v
chng ti v cng hnh din khi c thy
nhng thnh tch hc tp xng ng v v s
nhng ng gp tch cc cho x hi. Chng
ti hy vng s tip tc cng vic y ngha
ny trong nhiu nm k tip.
Thng Tm l thng ca nhng cuc vui
chi ngoi tri v nhng bui tic ngoi
vn lng ly, th nn khng cn ai thch
hp hn i din cho thng ny ngoi
Trang Phm - bin tp vin chuyn mc Sc
p ca VietSun. Tnh yu dnh cho nhn
loi v nim am m sng to lun lun l
nn tng trong cuc sng ca Trang. Sau khi
tt nghip trng Wink Makeup Studio and
Academy, c m mnh trong ngnh thi
trang v lm p, tham gia cc bui chp
nh v nm bt ly tt c cc c hi n vi
mnh. Vai tr gip khch hng cm thy t
tin v c ci nhn tt hn v bn thn l phn
thng v ng lc sng cho c. Khi cc
bin tp vin ca VietSun mi c m trch
vai tr mi, c bit vi s ng h ca h, c
s c th chuyn ti thng ip n nhiu
ph n hn, v y l bc k tip trn con
ng c ang chn.
Trang thch du lch th gii, tri nhim
nhng nn vn ha v khm ph nhng kha
cnh sng khc l. C nng snh n ny rt
nng ng v thch cc hot ng ngoi tri
cng cc mn th thao, nht l qun vt.
Thi gian gn y c b li cun bi m
nhc th gii, v gn mt nm qua c bt
u hc ht v chi n guitar. Theo di
mc thng xuyn ca c trn VietSun, gh
trang v hy Trang
gip qu v cm thy rng r nht, trong tm
hn ln dung mo bn ngoi.



Silk Silhouette
Sole Trekking
Editor's Pick
EVOKE The Elements Within The Power of Scents



Abroad Preparation Tips





Education Health Essentials

Food & The Mechanism of Sleep
Understanding Anger


Studying Abroad Preparation Tips

Balancing Act Work - School - Home

As education is an important value in our culture, 2014

marks the inception of the VietSun Scholarships - in
partnership with Dr. Bao Vo of TMJ Sleep Dental. We
strongly believe in supporting students in their endeavors


to further education and expand knowledge.

Five 1st year university students who are entering their
second year will be receiving the VietSun Sholarships.


We thank all the amazing students who have applied

for the scholarships and wish you the best of luck.

Cultural Significance of Vesak Buddha's Birthday


A Venetian Experience

We will be announcing the winners on August 16, 2014

at VietSuns Summer BBQ 5250 Satellite Drive, Unit 24,
Mississauga. More details will follow.


Mayor Hazel McCallion Retiring And Inspiring

Inspiring Profiles

Special thanks to Dr. Bao Vo of for

sponsoring $10,000 toward the VietSun 2014 Scholarships.


Dining Decadence



A Venetian Experience


Dr. Bao Vo

Avocado & Squid Salad

12 Water Wharves
Cultural Significance of Vesak Buddha's Birthday
Dont Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

of TMJ, Sleep & Dental Centre


980 Bloor St. (Mississauga)

2210 Jane St. (North York)



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VIETSUN August 2014





10 |

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |



12 |

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Mr. America International


Please share with us your experience during the

Mr. America International competition. How does
a national and an international competition differ
from one another?
First of all, my participation in an international
competition was purely by chance. I entered the
Mr. VietNam International 2012 without any prior
preparation, while vacationing in Las Vegas. Much to
my surprise, I placed second. After the competition, I
began my professional modeling career and signed a
three year contract with City Model Management in
San Francisco. A year later, I won the title Mr. America
International 2013, hosted in the U.S.
To me, one difference between a national and an
international competition is the level of preparation
that goes into each event to ensure physical and
mental standards are met, as well as the serious
dedication to a physical training routine. The
more high-profile the competition, the higher the
preparation and expectations of physical appearance.
Therefore, a strict diet and exercise regime must
almost become a daily lifestyle.

Xin anh chia s qu trnh thi Mr. America

International. Theo anh, cc cuc thi sc p
nam trong nc v quc t c s khc bit g?
Trc ht, chuyn tham gia nhng cuc thi cho
nam gii l mt s tnh c n vi Huy. u tin,
Huy tham d cuc thi Mr. VietNam International
2012 hon ton khng c s chun b trc, Huy
ch n vi cuc thi qua mt chuyn vacation
Las Vegas nhng bt ng ot gii Vng 1
(gii nh). Sau cuc thi, Huy bt u cng vic
ngi mu chuyn nghip v k hp ng 3
nm vi cng ty City Model Management ti San
Francisco. Sau , Huy li tip tc ot danh hiu
Mr. America International 2013 ti M.
i vi Huy, s khc nhau gia cc cuc thi trong
nc v quc t l s chun b t c tiu
chun m mi cuc thi ra, nhng tiu chun
nh th lc, cng nh tinh thn cng s trau di
v tp luyn nghim tc. Cuc thi cng ln th s
cnh tranh cng cao v i hi chun hn v ngoi
hnh nn mc n king v tp luyn s dn tr
thnh phong cch sng hng ngy.
14 |

VIETSUN August 2014




What distinguishes a supermodel from a model?

I think a supermodel must have a beautiful, fit body, but most important, a supermodel must
always be professional and know how to handle situations on the catwalks, during photo
shoots and commercial shoots. A supermodels class is revealed in her professionalism like
showing up on time, respecting the intentions of designers, photographers and crew. In
addition, a model must possess a passion, a love for the trade, in order to become a well
known supermodel in the fashion industry.

S khc bit gia siu mu v ngi mu l g?

Theo Kim Dung, nu c gi l siu mu th thn hnh chc chn phi p v
chun, tuy nhin quan trng trn ht, siu mu phi l ngi lm vic chuyn nghip
v lun bit th hin tt nhng tnh hung trn catwalks cng nh trong cc bui chp
nh, qung co. ng cp ca mt siu mu c th hin qua s chuyn nghip nh
i lm ng gi, lun tn trng nhng g nh thit k, nhip nh gia cng kp a ra,
v phi c lng am m, yu ngh th mi c c hi tr thnh mt siu mu c tn tui
trong ngnh cng ngh thi trang.

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Necklace: Olive and Piper

Top: Helmut Lang
Blazer: H&M
Pants: Asos
Shoes: Forever 21

Blogger: Melba Nguyen

Phototographer: Paul Nguyen

eing a style blogger and

makeup artist has provided
many amazing experiences
with fashion for myself.
I find it engaging when traveling to
different cities and seeing how each
culture takes on fashion. I love it when
an outfit is accessorized without
being overwhelmed. What I look for
is which element of an outfit can be
complimentary, while adding a little
spice to the ensemble. When considering
an outfit, a very important factor is
making sure each piece is nicely fitted.
Overall, I see the sense of expression and
artistry in every piece of clothing.


16 |

VIETSUN August 2014

Invest in quality pieces that will

never go out of style.

Keep on reinventing and remember

to accessorize your next great outfit.

ai tr blogger thi trang v

chuyn vin trang im
dn dt ti n nhiu tri
nghim thi trang tuyt
vi. Ti thy rt ho hc khi c du lch
n nhiu thnh ph khc nhau v ghi
nhn nhng nh hng vn ha ca
nhng ni y trong lnh vc thi trang.
Ti thch mt b cnh c t im
vi ph kin va phi, khng thi qu.
Trong thi trang, ti thng tm yu t
thanh lch, ri sau im thm mt
cht sc thi ring cho b . Khi chn
qun o, ti cao s va vn ca tng
mn hng. Chung quy, ti cm nhn ra
c ng li biu t v nt ngh
thut trong tng trang phc.

Li Khuyn Thi
Trang ca Melba
Hy u t vo nhng mn hng
phm cht cao vi kiu mu
khng bao gi li thi.
Hy lun lun lm mi mnh, v
nh t im tng trang phc vi
ph kin ph hp.

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Touch Down
H Cnh



Textures, whether tangible or visual, are palpable this fall. From

furs, glimmering bead work to patterns and prints, designers
including DKNY, Alexander Wang, and Michael Kors showcased
their adoration of these trends on the fall/winter 2014 runways.
The interesting twist to this season fashion trends is fall pastel in
lavender, mint and ice blue. To try this fall trend, try introducing
pastel in your wardrobe by adding accessories with a pop of
colour with your textured fall favs.




VIETSUN August 2014

| 1. BCBG Dress, $718, | 2. GEOX Red Heels, $160, | 3. GUESS Fur Coat MaelaCoat, $238, |
4. MARC JACOBS Watch, | 5. GUESS Patterned Flare Dress, $138, | 6. Viola Earrings, |
18 |

Cht liu, d tip cn qua xc gic hay th gic, hin din mi

ni trong cc b su tp ma thu. T lng, nh cm, v ha
tit, cc nh thit k nh DKNY, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors
by t s u i dnh cho cc xu hng ny khp cc sn din
thu/ng 2014. im ngc nhin thch th l cc xu hng
ma thu cn c thm cc tng mu nht nh tm, xanh bc h,
xanh xm. Hy mang xu hng thu vo t qun o qua nhng
ph kin sc s i km vi cc b cnh thu yu thch.


| 7. GUESS Pewter Bag, | 8. HEET Border Molton In Zebra Bracelet, $150,
| 9. GEOX Loafter Promethea, $190, | 10. FOSSIL Watch, | 11. BCBG Printed
Top, $344, | 12. GUESS Power Skinny Python Pants, $148, |

to Can


August 2014 VIETSUN |




Smoothen, tighten your skin, and get rid of large and
uneven pores.

Mang li ln da cng mn vi chc nng lm kht

l chn lng.


These colourful, stay-on coasters fit onto bottom of wine glasses, keeping your table tops safe from cup rings.

Ming lt ly cc y mu sc, va vn di chn ly, v gip gi mt bn khng b vy bn.



Get a gorgeous, sun-glowing tan at home with this
odour free, paraben free formula.

Cng thc khng mi, khng cht bo qun ha

hc s mang li cho bn ln da rm nng, hng ho
m khng cn nh nng mt tri.

page fo to the last
to win your chance
Xem tra this gift set.
hi nh g cui c c

rm da n phm lm
t VietS

An adorable lunch box that contains a leak-proof,
insulated insert.

Hp ng thc n tra vi lp lt cch nhit

chng r.

20 |

VIETSUN August 2014



Grab a cup of coffee, have some toast, and simultaneously

charge your device all in the same spot.

Good for indoors and outdoors; no logs, no odours.

Va thng thc c ph, bnh m nng, va sc bin

cc thit b in t.

Thch hp cho trong nh v ngoi sn; khng cn

ci la, khng mi chy.


August 2014 VIETSUN |



EVOKE The Elements Within

The Power

of Scents

Trang Pham is lead makeup artist of Code: Beauty,

Has this ever happened to you? A perfect stranger

walks by you on the street or sits beside you on
the train and almost immediately you glance back
and question whether or not you know this person
because they smell familiar to you? Thats the power
of scent.

ur brain has this incredible ability to

retain the memory of emotional and
physical associations we have with
scent. No matter how much time has
passed, the strength of scent memory continues to
influence us in present lives.
On the Marilyn Denis Show, Candice Batista,
Environmental Journalist, created an all natural
fragrance line that uses the power of scent to help
create a harmonious balance between the mind,

EARTH Stomach - Peace

WOOD Liver Harmony

Wood is a carefully crafted balance between floral essences,
botanical herbs and woody plants. Jasmine sambac, cedar wood
and patchouli are all very strong scents, but by marrying them
together, you get this subtle fragrance where each ingredient is
in balance with the others. Wood is associated with our liver, an
area that houses anger and negativity. By counteracting these
emotions, we are left feeling more balanced, mirroring the
interactions of this particular blend.

WATER Kidneys Wisdom

Water brings your senses to life, containing hints of mandarin,
lime and components of lavender and juniper berry. You can
almost taste the citrus and floral notes on your palette. Water
correlates with our kidneys, organs where we hold a lot of
our fears. Fear of the past, present or future can leave us with
permanent mental roadblocks, but with wisdom we can learn
from our past mistakes and reshape our present and future.

METAL Lungs - Happiness

FIRE Heart - Joy

Fire consists of the strong floral notes of jasmine sambac, ylang
ylang, balanced by the herbal scents of patchouli and benzoin.
Fire is associated with the heart, a powerful organ that houses
feelings of sorrow and loss. The strength of Fire is needed to
relinquish those feelings of sorrow to make room for more joy
and acceptance.

VIETSUN August 2014

MC Gan S Hi Ha
Sn phm tng trng cho Mc l s cn bng
ca cc tinh cht hoa, tho mc, v cc loi
cy thn g. Hoa nhi, g tuyt tng, cy hoc
hng u mang mi hng mnh, nhng khi
kt hp vi nhau, bn s ch cm nhn mt mi
thm phng pht, tinh t, bi cc thnh phn
c ha ln tht ng iu. Th lin quan
n gan, ni cha ng s tc gin v nhng
cm xc tiu cc. Khi iu ha nhng trng
thi tnh cm ny, ta s cm thy cn bng hn
nh c im lin kt ca mi nc hoa ny.

Earth is a warm and comforting blend consisting of ingredients

such as ginger root, lemongrass, ylang ylang and angelica root.
Earth is associated with our stomach, an area where we hold a
lot of our worries and stress. Its no wonder that stress has been
linked to digestive and abdominal pain. This thoughtful blend
promotes peace, tranquility and calmness in our bodies and in
our minds.

The fragrance of Metal combines the distinction of Waters citrusy

properties - light and uplifting - along with the distinction of
Wood - bold and earthy - but with the lingering floral sweetness
of tuberose. Metal is associated with our lungs, organs where we
carry a lot of our grief and sadness. Many people who experience
sadness typically describe the feeling as heaviness in their chest
or feelings of being weighed down. Metal restores happiness
back into our systems by lifting these negative emotions.

22 |

quan n tiu ha v chng au bng. Mi

hng tinh t ny gip tng cm gic an tm,
bnh yn, im tnh cho c th v tm tr.

body and spirit. EVOKE The Elements Within offers a collection of

five unique botanical blends, each representing the 5 elements:
Earth, Wood, Water, Metal, and Fire. Drawing on the influences
of aromatherapy and acupuncture, each of these fragrances
is linked to a specific organ in our body and when applied,
stimulates a more positive and desirable emotional state. All
five scents contain no artificial fragrances, no petrochemicals, no
GMOs and are animal cruelty free.

Sc Mnh Ca


Trang Phm l chuyn vin trang im ca Code: Beauty,

Bn tng gp c duyn nh th ny cha? Mt ngi l i

ngang qua bn trn ng hoc ngi cnh bn trn mt
chuyn xe, v gn nh ngay lp tc bn quay u lic nhn
h ri t hi liu mnh c bit ngi kia khng, bi l bn
nhn thy ngi c mi hng rt quen.

y chnh l sc mnh ca mi
hng. No ca chng ta c
kh nng phi thng c th
lu tr v ghi nh c nhng
giao kt v tnh cm v th cht lin quan
n mi hng. Cho d thi gian tri qua
bao lu, sc mnh ca mi hng vn tip
tc nh hng n chng ta trong i sng
hin ti.
Candice Batista - nh bo chuyn v mi
trng - sng to ra mt dng nc
hoa hon ton t nhin v gii thiu trn
talkshow ca Marilyn Denis. Dng sn
phm ny s dng sc mnh ca mi hng
nhm gip to s hi ha, cn bng cho
tm tr, c th v tinh thn. Dng nc hoa
EVOKE The Elements Within c b su
tp nm mi hng c o pha trn t
cy c, i din cho nm nguyn t Th,

Mc, Thy, Kim, v Ha. Theo hng tip

cn v nh hng ca phng php tr liu
bng mi hng v thut chm cu, mi loi
nc hoa lin quan n mt b phn trn
c th chng ta. S dng dng sn phm
ny gip kch thch trng thi cng cm xc
tch cc v d chu. C nm mi hng u
khng cha mi nhn to, khng cha ha
cht du, khng c yu t bin i gene, v
c ch bin trong mi trng thn thin
vi ng vt.

TH D Dy S Bnh Yn
Sn phm tng trng cho Th l kt hp
ca s m p v th gin, vi cc thnh phn
gm r gng, s, ngc lan ty v r cy bch
ch. t c lin quan n d dy ca chng
ta, l b phn cha ng rt nhiu lo lng v
cng thng. Chng ta khng ngc nhin khi
nhn ra trng thi cng thng thng lin

THY Thn S Minh Mn

Sn phm tng trng cho Thy lm sng
li nhng gic quan ca bn. Mi nc hoa
cha chit xut t qut, chanh, kt hp vi
oi hng v qu cy bch x. Bn gn nh
c th nm c mi hng chanh, qut
cng vi hng hoa. Thy tng ng vi
thn, l b phn cht cha s s hi. Ni s
v qu kh, hin ti hay tng lai u c th
to ra nhng ro chn tm l thng trc, lu
di. Nhng vi s minh mn, sng sut hc
hi t nhng sai lm trong qu kh, chng
ta c th nh hnh li hin ti v tng lai.

KIM Phi - Hnh Phc

Mi hng ca loi nc hoa tng trng
cho Kim Loi kt hp nhng c tnh c
trng, nh v d chu ca Thy t chanh,
qut vi nhng c tnh khc bit ca Th
m v t nhin pha vi mi hng
ngt ngo mng manh ca hoa hu. Kim
Loi lin quan n phi, l ni tch t nhiu
au kh v bun b. Rt nhiu ngi m t
rng h cm thy nng n, tc ngc, hoc c
cm gic tru nng khi tm tr u bun. Sn
phm ny lm tan bin cm gic phin mun
tiu cc v mang li hnh phc cho chng ta.

HA Tri Tim Nim Hoan Lc

Sn phm tng trng cho Ha kt hp
mi thm m ca hoa nhi v ngc lan ty,
trung ha vi hng tho mc t cy hoc
hng v cy cnh kin. Ha tng ng vi
tim, b phn mnh nht trong c th nhng
hay cha ng s au bun v cm gic mt
mt. Sc mnh ca Ha l xa b nhng
cm gic au bun ny, to khng gian cho
nim vui v s tin tng.

August 2014 VIETSUN |


adequate amounts of protein from fish, poultry, soy and whey
can keep you clear-headed and decrease mood swings.

It has become common practice over the years for elite athletes
to do regular meditation to give them an edge over their
competitors. Studies show that meditation may not only change
the outcome of ones performance, it can change the actual
brain physically. Meditation can be intimidating at first, but Ive
found these apps to be great resources to help you get started:
Get Some HeadSpace, Breathe2Relax and Smiling Mind (Best for

Get the latest

Galaxy Tab4,

Dietary Supplements
a. Fish Oil: THE supplement everybody should be using, which
has particular relevance for students. Fish oil improves IQ,
memory and mood, and also parameters associated with ADHD
and ADD such as focus and concentration.
b. Vitamin D: Along with Fish Oil, Vitamin D can lift mood,
improve memory, and increase problem-solving ability.

c. Probiotics: The digestive system, formerly thought to be

completely separate from the brain, has been found in recent
years to be connected to it in profound ways. Now referred to
as the second brain, what goes on in the digestive system can
affect the brain and vice versa. In addition to a healthy diet, a
quality probiotic supplement can support mental alertness and
clarity and reduce anxiety.

Health Essentials
Dr. Lily Hoang, B.Sc, N.D., is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with many years of experience in the field of
health and wellness.
Dr. Hoang is currently seeing patients at her private practice at It's All About You, located in King City, ON.

One of the most common questions I receive

from parents and students alike is: How can I
improve my performance in school? Sometimes
the discussion revolves around improving memory,
concentration, focus and alertness. Naturally,
each student is unique and therefore may benefit
from a tailored program; however, I have found
the following to be useful tips to ensuring a solid
foundation for effective learning.
24 |

VIETSUN August 2014

While it seems as though there is never enough time for study,
incorporating time for play and exercise is critical. It provides an
outlet for pent up energy and can bring relaxation and calmness.
Additionally, it increases oxygenation to the brain, which
enhances mental and cognitive functioning. So be sure to turn
off those electronic devices and include at least 30 minutes of
outdoor play.

4555 Hurontario Street - Unit C10,

Mississauga, ON
(905) 507-0870

One thing to remember, being successful in school isnt always

synonymous with having good grades. My goal as a Naturopathic
Doctor is to facilitate a students ability to be present and
engaged. It is only through this process that school becomes
enjoyable and opportunities are sought to acquire the skills that
give you the means and tools to engage with the world, on your

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Eat well and include plenty of

a. Fruits and Vegetables: The brain requires plenty of antioxidants
to combat the negative effects of daily stress. Highly pigmented
foods such as dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli,
red foods such as tomatoes and peppers, deep yellow gourds
like squash, and fruits such as blueberries and raspberries have
tremendous antioxidant potential.
b. Fats! Sixty-percent of the brain is actually fat, so consuming
healthy fats is vital. Sources of brain-benefitting fats include
those that come from cold-water fish, olive oil, flaxseed, chia
seed, avocado, coconut oil and eggs.
c. Proteins: The amino acids in protein provide the material from
which 80% of the brains neurotransmitters are made. Eating

Conditions apply. See us for details. Offer available through July 31, 2014, but may be changed,
extended or withdrawn at any time without notice. Samsung and Samsung Galaxy Tab are registered
trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., used with permission. Screen images simulated.

The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

M05252 (0514)


Y Khoa Thin Nhin

Sc Khe
Hc ng


1997 O. Dalmao, DDS





Perfecting your smile

Bc s Lily Hong chuyn ngnh y khoa thin nhin vi nhiu nm kinh nghim trong lnh
vc sc khe. Bc s Lily Hong hin ang lm vic ti phng mch t ca c c tn Its All
About You ti King City, ON.

Mt trong nhng cu hi ph bin nht m

ph huynh v hc sinh hay hi ti l: Lm th
no nng cao hiu qu hc tp trng?
i lc cuc tho lun xoay quanh ch v
cch tng cng tr nh, nng cao kh nng
tp trung, xc nh trng tm, v s hot bt,
tnh to. Mi hc sinh ng nhin l mt
thc th khc bit, bi vy h c th tn dng
li ch t nhng chng trnh c son tho
ring; tuy nhin, ti nhn thy bo m
nn tng vng chc cho vic hc tp hiu qu
th nhng li khuyn sau y l rt hu ch.

lng m t c, gia cm, u nnh v sa c th gip bn tnh to,

nhy bn v gim thiu tnh trng tm l tht thng.

Gii phu nh rng khn

3. Thin

Gii phu cy xng v chnh nu rng

Trong nhiu nm qua, thin l mt phng php tp luyn ph bin

ca cc vn ng vin xut sc. Tp thin thng xuyn s to li th
cho h vt qua i th. Cc nghin cu cho thy, thin khng ch
thay i kt qu cc hot ng thng ngy, m cn thc s thay i
no b v phng din th cht. Ban u, hnh thin c th l mt
th thch, tuy nhin ti tm ra mt s ng dng gim cng thng,
c th coi l nhng phng php rt hay bn c th khi u vi
thin: Get Some HeadSpace, Breate2Relax v Smiling Mind (ph
hp nht cho tr em).

Nha khoa tng qut, gia nh v thm m

Tr bnh nu rng
Lm rng gi loi
Qu v c vn lin quan n rng gi?
Khng th nhai, ni chuyn v gi hm rng
ng v tr?

4. Thuc B
Mc d thi gian hc tp c v nh khng bao gi , nhng dnh
thm thi gian vui chi v tp luyn th cht cng rt quan trng.
Vui chi gip gii ta nng lng b dn nn, mang li s th thi
v thanh thn. Hn na, vic ny lm tng lng oxy cho no, tng
cng chc nng v nhn thc. V vy, hy nh tt cc thit b in t
v dnh thi gian ti thiu l 30 pht vui chi ngoi tri.

