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Questions & Answers Regarding Jinn Possession, Ayn (Evil Eye) & Sihr (Magic)
This is from another lecture given by Abu Muhammad. Ive done my best to write down the
information he has given on regards to this topic from a question & answer.
Q: I know of a Muslim who claims he does ruqiya (exorcism) and he says, he uses a good
jinn to get him information about the people who are doing black magic. The good jinn
helps guide them to get rid of the black magic. Please can you tell me if this is possible and
can you please tell me regarding this issue as this is very common amongst the Muslim
community. JazakAllah Khair
Abu Muhammad, answers:
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem (In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the most
Merciful). This man, what did he give to the jinn in return? There is no such thing as good
jinn or bad jinn (Speaker mistake, there are good jinns and bad jinns). Good jinn mumin
(Believer), youll find him in the masjid, worshipping Allah like you and I do. The jinn
doesnt work free of charge. You will do something for the jinn in order for the jinn to do
something for you. You will have to do a sacrifice or you will prostate. Dont believe them.
The jinn will work with you and then use you for the rest of your life. The Jinn doesnt work,
remember they have enmity between us and them. The Muslim jinn will come and wake you
up for Fajr prayer by reminding you about Fajr. The jinn, doesnt come work for you. Who
are you? Prophet Suliman (Peace Be Upon Him)? Only person the jinn served and that was
Prophet Suliman (Peace Be Upon Him). So please, dont be fooled. The jinn try to drag you,
slowly, slowly. The good person who does ruqiya (exorcism) will have jinn but it will not talk
to them or serve them. Fear Allah, do good and InshaAllah (If Allah Wills), he will help you
without even you knowing, there is jinn around you, serving you to help you. JazakAllah
Q: We know that the shaytaan runs away from Ayatul Kursi (Verse Of The Throne) is there
any benefit of hanging Ayatul Kursi in your house and does this protect the house from
Abu Muhammad, answers:
Even Ayatul Kursi my brother, if you read Ayatul Kursi only when you have a problem,
Ayatul Kursi is not Ghostbusters. It is not a product to chase the flies. Ayatul Kursi, if you
read it from your heart with yaqeen (certainty), Ayatul Kursi or even if you say Ya, Allah, the
shaytaan run. But some brothers and sisters, MashaAllah, they put Ayatul Kursi or
Bismillah, in order to remind you, when you look at the surah, you remember Allah. That
InshaAllah, I pray is good. Ayatul Kursi is there so you can read it, it reminds you. So
Alhumdulilah (Thanks To Allah) it is a reminder, we are heedless. If you think, you just
leave it there, the dust falls on it and flies are on it, it wont work for you. What is on the
wall, should be in your heart. Allahu Alam (Allah Knows Best)
Q: What do you know about the shaytaan/jinn that sit on your chest while you are asleep?
Abu Muhammad, answers:
This jinn is shaytaan and how to get rid of it. Their job is to distract us, to make us lazy, to
not make us wake up for Fajr, so Ill tell you how to get rid of it. This is a good question and
how they come. How to get rid of it, is to be in wudhu (ablution) before you sleep,
InshaAllah. Read the last two verses of Surah Al-Baqara (The Cow), Surah Mulk if you can,
inshaAllah, Allah will protect you.
Q: First question, anyone can perform ruqiya (exorcism) as long as he has a good heart and
is able to recite certain verses of the Quran. Are there any side effects for the person
performing ruqiya, will he be affected in any? Can he be affected in anyway? My second
question is, is it possible to perform ruqiya on someone who isnt present, for example
someone in another country.
Abu Muhammad, answers:
Everybody can do ruqiya and if someone want to do ruqiya as a profession or wants to do to
it for however long, that is another matter and another answer. If you want to do it,
MashaAllah TabarakAllah, you find your daughter, your son and you dont wait for
somebody to come. If you want to do it from the sunnah, you do it for your family or for
your wife or your wife does it for you. If you dont know how or you cannot then somebody
else can do it for you.
The side effect, Alhumdulilah (Thanks to Allah) there is no side effect like medication but if
you want to do it for a very long time, you are going to enter a battlefield full of minds. So
you have to be ready, you have to be prepared. You are going to deal with a jinn and he is
invisible. You are going to declare war against them, so dont expect them to give you a
flower. So if you enter that world, inshaAllah, get as close as you can to Allah. You dont
need vitamin b or c. You need Quran, qiyamul lail, tahajud (night prayer), fasting, and beg
Allah. Ya, Allah I am going to enter this world, protect me. Otherwise you will have side
effects, big one.
