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Dear Student,

Greetings from ARCD.

Institute has been planning to enable students to register from their home and report to the
advisor when they reach to the campus. As a pre-cursor to this, ARCD has devised a "Pre
Registration" process, enabling students to plan their courses (sections), electives etc before
they reach the campus.
Registration Events & Dates:
This semester registration will take place with the help of legacy system and ERP system.
However ERP data will be considered as primary. The following table shows the events and
their schedule pertaining to the registration for First Semester 2014-15.
Event Duration Remark
Pre-Registration in ERP 26th to 30th July Add classes (including electives) to
Registration Cart. Validate the
Registration cart to find any conflicts:
timetable clashes, pre-requisites etc.
Report to ARCD if there are any

Note: Subjected to availability of courses/sections during your slot, you may have to modify
(delete/add) the registration course cart contents on the day of registration. However our endeavor at
ARCD is to ensure that you get your selected electives on the day of registration or during
amendments (Addition/substitution).
Legacy Registration 1st August If available, please take the same
courses, sections as you have taken in
pre-registration. Legacy Registration is for
creating base data to work in legacy
If available, please take the same
electives as you have selected during pre-
registration process.
Registration in ERP 2nd Aug - 2013 &
3rd Aug - 2012 &
You have to take the same courses and
Lecture/Tutorial/Practical sections as
you have taken in legacy registration as
on 1
-- These events will be conducted in the
ERP system and the data will be synced
with legacy system.
For ACB/BL students Pre-registration facility is not available for
these students on 26th -30th July as
package will be decided by the
department or ACB committee.
Students of this category must interact
with the departments to get their
On 1st Aug these students should
register as per their package.
On 2nd Aug. the students should meet
ERP team in 6114 for the registration in
ERP as per available package from HOD
or ACB committee.

What is pre-registration:
Pre-registration process will be open on 26th July and remain open till 30th July. Students can
login into ERP portal and add classes to registration course cart for I Semester 2014-15. They
can also add electives to the registration course cart simultaneously. The steps for pre-
registration are explained in the attached file.
The added classes will be available in the registration cart when students report for registration
in ERP on 2nd or 3rd August. This process has the following advantages:
ARCD/ID will know in advance that how many students want a particular elective.
Accordingly adjust the seat capacities in order to avoid last minute DTCs or TT clashes.
ARCD will know in advance that if there is any clash in the timetable of compulsory
courses of a student. This will help in fixing such conflicts with the help of Instruction
Division and avoid such things on the day of registration.
It will save time for students, on the day of registration because they have already added
their classes to the registration course cart. Only thing they have to do is to press
register button (assuming that all the classes selected are open at that time).
Please pre-register in ERP latest by 30th July 2014.
*Defaulters will lose the opportunities to use and exercise the functionalities available in ERP.
If you face any issues related to pre-registration, kindly mail us at
with the subject "Pre-Registration Issues". Also you can call us at 01596-515302 during office
hours (9AM to 5PM).

How to Login:

Outside/Internet link
Campus/Intranet link(this will be faster in campus)
Note: If you are unable to access this URL from your place, please send your issue to ERP
Team at
Login and Password: In the beginning of II Sem 2013-14, ARCD has mailed you the user-id
and password with the subject "ARCD: ERP Registration- Login Info & Legacy System
Registration Details".
Note: If you are unable to locate user-id and password, please send a request to ERP Team at
Help on navigation: Please see the attached file.