2 n ung lnh mnh,v n nhiu:

a. Tri cy v rau qu: No b cn rt nhiu antioxidant chng
li cc tc ng tiu cc ca trng thi cng thng mi ngy. Thc
phm c nhiu sc t nh mu xanh m trong rau dn, bng ci,
hoc mu nh c chua, t, cng cc loi qu v cng mu vng
m nh b ng, v cc loi tri cy nh vit qut, mm xi u c
kh nng chng oxy ha rt mnh.
b. Cht bo! Su mi phn trm cu trc ca no b thc cht l
cht bo, v th tiu th nhng cht bo lnh mnh cng rt quan
trng. Ngun cht bo c li cho no c th tm thy trong c nc
lnh, du liu, ht lanh, ht chia, qu b, du da v trng.
c. Cht m: Tm mi phn trm cht dn truyn thn kinh ca
no l tng hp ca cc amino acid, c to ra t cht m. n
26 |

VIETSUN August 2014

a. Du c: y l loi thuc b mi ngi nn dng, tuy nhin n

c bit tt cho hc sinh. Du c c tc dng tng ch s thng minh,
bi dng kh nng ghi nh, v ci thin tm trng. Cht ny ng
thi c th hn ch chng ri lon tng ng gim ch (ADHD)
v hi chng ri lon thiu tp trung (ADD).

Chng ti s gip qu v khc

phc nhng vn ny.

b. Vitamin D: Cng vi du c, vitamin D c tc dng ci thin tm

trng, tng cng tr nh v nng cao kh nng gii quyt vn .
c. Sn phm li khun: Trc y, h tiu ha c cho l c quan
hon ton tch bit vi no, nhng nhng nm gn y, ngi ta
tm thy chng c nhiu lin kt cht ch vi nhau. Hin ti, ngi ta
gi h tiu ha l b no th hai. Vt cht i vo trong h tiu ha
c th nh hng n no v ngc li. Ngoi vic gip chng ta gi
phng thc n ung khe mnh, vic b sung li khun c th lm
tng s tnh to, minh mn v gim cm gic lo lng.
Bn cn ghi nh mt iu, thnh cng trng khng phi lc no
cng ng ngha vi th hng cao. Vi t cch bc s liu php thin
nhin, mc tiu ca ti l to iu kin cho hc sinh th hin v
tn dng kh nng ca h. Ch khi tri qua qu trnh ny, hc hnh
mi tr nn th v trong vic tm kim c hi thu nhn k nng.
Nhng k nng s ny gip bn thit lp nn phng tin cng cch
thc gn kt vi th gii, theo cch ring ca bn.

Courtesy of VietSun Magazine

1. Vui chi

r smile
P er
Cy chn rng c nh & rng gi tm: t $1500
Rng s mi chic: t $750

2100 Finch Ave. W, Suite 205
(416) 665-9283
1437 Dundas St. E.
(905) 624-8388


Email: Website:

1(877) NU TEETH (688-3384)

Xin in thoi ly hn trc

Ask Dr. Khi


& The Mechanism of


Dr. Khoi holds a Science Degree from the University of Toronto and received his medical degree in
1988. He is currently seeing patients at his private family medicine practice. In 2010, he received the
Canadas Citizenship Award for his numerous contributions to the community.

In this issue, we will get to

know more about sleep and the
effects food has on the sleeping

irst, lets shed some light on the main elements of

the sleeping process. There are two kinds of sleep:
REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REM. Every
sleep cycle consists of non-REM sleep and
REM sleep. Non-REM sleep has 4 stages. The first
2 stages are light sleep, the last 2 stages are deep sleep, also
known as slow-wave or delta sleep. Each of the sleep stages lasts
about 90 minutes, followed by the REM sleep stage. The brain
shows increased activity during REM sleep, and data from the
day is processed to increase memory retention. REM sleep is
when we often dream.
Everyone experiences REM, and almost everyone dreams, but
some of us cant recall anything after waking up and others only
remember certain parts of dreams. The REM stage is often called
the paradoxical stage, meaning our body is asleep but our brain
waves are functioning as if we are awake. People sometimes
suffer the experience of being held down by a ghost which is
essentially sleep paralysis during the REM stage. The brain is alert
but in fact the body is sleeping, therefore we perceive everything
happening around us, but the body is completely paralyzed.
This is a self-defence mechanism, to protect us from acting on
our unconscious dreams which can lead to self-inflicted injury or
harm to others. For those of you who dream that you are slapping
or kicking someone, without this mechanism, your bedmate will
have to be admitted to the emergency room very often (laugh).
Science has proven that deeper sleep with more REM stages
helps increase memory. People who are forgetful are often those
who dont get enough quality sleep. When we sleep, our brain
compiles and stores information we collect every day, similar to
how a computer defragments and sorts data.

Besides having a proper eating regimen, you should make a habit

of going to bed around the same time every night. Our body
releases melatonin, a sleep regulating hormone, around 10 pm.
Therefore, its best that we go to sleep before midnight, when the
hormone is still active in our system. Melatonin can also help us
dream better during the REM stage. Better doesnt mean you will
have nicer dreams (laugh).
Also avoid heavy exercise such as weight lifting or running after
6 pm because our body releases a lot of hormonal stimulants
during exercise, and these will excite our body and prevent a
good restful sleep. The best form of exercise is walking after 6
If you follow these suggestions and still find it difficult to sleep,
or you are getting enough sleep but still feel tired during the day,
please consult your family doctor to see if you are suffering from
sleep disorders such as Restless Legs Syndrome, Snoring & Sleep
Apnea, Somnambulism, etc.
Sleeping a very crucial activity, and is as important as eating
and exercising. Newborns should sleep about 12-18 hours a day,
toddlers 14-15 hours a day, kids 5-10 years of age 10-11 hours,
teenagers 8.5-9.5 hours and adults 7-9 hours. A deep sleep keeps
the brain sharp and prolongs youth. Eat well and sweet dreams!

Of course we all know that worries, depression, and stress lead

to insomnia. Sleep helps regenerate energy, improve vitality,
and heal our body. Therefore, its a very important and necessary
function. To help aid your sleep, avoid overeating, avoid fatty
foods and carbohydrates. Consume green vegetables such as
beans. Beans are a very good food source of fiber and vitamin B6,
both of which produce serenity-boosting serotonin. Consuming
foods such as lettuce or mandarin juice, which are high in
calcium and magnesium, can also help soothe us into a better
sleep. A few types of caffeine-free teas such as chamomile and
lemon balm tea can also help induce sleep. Eat at least four hours
prior to bedtime and if you feel hungry at night, you can eat small
portions of food that are easy to digest such as nuts, tofu, and
I often drink a small glass of wine because it helps me sleep
better. The key here is to consume a very small portion. It should
be noted that wine has a rebound effect. If you drink to much,
it will disrupt your sleep at night and make it harder to fall back

28 |

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |


Thc Phm
& Gic Ng

Dr. Nguyn Honh Khi, tt nghip University of Toronto chuyn nghnh y khoa,
c hn 25 nm kinh nghim trong ngnh y t. Vinh d nhn gii thng
Canada's Citizenship Award nm 2010.

Trong s ny, chng ta hy cng nhau tm hiu

thm v gic ng v nh hng ca thc n trn
qu trnh ng.

rc ht, chng ta hy bn v nhng iu lin

quan n gic ng. Gic ng c hai loi REM (giai
on ng vi 2 trng mt di ng), v non-REM
(giai on ng vi 2 trng mt bt ng). Mi chu
k gic ng trung bnh c to bi non-REM v REM.
Giai on Non-REM c 4 giai tng. Giai on 1,2 l ng nh,
ri n giai on 3,4 l giai on ng say, cn c gi l
gic kh tnh nht. Mi giai on thng ko di khong 90
pht. Sau l giai on REM. y l lc hot ng no b
gia tng, cc thng tin ghi nhn trong ngy c tin hnh
tng cng tr nh, v y l lc chng ta m.
Hu nh ai cng tri qua giai on REM, v ai cng m,
nhng c ngi nh li c sau khi thc dy, c ngi
khng. Giai on REM cn c gi l paradoxical, ngha
l tuy chng ta ang ng nhng ln sng in ca no b
vn hot ng nh lc chng ta ang tnh to. Cc hin
tng ma m chng ta i khi cm nhn tht ra ch l
lc y, chng ta ang trong giai on REM, u c d tnh
to nhng thc ra li ang trong giai on thip ng, v vy
chng ta ghi nhn c nhng g xy ra chung quanh m
thn th th bt ng hon ton. y cng l c ch t bo
v ca c th, chng ta khng hnh ng hoc phn ng
theo nhng g ta m, ri gy hi n chnh mnh hay ngi
khc. Qu v ang m tt hay p ai, m nu khng c c
ch ny, th ngi nm bn cnh s phi vo vin thng
xuyn (ci).

30 |

VIETSUN August 2014

D nhin ai cng bit, lo lng, phin mun hay p lc dn

n tnh trng mt ng. Gic ng gip chng ta ti to li
nng lng, hi phc sinh lc, v cha lnh c th, v th l
mt hot ng v cng cn thit. gip cho gic ng n
d dng hn, trnh n qu no, trnh thc n nhiu m v
tinh bt. Nn n nhiu rau xanh nh u. u l mt trong
nhng loi thc phm rt tt v u cha nhiu cht x v
vitamin B6 m c th chng ta cn to ra cht serotonin
mang li cm gic thanh thn. Tiu th cc loi thc phm
c cha nhiu calcium v magnesium gip an nh tinh thn
trc khi ng nh lettuce, nc tri qut. Mt t loi tr
khng c caffeine nh tr hoa cc, tr l chanh cng c th
h tr gic ng. Nn n t nht bn ting trc khi i ng
v nu qu v cm thy i vo ban m, c th n mt s
lng rt t cc loi thc phm d tiu nh cc loi ht, u
h, chui, v.v.
Ti cng thng ung mt t ru v ru c th gip chng
ta i vo gic ng d dng hn, nhng ch nn tiu th mt
liu lng rt t. Nn lu ru c tc dng phn ng ngc,
n khin chng ta bun ng, nhng nu ung qu nhiu, s
khin chng ta tnh gic v kh ng tr li.
Ngoi ch m thc thch hp, qu v nn i ng ng
gi mi ngy. C th chng ta thng tit ra cht melatonin,
cht iu ha gic ng, vo khong 10 gi m, nn tt nht
chng ta nn i ng trc 12 gi m trong lc cht ny cn
ang hot ng trong c th. Cht melatonin cn tr gip
chng ta trong giai on REM, gip ta m tt hn. Nhng
m tt hn khng c ngha l s c nhng gic m p hn
Trnh vn ng qu mc nh c t nng hay chy marathon
sau su gi chiu v khi th dc nhiu, c th tit ra nhng
cht kch thch khin chng ta kh lng ng d dng i
vo gic ng. Sau su gi, ti khuyn qu v nn i b l tt
Nu qu v thc hin theo nhng li khuyn sau y m vn
cm thy kh ng, hoc ng gi nhng vn cm thy mt
mi trong ngy, qu v nn lm hn vi bc s gia nh tm
hiu thm xem liu qu v c mc phi mt trong nhng cn
bnh gy tr ngi cho gic ng nh hi chng i chn bt
an, bnh ngng th trong lc ng, chng mng du, v.v.
C th ni ng l yu t quan trng tng t nh vic n
ung v vn ng c th. Tr s sinh nn ng 12-18 ting
mt ngy, tr ang chp chng th nn ng 14-15 ting,
tr 5-10 tui nn ng 10-11 ting, thanh thiu nin nn c
khong 8.5-9.5 ting v ngi ln nn ng t 7-9 ting. Mt
gic ng su gip u c minh mn v ko di tui thanh
xun. Hy n ung iu v ng ngon!

Bra c e

t Cosme

Khoa hc chng minh rng, ng cng su, REM cng

nhiu th s gip tng cng tr nh. Nhng ngi hay qun
thng l nhng ngi khng c gic ng y, su v cht
lng. Khi chng ta ng, u c xp loi v lu tr nhng
thng tin, ti liu m chng ta thu vo hng ngy, tng t
nh ci computer sp xp, ghi li nhng d liu.




Ask Dr. Khi

Dr. Bao Vo
& Associates

Dr. Ly Gia Hung / Dr. Ng. Lan Huong / Dr. Ng. Thi Thuy
Dr. Tehrani / Dr. Aghasi / Dr. Geller / Dr. Dao / Dr. Long Vo

S au n ang lm qu v yu sc i?
Cu tr li c th ch cn mt c phone!
by Dr. Bao Vo

Chnh bn hay ngi quen

c au kh v nhng chng
ny khng?
- Nhc u kinh nin
(k c thin u thng)
- Tai r / nhc /
- Chng mt / mt thng bng
- au khi nhai
- C au / cng
- Hm xui / nhc / h / cng
- Ngy / ng th t on
Hng triu ngi Canada b nh
vy, v nu trong s c bn, th
bn c th n vi chng ti, chng
ti s c gii php. Cc nh nghin
cu tm ra cch chun on v tr
liu tng i n gin cho nhng chng bnh trn, mt k cng
trong y khoa.
Nhng chng bnh c v bt tr ny c th lin h v Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), mt ri lon c th hiu n
gin l xng hm v xng s ni khng khp, bp tht mt co
cng hoc co git. Tuy kh tin,
nhng hu ht u l hu qu
ca vic nghin rng! Cc loi
chn thng ti ch nh cng
cng, si hm, b thng u
(lc mnh, nh vo u, c),
v nht l hm rng khng ngay
ngn. Chng dn n TMJ v
c th to ra nhng chng bnh
Mun thy r cch nh bnh
v tr bnh nh th no, xin
vo Internet xem trang mng

Dr. Bao Vo Bn s kinh
ngc v cch cha tr thn k v kt
qu nhanh chng!
Trong khi hu ht nha s khng
c hun luyn nhn dng
nhng du hiu ca bnh TMJ,
chng ti tm hc thm mt
hc trnh chuyn mn, gip chng
ti khng nhng nhn ra m cn
hun luyn cch chnh nha v hm
cho ng v th.
Ph tn cho cc bin php tr liu
rt d chu. Trc khi ngh bin
php tr liu, chng ti s kim tra t m vng u v c, nghin cu
bnh s, chp quang tuyn thit yu v cc th nghim khc v hot
ng ca cc bp tht lin quan. Nhng th nghim ny an ton,
khng au v khng tn km nhiu. Trong trng hp xc nh bn
b TMJ, chng ti s cha tn gc v khng au, gip cc triu chng
au thuyn gim hu nh ngay lp tc.

Chng ti c kh nng em li mt
s thay i cho i bn.
Hy gi ly hn tham kho min ph
v qu v c th vui sng ngay!
980 Bloor St. (Mississauga)


2210 Jane St. (North York)





Daniel Rutley, Psy.D. is a Clinical Psychotherapist in private practice in Mississauga. He is also the bestselling author of Escaping Emotional Entrapment: Freedom From Negative Thinking And Unhealthy
Emotions. He specializes in depression, anxiety, anger, habit control and relationship issues. Daniel
Rutley can be reached via: or 905-502-7779.

Photo by Tuong Minh

Anger is an emotion and like all

emotions, managing it is easier
said than done. Anger is partly
instinctual and partly learned.
Without a doubt and with a
lot of diligent practice, you
can learn to greatly minimize
instinctual anger and undo
learned anger as both are
influenced by your thinking.

32 |

nger is usually created when some transgression

has been paid to you someone has behaved
contrary to your moral code, ethics, desires or
wants. Not only do you not get what you want,
you do not get what you insist on. There lies the

real problem.

Anger not only contains a large dollop of demanding, but also

a sense of blaming or condemning others for being bad and
not just their behaviour. Most often, with day-to-day problems,
theres also an exaggeration of its importance. Mostly, when
one is angry, a day later, an hour or five minutes later, whatever
went wrong doesnt really matter anymore. It would eventually
become largely trivial and not worth the anger and the distress
for all concerned.

accustomed to their anger that they are unaware of their own

pain. Look at someone enraged. Not a pretty sight. They sure
dont look like they are having fun. No one ever said, I am having
a really good time, cant wait until I get angry again.
Biologically, a series of events occurs inside your body when
you get angry (e.g. your blood platelets get sticky and line your
arteries) and with sufficient repetition, over many years your
anger will kill you, often through a heart attack.
The experience of anger tends to be particularly self-defeating.
First, your desires are thwarted, and then you foolishly and
unnecessarily make yourself upset and angry, potentially giving
yourself a coronary. This is a double jeopardy. You lose twice.

Anger has few benefits that cannot be realized through effective

assertive action driven by either frustrations or desire. Some
people believe that anger is beneficial because it is motivating.
They believe that anger can get people off their duff to take
action, but this is inaccurate. It is the desire to right a wrong and
the resulting frustration caused by that wrong that motivate
When angry, we are often exaggerating: Its terrible, horrible and
action. Anger is an unnecessary stress that can actually interfere
with one taking action or
the manner in which one
All unnecessary violence is immoral
Really? Seriously?
takes action. It may decrease
the chance of obtaining the
because it causes needless and
Usually, theres no terror, no
desired change.
gratuitous pain and suffering, along with
horror and no catastrophe.
an attempt to restrict anothers freedom
The problem is at that
Anger either toward oneself
moment, it seems that way.
or others is a form of threat,
of choice.
Why? Because the person
is thinking in absolutes and
or violence. Violence is
demanding ways that are exaggerated into extremes, as if its the
problematic morally, spiritually, ethically, psychologically,
end of the world.
physically, biologically and socially. All unnecessary violence
is immoral because it causes needless and gratuitous pain and
One might say that if things went wrong and you thought about
suffering, along with an attempt to restrict anothers freedom of
the situation as tolerable, sad, unfortunate, inconvenient or
choice. The key word here is unnecessary.
unpleasant, then the appropriate emotion would be frustration
or irritation, not anger or hostility.
Normally, anger is an over-used emotion that causes more
problems than it solves. If others frequently get angry with you,
But if something did go wrong that was truly awful, horrible
its because you in some way allow that treatment of you to
and catastrophic, then full-blown anger would seem justified.
continue. If you get angry with others, its your responsibility to
undo this pernicious emotion for your sake and others.
Of course, since the problem is not awful or catastrophic, and
there is no reason why you must get your way, then anger is not
Learn to develop assertiveness and anger will be an emotion of
the past. Dont wait. Start today.
Anger also contains elements of self-pity. If you were to listen
In the next issue, I will discuss in details ways to overcome anger
carefully to an angry person who rants and raves, you can clearly
in your relationships.
hear the Poor me, I didnt get my way. Anger comes across as
rough and tough, but that is the external bravado. Internally,
theres a whining, whimpering and screaming child feeling sorry
for himself or herself.
To many peoples surprise, anger is painful and physically
destructive to oneself. Some people are so familiar with and

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Hiu Thm V

Cn Gin
Daniel Rutley, tin s tm l hc, nh tm l tr liu hin ang hnh ngh ti Mississauga. ng cng l tc gi cun sch
bn chy Escaping Emotional Entrapment: Freedom From Negative Thinking And Unhealthy Emotions. ng chuyn v
chng trm cm, lo u, cu gin, v kim sot hnh vi v cc vn v quan h tnh cm. Bn c th lin lc vi Daniel
Rutley qua trang hoc gi s 905-502-7779.

S gin d l mt trng thi ca cm xc, v ging nh tt c nhng

trng thi cm xc khc, kim sot n l vic ni d hn lm. S gin
d c hnh thnh mt phn t bn nng v mt phn t thu nhn
trong thc t. Vi s luyn tp chm ch, chc chn bn c th hc
cch lm gim thiu cn gin t bn nng v xa b cn gin t thu
nhn, v c hai u chu nh hng li suy ngh ca bn.

n gin thng pht sinh khi bn gp phi

trng hp ai c x tri vi quy tc o c,
tri vi mong mun hoc nguyn vng ca
bn. Chng nhng bn khng c c iu
bn mun, m bn cn khng c c iu
bn cng quyt i hi. Vn thc s nm .
S gin d khng ch l mt s i hi ln m cn mang cm
gic trch mc, quy ti ngi khc v x t vi mnh, cm
gic ny khng ch gii hn hnh vi ca ngi . Thng
thng, nhng vn gp hng ngy hay b cho l quan
trng thi qu. Mt ngy sau, mt gi sau, hay nm pht sau
cn gin, phn ng ngi ta u nhn ra l vic ng sai
khng cn quan trng na. Cui cng th vic cng tr
nn vn vt, khng ng cu gin hay bun kh.
Khi tc gin, chng ta thng c xu hng phng i s
vic: "Khng khip qu i, sao m ti t, v cng th thm!"

Nhiu ngi s ngc nhin khi bit s tht l tri nghim tc

gin gy au n v dn n hy hoi c th. Mt s ngi
chp nhn v quen vi nhng cn gin n mc h khng
cn nhn ra s au n ca chnh mnh. Hy quan st mt

VIETSUN August 2014

V mt sinh hc, khi ln cn gin d, mt lot nhng bin

chuyn xy ra bn trong c th bn (v d, to kt dnh tiu
cu, gy nghn ng mch). V nu c lp li nhiu ln, qua
nhiu nm thng, cn gin d s git cht bn, thng l
bng mt cn au tim.
Cm gic ni gin thng khin bn thy nh ang b bi.
Ban u, nhng mong mun ca bn b cn tr, th l bn
bun ru, cu gin mt cch mt kim sot v khng cn
thit, dn n nguy c tc ng mch vnh tim. y chnh l
mt nguy c kp. Bn b bi n hai ln.

S tc gin tuy vy c mt vi li ch m ta khng th nhn ra

qua hnh ng quyt on hiu qu c c t s tht vng
hoc lng mong mun. Mt s ngi tin rng gin d c li
C ng nh vy khng? Chc chn nh th khng?
v n mang tnh thc y. H tin rng cn gin c th khin
Thng th, vic chng c g khng khip, xu xa hay thm ngi ta tr nn nng ng, tuy nhin iu ny l khng
ha. Vn l ti thi im
chnh xc. Chnh cm gic
, s vic xem ra c v l
mong mun sa sai vic
nh vy. Nhng ti sao? Bi Mi hnh thc bo lc khng cn thit
xy ra v ci thin cm gic
v lc ta ang suy ngh u tri o c bi n gy nn au
tht vng t chnh s vic
theo quy lut tuyt i v
sai tri mi l yu t tc
n v kh s v c, cng lc, n
vi gc nhn kht khe, thi
ng. Cn gin l trng thi
qu thnh ra cc oan, nh ngn cn quyn t do la chn ca
cng thng khng cn thit
th tn th n ni ri.
m trn thc t c th cn
ngi khc.
tr mt ngi hnh ng
C th ni rng nu s vic
hoc ngn cn cch ng x
khng hay xy ra, v bn ngh v tnh th vi thi chu ca ngi trong lc hnh ng. Cn gin cng c th lm
ng, bun b, bt hnh, phin toi, kh chu th khi y cm gim c hi mang li s thay i m bn mong mun.
gic ca bn s ch l tht vng, cu knh, ch khng phi l
tc gin hay th nghch.
S tc gin vi bn thn hay vi ngi khc - l mt hnh
thc e da, cng kch v bo lc. Bo lc li l vn nan
Nu s vic thc s ti t, khng khip v th thm, th bn gii v phm vi phm hnh, tinh thn, o c, tm l, th
s c l do chnh ng ni gin. Tuy nhin, v vn cht, sinh hc v x hi. Mi hnh thc bo lc khng cn
khng n mc ti t, khng khip, v v mi vic khng thit u tri o c bi n gy nn au n v kh s v
nht thit phi theo ng bn, th nn ni gin li l iu c, cng lc, n ngn cn quyn t do la chn ca ngi
v l!
khc. T ng quan trng y l khng cn thit.
S gin d cn mang nhng yu t ca s ti thn, thng
thn. Nu ta ch lng nghe mt ngi ang gin d chi
ra, ta cn c th nghe h than th, Sao ti kh th ny!
Khng c c vic g nh c. Cn gin ti d di v hung
hn, nhng ch l biu hin bn ngoi. Su bn trong,
l ting rn r, thn thc, l ting ht tht thanh ca mt a
tr ang thng thn mnh.