The second answer to your question is if someone is in Pakistan or Algeria or Canada, you
can do it over Skype. So you can see the person but it is not going as effective as it is in
person. If the person is in another country, itll only work by the Will Of Allah, 10%, 15%, i
tried it but my brother, if you try it and then there is 10 jinn in the body and the brother or
sister starts rolling up or jumping up and down, what will you do later? So you can just read
but if the problem is big, close is better InshaAllah. Every where, there are believers,
Just remember, they are not going to be nice to you. If I knew. what I knew now, I wouldnt
do this. My head is red with anxiety and depression. So the jinn will attack you, attack your
children, so you have to get close to Allah and get ready because it is a big battle. Like me
and and I go fight Tyson.
Q: When a person is possessed by a jinn, will beating that person hurt the jinn or affect the
Abu Muhammad, answers:
My brother, very good question. The jinn is crafty, okay? There is jinn and I hit it, I do it
once. Now the jinn he sees me and sees my hand. I try to hit him in another place, the jinn
will go to another place and Ill hit my brother. You have to be very clever because beating is
not the solution. Sometimes you do it, to tell the jinn, I am stronger than you, you cant bully
me, I can bully you, so he will know. The technique is to speak to them, give them dawah
(Invitation to Islam), there are like humans. 80% to 90% of the time, I just talk to them,
they start crying and they embrace Islam.
Q: A sister asked, what is the ruling on having a black cat? A cat comes to my house, when I
have the Quran on. Someone told me, I shouldnt let the cat in but it always comes to my
house and I have 3 other cats, the black cat, would rather be with me.
Abu Muhammad, answers:
Wallahi my brothers, its nice to joke sometimes, I am a joker but these things are
dangerous. When you deal with a jinn and you make fun of them, they can make fun of you
and drive you crazy. They dont like it when people mock them, wallahi, believe me my
My dear sister, maybe you are generous. I had one cat and it drove me mad but you have 3
mashaAllah. So this cat might be inviting himself cause you are nice and please dont be
suspicious about the black cats. The dog on the other hand, if it is black and it has two white
marks above the eyes, that is most likely to be shaytaan. The black cat might be coming
because there are already 3 other cats and this black cat is coming because of the other 3
cats. Dont be scared. When there is Quran being reciting, it will run away because it is
shaytaan. InshaAllah, dont worry.
Q: Is there a way to find out if someone has been affected by magic?
Abu Muhammad, answers:
I will give you the signs for the evil eye, jinn and magic. We will start with the evil eye.
Sometimes the colour of the faces of people will go dark, sometimes goes pale. If the person
is not medically ill and you find the face pale or dark, then that is the sign of evil eye. If
someone finds it hard to sleep during the night and he or she feels sleepy during the day,
that is another sign. When you sleep and you sweat from the forehead, your back, your
hand, your feet, this is another sign of the evil eye. When you feel bored, hopeless, careless,
suicidal, that is a very strong sign of evil eye. When you go to pee a lot and you are not
diabetic, this is also another sign of evil eye. Whatever you want to do, you feel like I cant do
it, also a sign of evil eye.
Number 2: Magic. When you comb hair, especially with the sisters, you lose a lot of hair.
When you have pain in your shoulders, lower back, you feel bloated, have bruises, have
scratch marks. When you are outside you feel relaxed. When you come home, you dont feel
relaxed. You fight with your spouse for no reason, for small reasons, the belly is bloated, you
smell even after you have a shower, 10, 15 or 20 mins later, the smell comes back again. The
breath stinks, have spots or bruises. Whatever your wife does for you, you dont appreciate.
Whatever you do for her, she doesnt appreciate. When both of you are away (husband and
wife) you miss each other but when you are close, you hate each other.
The Jinn possession: You will see bad dreams, snakes, scorpions, dogs, animals. When you
sleep, you feel like you are falling down. You feel lazy of doing ibadah (worship), you might
even probably stop doing ibadah (worship). You feel distant from your family. You are
scared for no reason. Sometimes you have panic attacks and that is all to do with jinn.
