Tween Bridge Wind Farm Electrical Contractor Proposal

DECEMBER 2009 SEC Project Reference: M1665

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Contents 1.0 Project Overview 1.1 1.1.1 Work-scope 60MVA Generator Transformers 2 2 2

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1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 1.1.5

33kV Switchgear Transformers Wind Farm 33 kV Cables LV Control (including SCADA)

2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 9

1.1.6 LV Power Supply 1.1.7 Earthing and Lightning Protection 1.1.8 Substation Fit-Out 1.1.9 Statcom/Grid Code Compliance Hardware 1.1.10 Inspection, Testing and Commissioning 2.0 3.0 3.1 3.2 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0 Programme of Works Compliance with Specification Management of Electrical Installation Management of Electrical Design Proposed Maintenance Arrangements Delivery Terms and Conditions of Contract Work-scope Clarifications Tender Pricing Schedule Schedule of Rates Payment Terms


Project Overview

Our proposal includes for the electrical infrastructure, system design and installation for Tween Bridge Wind Farm as detailed below. 1.1 Work-scope

Our proposal comprises of the electrical scope of works as described in the tender documents and includes: a) b) c) Supply and installation of wind farm 33kV switchboard Supply and installation of turbine 33kV switchgear 33kV Cables between turbines, and from the first turbine to the substation.

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d) e) f) g) h)

33kV Cables between the wind farm switchboard and the DNO switchboard Fibre optic SCADA cabling between turbines, and from the first turbine to the substation. Switchgear closing and tripping supply Site earthing and lightning protection systems Substation fit-out, including lighting, small power, fire alarms, security alarms, voice and data. In addition to the above, there are some elements of the work-scope which still require clarification therefore we have provided provisional sums for the following items:

i) j) k) l) 1.1.1

Works associated with 60MVA Generation Transformer, including supply and installation of the YEDL 33kV switchboard 66kV cable termination materials Substation UPS CCTV system around substation 60MVA Generator Transformers

The scope of works associated with the 33kV/66kV transformer is not clear from the enquiry documents. We have therefore allowed a provisional sum allowance within our offer for this work. Within the substation, we have allowed for a 2-panel, 33kV DNO switchboard. This board will be equipped with an incoming isolator and a wind farm circuit breaker. In the absence of a detailed specification and specific YEDL requirements, we have provided a provisional sum for this item within the generator transformer provisional sum. 1.1.2 33kV Switchgear

Our offer includes for a wind farm switchboard consisting of a DNO interface circuit breaker, two wind farm circuit breakers and an auxiliary transformer feeder. The wind farm switchboard will be controlled from a remote control panel located in the wind farm control room. In order to minimise costs, we have allowed for a circuit breaker at every turbine. In the absence of fault level information we are unable to make an assessment of compliance with P28. We have therefore made an allowance for a total of six sectionalising switches. This will ensure that no more than three turbine transformers are energised simultaneously. In the event that the P28 study indicates that additional sectionalisers are required, then these can be supplied at additional cost.



We have made no allowance for any works associated with the turbine transformers. 1.1.4 Wind Farm 33kV cables

Our system design divides the site into two circuits of eleven turbines. SEC will supply, install and terminate 33kV cables. Cables will be 1-core unarmoured, having aluminium conductors, XLPE insulation, copper wire screen, PE outer sheath according to BS7870 4.10. Cable cross-sectional areas have been based on soil thermal resistivity of 1.2 oCm/W. Should the actual values on site result in a requirement to alter the cable selection then we would reserve the option to adjust our costs accordingly. From the information

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available we cannot make an accurate assessment of cable route lengths. Our costs are therefore based on a total 33kV cable quantity as follows: 70 mm2 120 mm2 500 mm2 3 x 1c x 7,300m 3 x 1c x 3,200m 3 x 1c x 2,650m

Should the actual length installed, exceed these lengths we would reserve the option to adjust our costs accordingly. 1.1.5 LV Control (Including SCADA)

As our offer is based on Siemens’ turbines, our fibre system offer is consists of a ring topology of 12-fibre, single-mode (9/125) cable. The cable will be supplied within a 32mm HDPE duct. Within the substation we have allowed for a comprehensive network of control cabling between the various items of wind farm hardware such as 33kV switchgear, wind farm SCADA, DNO interface, tariff metering, etc. 1.1.6 LV Power Supply