34 |

ngi ang gin in ln. tt nhin khng phi l mt

hnh nh p . Trng h chc chn chng vui v g. Khng
ai ni rng, Ti ang vui qu, ti ho hc mong li c
tc gin.

Cn gin l trng thi cm xc thng b s dng thi qu v

khin pht sinh ra thm thay v gii quyt vn . Nu c ai
lin tc cu gin vi bn, l do bn theo mt cch no
cho php cch ng x y c c hi tip din. Trng
hp bn gin d vi ngi khc, trch nhim ca bn l loi
b cm gic nguy hi ny v bn cng nh v mi ngi.
Hy hc cch by t s qu quyt th s gin d s ch cn
l cm xc ca qu kh. V bn ng ch i. Hy bt u
ngay hm nay.
Trong s tip theo, ti s tho lun chi tit v cch thc
vt qua cn gin trong nhng mi quan h tnh cm.

August 2014 VIETSUN |

















France United Saudi

States Arabia

Japan Mexico Brazil Germany

Percentage Distribution of Foreign Students by Provinces & Territories



British Columbia

New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island


Newfoundland and Labrador


Abroad Preparation Tips



Each year, more than one hundred thousand

foreign students arrive in Canada to pursue
their academic studies to gain a competitive
advantage amongst their peers, learn a new
language, experience a new culture and earn
accreditations from a Canadian school.


British Columbia

New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland and Labrador


Province or Territory Not Stated

he summer months are especially busy as foreign students

arrive and settle across Canada. According to a report
published in August 2013 by Citizenship and Immigration
Canada, the majority of foreign students settled in Ontario
(43.3%), British Columbia (25.4%) followed by Quebec
(16%) because these provinces have the three largest Canadian cities,
Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, respectively. The report also indicated
the bulk of foreign students arrived from China, India and South Korea as
outlined in the graph.

36 |

(Reported by CIC 2012)



VIETSUN August 2014







Le Luong is the Founder of GOALS (Global Organization of Academic Liaison and Student
Services), a professional settlement organization that offers guardianship, integration and
academic liaison services for international students. For more than 12 years, Le worked in
marketing international
& Territories
for a private school before she established GOALS Services - a company that manages the
relationships between the student, parents, the school, the homestay family or residence
coordinator, and acts as liaison between all parties to provide the support necessary for the
students success while studying abroad.


Total Entries of Foreign Students by Source Country

Number of Foreign Students

Photo by Justin Vo

Province or Territory Not Stated


with your school, a homestay company, family and friends or your

legal guardian. Consider all options and decide which is the best
choice for you. If possible, ask a trusted source to check out the local
transportation system, distance to your school and safety of the
When living with a homestay family or sharing accommodations
with classmates or friends, have an open dialogue about the rules,
expectations, chore schedule, meals and curfew.
Bring two original documents of your report card. If the document
is translated, it is recommended to have it certified by an official





France United Saudi

States Arabia





Japan Mexico Brazil Germany

Since many foreign students arrive

during the summer months, this article DID YOU KNOW?
is written to assist them in preparing In 2012, Citizenship and
Immigration Canada issued
for their studies abroad. Below are five 970 study permits to foreign
preparation tips for foreign students students from the Socialist
studying in Canada. These tips were Republic of Vietnam.
compiled based on more than 15 years
experience working with international
students. The list can also be used for Canadian students studying abroad
by substituting Canada for their adoptive countries. With adequate
planning, foreign students can ease the transition and reduce stress and
anxiety associated with living in a new country and studying in a foreign

Enroll in an English language program to reduce the language
barriers and anxiety. Learning a few key phrases will also be useful in
emergency situations.
Acquaint yourself with the city by reading travel books and websites,
and talking to friends or family members who have lived or studied
in that city. Familiarize yourself with the laws and customs of Canada
because foreign students are subjected to our laws.
Prior to arriving, organize your living arrangements by consulting

Although Canada is one of the safest countries to live and study, it is

recommended to exercise caution at all times. When possible, especially
in the evenings, travel in groups or with a buddy. When travelling alone
at night, tell someone where you are going and when you will return.
Stay alert of your surroundings and do not talk to strangers.
To avoid having your valuables such as expensive jewelry, high-valued
electronics or important memorabilia being lost or stolen, leave them
at home!
When carrying your passport, keep it hidden and safely secured.
Keep an electronic copy in your email account of your identification
and important documents such as passport, airplane tickets, health
insurance cards, drivers license, student ID, etc.
Locate your closest Embassy or Consulate and keep their contact
information in your wallet.
Foreign students under the age of 18 are required to appoint a legal
guardian who will oversee their well-being while studying in Canada.
The legal guardian must be a Canadian citizen and over the age of 18.
If the student does not know someone whom they can appoint, there
are organizations that offer this type of service.

Research if your bank has local branches throughout Canada. Banking
with the same institution may
expedite the transfer of funds and
possibly reduce bank service charges. Many Canadian financial
It is also recommended to inquire institutions waive service fees
about the service charges applied on for foreign students 18 years
withdrawals from your debit account and younger.
and credit card purchases from your
home country.
Immediately after settling, it is important to visit a financial institution
to set up an account and deposit your cash. To avoid carrying large
sums of cash, apply for a debit card and order cheques.
Ask your financial institution about the process and account
information needed to wire funds from a foreign bank to your account.
Transferring funds between countries may take between seven to
fourteen business days so ensure you have sufficient funds until your
money arrives.
To avoid overspending or rapidly depleting your funds, it is imperative
to create a monthly budget and abide by it! Below is a sample budget
to plan essential and non-essential monthly expenses.

Sample Monthly Budget

Monthly Essentials
Personal Hygiene
Mobile Phone
Long Distance Call
Health Expenses (if applicable)
School Incidentals
Monthly Essential Amount


Monthly Non-Essentials
Dining Out


Monthly Non-Essential Amount $


Visit your physician, dentist and any other health professionals to ensure
optimal health and to prevent emergencies abroad. Regardless of the
foreign students health, obtain medical records of your immunization,
medical condition, and if applicable, your eye glass prescription.
If a medical condition pre-exists, inform your school, guardian,
homestay, and anyone who comes in regular contact with you about
your medical condition. The medical records should also be passed
along to your new physician in Canada.
Develop an emergency action plan appointing someone as the contact
person in the event of a medical emergency.
Purchase medical insurance as soon as you arrive in Canada because it
can be costly to be treated in a Canadian hospital. Prior to purchasing
medical insurance, speak to your school to see if medical insurance is
included in your tuition.
Always travel with a basic health kit that includes anti-diarrheal
medication, alcohol based hand gel, Band-Aids, thermometer, topical
antibiotics and an ample supply of prescriptions taken regularly.
Ensure all prescription medications are admissible or available in
Canada. If the medication is not admissible or available, consult with
the physician for alternatives.

Consult with the airline company for the size and weight restrictions
and the number of checked luggage allowed. If these limits are
exceeded, this may result in paying a substantial surcharge.
Attach an identification tag with your contact information on all pieces
of luggage and also include this information inside the luggage.
Pack two smaller suitcases rather than one large one, and equally
divide clothing and other essentials so if one piece is lost, the second
one may still be accessible.
Invest in a converter and an adapter with different types of plugs
because your electronic devices may require different voltage and
Pack accordingly by familiarizing yourself with Canadas weather, the
region where you are staying and keep into consideration the change
in season. Pack clothes that you can layer and remember to bring
comfortable walking shoes.
Since foreign students are often transient, it is recommended to not
over pack or buy too many items while studying abroad. They will need
to transport these items each time they travel or move.

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Hng Dn Chun B



Percentage Distribution of Foreign Students by Provinces & Territories

a h l thi gian bn rn nht v lc y du hc sinh bt

u dn n
43%v n nh cuc sng trn khp Canada.
Theo bo co vo thng Tm nm Manitoba
2013 ca S Cng
Dn v Di Tr Canada, phn ng du
hc sinh tm tr
ti Ontario (43.3%), British Columbia
(25.4%) v Quebec
v y l cc tnh bang c ba thnh ph ln nht Canada: Toronto,
Vancouver v Montreal. Tng
trnh cng cho thy phn ln du hc
British Columbia
25% v Hn Quc, theo nh thng s
Scotia ha trn biu .
Newfoundland and Labrador

L Phn B
Du Hc
Tnh Bang
V Cc Vng
Lnh Th
of Sinh
by Provinces
& Territories

Province or Territory Not Stated


British Columbia

New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador


Province or Territory Not Stated

38 |















Total Entries of Foreign Students by Source Country





France United (Reported

Saudi Japan
by CIC
2012)Brazil Germany
States Arabia


Do phn ng du hc sinh n
20,000thng ma h, nn
Canada vo nhng
Nm 2012, S Cng Dn v Di
bi vit ny dnh h tr cc em Tr Canada cp 970 giy
php du hc cho sinh vin
trong vic chun15,000
b cho hnh
13,136 trnh du
hc. Di y l nm li khuyn cho Vit Nam.
cc du hc sinh10,000
sp n Canada.
5,762 nghim hn 15 nm lm vic
dung ny c bin son da trn kinh
vi sinh vin quc t. Sinh vin Canada du hc nc ngoi
th tham kho bi 0vit ny, ch cn thay th Canada vi nhng quc
South France
Japan cc
gia cc em s n. KhiChina
lp India
k hoch
v Saudi
chu o,
States Arabia
gip cho giai on chuyn tip tr nn d dng hn, nhm gim bt
cng thng, lo lng khi sng v hc tp bng ngoi ng ti mt quc
gia mi.



Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

(Reported by CIC 2012)


Number of Foreign Students

Mi nm, c ti hn mt trm ngn sinh vin

nc ngoi n Canada theo ui s
nghip hc vn vi mc tiu t c li th
cnh tranh so vi cc bn khc, hc mt
ngn ng mi, tri nghim mt nn vn ha
mi v t nhng chng ch t cc trng hc

Du HcofSinh
Hc Tnhby

Number of Foreign Students

L Lng l ngi sng lp trung tm GOALS (Global Organization of Academic Liaison and
Student), mt t chc h tr chuyn nghip v gim h v hi nhp cho sinh vin quc t.
Trc khi quyt nh thnh lp cng ty GOALS, L c hn 12 nm hot ng trong lnh
vc h tr v o to quc t cho du hc sinh v pht trin th trng gio dc quc t cho
mt trng t thc. GOALS qun l mi lin lc gia hc sinh, ph huynh, nh trng v
cc gia nh cho du hc sinh lu tr ti a phng hoc iu phi vin c tr, ng thi
GOALS gi vai tr l u mi lin h gia cc bn, cung cp nhng tr gip cn thit cho s
thnh cng ca hc sinh trong thi gian du hc.

Prince Edward Island

hp php. Hy cn nhc mi phng n v la chn ci tt nht.

Nu c th, thng qua nhng ngun ng tin cy, cc em nn tm
hiu, tham kho v giao thng ti a phng, khong cch t ni
n trng v mc an ton ca khu vc ln cn.
Nu sng cng vi mt gia nh bn x hoc chung phng vi bn,
cc em nn tho lun ci m v nhng quy nh, nhng i hi,
lch phn cng cng vic, ba n v gi ngh.
Mang theo hai bn gc bng im c nhn, cc ti liu dch li nn
c chng thc bi cng ty hoc thng dch vin chuyn nghip.

VIETSUN August 2014


Nn ghi danh hc mt chng trnh ting Anh gim bt tr

ngi ngn ng v tm trng lo lng. Hc thuc mt vi cu ngoi
ng quan trng s rt hu ch trong nhng trng hp khn cp.
Lm quen vi thnh ph bng cch c sch v du lch, tham kho
cc trang web, ni chuyn vi bn b hoc nhng thnh vin trong
gia nh tng sng hay tng lm vic ti y. Du hc sinh s
phi tun theo lut l Canada, bi vy, hy tm hiu v lm quen
vi cc quy nh lut php v tp qun ca ni ny.
Trc khi ti Canada, cc em hy sp xp k hoch cho cuc sng
mi bng cch tham kho kin nh trng, cng ty cung cp
dch v c tr, ngi bn a, gia nh, bn b hoc ngi gim h

Mc d Canada l mt trong nhng quc gia an ton nht sinh

sng v hc tp, chng ti cng khuyn co cc em lun cn trng.
c bit vo bui ti, nu c th, hy i theo nhm hoc i vi bn
thn. Trng hp phi ra ngoi mt mnh vo ban m, hy nhn
vi ai a ch m cc em s ti v thi gian cc em s tr v nh.
n cc mi nguy him xung quanh v khng ni chuyn vi
ngi l.
trnh lm mt hoc b trm nhng mn qu nh trang sc
t tin, in t c gi tr cao, vt k nim quan trng, hy
chng nh!
Khi mang theo h chiu nh ct gi kn o v cn thn. Lun
phi c bn sao lu in t nhng giy t ty thn v ti liu quan
trng sau y trong email: h chiu, v my bay, th bo him y t,
bng li xe, th sinh vin, v.v.
Nm r v tr i S Qun hoc Lnh S Qun gn nht, gi thng
tin lin lc ca cc c quan ny trong v.
Du hc sinh di 18 tui phi c ngi gim h hp php. C
nhn ny s gim st tnh trng sc khe, cuc sng ca hc sinh
trong sut thi gian hc tp ti Canada. Ngi gim h hp php
phi trn 18 tui v mang quc tch Canada. Nu hc sinh khng
bit ai c th lm ngi gim h cho mnh, nhng cng ty cung
cp dch v ny c th gip .

Tm hiu xem ngn hng ca cc
em c chi nhnh ti cc a bn BN C BIT?
Rt nhiu t chc ti chnh ca
thuc Canada hay khng. Giao Canada khng tnh l ph dch
dch vi cng mt chui nh bng v i vi du hc sinh t 18
s gip rt ngn thi gian chuyn tui tr xung.
tin, v gim cc chi ph. Chng ti
khuyn cc em nn tm hiu v l
ph rt tin mt t ti khon v th tn dng t quc gia ca mnh.
Ngay sau khi n nh cuc sng, cc em nn lp tc n nh bng
m ti khon v gi tin. Nn m th nh bng v yu cu c
k sc trnh phi mang nhiu tin mt trong ngi.
Tham vn vi nh bng v quy trnh v thng tin ti khon cn
thit chuyn tin t mt ngn hng nc ngoi v ti khon ca
cc em. Vic chuyn tin gia cc quc gia c th mt t 7 n 14
ngy lm vic, v vy nn chc chn rng cc em c tin chi
tiu cho n khi nhn c chuyn khon.
trnh chi tiu qu tay v b thm ht ti khon, vic lp ngn
sch hng thng v nghim chnh tun th theo n l iu v cng
quan trng! Di y l bng mu d ton ngn sch chi tiu cho
nhng nhu cu thit yu v nhng khon ph chi hng thng.

Bng Mu D Ton Ngn Sch Hng Thng

Cc khon chi thit yu
Thu nh
i li
Thc phm
V sinh c nhn
Cc vin thng
Cc ph gi ng di
Chi ph y t (nu cn)
Hc c
Tng cc khon chi thit yu


Ph chi
Gii tr
n tim
Qun o
Du lch
Cc khon khc


Tng cc khon ph chi

i khm bc s, nha s, chuyn gia y t duy tr tnh trng sc
khe tt nht, phng nga trng hp phi i cp cu. D tnh
trng sc khe hin ti nh th no cng nn lu gi h s y t v
tim chng, bnh tnh, ch dn v knh thuc ca mnh nu c.
Nu c nhng vn v sc khe t trc, hy cho nh trng,
ngi gim h, ch nh, hoc bt c ai m cc em c mi lin h
thng xuyn c bit v bnh tnh ca mnh. H s theo di sc
khe nn c chuyn ti bc s mi ti Canada.
Ln k hoch cho nhng trng hp khn cp, chn mt ngi
lin lc chnh trong nhng trng hp .
Mua bo him y t ngay khi ti Canada, bi iu tr ti cc bnh
vin Canada rt tn km. Trc khi mua bo him y t, nn lin
lc vi nh trng tm hiu xem bo him y t c c bao gm
trong hc ph ca cc em khng.
Trong cc chuyn i, lun nh mang theo vt dng chm sc sc
khe c bn gm thuc tr tiu chy, cn ra tay, bng y t, khng
sinh dng ngoi da v mt lng ln nhng thuc dng theo toa
bc s.
Nn chc chn rng tt c cc loi thuc theo toa c cho php
mang vo hoc c sn Canada. Nu toa thuc khng c php
bn hoc khng c sn, hy tham kho vi bc s c loi thuc
thay th.

Tm hiu thng tin t cc hng hng khng v gii hn cho php
ca kch thc v trng lng hnh l k gi. Nu vt qu mc
cho php, cc em s phi tr mt khon ph thu ng k.
Gn th tn trn hnh l, ghi y thng tin lin lc, s lng ti
v vali, ng thi nhng thng tin ny bn trong cc ti hnh l.
Nn ng gi c thnh hai vali nh, thay v cho tt c vo mt
vali to. Chia u qun o, dng thit yu nu mt vali b mt,
cc em vn c th dng trong vali th hai.
Mua mt cm chuyn i v mt ni c th s dng cho nhiu
loi thit b in vi in p v chn cm khc nhau.
Chun b ph hp vi thi tit Canada, nht l vng cc em sp
n. Hy n cc giai on chuyn ma. Mang theo o khoc
v mt i giy i b thoi mi.
Thi gian lu tr ca sinh vin nc ngoi thng mang tnh cht
tm thi, bi vy chng ti khuyn cc em khng nn ng gi
hoc mua qu nhiu khi i du hc v cc em s phi khun theo
c mi khi di chuyn hoc dn nh.

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Balancing Act


Photo by Henry Chao

A Student, a Commercial Diver and an Owner of a multimillion dollar company share advice on work school - home
life balance.

lay Christensen, Harvard Business

School professor and author of
How Will You Measure Your Life?
never works on Saturdays or
Sundays. Saturday is reserved for his family and
Sunday, he reserves for his faith. He shares an
endearing story (as part of a LinkedIn Speaker
Series which you can watch on YouTube) of how
he, at his first job, denied his Project Managers
request of working on the weekend.
About a month after I joined the company,
the project leader that I was working for came
up to me on, like a Tuesday and said, Clay,
just so you can plan on this, on Sunday at 2
p.m. we have a big team meeting Upon
hearing this, Christensen politely explains that
he cannot attend the meeting as he has made
a commitment to observe Sunday for religious
purposes. The Project Manager angrily replies,
This is a company, where everybody, if he has
to, works. Christensen calmly explains that
he understands this however, "If I cant take
my Sundays for my faith, I just dont want to
work here." The Project Manager storms out,
returning an hour later and proposes Saturday
as an alternative. Hes uncomfortable but again
calmly explains to his Project Manager, "I made
a commitment to my wife that I wasnt going to
work on Saturday." The Project Manager went
off the deep one on that one, says Christensen
to an audience who responds in laughter. He
storms out again and returns again after an
hour. This time he simply asks, Do you by any
chance work on Fridays?
Its a charming story about setting boundaries
to ensure work school - life balance an
issue that needs to be brought to the forefront.
Students and professionals alike are feeling
stress and suffer from shortage of time.
Now, it starts as early as elementary school.
Last year, CNN addressed this issue on their
Facebook page when they asked parents how
they felt about homework. The response was
immediate and intense. Parents complained
their children are stressed out and exhausted
from homework.
So what is the secret to a balanced lifestyle
and how do we overcome this challenge? We
reached out to three individuals in different
stages in their life; a student, a commercial
diver, and an owner of a multi-million dollar
company to better understand how these busy
individuals are achieving this desired state and
what advice they have to share.


Its all about time
Hours worked per week:
Approximately 60.

Emilynne Agomaa

Its crucial to have
understanding friends and
School and study hours per
week: 50.
To Emilynne Agomaa, family comes
first, but with a busy and hectic school
schedule she doesnt always have the
luxury of choosing family first, especially
around exam time. She credits having
understanding friends and family in
order to maintain a healthy school
life balance. Emilynne explains, My
dads birthday is during exam times
so he always tries to work around my
schedule to make sure that it doesnt
interfere with my studying. But I do my
part too and calculate the amount of
hours I need to study and get it all done
in advance so when Im celebrating
my dads birthday for example, Im not
stressed out about my exams and can
thoroughly enjoy the time with my

Being a commercial diver is a

challenging job, especially in terms of
work-home life balance, shares Bob
Clarke, who has been in the industry
for over 30 years. Youre on-call 24/7.
Its an extremely specialized career.Not
only do commercial divers dive in deep
waters, they also need to have trade
skills including underwater welding
and construction, and travelling is a
constant requirement.
To ensure he has the time he needs to
spend with loved ones and for himself,
Bob manages his schedule and plans
vacations and social activities months
ahead. He furthermore emphasizes,
Youre no good to anyone unless youre
happy, explaining that time out for
yourself is equally as important as time
with loved ones.

Bob Clarke

Carmen Sferrazza

Its about prioritizing!
Hours worked per week: Approximately 60.
Carmen Sferrazza - who owns a successful multi-million dollar
company in Ontario - says to him family comes first. When the
kids were young, I would commit to going home for supper.
Then I would return to work if I had to, but I made it a point
to always eat with the kids and engage in conversation with
them about their day and school.
He explains that understanding your goals and then prioritizing
them will help you keep a balanced life.At different times in your
life, your priorities will change. When my kids were younger, I
put myself at the bottom of the list, now that theyre older and
working, theyre still my priority, but I make sure to take time
to enjoy my own personal hobbies like hunting and fishing. I
guess my advice would be: Keep your goals in mind. Make sure
to prioritize; family comes first. Having this balance not only
benefits an individual or an employee, it is also in an employers
best interest to encourage this mentality. The Government of
Canada documented that a lack of encouragement or support
in this department will result negatively to an employer which
includes lower productivity, higher absenteeism, and higher
workers compensation claims.
And although many are aware of this, the work school home life balance continues to be an issue. According to
the General Social Survey conducted by the Government of
Canada in 1999, both men and women indicated that they
felt severely stressed due to time pressures. That number
has only increased over the years suggesting that 30-50%
of Canadians are stressed by the work school - home life
So do take some of these time-management tips and start

This article is sponsored by Sheridan College,

Interested in programs offered by Sheridan? Send your email inquiry to

40 |

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |



CN Gia

Cng Vic-Hc Tp-Gia nh


Mt sinh vin, mt th ln chuyn nghip v mt

ch nhn ca cng ty vi mc kinh doanh hn mt
triu la chia s nhng kin ca h v cch
cn bng gia vic lm - vic hc - gia nh.

lay Christensen, gio s trng

Harvard Business School, cng
l tc gi cun How Will You
Measure Your Life? khng bao
gi lm vic ngy th By v Ch Nht. Th
By c ng dnh ring cho gia nh v
Ch Nht l ngy dnh i l. Clay chia
s cu chuyn vui (cu chuyn l mt phn
trong chng trnh LinkedIn Speaker Series
trn YouTube) v thi im lc mi nhn
vic, ng t chi ngh lm vic vo
cui tun ca gim c d n.
Sau khi ti lm vic ti cng ty c mt
thng, ng gim c d n, l cp trn trc
tip, ti gp ti. Hnh nh hm l th
Ba, ng ta ngh, Clay, ti thng bo
anh tin vic thu xp, chng ta c mt cuc
hp nhm quan trng vo 2 gi chiu ngy
Ch Nht... Ngay sau khi nghe li yu cu,
Christensen lch s gii thch rng Ch
Nht l ngy ng dnh i l. Gim c d
n tc gin ni, y l mt cng ty, ni
m tt c mi ngi, khi cn, u phi lm
vic. Christensen bnh tnh p rng ng
rt hiu, tuy nhin, Nu khng th dnh
ngy Ch Nht cho tn ngng, th ti cng
khng mun lm vic y. V gim c d
n gin d i o ra khi phng. Mt ting
sau ng ta tr li, ngh hp vo th By.
Christensen cm thy rt kh chu nhng
vn nh nhng gii thch vi v gim c,
Ti ha vi v khng i lm ngy th
By. Nghe xong, ng gim c gin in
ln, Christensen k li vi khn gi v mi
ngi ci ln. ng gim c hng h b
i v mt gi ng h sau quay tr li. Ln
ny ng ta ch hi, Anh c lm vic vo ngy
th Su khng nh?
l cu chuyn vui v vic thit lp gii
hn, bo m cn bng gia cng vic - hc
tp - cuc sng mt vn rt cn c
em ra bn lun. Sinh vin cng nh cc nh
chuyn mn thng cm thy cng thng,
thiu ht thi gian. Hin ti, vn nn ny
c bt u rt sm, cp tiu hc. Nm
ngoi, hng thng tn CNN cp n
vn ny trn trang Facebook. H hi ph
huynh cm thy th no v bi tp v nh
ca con em mnh. Cc cu tr li n ngay
lp tc v dn dp. Ph huynh phn nn
rng con em h b cng thng v mt mi
v bi tp.
Vy u l b quyt cn bng cuc sng,
v lm th no vt qua kh khn ny?