Q; If you know someone has done magic on you, what can you do in return to that person, in
the Shariah (Islamic Law)
Abu Muhammad, answers:
We live in a country where there is no Shariah law. We live in a non islamic country. Even if
you live in the Muslim land, they are not ruling in accordance to Shariah Law, only probably
1, 2, or 3 countries and even these countries, there is some Shariah but there is no Shariah
on the other hand. If you know the person, just kindly and gently say, Fear Allah. You are
going to meet Allah and The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said:
He who goes to magicians, believe them, he comes out of Islam. He becomes a Non-Muslim.
When you dont pray salah, practically, you are like a Non-Muslim but inside your heart, you
are lazy but if you say, forget about this, this is 2012, this is kaffir. He is making mock of
Allahs deen (religion). The one who goes to magician, palm reader, horoscope , out of
curiosity, your salah will not be accepted for 40 days. You will pray salah but you will not be
rewarded for it but you have to do it cause you went to the magician.
Questions begin at 45:00 Mark
Part 2
How To Perform Ruqya On Yourself & More Information
Asalamwalikum (Peace Be Upon You).
In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
Jabir Bin Abdillah (may Allah be pleased with Him) reported that the Prophet Muhammad
(Peace and Blessing upon Him) prohibited ruqa. Then, some people from the tribe of Umr
Bin Hazam came to him and said, We have a ruqya that we used to use for scorpion and snake
stings; but you have now prohibited using ruqa. And they showed it to him. He (Peace and
Blessing upon Him) said: I do not see anything wrong in it. Anyone among you who can benefit his
brother should do so. (Shahih Muslim)
If you are dealing with ayn (evil eye), sihr (black magic) or even jinn possession, you can do
Ruqya on yourself. Ruqya is not only for jinn posession, sihr or ayn but it is a cure for
everything, even sicknesses that happen to you. It is highly recommended that an individual
does Ruqya on themselves first before seeking treatment from a raaqi. The person who may
be under these things has to remember the cure is NOT with the raaqi and a cure does not
happen instantly with a snap of your fingers. Even when you are cured from these things,
you must continue what you were doing, while you were dealing with these things. The
sisters who are reading this and again, this knowledge is from the course by Muhammad
Tim Humble & Abu Ibraheem, that it is women who are a lot of times dealing with these
things. That is why, it is recommended you cover yourself to the best of your abilities. Try to
minimize how you beautify yourself when you go out, so inshaallah it prevents these things
happen. Again, I repeat, everything happens by the will, permission of Allah SWT. When
people read things like this, they automatically feel like or assume, the signs are happening
to them. Do not think this way as you do not know and you are only doing this based off
fear. Do not fear the jinn nor the magicians but fear Allah SWT. The magicians have no
place except the hell fire as they have done several things that made them leave the fold of
Islam and create hardships for another person. This does not mean, a man cannot be
affected by ayn, sihr or jinn possession but most of the cases with the raaqis, Abu Ibraheem
& Muhammad Tim Humble have explained are the women. If you now are beginning to
understand why Allah SWT told the women to cover themselves, then this is one of the
reasons why.
When you are performing Ruqya on yourself, do not be afraid of anything but put your trust,
tawakul (trust) in Allah SWT. If you do not want to do Ruqya on yourself, then you can
contact a trust worthy, reliable raaqi who does things according to the Quran & Sunnah.
There is NO QUICK FIX to this solution. So do not go and see a person or a peer baba or
whatever they want to call themselves to get a quick fix. All you will do is cause more
problems for yourself. The things have to be done according to the Quran & Sunnah, in
order for it to be beneficial for you. Taweez (amulets) will not help you, so do not go and get
one. The Quran is the cure for EVERYTHING, so why put your trust into someone else when
the cure has been revealed by Allah SWT Himself? Do not go and give someone your
mothers name, again, this will only cause problems for you. Do not go and give an article of
clothing nor give an piece of your hair or whatever they ask you to do. The cure is the Quran
and the Sunnah. If you go out and give someone a piece of your hair, it is highly likely you
will be affected by sihr. If you do not know, even the Prophet Muhammad (Peace &
Blessings Be Upon Him) was affected by sihr. A magician had come across the hair of the
Messenger Of Allah in a comb, tied it into a knot and blew into it. After that had happened,
the verses of Surah Falaq & Surah AnNas were revealed as a protection from these things.
Ayatul Kursi is the most powerful verse in the Quran. Magicians often at times rip apart or
tare out Surah Al-Baqara from the Quran because of its benefits. It is one of the most
powerful chapters in the Quran. The Quran itself, is powerful.