A 33kV/230V, 50kVA transformer will be supplied, from which all low voltage supplies will be derived for the substation building. We have also allowed for an LV supply from the nearest turbine to the met mast. It is assumed that this supply will be provided at the turbine by Siemens. 1.1.7 Earthing and Lightning Protection

We have provided costs for the earth loops around each turbine and the main earth network cabling. The earthing design is based on a resistance earthed scheme. Should the 33kV network neutral/earth link be solid, the earthing system price may require to be reviewed. A site earth resistivity survey will be carried out by SEC on which the detailed design of the earthing scheme will be based. Earthing will be provided generally in accordance with the requirements of the enquiry document. All main cable runs will have a copper earth conductor installed at the bottom of the cable trench. Around each turbine tower an earth system shall be installed, consisting of two rings of buried conductor, linked to the tower at two points. A system of earthing will interconnect the main tower structure, tower earth bar and transformer earth bar.

Our proposal includes for the installation of a bare earth conductor to be installed within the main 33kV cable trench throughout the site. All necessary materials for joints and interconnections will be supplied. Our design is based on the premise that the earth conductors linking turbines together form an integral part of the earth electrode system. The link conductors may be supplemented by either rod or horizontal electrodes at the turbine, and this is the item covered by our provisional sum. Test links will be installed at both ends of each link conductor to enable the testing of an individual turbine earth system, which will include the link conductors to adjacent turbines.

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In view of the absence of soil resistivity figures, the cost of turbine earth electrodes may require to be reviewed following production of the earth study. 1.1.8 Substation Fit-Out

Our costs allow for the fit-out of a building 288m2 in floor area. This includes heating, lighting (internal/external/emergency), small power, control, voice and data, fire alarm and intruder alarm 1.1.9 Statcom/Grid Code Compliance Hardware

No allowance has been made for any hardware which may be required to facilitate compliance of the wind turbines with any aspect of Grid Code or Distribution Code 1.1.10 Inspection, Testing and Commissioning All inspections, checks and tests will be carried out as are necessary to demonstrate full compliance with the Client’s requirements and all applicable manufacturers' specifications and recommendations. As far as practicable, inspection, checks and tests will be carried out as an ongoing activity during the course of the installation. It is envisaged that the following specific tests will be carried out:   Earth Electrode Tests 33kV Cable Tests Switchgear Tests

Earth Electrode tests will consist of testing the electrode associated with each turbine. The method used will be the four-point Wenner method. Measured values will be checked against calculated values. 33kV cable tests will consist of: • • • Visual checks for damage and core identification Initial validation and phasing by use of a 5000V megger insulation resistance tester sheath testing and dc pressure testing according to manufacturer’s recommendations

Switchgear testing will entail: • • • • • verification of the equipment integrity by means of insulation resistance, by dc pressure testing control circuits will have their function and integrity proven end-to-end. • CTs, VTs and protection relays will have all functionality verified by injection testing Checking of earth connections and mechanical state Satisfactory labelling

Following completion of testing the equipment to be commissioned will be certified as ready and handed over in a staged manner as necessary to meet the construction programme. It is proposed that Scottish Hydro Contracting will provide an Authorised Person who will be responsible for the preparation of Site Safety Rules, Switching Schedules, Permits to Work, Sanctions for Test and all associated safety documentation and for all necessary liaison with DNO/TSO and Client. We have allowed for a period of 2 weeks for this activity. In the