Chng ti tip xc ba nhn vt, mi

ngi ang nhng giai on khc nhau
trong cuc sng; mt sinh vin, mt th ln
chuyn nghip v mt ch nhn ca cng ty
c mc kinh doanh hn mt triu la
c th hiu r hn cch m nhng c nhn
bn rn ny t c s cn bng v li
khuyn m h mun chia s.

hnh phc. ng mun ni rng thi gian

ngh ngi dnh cho chnh mnh cng quan
trng nhthi gian dnh cho ngi thn.

iu thit yu l c c s thng
cm ca bn b v gia nh.
S gi hc ti trng v t hc hng
tun: 50 ting.

Carmen Sferrazza, ch nhn ca cng ty

c mc kinh doanh hn mt triu la ti
Ontario, cho bit vi ng gia nh l s mt.
Khi bn tr cn nh, ti lun v nh vo
ba n ti. Sau nu cn, ti tr li tip
tc lm vic, tuy nhin ti lun coi vic n
ti cng bn tr, tham gia vo nhng cu
chuyn ca chng v hc tp v sinh hot
hng ngy l ti quan trng. Theo ng, hiu
v nhng mc tiu v sp xp th t u tin
cc mc tiu s gip bn cn bng cuc
sng. Mc u tin s thay i vo nhng
thi im khc nhau trong cuc i bn. Khi
con ci cn b, bn thn ti ng cui danh
sch u tin, by gi khi bn tr ln v i
lm, ti vn dnh u tin cho chng, nhng
khng qun dnh thi gian cho nhng s
thch ring ca mnh, nh i sn v cu c.
Li khuyn ca ti c l l: Lun ghi nh
nhng mc tiu ca mnh. Sp xp th t
u tin; gia nh l trn ht. Cn bng cng
vic v cuc sng khng ch c li cho nhn
vin m ch doanh nghip cng nn khch
l tinh thn nhn vin v vn ny. Chnh
ph Canada dn chng nhiu ti liu
cho thy thiu s khuyn khch v vic cn
bng cuc sng s dn n nhng hu qu
tiu cc v mt nhn s nh nng sut km,
ngh lm nhiu, chi ph bi thng tai nn
lao ng tng cao.
V mc d vn ny c rt nhiu
ngi quan tm, nhng vic cn bng gia
vic lm - vic hc - cuc sng vn l ti
cn tho lun. Theo mt iu tra x hi tng
qut ca Chnh Ph Canada nm 1999, c
nam v n gii u cho bit h cm thy v
cng cng thng vi nhng p lc v thi
gian. Con s khng h gim trong nhiu
nm qua, cho thy c ti 30 n 50% ngi
Canada cm thy mt mi v s mt cn
bng gia vic lm - vic hc - cuc sng.
Bi vy, bn hy lm theo nhng li khuyn
va k v cch s dng thi gian v bt u
gii ta cng thng ca chnh mnh.

i vi Emilynne Agomaa, gia nh l u

tin hng u, tuy nhin vi lch hc dy
c, bn rn nn c t khi c t gia nh
ln hng u, c bit vo nhng k thi.
Emilynne cho rng phi c s thng cm
ca bn b v gia nh mi c th duy tr
c s cn bng gia hc tp v cuc sng
c nhn. C gii thch, Sinh nht ca b em
trng ng k thi nn ng thng phi ph
thuc vo lch ca em khng gy tr ngi
cho chuyn hc hnh. Tuy nhin em cng
c gng tnh ton s gi hc cn thit, v
hc bi trc thi hn, khi mng sinh
nht b, em khng phi lo lng v chuyn thi
c m hon ton thoi mi tn hng thi
gian cng gia nh.

Vn l phi bit sp xp thi
S gi lm vic hng tun: khong 60
Th ln chuyn nghip l mt ngh c
nhiu i hi, c bit l vic cn bng gia
cng vic v gia nh, Bob Clarke, th ln
hn 30 nm kinh nghim trong ngh chia
s. Cng vic i hi bn c mt bt c
lc no. y l mt ngh v cng c bit.
Ngi th va phi bit ln vng nc su,
va phi c k nng nh hn v xy dng
di nc, ngoi ra vic di chuyn cng l
mt yu cu thng trc.
bo m c c thi gian cn thit cho
ngi thn v cho chnh mnh, Bob thng
phi sp xp lch lm vic, ln k hoch i
ngh hay tham gia cc sinh hot khc t nhiu
thng trc. ng nhn mnh, Bn s chng
gip g c cho ai nu bn thn bn khng

Phi bit u tin!
S gi lm vic hng tun: khong 60

This article is sponsored by Sheridan College,

Interested in programs offered by Sheridan? Send your email inquiry to

42 |

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |


Your memories will bloom at the garden


Sales, Services, Body Shop & Car Rentals

Th Hai - Th Su:
Th By:
Ch Nht:


2364 Haines Road, Unit 5+6, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 1Y6

8am - 6pm
8am - 4pm

9000 sq. foot ballroom can accommodate up to

500 guests
3600 sq. foot grand foyer finished in white marble
with two Scarlett OHara staircases
2 bridal suites with balconies overlooking ballroom

Vi chuyn vin license A, nhiu nm kinh nghim m nhim:

Million-dollar professionally landscaped gardens

Nhn Certify cc loi xe

A team of chefs skilled in international cuisine

Starter, Alternator, Radiator

Pantone Orange 021

Pantone 362


H thng si, my lnh

Pantone 376

Tune up, lm thng, ng b (muffler)


Sn, sa, bo m mu sc hon chnh nh original

Gii p v lo ton b th tc vi cc hng bo him
Gi c bit cho xe khng claim bo him

From the initial planning of your event to the final extra touches we will assist you in making your event a success!

8 Clipper Court, Brampton, Ontario L6W 4T9


Dixie Rd.

Knh mi


Haines Rd.

Trnh ch Phong (Michael Trinh)

Dundas St. E.
Cawthra Rd.

Ch nhn

Sa & Th Khi Xe

Queensway E.

Hn hnh c phc v ngi Vit

vng Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville trong 18 nm qua


Elected Mayor of Mississauga in November 1978,

Hazel McCallion is undoubtedly the citys and
possibly the provinces most beloved Mayor, having
served dutifully for 36 years.

his year, she is stepping down as Mayor, having

outlasted 9 prime ministers and 8 Ontario
premiers during her reign. Throughout her
political career, she had made numerous
valuable social contributions to the community,
cemented Mississaugas strong economic standing, impacted
thousands of lives, and left an unparalleled legacy in Canadas
history. The 93 year old Hurricane Hazel often says she
feels like 39 for she has always led an active life. In a special
interview with VietSun, the Mayor shares her thoughts about
retirement, womens role in politics, and healthy living.

Photo Courtesy of the Mayor's Office



Retiring And Inspiring


46 |

VIETSUN August 2014

VietSun(VS): You have been Mississaugas most beloved

mayor for more than three decades, what are some parts of
the job you will miss the most?
Mayor Hazel McCallion (MHM): The thing I will miss most
about being mayor is the people. Over the years, I have
had the opportunity to meet people of every age, ethnic
background and walk of life and have tried to learn something
from everyone I meet.
VS: How do you want to spend your retirement? What are
some things you want to do now that you have more free
MHM: I have a lot of things I want to do during my retirement
like travelling abroad, spending more time with my family and
friends, reading, and organizing my large stamp collection.
I also intend on remaining involved in my community and
continuing to be a strong advocate for municipalities.

I had to deal with discrimination and judgements being made

about me because of my gender. Women today have an easier
time to some degree. However, I would strongly encourage
women that before getting involved in politics, they should learn
as much as they can by volunteering, sitting on various citizen
committees and educating themselves about the process. I feel
that women bring a certain humanity and consciousness to
politics and are wonderful advocates for issues which affect the
whole community such as human rights, education, healthcare,
VS: Do you have any advice for your successor who will have
very big shoes to fill?
MHM: I would advise my successor to always put Mississauga
first. I think every mayor should put their city and its residents
first. A Mayor must always try to do what is best for the
community and not to be motivated by personal or political
desires. Public service is a noble pursuit and should not be
entered into lightly. It is a privilege to serve as mayor and as
the saying goes, With great power comes great responsibility.
VS: You once said, Leaving a legacy is far more important
than leaving an inheritance. What do you hope to inspire
through your many years in the public service sector?
MHM: I hope that I have inspired people to get involved in
their community and to be active participants in their city.
We all have a part to play in the success of our community
and each person, young or old, has the opportunity and the
responsibility to use his or her unique talents and gifts to do
some good in the world.
VS: What are your secrets to a happy and healthy life, one
that you are living so fully?
MHM: I dont have any secrets per se, I just try to live a healthy
lifestyle by making good food choices, avoiding sugar and
processed food, getting enough sleep and exercising a little
every day. I also enjoy gardening which is a great way to keep
fit and get fresh air. In terms of leading a happy life, my strong
faith helps to fulfill me and gives me a strong sense of purpose.
Also, spending time with my family and friends is a great
source of joy and comfort.
VS: Thank you Mayor, and we wish you the best in all your
future endeavours.
MHM: Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts
with the Vietnamese community!

VS: Being one of the most influential figures for women in

politics, what were some challenges you had to face, and
what are some accumulated lessons you would like to share
with women worldwide?
MHM: When I first started out in politics, the world was very
different and being a woman was not as accepted as it is today.

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Th trng

Hazel McCallion

V Hu Nhng Vn Khng Ngi Ngh


c bu l Th Trng Thnh Ph Mississauga vo thng 11

nm 1978, v vi 36 nm phc v y tinh thn trch nhim,
Hazel McCallion hin nhin tr thnh v lnh o c yu
mn nht thnh ph, hay c l l nht tnh bang Ontario.

m nay, b ri khi chnh

trng trong vai tr th
trng. B gi chc qua
9 nhim k th tng v 8
nhim k th hin. Trong
sut s nghip chnh tr ca mnh, Hazel
McCallion c nhiu ng gp x hi c
gi tr cho cng ng, cng c v th kinh
t mnh m ca Mississauga, nh hng
ti hng ngn i sng, v li mt di sn
cha tng c trong lch s Canada. "Cn bo
Hazel" 93 tui vn thng ni b cm thy
nh ch mi 39 bi b vn theo ui mt
cuc sng cc k nng ng. Trong mt
cuc phng vn c bit vi VietSun, b th
trng chia s nhng suy ngh ca mnh
v vic ngh hu, v vai tr ca ph n trong
chnh tr, v li sng khe mnh.
VietSun (VS): L th trng c yu mn
nht Mississauga trong sut hn ba thp
k, iu g trong cng vic s khin b nh
Th trng Hazel McCallion (MHM):
iu ti s nh nht v qung thi gian gi
vai tr th trng l nhng ngi dn. Bao
nhiu nm qua, ti c c hi tip xc vi
ngi dn mi la tui, mi sc dn, mi
tng lp x hi, v ti c gng hc hi
mt cht g t nhng ngi ti gp.
VS: B nh dnh thi gian hu tr sp ti
cho ring mnh ra sao? Gi y khi c nhiu
thi gian rnh ri hn, b d nh s lm

MHM: Trong Thi gian ngh hu sp ti,

ti c rt nhiu vic mun lm, chng hn
nh i du lch nc ngoi, dnh nhiu thi
gian hn cho gia nh v b bn, c sch,
hoc sp xp li b su tp tem khng l ca
mnh. Ti d nh s tip tc tham gia cng
tc cng ng, v tip tc ng h chnh
quyn thnh ph mt cch ht mnh.
VS: L mt trong nhng nhn vt c nh
hng ln vi ph n hot ng chnh tr,
b gp phi nhng th thch g v xin
b chia s vi ph n trn ton th gii mt
s bi hc tch ly c?
MHM: Thi im khi ti gia nhp chnh
trng ln u tin, tnh hnh th gii rt
khc v vai tr ca ph n th khng c
cng nhn nh by gi. Ti phi i ph
vi s k th, ch trch nhm c nhn ch v
gii tnh ca mnh. Ph n ngy nay, mt
mc no , c n nhn mt cch
d dng hn. Tuy nhin, ti cc lc khuyn
khch ph n trc khi bc vo con ng
chnh tr nn hc hi cng nhiu cng tt
bng cch tham gia hot ng tnh nguyn,
gp g nhng nhm cng dn khc nhau
hiu thm v chnh tr. Bn thn ti cm
nhn rng ph n l ngi mang li tnh
nhn vn v thc rt ring n vi chnh
tr, v h l nhng nh hot ng tuyt vi
trong cc vn c nh hng n ton
cng ng nh nhn quyn, gio dc, y t

cng vic m b gnh vc qu tuyt vi

trong nhng nm qua?
MHM: Ti s khuyn ngi k nhim ca
mnh lun t thnh ph Mississauga ln
trn ht. Theo ti, tt c cc th trng nn
t thnh ph v c dn ca mnh ln trn
ht. Mt th trng phi lun c gng lm
nhng g tt nht cho cng ng m khng
b chi phi bi nhng c nhn v mc
ch chnh tr. Cng tc cng ng l mt
ngh nghip cao qu v nn c n nhn
mt cch nghim tc. c tr thnh th
trng l mt c quyn, nhng chng ta
cng c cu: Quyn lc ln i i vi trch
nhim cao.
VS: B tng ni, li di sn quan trng
hn so vi vic li ti sn." Sau nhiu
nm phc v trong lnh vc cng ng, b
hy vng s truyn li iu g cho mi ngi?
MHM: Hy vng ti khch l c mi
ngi tham gia tch cc vo cng ng ca
h v tr thnh mt thnh vin nng ng
trong thnh ph ni h sng. Tt c chng ta
u ng gp mt phn vo s thnh cng
ca cng ng, v mi ngi, d gi hay tr,
u c c hi v trch nhim s dng nng
lc cng nng khiu ring lm nn nhng
iu tt p cho th gii.
VS: B quyt c mt cuc sng hnh phc
v khe mnh nh hin nay ca b l g?
MHM: Thc ra ti khng c bt k b mt
no, ti ch c gng sng lnh mnh bng
cch la chn thc phm khng c hi,
trnh n ng v thc phm ch bin sn,
ng gic v tp th dc mi ngy. Ti yu
thch lm vn, v y cng l cch tuyt vi
ti gi c th khe mnh, ht th kh tri
trong lnh. Ni v sng hnh phc, nim
tin tn ngng mnh m trong ti gip ti
cm thy mn nguyn v sng c mc tiu.
Ngoi ra, vic dnh thi gian cho gia nh v
b bn cng mang li cho ti nhiu nim vui
v s thoi mi.
VS: Cm n Th Trng, v xin chc b
nhng iu tt p nht trong nhng hot
ng tng lai.
MHM: Cm n VietSun cho ti c hi
chia s nhng suy ngh ca mnh vi cng
ng ngi Vit!

VS: B c li khuyn no dnh cho ngi

k nhim ca mnh ngi s phi tip tc
Photo by Kim Bao Tran

48 |

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |




ecilia Nguyen Tran is a 23 year old classically trained pianist

who aspires to connect with her audience on an emotional
level. At the early age of 5, she began taking piano lessons
at the Dixon Hall Music School and the Regent Park School
of Music with Frank Horvat. Since then, she has had the opportunity to
perform with such artists as Coenraad Bloemendal, Wayne Strongman
and Molly Johnson.
Coming from a large family, her parents were her number one supporters
to continue in music. However, they simply could not afford to help her
with the high tuition fees. Cecilia took matters into her own hands and
produced two recitals this past May to raise tuition for school. Beginning
September 2014, Cecilia will be attending Wilfrid Laurier University for
Piano Performance, studying with Professor Leslie De'Ath. She also looks
forward to attaining a second diploma from the Royal Conservatory of
Music in a near future.
With the support of her family and friends, but with few funds, Cecilia is
happy and working towards a successful, musical career.

Pianist Ngh S Dng Cm


Make Up Artist & Co-Founder of A Wish To Wed Society

Ngh S Trang im & ng Sng Lp Vin ca A Wish To Wed Society

nspired by her mother who is a hair stylist, Tianna Tran decided

to pursue her life-long passion in make-up training after
having her second child. She is currently a freelance makeup
artist for Lululemon. She has done many major fashion shows
and is currently highly sought after by the wedding industry.
Charity work has always been her life long goal, so when her friends,
Jelger, Tanja, Kim and Neet approached her about establishing
a charity that gives back to those in need, she joined the team
without hesitation. A Wish To Wed Society is dedicated to granting
matrimonial wishes to couples challenged by a life-threatening
illness, or deteriorating health while in a difficult financial situation,
regardless of sexual orientation, beliefs and ethnicity. Find out more
about the society at and see how you too
can help.

c gi cm hng t m, mt th lm tc thi trang, Tianna

Tran quyt nh theo ui am m tm huyt ca mnh v
theo hc ngh Trang im sau khi sinh a con th nh.
Hin ti, c ang hnh ngh t do vi cng ty Lululemon.
C tng tham gia nhiu bui biu din thi trang quan trng, v hin
ang l ngh s trang im t gi ca dch v ci hi.
Lm vic t thin lun l mc tiu sut i ca c, v vy khi cc bn ca
c, Jelger, Tanja, Kim v Neet r c thit lp mt t chc t thin nhm
gip nhng ngi thiu thn, c nhn li tham gia ngay lp tc. A
Wish To Wed Society c mc ch gip bin cc c m hn phi thnh
s tht, gic m ca nhng i la phi ng u vi cn bnh thp t
nht sinh, hoc b tnh trng sc khe suy thoi trong khi gp hon cnh
kh khn v ti chnh, bt k ngun gc sc tc, nim tin tn gio hay
nh hng phi tnh. Mi bn gh trang tm
hiu thm cch bn c th cng tham gia ngha c tt p ny.

50 |

VIETSUN August 2014

Tianna (in white dress)

ecilia Ngyen Tran 23 tui, l dng

cm th c o to chi m nhc c
in. C c nim c m ni kt vi
thnh gi trn tm mc cm xc. Lc
mi ln 5, c bt u hc n piano ti trng
m nhc Dixon Hall v hc vi thy Frank Horvat
ti trng m Nhc Regent Park. T , c c
c hi trnh din vi nhng ngh s nh Coenraad
Bloemendal, Wayne Strongman v Molly Johnson.
Xut thn t mt gia nh ng con, c c
b m u tin nng trong vic hc nhc. Tuy
nhin v b m khng kh nng gip c trang
tri s tin hc ph qu cao, Cecilia t lo cho
mnh bng cch t chc hai bui ha tu vo thng
Nm va qua c tin trang tri vic hc. Bt u
thng Chn nm nay, Cecilia s vo hc mn Trnh
Din Piano ti trng i hc Wilfrid Laurier vi
gio s Leslie DeAh. Trong tng lai gn, c cng
d tnh ly thm vn bng th nh ti Hc Vin
m Nhc Hong Gia.
Vi s ym tr ca gia nh v bn b, d vi
ngun ti tr t i, Cecilia rt hi lng vi nhng g
mnh ang c v ang c gng vn n mt s
nghip m nhc thnh cng.
August 2014 VIETSUN |


Saturday August 23, 2014

Free admission!
Bayview Glen Church
300 Steeles Ave East, Thornhill












...and more!

Liberty Grand

Tickets now
on now

on sale
(647) 723-2165
(647) 723-2165
ext 151

ext 151

- 2014 -



For sponsorship opportunities, please contact (647) 723-2165 ext. 115



Thanh Dat JeweleryThanh Dat Jewelery

of young
of young

For sponsorship
For sponsorship



Design by Laura Stein Interiors

Photo by David Bagosy


Phng n
Kiu Sa

Interior Designer of DiSCOVER DESiGN,

Make your formal entertainment space one

that adds to the eating experience. This
sophisticated dining room will have your
guests adjusting their bowties and sitting a
little straighter.

Phng n dnh cho khch nn c

nhng yu t gip ba n thm phn
c bit. Khng gian kiu sa ny s
khin nhng v khch qu ca bn
ngi thng lng hn trong lc sa li
n bm cho ngay ngn.
Yu T Trm Tr

If you want people to say wow, you have to give them

a reason to. Sparkling crystal and a handpicked bouquet
bring a glamorous element to the table.

Hy khin cc v khch ca mnh phi trm tr. n thy

tinh cng ly tch pha l lp lnh v mt b hoa ti gip
mang li nt kiu sa cho bn n.

Drape in Formality

Rm Ph Sang Trng

Drapes add to the formality. Use elegant drapes to draw

attention to the table setting, which is the star. If your
space has a great outside view, then draw attention to
the window by pulling the drapes to the sides.

Nhng chic rm che gip to nn bu khng kh trang

trng. Dng mn che sang trng thu ht nh nhn ca
cc v khch vo phong cch bi tr trn bn tic. Nu phng
n c gc nhn bn ngoi p, hy ko mn sang hai bn
ph by cnh p.

Ceilings are constantly under-appreciated, but not in

my world. For this room, a misty blue was used to draw
attention to the ceiling medallion detail and chandelier

Simplicity Embrace
Simplicity is an interior tool by itself with this particular
design. The area rug, architectural details, and quality
selections give the space character. Every detail is
thought out and is carefully considered, creating a
quality space that will have all your guests coming back
for more.

VIETSUN August 2014

Chuyn vin trang tr ni tht ca DiSCOVER DESiGN,

The Wow Factor

Ceiling Showcase

54 |


Trn Nh Trng L
Trn nh hay b b b nhng trong th gii ni tht ca ti
th khng. Mu xanh l trong phng n dn dt nh nhn
ca cc v khch ln nhng thit k khc chm trn trn v
chic n treo bng pha l.

n Gin Ha
S n gin chnh n l mt li kh trong trang tr ni
tht. Chic thm, nhng tiu tit kin trc, v cc mn ni
tht cao cp gp phn to nn c tnh cho gian phng. Mi
mt chi tit u c cn nhc k lng to nn khng
gian m cc v khch s mun n thm ln na.

August 2014 VIETSUN |


Viet Cuisine

& Squid Salad

B Mc
Salad has always been my
favourite dish and I love mixing it
up and playing with colours and
flavours to come up with a unique
recipe of my own. This dish has
been my familys staple since its
creation and I hope your family
will like it as much as mine.