Method of self-ruqya
1) Sit down in a quiet area with the intention to make ruqya on yourself. Ensure there are no
children running around or the tv is not on in the background. You shouldnt be disturbed.
Have a glass of water and a 2 or 5 liter bottle of water handy.
2) Seek refuge in Allah from the shaytaan three times Aouthubillahi min-ash-shaytaan
3) Mention the name of Allah three times bismillahir-rahman nir-raheem
4) Read sura fatiha three times
5) Read ayatul kursi three times
6) Read last two ayaat or surat al baqarah three times
7) Read sura ikhlas / falaq / nas three times each
8 ) Recite ayaat of sihr three times each 2:102 / 7:115 121 / 10:79 82 / 20: 65 70
9) Spittle into the glass of water and also spittle into the bottle of water
10) Drink the water in the glass. Ensure you say bismillah
11) Drink the water in the bottle in the morning / evening / night
12) Make ghusl with the remaining water in that bottle ie. Pour that water over your head
and ensure it touches all of your body
13) Each day you should be reciting into a fresh bottle and drinking it three times a day and
making ghusl with it at night any water is fine including tap water inshaAllah
14) If you have movements in your stomach or bloatedness then purchase senna leaves from
Holland and Barrett and make tea with them and drink every day for two weeks
15) Drink a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of black seed oil every day
16) You can also put some of the water youve recited on into a spray bottle and spray the
corners of every room in your house
17) Make duaa
18) Once every two weeks, have cupping (hijama)
InshaAllah if you follow the course above, Allah will cure you. Have high hopes and be
optimistic of a cure.
Follow these steps as well on this website (
If you feel any symptoms, your head begins to hurt, you start to feel tired or you fall asleep
while reading this and you were just wide awake, energetic a few minutes ago, then this
itself could be a sign. There are several other symptoms but if you feel anything indifferent
about yourself after reading these things, then youll know. If you attempt to open the Quran
and you cannot do it no matter how hard you try, this is another symptom of sihr. Also, if
you hear the Adhan or someone is reciting Quran and you just leave or get angry while they
are reciting, this is a sign as well. Then it would be better if you would contact a raaqi who
does ruqya according to the Quran and Sunnah. Again, there is NO QUICK fix or solutions
to what you are going through. You must put your trust in Allah SWT and no one else. You
must do your best to pray your salah, recite the Quran as much as possible and inshaAllah,
you will be cured. Do your best to do things according to the Quran and Sunnah. Pray your
duaas before you leave your home. Recite Ayatul Kursi before you goto sleep. Surah Falaq,
Surah Annas 3xs before you goto sleep. After salah recite Ayatul Kursi. Enter your home
with the salam and leave with the salam and duaa (supplication). Enter the toilet with the
duaa. I highly recommend you buy the book Fortress Of A Muslim. It can even be found
online at
(All these are possibilities. You could also have a medical problem, check with your doctor)
All this is not to be taken lightly as this is the reality of what happens now-a-days. Many
people, pious looking people hide behind an image and get people trapped. It is also sad,
people, families goto these individuals to solve the issues in their lives. Everything is by
the permission of Allah SWT.
If you do need anymore information because I am sure, I may have missed quite a few
things, contact Ruqya Support or even email me and I will correct what I have missed and
correct what is incorrect.
How To Perform Ruqya On Your House/Room
After reading some comments about jinns activity in Muslims homes here I give you the
technique how to do ruqya to your house :
- have a spray bottle.
- fill it up with water prefer mineral water.
- with the bottle open put your mouth as close to the top of the bottle and recite sourah al
Fatiha then blow in the water. Ayat al kursee then blow in the water. Then do the same with
sourah al ikhlass, al falaq, al Nass.
- close your bottle your water is ready.
- go to every room close the door if the room and slightly open the window of that room you
- recite loudly sourah Fatiha 7 times.
- recite aya al kursee 7 times.
- recite sourah al zalzalah 7 times.
- straight away as reciting the athan you should spray with that water you prepared every
corner of that room.
- never spray without reciting the athan.
- when finished spray all the corners of the room close the window and do the same with
every other room in your home.
- dont do the toilet.
- when every room is done play sourah al baqarah in each room.
- make sure your pray the nafl salat in your home. As the prophet said :
Dont turn your homes to grave yards not praying salat in your homes. (Meaning tahajud
and optional prayers)
Sahih bukhari and MUSLIM.
- make sure you read the dua of leaving and entering the house.
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