Gi lun l mn n a thch ca
ti v ti thch th nghim nhiu
hng v v mu sc ch
bin ra mt mn n c trng,
mi l ca ring mnh. Mn ny
l mn rut ca gia nh ti t
khi ti lm n ln u tin, v
hy vng gia nh bn cng s



56 |

VIETSUN August 2014

10 cherry tomatoes
1 avocado, sliced
1 small bag of enoki mushrooms
1 dried squid
1 tbs. satay sauce
1 tsp. olive oil
1 bunch of cilantro, minced
Fish sauce, minced garlic, minced chilli, lemon juice
1 Asian sesame rice cracker

10 tri c chua bi
1 tri b, thi ming
1 bc nm kim chm nh
1 con mc kh 3 nng
1 mung c ph du liu
1 mung canh sat
1 b rau mi, thi nh
Nc mm, ti bm, t bm, nc ct chanh
1 ci bnh trng m



Bake the cherry tomatoes in the oven for about 5

Grill the squid with satay sauce until cooked, (about 3-5
minutes), then shred it.
Combine fish sauce, garlic, chilli, and lemon to make
the dressing, using equal parts fish sauce, sugar and
Wet the Asian sesame rice cracker and put it in a tortilla
bowl maker and bake until golden brown. Remove
from maker and let cool.
Mix all the ingredients with the dressing and let
marinate 5 minutes prior to serving. Serve in baked
star-shaped sesame rice cracker and garnish with

B c chua bi vo l v nng khong 5 pht.

Nng mc vi sat cho chn ti, chng 3-5
pht, ri x nh.
Kt hp t l 1 nc mm, 1 ng, 1 nc ct
chanh, cng thm ti v t bm pha nc
mm chua ngt.
Nhng nhanh bnh trng vo nc cho mm,
ri b vo khun nng hnh ngi sao, nng
cho n khi vng gin. Ly ra khi khun v
Trn hn hp tt c thnh phn cng vi nc
mm chua ngt, thm 5 pht trc khi dng.
Trnh by gi trong t bnh trng hnh ngi
sao nng chn, im thm mt t rau mi
bn trn.

August 2014 VIETSUN |



A Venetian

Ava Do is a magician, photographer, lifestyle blogger, who loves fashion, travel, and fine foods.

One of the most famous sites of Venice, Piazza San Marco is the social hub of the
floating city. People have been gathering here since the 9th century and continue
to do the same in modern day. Escape the crowds by strolling during the twilight
hours and youll catch the most enthralling light passing through the majestic
columns and illuminating the classic Venetian street light.

enice has long been on my bucket list of travel

destinations. The famously romantic city has
been branded with beguiling characteristics
that no other place can altogether possess: the
elusory time it will continue to float, the mystery surrounding
its origins, the fabled love stories that have twinkled with
the Venetian chandeliers in its past
The city of water, canals, florid glass, and festival masks:
Venice can be as challenging as it is enchanting. The
tourist crowds can be unkind, and finding your
way around can be frustrating and exhausting.
But if you have the luxury of time and allow
yourself to get lost, the bewitching city
often grows roots in your tired heart,
with Adriatic waves rocking the
fascinating wonderland and back
alleys abuzz with local nightspots.

There are beautiful and elaborate cathedral

domes all over Italy, but few float on the Grand
Canal like the ones in Venice. No one is completely
sure how long these architectural marvels will be
above water to be admired, which makes Venice
all that much more urgent to visit.

58 |

VIETSUN August 2014

Venice is composed
of islands, 118 of
them to be exact.
Transportation is either
on foot or by boat.
There are the popular
gondolas complete
with boisterous
and stripe-shirted
gondoliers, but also
the charming little
boats of the Venetian
locals, floating around
on alley canals.

The Venetian cuisine is best experienced near Venices famous fish market,
where catches are acquired that morning and served that afternoon in the most
endearing restaurants, some only accessible by small bridges.

August 2014 VIETSUN |


Venice c to thnh t
nhng hn o nh, chnh
xc l 118 o. Giao thng
y ch c th l i b hoc
i thuyn. Thuyn Gondolas
l phng tin rt ph
bin, vi nhng ngi cho
thuyn huyn no mc o
sc. Bn cnh l nhng
chic thuyn nh xinh ca
ngi dn a phng, bp
bnh tri trn nhng hm
knh nh.

Trn khp nc , ngi ta c th bt gp nhiu mi nh

th xinh p vi li kin trc tinh vi, chau chut, nhng ch
c mt s t ni trn knh Ln (Grand Canal) nh Venice.
Khng ai c th bit chc nhng tuyt tc kin trc ny s
tn ti bao lu trn mt nc ta chim ngng, Venice,
bi th cng khin ta phi vi vng n thm.

Chu Du


Mt trong nhng im du lch ni ting nht Venice l Piazza San

Marco, trung tm t tp ca thnh ph ni. Ngi dn tp trung v
y t th k th 9, v cho n nay vn tip tc nh vy. Thot khi
m ng bng cch i do trong nh hong hn, bn s bt gp
nh sng k diu lt qua nhng ct tr trng l, chiu sng n
ng c knh ca Venice.

Thng thc m thc Venice gn khu ch c ni ting l mt tri nghim tuyt

vi. Ni y, ngi ta nh bt hi sn vo bui sng v ch bin thnh cc
mn n vo bui chiu ti nhng nh hng xinh p, mt s nh hng phi i
qua nhng cy cu nh mi n c.

60 |

VIETSUN August 2014

Ava AnhDao Do l nh o thut, nhip nh gia v blogger.

C yu thch thi trang, du lch v cc mn n ngon.

enice l thng cnh nm trong danh sch nhng

im du lch cn phi ti ca ti t lu lm.
Thnh ph lng mn ni ting vi nhng nt c
trng th v m khng ni no trn th gii c trn
vn ht c: thi gian ngn ngi m thnh ph
bng bnh y cn tn ti, nhng b him xung quanh ngun gc
ca n, nhng huyn thoi v tnh yu lp lnh nh n Venice
trong d vng Thnh ph ca nc, ca nhng con knh, ca
gng knh ho nhong, v ca l hi mt n: Venice y thch
thc m cng quyn r v cng. m ng du khch c th gy
kh chu, vic phi tm ng lng vng c th s khin bn bc
bi v mt mi. Tuy nhin, nu c nhiu thi gian v chp nhn
vic i lc, thnh ph p m hn ny s bm r trong tri tim r
ri ca bn, vi sng bin Adriatic v v min t quyn r, vi
nhiu ng hm no nhit v nhng im hn v m.

August 2014 VIETSUN |




V Vi Thin Nhin
Ta lc ngay ti trung tm du lch Mi N (Bnh
Thun), Hi u Mi N Beach Resort & Spa vi
khng gian yn tnh, thanh bnh v phong cch
thit k m d khin ngi ta cm thy nh c
tr v sng gia thin nhin.

Hai Au Mui Ne Beach Resort & Spa

Back To Nature
Located in the tourist center of Mui Ne, Binh Thuan,
Hai Au Mui Ne Beach Resort & Spa boasts a quiet
space, serenity and an open design that bring
visitors back to the sensation of living amongst

pon arrival, each guest experiences a large space

filled with greenness, from the soft grass, carefully
trimmed fences, and rows of shade trees, perfect for
cooling down on summer days.
The winding paved walkways among lush land will guide you
through the green and serene landscape, as well as convenient
recreation and welcoming relaxation facilities. Designed as a 3
star resort, Hai Au is luxurious with contemporary furniture, high
standard services, situated on a romantic, coastal setting with
111 regular rooms and 5 premium rooms.
In addition to the delightful diving under the blue water, or
walking on the white sand beach nearby, Hai Au Mui Ne Beach
Resort & Spas entertainment services exceed recreation needs
with a 1000 m2 area that includes a swimming pool, tennis
courts, restaurant, bar, spa, and more Moreover, visitors will
uncover an irresistible passion for discovery with the amazing
Red Sand Dunes tour, a multi-colored sand dunes at White Lake,
as well as activities like fishing, boating, scuba diving, aquatic
Hai Au Mui Ne Beach Resort & Spa is not only known as an ideal
resort, but is also a famous location for visitors to experience
the essence of extraordinary cuisine of Vietnam, other Asian
countries, and Europe, especially fresh seafood.

n tng u tin ca du khch khi t chn ti

y l mt khong khng gian rng v trn ngp
sc xanh, t thm c mm mt di chn,
nhng hng ro xanh c ct ta ngh thut
n v s tn cy rp bng lm mt ri nhng ngy ma h.
Nhng li i lt un ln gia cc khong t xanh a
bn i thng ngon ht khung cnh du dng, xanh ti v
cc khu ngh ngi, th gin tin nghi m gn gi ca ni y.
c thit k thnh ni ngh dng theo tiu chun 3 sao,
Hi u sang trng vi ni tht hin i, nhng dch v cao
cp v phong cch kin trc min bin y th mng ca
111 phng thng v 5 phng c bit.
Ngoi nhng pht tha thch ngp ln di ln nc trong
xanh hay do chi trn b ct trng ca bi bin gn , vi h

bi din tch 1000 m2, sn tennis, nh hng, qun bar, spa

h thng dch v vui chi gii tr ca Hi u Mi N Beach
Resort & Spa p ng ti a nhu cu th gin ca du khch.
Ngoi ra, khi n y, du khch cng kh cng li c
nim am m khm ph ca mnh vi cc chuyn du ngon
cha ng nhiu iu mi l n i Ct , i ct nhiu
mu H Trng, hay cho thuyn cu c, bi ln khm ph
lng bin...
c bit, khng ch c bit n l khu ngh dng l
tng, Hi u Mi N Beach Resort & Spa cn l a ch
du khch thng thc tinh hoa m thc c sc ca Vit
Nam v cc nc , u, trong khng th thiu cc c
sn min bin ti ngon.
bit thm chi tit, lin lc:
32 Hunh Thc Khng, Hm Tin, Mi N, Bnh Thun
Tel: +84 62 3847 363

For more information, contact:

32 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ham Tien, Mui Ne, Binh Thuan
Tel: +84 62 3847 363

62 |

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |


Trung Tm Di Tr NH CAO
Apex Migration - Legal Services Inc.
a ch trung tm:
Rexdale Commercial Centre, 680 Rexdale Blvd. Unit 21, Toronto, ON M9W 0B5
Tel: 416-679-8898 | Fax: 416-840-9133
Gi m ca:
Th Ba - Th Su: 10:00am -6:00pm
Th By: 10:00am - 5:00pm(long weekend ngh)
Ch Nht, Th Hai: ngh

Nhiu ngi trong chng ta chc hn c suy ngh gi in

thoi t Hoa K, Canada, hay cc nc khc v Vit Nam s c
chi ph thp. Trong khi t Vit Nam gi i cc nc khc th
chi ph rt cao. Suy ngh ny hon ton c c s da vo bng
cc ca cc cng ty vin thng ti Vit Nam hin nay.


V247 c th gip ngi thn ti Vit Nam gi

i khp ni trn th gii vi chi ph thp.

Tn tm Uy tn Chuyn nghip

Qu v ti Hoa K th ch cn gi
cho V247 ti s 1.888.880.8247,
nu qu v Canada th gi V247
ti s 1.888.520.0088, sau
thng bo cho chng ti s
in thoi ca thn nhn qu
v ti Vit Nam cn dng chung
Pinless Account. V247 s thm
s in thoi v danh sch
cc s s dng Pinless Account
ca qu v. T ngi thn ca
qu v s c th gi t Vit Nam i
khp ni trn th gii vi mc ph
thp ng ngc nhin!
Khi cn gi, ngi thn ca qu v ch cn bm
tng i 1201-0247 l c th gi d dng.
Dng dch v in thoi ca V247 tht l s la chn ng
nht. Mi ngy V247 cng c thm nhiu tin ch hn phc
v cng ng ngi Vit ti khp nm chu!

1877-357-5550 |
H tr khch hng bng ting Vit 24/7: 1888-520-0088


Xun Uyn (Aline Nguyen)
Member of I.C.C.R.C
Mi chi tit xin lin h:

( 416-679-8898
Hoc truy cp website:

Trung tm c nhn vin ti chi nhnh Vit Nam trc tip

hng dn v gip thn nhn cc th tc cn thit
hon tt h s n khi c Visa.
a ch ti Vit Nam:
543/63 Nguyn nh Chiu, P.2, Q.3, Tp. HCM
Tel: 08-3833-8922
Xin lu :
Theo lut di tr, ch nhng thnh vin ca ICCRC c giy
php hnh ngh chuyn nghip hoc lut s di tr mi c
thm quyn:
Tr thnh ngi i din th l h s hp l.
ch thn ra ta khng co cho cc h s b t chi,
trc tip lin h vi cc quan chc di tr c thm
quyn v cc vn lin quan n h s ang th l.
tm hiu danh sch thnh vin ICCRC, truy cp website:
in vo h (last name) ca ngi i din.

Trung tm c dch v Bo him du lch

vi gi tt nht trn ton Canada.
Truy cp website:


Qung Co

Memorable Ads

Creating a memorable ad requires some

thoughts and creativity. For those looking
for some tips on how to make your
ads stand out, below are some points
to consider based on a magazine ad
guide produced by Magazines Canada.

66 |

Ads with shorter headlines (1-3 words) get the most

Ads with images that are 2/3 page or larger get the most
Ads with images of people are more likely to be
Photos attract more views than illustrations.
Featuring celebrities (especially female) in an ad
positively impacts an ads recognition.
The less written words in the body of the ad, the greater
the impact (unless its an advertorial).
While the size of the product name in the ad can make a
difference, the size of the product image doesnt.
The number of times a brand is mentioned in the ad has
little impact on recognition and recollection.

VIETSUN August 2014


Nhng mu qung co n tng thng

i hi nhiu cht xm v s sng to.
Sau y l mt vi gi gip bn lm
ni bt mu qung co, trch t cm
nang thit k qung co ca Magazines

Qung co c tiu ngn (1-3 t) c ngi c

ch nhiu nht.
Qung co vi hnh nh chim 2/3 trang hay ln
hn c ch nhiu nht.
Qung co c hnh ngi gy c n tng lu di
Hnh chp c mi ngi xem nhiu hn l tranh
minh ha.
Hnh nh ca ngi ni ting (nht l phi p)
trong mu qung co gip mi ngi d nhn din
ra thng hiu hn.
Qung co cng c t ch, mc hiu qu cng cao
(tr trng hp qung co bng mt bi gii thiu
sn phm).
Kch thc tn ca sn phm c tc ng tch cc
n hiu qu ca mu qung co trong khi kch
thc ca hnh nh sn phm th khng.
S ln tn thng hiu xut hin trong mu qung
co khng gip ch bao nhiu trong vic gip khch
hng nhn din hay ghi nh v sn phm.




MD. F.R.C.S. (C) A .B.P.S.

M D. F. R . C . S . ( C )

Plastic Surgeon



K Diu

ngn xa, nhn sm c bit n nh mt loi thn dc qu

him, ch vua cha mi c dng. Nhn sm l phng thuc tr bch
bnh ng u trong ng y Tam Thng Dc cng vi Linh Chi v
ng Trng H Tho.
Sun Ginseng c chit xut v tng hp t Nhn Sm mang tn Panx C.A.
Mayer, l loi nhn sm tt nht trn th gii, c dc tnh c bit khi c
trng vng t i Hn. Sun Ginseng cha Ginsenoside Rg3, Rg5, Rs3 v Rs4
c dc tnh rt cao c cng dng:
Bi b sc khe, tng cng khng, tng cng tr nh, gim
thiu v ci thin chng mt tr nh ca ngi gi, tng cng
kh nng sinh l.
Gip kh huyt lu thng, tng cng tun hon mu rt tt cho
tim mch, ngn nga hin tng nghn mch mu no.
Tr gip trong vic iu tr cc loi bnh v gan, tiu ng.
Kch thch ti sinh t bo, c tc dng tt i vi cc chng
vim, au, thiu mu, mt ng
Ngn nga v h tr iu tr ung th, gip ngi bnh c th
trng tt vt qua giai on ha tr, x tr hoc trong qu
trnh hi phc.

Ginsengs Proven
Health Benefits

inseng is a rare and precious herb that

is used as a natural remedy for many
serious health conditions. For thousands
of years, ginseng had been enjoyed exclusively
by kings and queens for its rich health benefits.
Ginseng is positioned at the top of the three most
precious traditional medicine herbs of Oriental
medicine which also include Reishi mushroom
and Cordyceps sinensis mushroom.
Sun Ginseng is produced with extracts from a
Red Ginseng species named Panax ginseng C.
A. Mayer. This variety is grown in Korea and is
the best ginseng group in the world with highly
concentrated remedial benefits. Sun Ginseng
contains Ginsenoside Rg3, Rg5, Rs3, Rs4 and can
effectively help to:
Improve overall health condition, increase
immune system function, improve memory,
decrease symptoms of dementia, improve
physical stamina and reproductive function.
Improve blood circulation, improve blood flow
to the heart, prevent coronary heart disease.
Help treat liver diseases and diabetes.
Stimulate cells regeneration which helps treat
inflammation, pain, anaemia, insomnia
Prevent and help treat cancer, improve overall
physical health condition during chemotherapy
treatment and recovery.

bit thm chi tit v Sun Ginseng, xin lin lc:

Contact for more information:

15402 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach, CA 92683
68 |

VIETSUN August 2014

Nn tham kho kin chuyn mn trc khi s dng.

Consult professional health advice prior to consumption.

C aptivating


Dr. Hong l thnh vin danh d ca: The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery The Canadian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
The Canadian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
Dr. Hong c chng nhn bi: The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada The American Board of Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery
v v v
Gim c ca Cosmetic Surgery Centre Cu ch tch ca Ontario Society of Plastic Surgery Cu Gim c ca Plastic Surgery Rouge Valley Health System

v v v

Trng tc
Phu thut sa mi
Thm m da
Thm m ngy trang
Bm ngc

SKIN Nng trn
Nng ngc



Phu thut m mt
Thm m da mt bng cng
Phu thut lm thon


Mi da

Nng mt
Xa np nhn
Ht m

Phu thut ct mt hai m
Laser xa hnh xm
Laser loi b lng

Head Ofce 302 Sheppard Avenue West, North York, ON Tel: [416] 222-6986 : [647] 969-6986 www.drcolinho

DrHong_ST_10-2011.indd 1

ng dy ni ting Vit: 647-823-6986 (gp Lynn)


Trc Lam
Trc Linh


Dont be fool by their sexy

appearance and sultry
voice. Not only are the
Trc sisters gorgeous, they
are sweet, down-to-earth,
religious and are lovers of
traditions. The Trc Sisters are
currently working on a new
album, featuring exclusive,
original songs. There
will soon be a restaurant
opening in California under
their management as well.
These two songstresses are
ng b ngoi gi cm
v ging ht nng bng ca
hai ch em h Trc nh lc
hng. Khng nhng rt xinh
p, m Trc Linh & Trc Lam
cn c tnh tnh ha ng,
d mn, ngoan o v yu
truyn thng. Hai ch em
ang thc hin mt d n
mi gm nhng bi ht vit
ring cho c hai. Sp ti,
hai ch em s m mt nh
hng ti California. Trc Lam
& Trc Linh cha bao gi
ngng ta sng.



VIETSUN August 2014

Photo by Huy Khiem


Favourite Book

Favourite Book

Anne Frank Diary by Anne Frank

Most Loved Destination

Favourite Viet Cultural Practice

Making New Year
Rice Cakes & Fruit
Best Dish Ever Tasted
Kobe Beef @
Mon Cher Ton
Ton in Japan
Favourite Fashion Designer

Conflict Free Living by Joyce Meyer

Most Loved Destination

Favourite Viet Cultural Practice

Getting Red Envelopes
on New Year Day
Best Dish Ever Tasted
Brazilian Steak @ Fogo De
Cho in California
Favourite Fashion Designer

La Perla
Wish List

Wish List
A Beach Front
Vacation Home

Funniest Entertainer
Ngc Giu

A Long Beach Vacation

Funniest Entertainer
Hoi Linh



70 |



August 2014 VIETSUN |


Khm ph vn ha Vit vi nh vn Nguyn Ngc Ngn

Bn Nc
Knh thm ch Ngn,

Hi nh, chu hay nghe m chu ni cu Phn gi 12 bn nc,

trong nh c chu. Lc y v cn tr nn chu khng . Sau
ny chu c nghe ch gii thch cu ny trn bng Thy Nga Paris,
nhng chu cn Vit Nam, khng lin h c vi ch.
By gi chu sang M nh c theo din bo lnh hn nhn.
Chu nh li m chu ngy xa v bit mnh chn c mt
trong 12 bn nc. Hin gi th ang l bn trong, nhng cha
bit mai sau c thnh bn c hay khng? Chu tui Ng. Chu
c nh ch ni 12 bn nc l 12 con gip. Chng chu ni khng
phi. (Xin li ch!) Xin ch gii thch thm
Hong M Trm, TX


Th ca c gi Hong M Trm nhc ti cu chuyn c, chc
khong 10 nm, v ti tr li kh r trong cun K Nim Sn
Khu xut bn nm 2010. Ti tng mi ngi qun chuyn y,
khng ng vn cn c ngi nhc n. Nhn l th ny ti xin tm
lc li nh sau:
Trong mt chng trnh Paris By Night, nhn c bi ht ni v
thn phn ngi con gi, ti nhc n cu Phn gi 12 bn nc.
C K Duyn hi ti ti sao li gi l 12 bn nc? Ti nu ra hai gi
thuyt theo s suy on ca ti:
1. Tc ng hay thnh ng ca cha ng ta thng l nhng cu c
vn, c ln m tai v nht l d nh. Trong cu Phn gi 12 bn
nc, ch gi v ch hai vn vi nhau. C th v vy mi c
cu ny.
2. Nhng ni nh th ti thy cha , bi ti sao cha ng ta khng
t l Phn gi 22 bn nc, hoc 32 bn nc, m ch nhc
n s 12? Cho nn ti on thm rng: S d ni 12 bn nc
c th v lin tng n 12 con gip (T, Su, Dn, Mo, Thn,
T, Ng, Mi, Thn, Du, Tut, Hi).
S d ti on nh th l v da trn quan nim ph bin trong
dn gian, ngi i vn cho rng mi tui (tc l mi con gip) u
mang s phn sng kh khc nhau, in hnh nh ngi ta hay ni:

72 |

VIETSUN August 2014

n b tui Dn cao s, kh ly chng!

Hoc thin h vn bo:
Ngi ta tui Ng, tui Mi
Cn ti sao phi ngm ngi tui Thn!
Trn thc t th tt c nhng suy ngh u sai, v khng c tui
no sng, khng c tui no kh. Nhiu ngi n b tui Dn
vn ly chng d dng v c cuc sng rt hnh phc. Tui Ng,
tui Mi, u phi ai cng sung sng v tui Thn u phi ai cng
ngm ngi! Nu tin s th cn hiu rng s mnh p dng cho tng
c nhn ch khng p dng chung cho tng tui, tng con gip. Th
gii hin c hn 6 t ngi m ch chia nhau c 12 con gip, ngha l
mi tui gm c khong 500 triu ngi. Chng nh tt c 500 triu
ngi tui Dn u kh ly chng hay sao!
Tuy thc t sai, nhng v ngi ta c tin rng 12 tui (tc l 12 con
gip), mi tui u c an bi s sng kh khc nhau, nn cha
ng ta mi ni: Phn gi 12 bn nc, trong nh c chu. Ngha
l 12 tui v nh 12 ci bn i k b m ngi con gi ln ln s phi
t chn vo mt bn, d khng th bit trc ci bn y s mang li
hnh phc hay a mnh vo ch ti tm!
Ca dao c nhiu cu din t ci trn:
Phn gi bn nc mi hai
Gp ni trong c, may ai ny nh


Lnh nh mt chic thuyn tnh

Mi hai bn nc, gi mnh vo u!

Nhng cu th y nhc chng ta rng: Trong x hi thi
trc, ngi con gi khng c quyn quyt nh tng lai i
mnh, c th l khng c i hc chn cho mnh mt ngh
c lp. Tt c u ty thuc vo ngi chng, c v mt kinh t ln
nhng rng buc kht khe ca l gio. Cm thng ni kh y, ca dao
mi c nhng cu:


Thn em nh tm la o
Pht ph trc gi bit vo tay ai!
Thn em nh ht ma ro
Ht ri xung ging, ht vo vn hoa
Thn em nh ht ma sa
Ht vo i cc, ht ra rung cy!

Ni chung, thn phn ngi ph n thi xa hon ton do hn

xui a y. Ngi cng p cng d gian trun, chng phi v tri
xanh quen thi m hng nh ghen nh Nguyn Du vit, m
ch v n ng thi phong kin c qu nhiu quyn lc li tham lam
v c c, nn m nhn lun lun tr thnh mc tiu sn ui v
tranh ginh ca h. Nhng c gi bnh thng, t nhan sc, i khi
li d dng c cuc sng m m. Nn nh ngy xa x hi trng
nam khinh n v nht l quan nim xut gi tng phu rt cng rn
ca Khng gio. Ly nhm ngi chng c c xu xa n u cng
phi cn rng m chu c i ch u c c ly d nh by gi! D
nh chng i x tn nhn ti mc no cng khng th quay v nh
b m c, bi v chnh b m s dn qua, em tr li cho nh
V ci thc t ph phng y nn con gi ln ln khng th khng
lo u v ci bn nc ang ch n mnh!
Khi ti ni chuyn ny trn bng Paris By Night v ngh 12
bn nc c th hiu l 12 con gip th lp tc c mt s ngi
phn i! iu y cng bnh thng thi! Chuyn khoa hc c th,
hai vi hai l bn, th khng c g phi bn ci, nhng chuyn vn
chng t tng th mi ngi c th hiu mt cch v bin gii ca
s ng sai i khi rt kh khng nh! C ngi em cu ny hi
kin ng Bo Lm, tc l Bi Bo Trc, tc gi lot bi ni ting
Th Gi Bn Ta, vn c coi l cha ng kin thc rt thm hu
ca tc gi. May cho ti l ng Bi Bo Trc cng ng vi ti, cho
rng: 12 bn nc nn hiu l 12 con gip th hp l hn!
Tt c nhng ngi bt ng vi ti u da vo cun Vit Nam
T in ca L Vn c (c gio s L Ngc Tr hiu nh). T
in ny ct ngha nh sau:
12 bn nc: 12 hng ngi trong x hi, sang hn khc nhau, m
du mun du khng, mi ngi con gi phi nhn ly mt ngi
lm chng:
1. S (hc tr)
2. Nng (ngi lm rung)
3. Cng (ngi th)
4. Thng (ngi bun bn)

5. Ng (ngi nh c)
6. Tiu (ngi n ci)
7. Canh (ngi trng ta)
8. Mc (ngi nui sc vt)
9. Cng (quan c tc cng)
10. Hu (quan c tc hu)
11. B (quan v c tc b)
12. T (quan c tc t)
(Vit Nam T in, trang 237)
Chuyn xy ra lu ri, nay ti xin nhc li nh mt k nim vui
thi ch khng h c trch c ai. Phi thnh tht ni rng, trong
hng ng khn gi Paris By Night lc y, c mt s ngi chuyn
rnh rp bt b nhng s h ca Nguyn Ngc Ngn! Trong v
ny, h vit th cho ti, hoc ng bo hay a ln Net, khng phi
bng thi gp cng nhau m mang kin thc, m tri li h
l tc phong tn cng ti mt cch h h v lu lm mi c dp
pht hin ci sai ca Nguyn Ngc Ngn! S d nh vy l v h nm
c trang 237 ca Vit Nam T in m ti va trch dn. em t
in ra lm bng chng th ti cn ci lm sao c! C ng gay gt
yu cu ti phi ln Paris By Night xin li khn gi v ti u c
vn ha, lm hi c mt th h tr!
Tha bn c!
T in thng l t liu cn bn v kh tn tham kho. Nhng
trong trng hp ny, ch cn im tnh mt cht, bn c s thy
l cch gii thch 12 bn nc ca Vit Nam T in khng hp l
cht no. C nhn c ni: Tn tn th bt nh v th. c sch m
qu tin vo sch th chng th ng c! Ti l ngi hay phn tch
chi tit, nn ch xem thong li ct ngha trn y, ti thy tc gi
Vit Nam T in thiu cn trng.
Ti xin nhn mnh mt im: 12 bn nc c th khng phi
l 12 con gip nh ti ngh, nhng bo 12 bn nc l 12 hng
ngi sang hn khc nhau, gm c: S, Nng, Cng, Thng, Ng,
Tiu, Canh, Mc, Cng, Hu, B, T th l cch gii thch ht sc
gng p, nu khng mun ni l bt cn!
Ti xin dn chng ngay vi th d:
1. Trc ht, trong 12 hng ngi m Vit Nam T in k ra
(S, Nng, Cng, Thng, Ng, Tiu, Canh, Mc, Cng, Hu, B,
T) th Nng v Canh b trng vi nhau v hai th y l mt! Nng
l ngi lm rung m Canh cng l ngi lm rung. Trc nm
1975, Vit Nam Cng Ha chng ta c B Canh Nng ph trch v
nng nghip l ngh chnh ca dn ta. Vit Nam T in tch CanhNng ra lm hai hng ngi th khng ng vng cht no, nhng
nu nhp chung Canh Nng lm mt th ch cn c 11 bn nc!
Canh v Nng b trng lp nh, m ngay c Ng (ngi lm
ngh nh c), Tiu (ngi lm rng) v Mc (ngi chn nui)
cng c th nm trong Cng hoc Thng. V hoc h l nhng
ngi th chuyn mn, hoc h kinh doanh bun bn. Chng hn
ngi lm rng (Tiu) th bn g, bn ci, ngi nh c (Ng) th
bn thy sn, tc l nm trong Thng. Cho nn Vit Nam T in
lit k 12 hng ngi nh th, t cn bn khng n v trng lp
qu nhiu!

August 2014 VIETSUN |


Khm ph vn ha Vit vi nh vn Nguyn Ngc Ngn

Tc: Chc quan hi xa vua phong cho c danh v v hng

lc. Nm tc c phong l Cng, Hu, B, T, Nam (trang
Vy m cng chnh Vit Nam T in khi ni n 12 bn nc
li ch ghi c 4 tc Cng, Hu, B, T. Cn Nam tc t nhin bin
mt! L v nu ghi cho 5 tc th l 13 bn nc ch khng cn
l 12 na!
Hung chi 4 tc Cng, Hu, B, T, cng khng th l bn
hng ngi sang hn khc nhau c. Tt c ch l mt, s chnh
lch nu c gia 4 tc ny hon hon khng ng k. Ging nh
ngy nay khi chng ta ni S quan cp t th s cch bit gia mt v
thiu t, trung t vi i t khng ng k. Thiu t, trung t hay i
t khng th l ba hng ngi sang hn khc nhau c!
4. V li, xt cho cng th nhng bc cng hu khanh tng thi
xa, i a s cng phi xut thn khoa bng, ngha l cng nm
74 |

VIETSUN August 2014

T nhng phn tch trn, chng ta c th kt lun rng: Mt ngi

no t ra cu thnh ng Phn gi 12 bn nc m ti cho
rng bt ngun t 12 con gip. Ri v cu nghe hay nn c
truyn tng rng ri trong dn gian v ai cng hiu ngha ca n ch
l ni ln ci tng lai v nh ca ngi con gi trc ngng ca
cuc i, chng bit s may hay ri. C nguyn cu y l ri,
chng cn ct ngha thm lm chi! Nhng ngi i sau li c tm
cho 12 bn nc nht vo, m nht vo mt cch lng tng
nh Vit Nam T in chng hn, lm chng ta mt cng tranh lun
m i khi ch i n u!
Xt mt cch thc t hn th 12 hng ngi m Vit Nam T in
k ra, thiu hn mt hng ngi chim i a s trong x hi Vit
Nam, l Binh nh chng ta thng ni Nng, Cng, Binh.
y l mt b phn khng th b qua bi thi no nc ta cng c
qun i, cng c chin tranh. Gn nh gia nh no cng c ngi
i lnh. Ly chng lnh tt nhin phi l mt trong 12 bn nc,
khng th khng nhc n!
Cng c mt ti liu ti c, ni rng: 12 bn nc c l bt
ngun t cu thp nh nhn duyn ca nh Pht. Ti khng chc
lm, nhng gi thuyt ny xt ra cn hp l hn l 12 hng ngi
m Vit Nam T in lit k. Th nh T in Thnh Ng - Tc
Ng Vit Nam ca V Dung, V Thy Anh v V Quang Ho ch
ct ngha mt cch n gin nh sau:
Phn gi 12 bn nc: Thn phn ngi ph n di ch
phong kin, mong manh phiu dt, hon ton ph thuc vo ngi
chng, may gp c ngi tt th sung sng, chng may ly phi
ngi chng xu nh m thm chu kh mt i (trang 495).
Ba tc gi trn ch gii thch ni dung cu thnh ng m khng bn
v xut x ti sao c cu , cng khng phng on 12 bn nc
gm nhng thnh phn no trong x hi. Son t in nh vy l
ng phong cch, bi iu g khng chc n th khng nn vit ra.

Burlington, 1860 Appleby Line, Unit 19

Burlington, Ontario L7L 0B7 - Tel: (905) 319-8838 - Fax: (905) 319-8884
Gi m ca: Th Ba, Th Nm, Th Su - Ch Nht: 10AM - 7PM
Th Hai & Th T: Ngh
Th Nm c bc s khm mt ti tim



Dundas St.

Upper Middle Rd.

Ph Tu Mississauga, 888 Dundas St.E., unit K2

Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 4G6 - Tel: (905) 896-9800 - Fax: (905) 848-2800
Gi m ca: Th Hai - Ch Nht: 10AM - 7PM * Th T: Ngh * Ngy l vn m ca
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Mississauga, Ontario L5V 2Y7 * Tel: (905) 502-0026

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C bc s khm mt bn cnh tim 7 ngy mt tun

PHNG PHM knh mi

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Unit 19

Burloak Dr.

3. im th ba m ti cho l gng p nht, hay ng hn l v l

nht ca Vit Nam T in l 4 hng ngi cui cng: Cng, Hu,
B, T. V l bi Cng, Hu, B, T, Nam l 5 tc vua ban cho
ngi trong hong tc hoc ngi c cng vi triu nh. M y,
Vit Nam T in li bt i mt tc ch gi li 4! Chnh cun
Vit Nam T in ny, trong phn gii ngha ch Tc c ghi r:

B ch Mc (chn nui) thay bng ch c (c sch) th

li cng v l hn bi c tt nhin nm trong ch S ri! Cn
Cng Hu Khanh Tng l nhm ch ch chung mt ng cp
nhng ngi c chc tc a v cao nht triu nh, hoc v vn
hoc v v.

Appleby Line

Tng t nh th, Cng hay Thng cng vy thi. Tm li, trong

ni b ca tng nhm, S, Nng, Cng hay Thng, t n hm
cha hng trm hng ngi sang hn cch nhau thm thm ri.
Ngha l khng phi c ly c chng trong gii S l giu sang hn
Nng, Cng, Thng! Lm v mt ng thy dy dm ba a hc
tr, tuy ng trong hng S, nhng lm sao snh ni lm v mt ng
nng dn s hu c trm mu rung!

S, Nng, Cng, Thng, Ng, Tiu, Canh, c, Cng, Hu,

Khanh, Tng.

Corporate Dr.

Nng cng th. Nng c th l ng a ch giu nt vch,

m Nng cng c th ch l anh t in thu rung cy cy, mi v
ma thu hoch np thc cho ch, lm khi ch cn c cht t khng
n na nm.

Mt s ti liu khc cng da theo Vit Nam T in, ch thay i

mt cht v 12 bn nc nh sau:


Walkers Line

Bn thnh phn tng qut y (S, Nng, Cng, Thng) l nn

tng cu thnh x hi Vit Nam ngy trc, khng th em so snh
vi nhau nh mc sang hn c. L bi v ngay trong ch S
c hng trm hng ngn ngi sang hn khc nhau ri, ch khng
phi c S l c mc sng ging nhau. S c th l trng nguyn, bng
nhn, thm hoa, lm quan ti cc phm triu nh, nhng S cng c
th ch l ng vit thu, anh th k chy giy, anh hc tr khng
thnh t phi i ht thuc hay lm thy bi, ngy khng lo ni hai
ba n!

trong ch S ri. Bi khoa bng hu nh l con ng duy nht

tin thn trong ch qun ch. Ngay c cc bc hong thn quc
thch cng phi hc hnh t nh mi c phong tc sau ny. Nh
vy, ch S bao gm qu ln, qu rng, mi thnh phn sang hn
trong , ch S khng phi ch l mt hng ngi nh Vit Nam T
in ct ngha.

Guelph Line

2. Th hai: S, Nng, Cng, Thng, khng th l 4 hng ngi

sang hn khc nhau trong x hi. S, Nng, Cng, Thng, tht ra l
4 thnh phn tng qut trong x hi n gin thi xa, lc khoa hc
k thut cha pht trin nn cha c nhiu ngnh ngh nh by gi.
S l ni chung nhng ngi lm vic c lin quan n ch ngha,
ngy nay thng c gi chung l lao ng tr c. Nng l lm
rung, ngh chnh ca i a s dn ta. Cng l lm th, thng ch
l ngh th cng nh th n, th mc, th nhum, v.v. ch cha c
nh my sn xut hng lot nh by gi. Thng l bun bn, trao
i hng ha.





Explore Vietnamese Culture with Author Nguyen Ngoc Ngan
This letter from reader Hoang My Tram reminds me of an old story,
probably about 10 years ago and I gave a clear answer in my book called
Stage Memory, published in 2010. I thought that this issue was forgotten,
but surprisingly, one reader is still talking about it. In light of this letter, I
would like to summarize the event as follows:

Water Wharves
Dear Mr. Ngan,
As a child, I often heard my mother say, The fate of a woman is like 12
water wharves, lucky if the water is clear, though she must still endure
if the water is murky. At the time, I was very young so I did not think
much about it. Later I listened to your explanation on Thuy Nga Paris
video, but I was still living in Vietnam back then so I could not contact
you. Now, I have come to live in the United States through a marriage
sponsorship. I remember my mothers saying, and I know I have
chosen one of the 12 water wharves. It is a clear wharf now, but I
dont know whether it will become a murky wharf in the future. I was
born in the Year of the Horse. I remember that you said the 12 water
wharves represent the 12 zodiac signs, but my husband says thats not
true (I am sorry!) Please give me further explanation.
Hoang My Tram, TX

In a Paris By Night show, there was a song about the fate of a woman. I
took the opportunity to talk about the saying The fate of a woman is like
12 water wharves. Ms. Ky Duyen asked me why I referenced it as the 12
water wharves? I gave her two answers based on my hypothesis:
1. Our ancestors proverbs and idioms are often rhymed. When read
aloud, they sound pleasant and are easy to retain. In the saying The
fate of a woman is like 12 water wharves, the word woman (Gi in
Vietnamese) and two (Hai in Vietnamese) are rhymed. Perhaps thats
partly why this saying came about.
2. But I feel this reason alone is not enough, because why didnt our
ancestors says, The fate of a woman is like 22 water wharves or 32
water wharves, instead of 12. So I made a conjecture that the saying
12 water wharves can be related to the 12 zodiac signs (Mouse,
Buffalo, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Chicken, Dog,
I suggested this idea based on the popular notion that each year
(meaning each animal of the zodiac signs) bears the fate of happiness or
misery, as in the popular saying:
Tiger lady has a tough destiny, she cant get married easily!
Or people often say:
People have Horse and Goat destiny signs
Why do I have the fate of a Monkey sign!
In reality, all those presumptions are wrong because there is no happy
or unhappy year. Many women with a Tiger zodiac sign marry easily
and lead happy lives. Not all people with the Horse or Goat signs have
happy lives, and not all people with Monkey signs are miserable! If we
believe in fate, it is necessary to understand that fate is applicable for
each individual, not each year or each animal sign. There are more than
6 billion people in the world right now. Divided by 12 zodiac signs, that
means about 500 million people represent one zodiac sign. It doesnt
mean approximately 500 million people born in the Year of the Horse find
it difficult to be married!

Photo by Dat Huynh

Though it is wrong, many people still believe that within the 12 age
years, (meaning 12 zodiac signs), each year was predestined for happiness
or misery therefore our ancestors often said: The fate of a woman is like
12 water wharves, lucky if the water is clear, though she must still endure
if the water is murky. The 12 years are compared to 12 mysterious docks
that a woman will step onto one, though she does not know whether it
will lead her to happiness or misery!

76 |

VIETSUN August 2014

There are many folk poems that express the above notion:
The fate of a woman is like 12 water wharves
Clear or murky, depending on her luck
The floating love boat

12 water wharves, where should I trust my fate?

Those poetic verses remind us that in the past, a young woman did not
have the right to decide her own future. Specifically, she was not allowed
to attend schools or choose an independent career for herself. Everything
depended on the husband, both economically and according to strict
feudal regulations. Sympathizing with this sorrow, folk poems have verses
such as:
My fate is like a red silk cloth
Floating in the wind, not knowing whose hands I will land on?
My fate is like a drop of sudden rain
One falls into the well, one falls into the garden
My fate is like a drop of fallen rain
One falls into a luxurious house, one falls on the field!
In general, a womans fate in the past depended completely on luck.
The more beautiful, the tougher the life, not because god is envious of
beautiful women as written by poet Nguyen Du, but because men in the
feudal time had too much power. They were greedy and cruel. Beautiful
ladies often became their conquering targets. Women with average
physical appearance oftentimes had much easier lives. It could be recalled
that in the past, men were more valued than women, and they followed
the Confucian virtue once married, a woman must follow her husband.
Even when married to a cruel husband, a woman had to endure her whole
life and was not allowed a divorce like in modern times! Even if she was
badly treated by her husbands family, she could not return to her own
family because her parents would actually be the ones to take her back
to her husband!
Due to this harsh reality, growing up, young girls could not avoid
thinking about the water wharf that was waiting for her!
When I talked about this story on Paris By Night video, and suggested
we should understand 12 water wharves as 12 zodiac signs, and
immediately some people disagreed! This is quite normal! Science is more
concrete, 2 plus 2 equals to 4, so there is nothing to dispute. Literature
and thoughts can be understood by everyone in very different ways, and
the border between truth and falsehood is sometimes difficult to settle!
Some people took this issue to ask Mr. Bao Lam, a.k.a. Bui Bao Truc, author
of the famous series, Letters To My Friends, which is said to contain the
authors vast knowledge. It was fortunate for me that Mr. Bui Bao Truc also
agreed with me about the suggestion that 12 water wharves should be
understood as 12 zodiac signs!
All those who disagreed with me looked to the book, Vietnamese
Dictionary, by Le Van Duc (edited by Professor Le Ngoc Tru). This
dictionary defines the saying as follows:
12 water wharves: 12 categories of people in society differ in wealth
levels that whether like it or not, each woman must eventually take one
as husband:
1. S (Student)
2. Nng (Farmer)
3. Cng (Worker)
4. Thng (Businessman)
5. Ng (Fisherman)
6. Tiu (Woodsman)

7. Canh (Person who plants)

8. Mc (Person who raises animals)
9. Cng (Official with title of duke)
10. Hu (Official with title of marquis)
11. B (Official with the title of count)
12. T (Official with the title of viscount)
(Vietnamese Dictionary, page 237)
This happened a long time ago. I am only repeating this story to recall
a humourous memory. I have no intention to reproach anyone. Honestly,
among the audience of Paris By Night at that time, there were some people
who took special interest in Nguyen Ngoc Ngan to find fault! In this case,
they wrote to me, or composed articles and sent them to newspapers or
uploaded them on the internet, not with constructive criticism intentions
so we can learn from one another, but with intentions of attacking. They
found satisfaction in the fact that they came across a Nguyen Ngoc Ngans
error after quite a long time! This belief originated from the definition they
found on page 237 of the Vietnamese Dictionary as cited above. Citing a
dictionary as evidence, how can I argue against that! One person asked me
to apologize on Paris By Night video because to him, I had poisoned our
culture, and caused harm upon the young generation!
Dear readers!
Dictionaries often contain basic and trustworthy material for reference.
But in this case, if remained composed, you will see that the explanation
for the 12 water wharves by the Vietnamese Dictionary is not reasonable
at all. It was said by our ancestors: It is better not to read than read and
believe everything written in books completely. I am a person who likes
to analyze details, so upon glancing at the definition above, I can see that
the author of Vietnamese Dictionary was not prudent.
I would like to emphasize one thing: the 12 water wharves may not be
12 zodiac signs as I have suggested, but saying that the 12 water wharves
are the 12 categories of people differing in wealth levels including
Student, Farmer, Worker, Businessman, Fisherman, Woodsman, Person
who plants, Person who raises animals, Official with title of duke, Official
with title of marquis, Official with the title of count, Official with the title
of viscount is a very constrained, if not careless, way to explain things.
Let me offer some examples:
1. First of all, among 12 different categories of people in the Vietnamese
Dictionary (Student, Farmer, Worker, Businessman, Fisherman,
Woodsman, Person who plants, Person who raises animals, Official with
title of duke, Official with title of marquis, Official with the title of count,
Official with the title of viscount) Farmer (Nng) and Person who plants
(Canh) are overlapped because they are essentially the same thing! Both
of them refer to people who work on the farms. Before 1975, the Republic
of Vietnam had the Ministry of Agriculture (B Canh Nng), which was
in charge of agriculture, our main economic trade. The Vietnamese
Dictionary divided Canh-Nng into two different classes of people.
This doesnt stand strong at all, but if we combine Canh-Nng into one
category, there will only be 11 water wharves!
So Canh and Nng are overlapped, but Ng (Fisherman) and Tiu
(Woodsman) and Mc (Person who raises animal) can also be included
within Cng (Worker) or Thng (Businessman). They are all professional
workers or people doing business. For example Woodsmen (Tiu) sell

August 2014 VIETSUN |


Explore Vietnamese Culture with Author Nguyen Ngoc Ngan
wood and firewood, Fishermen (Ng) sell seafood, both of which are
within the category Thng (Businessmen). So it didnt feel right when
the Vietnamese Dictionary listed them as 12 different classes of people,
because essentially there were too many overlaps!

level and if there is a wealth difference, it would not be considerable. Just

like how nowadays we say field officers, the different levels between
lieutenant colonel, major, and colonel are not considerable. They can not
be three classes of people with different levels of wealth!

2. Secondly, (S) Student, (Nng) Farmer, (Cng) Worker and (Thng)

Businessman can not be the 4 classes of people with different levels of
wealth in society. They are 4 general classes of people in the old society,
when science and technology was not well developed, and there were
not as many careers as now. S (Student) in general are people who
were white collar workers, nowadays they are called intellectuals. Nng
(Farmer) are people who work in the agriculture sector, which is the main
economic trade of a majority of Vietnamese. Cng (Worker) are trade
workers, such as brick layers, carpenters, people who dye cloths when
assembly-line factories did not exist like now. Thng is doing business
and exchanging goods.

4. Moreover, in the past, high ranking officials mainly originated from

passing the royal courts examinations, meaning they are included in the
S (Student) group. Passing the examinations is pretty much the only way
to elevate ones status in a monarchy. Even royal members must attend
schools during childhood to be granted titles later. So the S (Student)
group is very broad, and can include many levels of wealth. It is not one
class as explained in the Vietnamese Dictionary.

Those four general classes of people (Student, Farmer, Worker,

Businessman) are components that made up the Vietnamese society in
the past, they should not be used to compare wealth levels. The reason
is within the S (Student) category, there are thousands of poor and
wealthy people, not all Students (S) have the same standard of life. S can
be anyone from the first doctoral candidate, second laureate, the third
laureate, to the highest ranking official. S can be a scholar who drafts
forms and letters for a living, or an unsuccessful student who has to work
as an herbalist or fortune teller and cant even afford two meals per day!
The same situation applies for Nng (Farmer). Farmers can be very
wealthy landlords and Farmers can be poor field workers who have to
lease land for cultivation and pay rental fees with rice, oftentimes whats
left over is not enough for a half a years consumption.
It is similar for Cng or Thng. In summary, the categories of S
(Student), Nng (Farmer), Cng (Worker), Thng (Businessman) cover
a wide range of poor and wealthy people. That means marrying within
the S (Student) class doesnt mean one will be richer than those in the
categories Nng, Cng, Thng! Being the wife of a teacher with a few
students in the S group can not be compared to being the wife of a
landlord who owns hundreds acres of land!
3. The third point which I consider as the most constrained and even
unreasonable one in the Vietnamese Dictionary is the last 4 groups of
people: Cng, Hu, B, T. Its irrational because Cng, Hu, B, T, Nam
are the 5 titles granted by the king to royal members or people who have
made contributions to the court. However, the Vietnamese Dictionary left
out one title and just kept 4! The Vietnamese Dictionary itself wrote as its
definition of Tc:
Tc: In the past, this title was granted by the king to a person to
receive legitimacy and pension. The 5 titles are Cng, Hu, B, T, and
Nam (page 1485).

Not to mention that 4 titles Cng, Hu, B, T can not be the classes
of people with different levels of wealth. They are basically on the same

78 |

VIETSUN August 2014

2515 Hurontario St., Unit 107, Misissauga ON L5A 4C8

(905) 803-0276

Ti l Dc s Bi Th Thi, lm vic ti Pacific Pharmacy Mississauga. Sau nhiu nm hng say trong vic kinh doanh,
ti cm thy c nhiu stress - cng thng, lo u, cng vi vic t vn ng nn sc khe ngy cng suy yu.
Nh c duyn do mt ngi bn gii thiu, ti th dng my lc kh cng. Sau mt thi gian ngn
tp luyn vi my lc kh cng 20 pht mi ngy km theo ung linh chi v sa ong cha, ti cm
thy tr v khe ra, hn bnh tt, thy yu i hn. Rt nhiu ngi khi gp mt bit ti
gn 70 tui, h u hi ti b quyt khe v tr.

Based on the Vietnamese Dictionary, some other sources used a similar

definition on the 12 water wharves but changed it slightly as follows:
S, Nng, Cng, Thng, Ng, Tiu, Canh, c, Cng, Hu, Khanh,
Replacing Mc (Person who raises animals) by c (reading books)
is even more irrational because c is of course included in the S group
already! And Cng Hu Khanh Tng is a group of people, referring to
those who hold the highest titles in the royal court, either excelling in
literature or martial arts.
From the above analysis, we can conclude: Suppose that someone
came up with the proverb The fate of a woman is like 12 water wharves
that I believe draws from the 12 zodiac signs. Then because the saying
sounded interesting, it was widely disseminated, and everyone
understood it described the uncertain life of a woman, upon the threshold
of life, not knowing whether its lucky or ill-fortune. Just this sentence
alone will suffice. There is no need for further explanation! But the next
generations kept trying to make sense of the 12 water wharves, and done
so irrationally like the Vietnamese Dictionary for example. This wastes our
debating time and often times doesnt really lead anywhere!
To put it in a realistic perspective, within the 12 classes of people
mentioned in the Vietnamese Dictionary, one category is missing and
that category accounted for a majority of Vietnamese. It is Binh (soldier),
like we often say Nng, Cng, and Binh. It is an imperative category
because in any era, the army and war exist. Almost all families have
soldiers. Getting married to a soldier must of course be one of 12 water
wharves and thus it should not be left out!
I read in a document that said: the 12 water wharves may originate
from the saying the 12 conditional factors of Buddhism. I am not sure of
this, but this hypothesis is more rational than 12 classes of people listed
in the Vietnamese Dictionary. If only it was defined like in the Dictionary
of Vietnamese Proverbs and Idioms by Author Vu Dung, Vu Thuy Anh and
Vu Quang Hao as follows:
The fate of a woman is like 12 water wharves: A womans fate in feudal
time was feeble, floating, depending solely on her husband. She is lucky if
she meets a good person. If not, she still has to endure a bad husband her
whole life in silence (page 495).
The three above authors only explained the content of the idiom, but
did neither mention its origin nor presume the 12 water wharves included
what classes in the society. Thats the correct way to compile a dictionary,
because when not sure, things should not be written down.

LINH CHI REISHI (Product of Japan)

Tng cng sc khe, tr au
khp, mt ng, iu ha huyt
p, tr nm, to ln da ti tr,
nga ung th



(Mua 2 hp c tng 10 vin

Linh Chi v 1 hp kem thoa tay
ca Nht)

(Mua 2 hp c tng 1 l
30 vin)


(Ci thin tun hon mu,
bo v thn, tr tiu m, mt ng)

Tng cng sinh lc, tiu ng,
mt ng, suy nhc thn kinh,
chng mau qun, bnh thiu mu.

- Gip cho qu v bt au nhc, phng nga ung th cc mnh
v c tc dng chng ht ung th da.
- Dit tr vi khun cho nhng ai b vim gan B v C.
- Gip cho bnh tim v nhng ai m tim c n nh.
- Gip cho bnh tiu ng v p huyt c iu ha.
- S lm cho c th c phng nga bnh.
- Gip cho bn c ng ngon gic v l gan lm vic c tt.
- Gip cho nhng ai b nm do l gan gy ra.
- Gip chng ta tr, p, sng vui, sng khe v trng th.


Dng sn phm chm sc da mi: Skin
lotion se kht l chn lng - Milk Lotion
sa dng m - Essence Kem chng nhn
vng mt - Cream Kem chng lo ha - BB
Cream Kem lm trng v bo v da

Chit xut t 2 loi nm Linh Chi v
en, c tc dng chng lo ha, ti to
v tr ha ln da.

Lm trng da, tr nm da v tn nhang

iu chnh ct xng sng
Gii tr cng thng, mt ng
10 pht nm my lc bng 30 pht i b


My chm sc da mt, chng nhn da, nh
tan m di m mt, kht l chn lng. Tr li
10 tui nu s dng mi ngy 10 pht

- Gim au nhc
khp xng,
chng vim
- Ti to sn v
cht nhn cho
khp xng

(Dc tho qu, tt cho ngi n chay)
Hp cht c chit xut t dc tho. n
Quy, Xuyn Khung, Bch Thc. Gip b
kh huyt, ngn nga ung th, ng ngon,
iu ha huyt p, gim tiu ng, gim
cholesterol, tr to bn.

Chng ti cn l i l cho
ATOMY (i Hn), NOEVIR (Nht Bn)

Pacific Pharmacy Mississauga l


Courtesy of VietSun Magazine

But the Vietnamese Dictionary, when defining the 12 water wharves,

only mentioned 4 titles Cng, Hu, B, and T! The title Nam mysteriously
disappeared. Because if the title Nam was included, there would be 13
water wharves and not 12!


to foster solutions to the global crisis and academic activities
over the decade, Vietnam has become one of the many countries
to support Vesak Day today. Vietnam recently hosted the 2014
United Nations Day of Vesak themed "Buddhist Perspective
Towards Achieving the United Nations Millennium Development
Goals" at Bi nh Temple in Ninh Bnh province on May 13. This
event attracted the participation of 600 Buddhist delegations
and 20,000 domestic and foreign dignitaries, monks, nuns and
followers from 95 countries and territories around the world.

Cultural Significance of Vesak

Buddha's Birthday

In Toronto, the three largest temples in Mississauga Fo Guang

Shan Temple of Toronto, Php Vn Buddhist Temple and the
West-End Buddhist Temple took the initiative to spearhead
the annual Vesak celebration, hosted in Mississauga Celebration
Square. The itinerary included Buddhist blessings and chants,
delivered by the ordained monks or Sangha, as well as speeches
from special invitees such as several MPs, MPPs, a Senator, City
Councillor and members of the Peel Regional Police. The festive
day incorporated Buddhist rituals, cultural songs, traditional
dances and martial arts performances from various temples
in the Greater Toronto Area. It was a day where not only the
grounds of Mississauga Celebration Square were painted
with colorful displays of Vesak decorations representing the
different cultures, but it also served as an open arms invitation
to non-Buddhists from other communities to join in on a special
ceremony, and perhaps instill the true message of the spiritual
path for Buddhism to all. The 2nd annual Vesak celebration for
the city was held this past May 31, 2014.
Vesak is certainly a time for great joy and happiness expressed by
structuring the efforts into elaborate decorating and illuminating
temples, painting and creating exquisite scenes from the life of


Vesak Day is considered the holiest day of all

Buddhist religious holidays, marking the birth,
enlightenment and passing of the Buddha.
Informally known as the Buddhas Birthday, it
is a day where Buddhists and devotees from all
traditions around the world pay tribute in honour
of the Buddhas universal peace message to

he exact day is based on the Asian luni-solar

calendar, and celebrated on the full moon day of
theVaisakha month of the Hindu calendar. A luni-solar
calendar is a calendar shared by many cultures. Its
dates indicate both themoon phaseand the time of the solaryear.
Vaisakha is a month that usually lands between April 21 and May
20. In leap years, it may be celebrated in June. This year Vesak was
marked on May 13, 2014. Though it is predominantly celebrated
in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the South
East Asiancountries, it is now establishing a great presence within
Canada. In our Vietnamese culture, Vesak is known as Pht n.

Vesak Day was first introduced as an official holiday inSouth Vietnam,

where the Buddhist majority constituted between 70 to 90% of the
population. It started in 1958 but was halted by the government after
the end of Vietnam War. Through great economic changes, awareness

the Buddha. However, celebrating Vesak also means to bring

happiness to the unfortunate, the aged, the handicapped and
the sick. On this day, Buddhists distribute donations to charitable
homes throughout the country. It is a day to refrain from killing
of any kind, when vegetarian food is encouraged and served.
In some countries such as Sri Lanka, liquor stores and slaughter
houses are closed for two days. Birds, insects and animals are
released in the thousands to represent the act of liberation and
freedom to those who are in captivity, imprisoned or tortured
against their will.
The teaching of the Buddha is open to all to see and judge for
themselves. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists who
ever lived stated: If there is any religion that could cope with
modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism. Buddhism
appeals to reason and freedom of thought, recognizing the
dignity and profound power of the human mind. No matter what
length scientific knowledge goes to expand the human mental
horizon, there is always the wisdom and acceptance of an infinite
discovery within that is the framework of the teachings of the
Buddha. Buddhism helps us learn to live happily in the present
moment, to become mindful of how we exist in this world
through our thoughts, actions, presences and being.
World renowned Zen Master Thch Nht Hnh believes that when
you know how to take care of the things that are happening
inside you, and the things that happen around you, only then
you are truly returning home to yourself. To go home to the
present moment, to take care of oneself, to get in touch with
the wonders of life that are really available - that is love. Love
is to be kind to yourself, to be compassionate to yourself, to
generate images of joy, and to look at everyone with the eyes
of equanimity and non-discrimination. Happiness is in the here
and the now. Though Meditation is an extremely important
practice of Buddhism, we must understand that love is also
an unconditional practice we must do daily. Concentration,
mindfulness, love and speech, compassionate listening and
our awareness of the destruction of life are all key factors in
the teachings. Buddhism is not just a religious belief, an idea or
something you understand intellectually, but it is an intention
you strive to live by in your everyday life. The Buddha was the
greatest conqueror the world has ever seen. He conquered the
world non-violently with his powerful weapons of love and truth.
His teaching illuminates the way for mankind to surpass a world
of darkness, hatred and suffering and to enter into a new world
of light, love and happiness.

The significance of Vesak Day is obvious. Though the day is

to commend the life of The Buddha, it is also a celebration,
infused in an empowering message to mankind about unity and
harmony. Without these elements, we will live in constant war,
terrorism and violence within ourselves and each other.
Vesak Day is a message of world peace. Please accept my lotus
to you!

Senator Ngo Thanh Hai & Wife - Photo by Phung Ornburn

80 |

VIETSUN August 2014

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Ngha Vn Ha
Ca i L Pht n


i l Vesak c coi l ngy l Pht

gio trng i nht, l ngy nh
du s n sanh, thnh o v nhp
Nit Bn ca c Pht. c bit n
mt cch quen thuc vi khi nim Pht
n, y chnh l ngy cc tn v
Pht t ca tt c cc sc tc trn th
gii by t lng tn knh vi thng ip
v ha bnh cho th gii m c Pht
gi ti chng sinh.

gy l chnh xc c tnh theo dng lch c nh

du tun trng ca ngi Chu . Nghi l c
c hnh vo ngy trng trn (ngy rm) ca thng
Vaisakha, theo lch ca ngi Hindu. Lch sinh hot
tnh theo chu k ca tun trng c rt nhiu dn tc s dng,
ngy thng ca loi lch ny cho bit v tun trng v thi gian
ca nm theo mt tri (dng lch). Vaisakha l thng bt u
t ngy 21 thng T n ngy 20 thng Nm. Vo nhng nm
nhun, i l c th c t chc vo thng Su. Nm nay,
i l Vesak c c hnh ngy 13 thng Nm. Mc d y l
nghi l c t chc ch yu ti Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ty Tng,
Bangladesh, Bhutan, n v ti cc nc ng Nam , nhng
hin nay, l Vesak bt u c c hnh ti Canada. Ngi
Vit Nam gi Vesak l i L Pht n.
Nm 1958, l Vesak ln u tin c cng nhn l ngy l chnh
thc ti min Nam Vit Nam, ni cng ng Pht t chim t 70
n 90 phn trm dn s. Tuy nhin sau khi chin tranh Vit Nam
chm dt, chnh ph ngng cng nhn y l ngy quc l. Vi
nhng bin i ln v kinh t cng vi nhn thc v vic khuyn
khch cc gii php cho khng hong ton cu v cc hot ng
hn lm trong sut thp nin qua, ngy nay, Vit Nam ang tr
thnh mt trong nhiu quc gia ng h l Vesak. Thi gian gn
y, Vit Nam ng cai t chc i L Pht n Lin Hip
Quc 2014 vi ch Pht gio gp phn thc hin thnh tu
cc mc tiu pht trin thin nin k ca Lin Hip Quc ti
Cha Bi nh, tnh Ninh Bnh vo ngy 13 thng Nm. i l
c s tham gia ca 600 on Pht gio, 20,000 chc sc Pht gio
trong nc v quc t, cc tng ni v Pht t t 95 quc gia v cc
vng lnh th trn th gii.
Ti Toronto, ba ngi cha ln nht thnh ph Mississauga l
Fo Guang Shan Temple Toronto, cha Php Vn v West-End
Buddhist Temple i u khi xng t chc i l Vesak hng
nm ti Mississauga Celebration Square. Chng trnh c nghi l
cu an v tng kinh c thc hin bi cc s thy hoc tng on,
cng cc bi pht biu ca mt s v khch c bit nh Ngh
S Quc Hi Lin bang, Ngh S Quc Hi Tnh bang, Thng
Ngh S, Hi Vin Hi ng Thnh Ph, v cc thnh vin ca
Peel Regional Police. Bui l c t chc vi l nghi Pht gio,
nhng tit mc ht dn ca, ma dn tc v biu din v thut ca
rt nhiu cha chin Toronto v cc vng ph cn. l ngy
khu Mississauga Celebration Square c trang hong sc s vi
nhng hnh nh biu tng ca Vesak, i din cho nhiu nn vn
ha khc nhau. Nhng cng l ngy rng m vng tay cho
mi nhng ngi khng phi l Pht t t nhng cng ng khc
ti tham d i l, v l ngy thng ip thc s v ng hng
tm linh n vi o Pht c truyn ti ti tt c mi ngi.
L Vesak th 2 ca thnh ph c t chc vo ngy 31 thng
Nm, 2014 va qua.

Photo by Phung Ornburn

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VIETSUN August 2014

i l Pht n chc chn l thi gian dnh cho nim hn hoan v

hnh phc. iu ny c th hin qua nhng hot ng trang tr
cng phu, chng n kt hoa cho nhng ngi cha, v v ti hin
nhng hnh nh p ca cuc i c Pht. Tuy vy, l Vesak cn

mang ngha em nim vui ti cho nhng ngi km may mn,

ngi gi, ngi tn tt v ngi bnh hon. Vo ngy ny, Pht t
pht tm cng c cho nhng c s t thin trn khp t nc,
trnh st sinh v khuyn khch n chay. Ti mt s quc gia nh Sri
Lanka, cc ca hng bn ru v cc l st sinh gia sc s ng ca
trong hai ngy. Hng ngn con chim, cn trng v ng vt c
phng sinh, ku gi t do, gii thot cho nhng ai ang b giam gi,
b cm t hoc b tra tn v l tng ca h.
Gio php ca o Pht rng m cho tt c mi ngi tham
kho v nhn xt. Albert Einstein, mt trong nhng nh khoa
hc v i nht tng ni, Nu c mt tn gio m c th
ng u vi nhng nhu cu ca khoa hc hin i, s l
o Pht." Pht gio ku gil phi v t do t tng, thc v
chn gi tr v quyn nng v i ca tr tu nhn loi. Kin thc
khoa hc c i xa n u, m rng tm nhn tr tu ca con
ngi n u, th mi ngi vn lun hiu v chp nhn chng
ta cn s khm ph ni tm v hn t bn trong l nn tng
cho nhng gio l ca c Pht. o Pht gip chng ta hc
cch sng an vui trong hin ti, bit lu tm n cch thc tn
ti ca mnh trong th gii, thng qua ngh, hnh ng, s hin
din v s sng.
Thin s ni ting th gii Thch Nht Hnh cho rng ch khi no
bit quan tm, chm sc nhng g xy ra bn trong mnh, v bit
cch quan tm, chm sc n nhng g xy ra chung quanh mnh;
bn mi thc s tr v vi chnh mnh. Tr v vi hin ti, chm
sc bn thn, kt ni vi nhng iu k diu ca cuc sng ang
hin hu l tnh yu thng. Tnh yu thng chnh l vic
i x nhn t vi bn thn, xt thng chnh mnh, pht khi
nhng hnh nh ca nim vui, nhn nhn gian qua con mt thanh
thn, khng k th. Hnh phc hin hu ngay ti ni y v ngay
lc ny. Mc d trong o Pht, thin nh l phng php tu tp
rt quan trng, nhng chng ta cn hiu rng, tnh yu thng
cng chnh l mt s rn luyn v iu kin, cn thc hin hng
ngy. Tp trung, lu tm, yu thng, li ni, t bi lng nghe
v thu hiu (chnh nim) v s tn li ca cuc sng, tt c l
nhng yu t quan trng trong gio l. o Pht khng ch l mt
tn ngng tn gio, mt nim, hay mt iu g chng ta ghi
nhn trong tm thc. o Pht l mc ch sng m chng ta hng
ngy phn u. c Pht l ngi chin thng v i nht th gii
m ta tng thy. Ngi chinh phc th gii khng phi bng bo
lc, m bng v kh y quyn nng ca mnh l tnh yu thng
v l phi. o l ca Ngi soi ng cho chng sinh vt qua
bng ti, hn th v au kh, a h bc vo th gii ca nh
sng, tnh yu thng v an lc.
ngha ca i L Pht n rt r rng. Mc d l ngy ca ngi
cuc i c Pht, nhng y cng l dp l truyn ti thng
ip v s thng nht v ha hp ca chng sinh. Thiu nhng
nhn t ny, chng ta s sng trong chin tranh lin min, khng
b v bo lc xy ra trong mi chng ta v gia chng ta vi nhau.
Vesak l thng ip v ha bnh th gii. Hy n nhn a sen
ti gi ti bn!

August 2014 VIETSUN |



Dont Count
Your Chickens
Before They Hatch
Hong Chnh, a former Immigrant Settlement Counsellor for over 15 years, is currently an accredited court interpreter.
He is the well known author of 10 published works of fiction in Canada, U.S. and Vietnam.

nce upon a time there was a pupil and a dog

made of stone. Everyday when the pupil passed
by the village pavilion, the stone dog wagged
its tail to greet him. Puzzled, the pupil did not
know what to make of this. Then one day, he
gathered his courage and asked the dog why it kept greeting him?
The dog replied, I wag my tail to greet the celebrated Mandarin.
The pupil told this story to his parents. After much conjecture,
the parents concluded that their son would triumphantly pass
the national examination and become the new mandarin in the
future. Since that day, his parents boasted to everyone that they
were going to be parents of a great mandarin. Those who had not
been treating us properly better mend their ways. The two parents
were so arrogant that nobody in the village could stand them. Yet
nobody said anything since they knew for a fact that the boy was
a talented student. Its better not to to get on their bad side, or we
lowly people will not stand a chance of survival!

84 |

VIETSUN August 2014

that it is not true, Mom, Ive just entered the university. However
The happy ending of the story revealed that one day when
for those who like to boast (like the parents), after the initial
passing by the village pavilion, the pupil was surprised to find
uneasiness, they would be elated with such adulation. And deep
that the dog stopped wagging its tail. The conclusion of the story
in their mind, a learned behaviour of egotism is formed. Such
somewhat legendary though must be obvious to us.
distorted feelings will drive the student in the wrong direction.
Our ancestors often warned us about how we shouldnt
Instead of trying their best to become a real doctor, or simply
intimidate people before you get power or simply: dont count
to reach their goal, they will become complaisant with the
your chickens before they hatch. In the past, under the feudal
tenuous pride their parents helped establish. Their parents are
regimes, those who passed the national exams were granted the
inadvertently harming them, turning them into small persons
status of mandarin. With the title that came with immeasurable
with giant egos; the egomaniacs.
power, parents and even relatives had a hard time confining
Everybody, especially children, always need encouragement
the manifestations of their arrogance. When my son (grandson,
when trying to reach or obtain a goal. And when the goal is
husband, brother, cousin, friend) becomes a mandarin, revenge
reached, such fulfillment needs recognition. But recognition
will be sweet.
should function as a milestone for an accomplished dream.
Nowadays and in North America, though students, after
It should mark a beginning of the next step, not represent a
successfully defending their Ph.D.s, may not necessarily become
shrine for the achiever to lay his or her effigy. Both Canadian and
mandarins (unless they choose to enter politics). Yet parents,
Vietnamese parents are proud of their childrens achievements,
overflowed with ego, still annoy others incessantly with their
but Vietnamese parents often blow the importance of those
ostentatious display of pride.
achievements out of proportion, probably because deep down
Many parents praise their kids and boast about them to the point
inside, they believe their children have helped them fulfil the
of making the listeners blush. When the son of an acquaintance
shattered dreams of their own youth.
of mine entered the first year of Natural Science in a university;
though he had not made up his mind about his future direction,
In his speech during the 2012 high-school graduation ceremony
his parents assured everyone
at Wellesley High (Boston, MA),
that he would become a
David McCullough, a teacher,
Many parents praise their kids and
neurosurgeon. During a
raised controversy when he said
visit to a relative, whose old
boast about them to the point of making something so true, so mattermother had been under
the listeners blush.
the weather for a while, his
And now you've conquered
mother said to him: My Doc,
high school and, indisputably,
could you examine grandma and make a diagnosis please? The
we all have gathered here for you, the pride and joy of this fine
young man hesitated but indulged his mother by doing a clinical
community, the first ones to emerge from this magnificent new
examination on the old lady. Prying open her eyelids, asking her
to open her mouth and say: ahhhh, knocking here, squeezing
But do not get the idea that you're anything special. Because you're
there. Does it hurt here? How long ago? etc.
Fifteen minutes had passed. The young man slowly stepped out
Upon hearing those words, many students must have been
of the patients bedroom and was swarmed with the mothers
surprised because their ears had been used to the melodious
infatuated look. After listening to her sons cursory explanation,
compliment: You are special!
the mother eagerly dictated, Write a prescription for grandma
In our Vietnamese community, there are countless numbers
so that she doesnt have to see the family doctor. The diplomaof Supreme Court Judges of Canada, Cardiologists of the
granted-by-his-own-mother doctor hesitated a while and said:
University of Toronto with titles (and diplomas) awarded by
Theres water in her lungs. It was fortunate that he did neither
their own parents since the day they were toddlers. Those kinds
prescribe her medications nor perform a lung puncture on her to
of diplomas make others feel uneasy. However, the uneasiness
others feel is not as injurious as the impact the stone of arrogance
withdraw liquid.
parents tie around the neck of their child. Free your children. Let
At a young age, children usually play doctor, and when the
them humbly grow to become who they want to become. That,
kid doctor is ceremoniously greeted by his or her peers:
in itself, is special already.
Hello Doctor! he or she feels proud to perform his or her
Nearly twenty years later, I accidentally ran into that mommys
duty. However, when the game is over, the kids go home, the
doctor. He is currently an assembly line worker for a company
imaginary white doctors coats dont go home with the kids. The
that produces electronic parts. His biggest achievement had
desire to be a doctor will not keep him or her up at night, except
been his collection of nearly two hundred pairs of sports shoes.
those kids who strongly aspire to become doctors, in which case,
All different brands, from all over the world. Perhaps the stone
the fascination will become the burning fuel to light his or her
dog stopped wagging its tail the day he pressed the chest of his
grandmother, and diagnosed that she had a pleural effusion.
How about that fresh-out-of-high school student whose mother
brags incessantly my son is a doctor-to-be? How does he feel?
Probably awkward and embarrassed. He might protest nicely

August 2014 VIETSUN |


hnh din v s gii giang ca con ci, khng ngng e
hng tng.
Rt nhiu cha m khen v khoe con ti mc ngi nghe
phi ngng. Mt ngi quen ca ti c con vo nm th
nht i hc ngnh khoa hc t nhin. Thng b cha bit
s chn hng i no nhng b m qu quyt con s l bc
s gii phu thn kinh. n chi nh ngi quen, c b c b
cm, m cu sinh vin ni vi con: Bc s ca m vo khm
xem b b bnh g nh. Thng b ngp ngng nhng cng
vng li m vo khm lm sng cho b. Vch m mt, bo
h ming ku ahhh, g ch ny, bp ch kia. y c au
khng. au lu cha, v.v.
Gn mi lm pht sau, cu sinh vin ngp ngng bc ra
trc nh mt ngt ngy mong i ca b m. Nghe con gii
thch qua loa xong, b m vn v, Con bin toa cho b nh.
Khi mt cng b i bc s gia nh. Cu bc-s-do-m-cpbng ngn ng mt lt ri bo: B c nc trong phi y!
May m cu khng bin cho b c ci toa i mua thuc hoc
Hong Chnh tng l nhn vin t vn Di Tr hn 15 nm, v hin ang l thng dch vin hu th ca
c xung lm th thut ht nc trong hai l phi.
b t php. Anh cn l mt tc gi quen thuc vi 10 tc phm vn chng xut bn ti Canada,
Thu nh, tr con hay chi tr bc s, v khi v bc s tr
Hoa K v Vit Nam.
con c m bn nghim trang tha bc s th n thy t
a c chuyn cu hc tr v con ch . Cu ho v nghim ngh lm cng vic cha tr ca mnh. Nhng
hc tr mi ngy i qua cng nh, con ch chm dt tr chi, a b tr v nh, ci o chong bc s ca
li vy ui mng. Cu ngc nhin nhng tr chi khng v theo n, khng m nh n trong gic ng,
khng bit phi lm sao. Ri mt ln kia cu ngoi tr vi nhng a tr thc s thch tr thnh bc s th
nh bo hi l do, con ch bo: Ti vy s m nh y s nh ngn la lun thp sng c m ca n.
ui n mng quan Trng. Cu hc tr v k cho b m Th cn cu sinh vin mi ln c b m i u cng khoe
nghe. B m cu on gi on non ri cui cng gii thch chu hc bc s s cm thy th no: cu c th ngng
l tng lai cu s t hin vinh tr thnh Trng Nguyn. ngng, nh nhng phn i vi m rng ni vy khng ng,
T b m cu huynh hoang khp lng trn xm di, con mi vo i hc thi m. Nhng i vi nhng cu
rng chng ti s l b, l
b c c tnh thch khoe
m quan Trng. Nhng k Rt nhiu cha m khen v khoe con ti
khoang, hay ph trng
no lm mt lng v chng
(nh b m) th sau nhng
mc ngi nghe phi ngng.
ti th liu m n nn hi ci.
ngng ngng ban u, cu
Hai ng b lng hnh ti
thy thch th khi c tng
mc lng xm khng ai chu ni nhng cng khng ai dm bc nh th v trong thm tm cu, mt th c tnh hc tp
h mi v con trai nh y hc gii thc s. ng chm n c dn dn vun cao nh mi, thnh ci ti v i. mi
ngi ta mai mt con ngi ta lm quan to th phn mnh b y khin cu nhn sai hng. Thay v c gng hc hi, trau
mn lm sao ngc u ln c!
di tr thnh ngi thy thuc hay ni chung l thnh
on kt c hu ca cu chuyn cho bit mt ngy kia i t th cu li sng vi vi nim hnh din mng manh m
qua cng nh lng cu hc tr ngc nhin khng thy con b m gip cu t nn mng. B m lm hi con
ch vy ui nh do trc. Kt lun cu chuyn c mnh, bin con mnh thnh k c ci ti v i.
v hoang ng y nh th no hn mi ngi u on Mi ngi, nht l tr em, cn s khuyn khch c th
thng tin, nhng khoc vi cho tr con chic o ng ngh
ng b ta vn cnh co con chu v ci s cha ng ngh m b m m c chng khc g buc vo chn a b tng
e hng tng. Ngy xa, di ch phong kin, ngi kiu ngo, khin a nh b xao lng vic hc v ch cn
ta thi ra lm quan. C quyn cao chc trng, quyn sinh ch trng vo vic t cho m ci vai tr b m gn cho.
st nm trong tay nn khi bit mnh s thnh song thn ca D l Vit hay Canada, cha m lun hnh din khi con ci
quan ln th nhiu ngi khng kim ch c tnh kiu thnh t nhng ngi Vit thng thi phng s hnh din
ngo. Mai ny con ng lm quan th nh my c coi nh t y, c th v tn y lng h, con ci h thc hin c
mt phn gic m bt thnh ca cha m.
mt gng.
Thi nay, v x s ny, con ci thi khng nht thit s Trong bi din vn nhn l tt nghip 2012 trng Wellesley
ra lm quan, v ly c ci bng ng ngh (Tin S, Ph.D.) High, gio vin David McCullough (Boston, MA) nu
xong, him ngi ra lm quan (tr khi h bc vo lnh vc ln mt im gy tranh ci, nhng li rt tht, rt gn vi
chnh tr) nhng vn c rt nhiu nhng ng b, b m qu i sng:




86 |

VIETSUN August 2014

V by gi cc em vt qua c bc trung hc... v, khng

th chi ci rng tt c mi ngi c mt y l cho cc em, ni
t ho v nim vui ca cng ng xut sc ny, nhng ngi u
tin xut thn t ngi trng mi m v trng l ny...
Nhng, ng tng rng cc em l nhng con ngi c bit.
Bi khng c g c bit ni cc em ht.
Mi nghe ti y chc nhiu hc sinh ng ngng v tai
quen nghe m iu ngt ngo: Con l a tr c bit!
Trong cng ng Vit chung quanh chng ta c y ry
nhng Chnh n ti cao php vin ca Canada, Bc
s chuyn khoa tim mch ca trng i hc Y Khoa
Toronto vi danh hiu (v bng tt nghip) do b m cp
cho ngay c khi ming cn hoi sa. Nhng th bng cp y
lm ngi nghe kh chu, nhng chuyn kh chu ca ngi
nghe khng tai hi bng nh hng ca tng kiu ngo m
b m buc vo c con mnh. Hy gii phng t tng con
mnh. Hy cho chng trng thnh mt cch t nhin v
khim tn. Chnh iu l mt iu v cng c bit.
Gn hai chc nm sau, ti gp li cu bc s ca m ngy
trc. Cu hin l cng nhn trong mt hng rp in
t. Thnh qu ng ni nht ca cu l su tm c trn
hai trm i giy th thao. loi, t mi quc gia. Con
ch chc thi vy ui mng cu ngay t ci ngy cu
g ln cnh sn b c ngi quen v chn on l c nc
trong phi.

August 2014 VIETSUN |


August 21 24, 2014
More fun, comedy, acrobatics and daredevil
stunts awaits you.
Various locations in Toronto

August 12 14, 2014
TOM*FW celebrates the best Canadian
Evergreen Brickworks, 550 Bayview Avenue,
August 15 17, 2014
Test your tolerance for heat.
Harbourfront Centre
August 15 September 1, 2014
Join in the tradition at The EX - an 18 day fair
for the family.
Torontos Exhibition Place

August 29 & 30, 2014
Enjoy Labour Day weekend with fun and
chicken wings.
Chinguacousy Park
September 4 14, 2014
The leading public film festival in Toronto.
TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King Street W. Toronto


September 5 7, 2014
Mississaugas musical Mardi Gras celebrates
Blues & Jazz.
Port Credit, Mississauga
September 14, 2014
Tour the culturally diverse neighbourhood of
Various locations in Toronto
September 19 21, 2014
Over 50 exhibitors dedicated to helping Asian
and Western couples.
Chinese Cultural Centre, 5183 Sheppard Avenue
E., Toronto

September 13, 2014
A marque event for design & lifestyle bloggers.
The Fairmount Royal York, 100 Front Street W.

September 3, 2014
Career, education and exhibitors.
International Centre, 6900 Airport Road,
September 6 & 7, 2014
Career, seminars and speakers.
International Centre - Mississauga
September 13 & 14, 2014
A complete spectrum of information for living
in Canada.
Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen Street, Toronto

88 |

VIETSUN August 2014

Bn b laid-off? Bn ang tht nghip?

Bn c th iu kin nhn tin Second Career

Chnh ph s cp cho bn n $28,000

chi dng cho:
Hc ph - Sch v - Thu nh - Thc phm - Gi con - i li
(C yu cu mt s iu kin)


Hc mt ngh (cp bng Diploma) ti Canada:

Ofce Administrator
Medical Ofce Administrator
Dental Ofce Administrator
Payroll Administrator
Early Childcare Assistant

Computerized Accounting
Personal Support Worker
Food Service Worker
Information System Analysis
Software Testing

Chng ti c nhiu c s, hy tm a ch hc gn nh bn:


920 Yonge Street

7th Floor
Toronto, ON, M4W 3C7


8897 The Gore Road

Suite 25
Brampton, ON, L6P 2L1


151 City Centre Drive

Suite 500 (Across from Square One)
Mississauga, ON, L5B 1M7


916 Markham Road

2nd Floor
Toronto, ON, M1H 2Y3

Hy in thoi ngay cho chng ti:

416-850-4631, ext. 5550

(Gp c Jenny Thy ng)

C lp hc vo cui tun
C lp ting Anh ESL MIN PH




A fundraiser for HI CH TT 2015 & VOICE CANADA


Free Summer
Summer Picnic


Cu chuyn v nhng ngi t nn cn st li Philippines




EE Esasa
f fnn
il ip

1 1oror416-636-8887
booka abooth,

Saturday, August 23, 2014









Mua -Mua
Bn -nh
Bn nh
v thnh
v thnh
ph xung
ph quanh
xung quanh
Hill, Vaughan,
Hill, Vaughan,
& More& More





Vietnamese Association Toronto Office

3585 Keele St., Unit 13, North York (416) 636-8887
1:00 PM Showing
$20 per ticket, available in advance and at the door
Gi V: $20. Mua trc hay ti ca

Ontario Reg. #3316795

Du Lch Khap Ni, Thoai Mai, Nhe Nhang, Vui Ti




MISSISAUGA - TeL: (905) 279-6077

Xin gi anh T Do, cc c Yn, Trm, Mn
2515 Hurontario St. Unit #2001A
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 4C8

Phc v qu khch v:

V my bay i khp ni

Ngh mt: Caribbean, Mexico, Disney

Tour: u Chu, Chu,...

Bus tours: Canada, M,...

Bo him du lch cc loi

Giy cng hm v c thn

Giy bo lnh thn nhn du lch

Giy y quyn

Lm passport Vit Nam

Th tc bo lnh v chng

Gi lm vic:
Th Hai n th Su:
10 AM - 6 PM
Th By: 10 AM - 3:30 PM


Designed by VietSun Magazine

TORONTO - Tel: (416) 516-1113

Xin gi cc c: Hnh, Dung, Hu, Trang, Jenny
1075 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M6H 1B2




(extended health care insurance)

(cash only)


G ol d

Medicine N.D.

Xm: Mt, My, Mi

Hair Cut - Color Updos - Bridal Makeup

Physio Therapy

Chm sc v iu tr da:
Nhn, Nm, Mn,
Bng m mt, Cm i.
Buy 10 Get 5 Free

Massage RMT

25% OFF

Gim s o
Tiu m

Buy 10 Get 5 Free

1145 Islington Ave.

V b chn (compression stocks)

My vt l tr liu
(TENS machine)
dng bo v cc khp
(Body Braces)

Laser Hair reduction

Tiu dit lng
bng laser
Buy 6 Get 2 Free

(Islington & Bloor)

By Appointment only


Open 7 Days a Week: 9am - 9pm

Wilson Dental Centre

1145 Islington Ave.

(Islington & Bloor)

Nha S

By appointment only
Phone 647.620.4722



Chung toi chuyen ve tat ca vat dung y te dung tai nha:

Hospital beds
Lift chairs
Scooter/ Xe chy
ga tay bng in
Bathroom safety/
dng an ton cho
nh tm
Body braces and
supports/ Bng nt
lng, bng, tay, chn

Nu ci t tin

giup to hanh
ai t
968 Wilson Ave., 3rd Floor North York
Ontario M3K 1E7

Tel: (416) 531-2304 Fax: (416) 531-0052

30-50% OFF

Open 7 Days a Week

11:00am - 5:00pm

(cash only, please ask for details)

We accept Paypal



PAJAR Jackets

o lng: 80% Down; 20% Feather

Lp ngoi: 82% Polyester; 18% Cotton
Gi m d nhit -40oC


Made in Canada
Kiu dng thi trang cao cp
Giy c ng th cng cht lng cao
Giy da cu 100%
Chng nc
Gi m d nhit -40oC

Compression stockings/
V b chn
T.E.N.S and Ultrasounds
machines (My in tr liu
dng ti nh)
Wheelchairs/ Xe ln**
Walker/Rollator/ Xe y**
**Chnh ph Ontario s ph tr 75%
Custom made orthotics/
Ming lt giy
Safety shoes CSA 1E, 2E, 3E

Registered Vendor for ADP, WISB, DVA


3175 Rutherford Road

Unit 60, Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5Y6



Pajar tr thnh nhn hiu danh ting hng u c coi nh

ROLL ROYCE trong th trng giy v qun o ma ng Canada.


Share Your Love Relief Inc.

Tri n Tnh Thng

Chia s tnh thng

Mai Duong & Alice

Hin bnh vin a tn Mai Dng

vo danh sch nhng ngi ang cn ty
xng thch hp, nhng phn ln nhng
ngi hin ty xng l da trng m Mai
Dng li l ngi ng. Trong s 22
triu ngi ghi danh hin ty, cha ti 1%
l ngi Vit. C hi cu Mai Dng hin
gi rt mong manh.
c m ca Mai Dng rt gin d, ch mong
chng khi bnh c c sch cho con
mi ti, tt tc cho con mi sng, c nhn
con ln ln tng ngy. Mai Dng hin rt
cn nhng ngi cu gip gc Chu, t
18-50 tui. Ch cn dnh vi pht, dng tm
bng gn qut vo bn trong m ly mu th
DNA. Trong trng hp cn cho mu ty,
th ch mt khong 10 pht v khng nguy
hi g n sc khe ca ngi hin c.

Mai Duong, Alice &

Mai Duong's Father

Mong qu v cng ku gi bn b v
ngi thn gip cho Mai Dng mt
c hi sng bng cch tham gia hin ty.
Nu DNA ca qu v l mu ty thch
hp, qu v c th mang li ngun sng
khng nhng cho mt ngi m cho c
b Alice cng gia nh ca Mai Dng.
tham gia th mu DNA,
xin lin lc:
1. Hma - Qubec,,
hoc qua s in thoi 514-8325000.
2., hay in
thoi: 514-899-5948, in thoi di
ng: 514-756-8314.
3. Gh trang hoc lin
lc Mai Dng qua trang facebook
Save Mai Duong.

C nhn ng h mi thng
Dr. L Xun o; Nguyn Th Thu Trang; Nhuan Van Dang; Huy
Huynh & Anh Nguyen; Nguyn Vn Ngc & Bi Hng; Ben
Hong; Lan Phm, T on;
Nguyn Kim Dung; Phm Th Bng; Trn Vn Khit; Trn Hng;
Phm Trang; Alex Tran; Trn Thy Trang; Trm Th Kim Phng;
Thuy Thi Viet Nguyen; Mt Nguyn & Kit Hunh; Phan Thi Khanh
Ngoc; Trn L; Chau Vieng Kham; Chung Minh Chau; Huynh
Linh; Vo Lynh; L Th Nhung; VietSun magazine; Crystal Tran;
Tran Thanh Truc; Nguyen Thi Thu Trang; Le Au; Ngo Minh Thuy
& Nguyen Van Nhut; Doan Thuy Phuong; Huynh Huong; Huynh
Hanh Ha; Nguyen Nghia; Vo Kingston; L Huy Hng; Huynh Thi
Truc Linh;
TRI N THNG 6-7, 2014
on T v Phm Kim Lan
Trn Hng
Minh Thin v Gia nh
Bi t
Bi Hng v Nguyn Ngc
V Uyn v V im
Thy Ngn
Lu Ngo Thi Van
Phung Ornburn
Le Thi Thu Tam
Nguyen Thi Muy

Hy Cu Ly

Mai Dng, 34 tui, t vng Qubec, Canada,
hin ang mc bnh leukemia (ung th mu cp
tnh) v tnh mng ang b nguy ngp tng gi,
tng ngy. C ang c iu tr ti bnh vin, v
ang ch c ghp t bo gc t ty xng
hoc t cung rn tr s sinh.

94 |

VIETSUN August 2014

ai Dng c mt c con gi
xinh xn tn Alice, nay ln
bn. Trong lc mang thai b
th hai, c hay b mt mi v
nhim cm. Sau khi xt nghim th gia nh
c nhn c bn tin st nh, c ang b
ung th mu. Hai v chng phi t rut b
bo thai a c vo iu tr ngay lp tc.
Sau su tun iu tr, cn bnh c v nh
c y li th vo thng Nm va qua, c
li pht hin mm bnh ung th tr li v
ngy cng tr nn trm trng.

Melissa Ngo
Cng xin c tri n n qu v n danh v rt nhiu
qu n nhn TRC TIP chuyn tnh thng n cc
gia nh km may mn theo a ch ng trn VietSun
Culture Magazine.

Share Your Love Relief Inc.

Chia s tnh thng


Tn: ............................................................... Ti mun quyn gp:

a ch: .......................................................... Hng thng: S tin $10 $15 $20 S tin khc $ ..............
........................................................................ Xin nh km vi void cheque

Tel/Email: ...................................................... Mt ln: S tin $ ...............................

Xin nh km vi cheque hoc money order payable to ShareYourLove Relief Inc.
Xin gi v T chc Chia S Tnh Thng - ShareYourLove Relief Inc.
Airport Corporate Centre 5250 Satellite Drive, Unit#24 Mississauga ON L4W 5G5. Tel: (905)624-8868

are Gift S
m Nu D




We Speak Your Language - 24/7 Vietnamese Sales and
Support Call Centre
Dch v h tr khch hng bng ting Vit 24/7
Coverage Across Canada
Mng li phc v trn ton Canada

Tr thnh c gi di hn ca VietSun
c c hi nhn
mn qu tr gi $110.
Become VietSuns subscriber
for your chance to win this gift set,
valued at $110.

Profit 500s Fastest Growing Company in Canada

C mt trong danh sch 500 cng ty pht trin nhanh nht
ca tp ch kinh doanh Profit
Established in 2003
Thnh lp t 2003




No contract

Khng cn k
hp ng di hn
Contest ends August 31th, 2014. Must be 18 years of age or older. Winner will be contacted via email or phone.
Chng trnh qu tng kt thc vo ngy 31, thng 8, nm 2014. Dnh cho c gi t 18 tui tr ln.
c gi thng gii s c lin lc qua email hoc in thoi.




Vn ha & i sng - Culture & Lifestyle



Volume VIII - June 2014

CANADA $2.99/U.S.A. $3.99



Volume VIII - July 2014

CANADA $2.99/U.S.A. $3.99












Volume VIII - August 2014
CANADA $2.99/U.S.A. $3.99

H tn/ Name:
a ch/ Address:

t tp ch hm nay tit kim 40%

1 nm ch $27.12 - Tit kim $17.88 (trong Canada)
Subscribe today and SAVE 40%
1 year just $27.12 - Save $17.88 (for Canada only)
USA: $60/year; Others: $180/year
Make cheque/money order payable to VietSun Inc. Allow 4-6 weeks to
receive the first issue. To pay by credit card, visit
VietSun Magazine published 11 issues/year.

in thoi/ Tel:
Ngy/ Date
Xin gi km chi phiu (cheque) hoc money order tr cho VietSun Inc.
Ta son s khng gi tp ch nu khng c chi phiu gi km. Cho php 4-6 tun
nhn c cun tp ch u tin. Thanh ton bng Credit Card, xin ng nhp
website: VietSun magazine pht hnh 10 n bn/nm.



July 2014

dnh tng ngi thn v bn b

June 2014


A Culture Magazine



A Cultural Magazine

Phiu t bo dnh cho bn c gi ti tp ch VietSun theo a ch sau:/ Please mail your order form to:
VietSun Inc. Airport Corporate Centre 5250 Satellite Drive, Unit#24 Mississauga ON L4W 5G5 Tel: (905)624-8868 Fax: (905)625-8488 Email:

30 Days

Hon Tin Nu
Khng Hi Lng
Sau 30 Ngy
S Dng


per month
mi thng

Ontario and Quebec:

$29.99/month 1st month free; processing fee $29.95 (original $69.95);
no contract; free 4 in 1 wireless modem
$29.99/thng, min cc thng u tin; ph dch v lp t $29.95 (nguyn gi $69.95);
khng hp ng rng buc; min ph modem wifi gm 4 chc nng trong cng 1 thit b.

British Columbia and Alberta:

$29.99/month, processing fee $69.95, 1 year contract;
free 2 in 1 wireless modem

$29.99/thng, ph dch v lp t $69.95; hp ng 1 nm; min ph modem wifi 2 trong 1.

Inquire about other servic
, Local TV and Overseas TV
Home Phone, Long Distan
dch v khc:
Lin lc bit thm v cc
n Lin, Chng Trnh
in Thoi
c T
Truyn Hnh a Phng &

Sales Hotline Ting Vit:

Toll Free

1-844-CIK (245)-2999

24/7 Customer service and support

Toronto: 416-848-1517 Montreal: 514-312-8877
Ottawa: 613-686-1317 Vancouver: 604-628-3877
Other Areas: 1-844-CIK(245)-2999

One time $69.95 installation and registration fee Require 1 year commitment In partnership with Bell, Telus, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron, Shaw
Ph lp t v ng k mt ln duy nht: $69.95 - Hp ng 1 nm - L i tc ca Bell, Telus, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron, Shaw