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event that the SAP’s presence is required beyond this period then additional costs will be payable. Documentation will be provided in the form of test certificates and operating and maintenance manuals. 2.0 Programme of Works The longest-delivery item is the main 33kV switchgear, which is quoted as 26 weeks. 33kV and fibre-optic cables are subject to a 20-week lead time. Our prelim costs are based on a 22-week on-site programme. The costs will require to be reviewed should the on-site programme exceed this period. 3.0 Compliance with Specification 3.1 Management of Electrical Installations SEC will undertake the management of the design and build contract. SEC will carry out the system design, installation, testing and commissioning, although selected elements may be subcontracted to ensure efficient project execution and best value for money for the client. 3.2. Management of Electrical Design SEC will provide the drawings and calculations to enable the construction of the electrical scope within the wind farm. We have made an allowance in our offer for electrical studies to demonstrate the adequacy of the equipment within our scope of supply. The studies for which we have made an allowance are as follows: Fault level Hardware selection, taking into account equipment thermal rating Protection discrimination Earthing and lightning protection P28 The scope of work within the Electrical Contractors package is limited and will have little or no effect on Grid Code compliance. We can therefore not accept full responsibility for this item. In view of the Turbine Contractor’s responsibilities in this area, we have made no allowance for completion or submission of a User Data Library, although we would be happy to provide costs for carrying out this function. Similarly, we have made no allowance for the following studies: Load flow and voltage regulation Reactive power capability Voltage control Frequency control Fault ride-through G5/4 We would be happy to provide costs for the above studies should they be required.


Proposed Maintenance Arrangements SEC has a team of personnel who carry out maintenance on high voltage equipment across the UK. For the three-year maintenance contract period for Tween Bridge Wind Farm we would propose to pay quarterly visits to carry out visual inspections of switchgear

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and transformers. On an annual basis we would implement secondary injection testing of the main 33kV switchboard. Testing of earth electrodes would be carried out annually. 5.0 Delivery Our costs include for all procurement activities necessary for the acquisition of the specified equipment and materials. 6.0 Term and Conditions of Contract We would request a full review of any proposed contractual arrangements prior to any order being placed. 7.0 Work-scope Clarifications For clarity, and to avoid doubt, we have specifically excluded the following items from our tender. Where reference is made to the exclusion of supply and installation of a specific item, then the testing and commissioning of that item is also considered to be excluded. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) q) r) s) t) u) v) w) Supply and erection of wind turbine generators Supply and installation of turbine transformers Supply and installation of any wind farm meteorological masts and associated equipment. Supply and installation of the LV power and control cabling between the transformers and the turbine. Supply and installation of the LV power and control cabling in the turbine towers between the turbine nacelle and the turbine control panel at the bottom of the tower Supply and installation of LV control equipment within the turbine towers Supply and installation of earthing/bonding inside each turbine tower between the generator and the respective tower earthing points only. Supply and installation of lighting and small power within each of the turbine towers. Supply and installation of four quadrant Code of Practice metering for the windfarm. External voice and data services to the site Supply and installation of 690V fused switches and/or circuit breakers at turbines Installation of free-issue materials Negotiation of, and payment for, wayleave agreements Payments to other parties for provision of electrical connection(s) to site. Payments to other parties for LV supply to grid connection point Additional works specified by DNO in order to comply with conditions imposed by them Control building mechanical ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification Fire extinguishers, fire blankets Plumbing, fittings and sanitary ware Control building furniture VLF testing of 33kV cables SCADA computer, I/O hardware, software and associated UPS Excavation, sanding and backfilling of cable routes, including associated materials such as warning tapes, cable tiles and sealing of cable ducts.

We would also point out that our costs include for the submission of one set of drawings for comments. Any comments or revisions would be incorporated and the drawings issued for construction. Should any drawing require to be re-issued as a result of late or inconsistent comments received, additional changes may be implemented.

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Tender Pricing Schedule

ITEM 1 2 Studies and Calculations Design, Supply, installation and Testing of all 20Kv cabling and termination systems Design, Supply, installation and Testing of all control/instrumentation/SCADA cabling , including joints, termination kits, marshalling boxes, cable tray and cable protection Design, Supply, installation and Testing, commissioning of all Wind Farm 20Kv Switchgear and associated current transformers and Voltage Transformers Design, Supply, installation and Testing, commissioning of the G59 protection panels and associated protection required for the Electrical system

PRICE £ £62,422.00 £418,212.00








Design, Supply, installation and Testing, commissioning of the Substation DC power supply with 48 hr back up for the 20 Kv protection panel Included in 8 Design, Supply, installation and Testing, of all the earthing systems for the works




Integration of the LV supply into the Tween Bridge Substation LV power distribution system including a manual change over panel to allow conection of a temporary generator when required Design, Supply, installation and Testing, of all the lightning protection ground systems as required for the WTGs Tween Bridge Substation and any Met Masts Design, Supply, installation and Testing, of all small power and lighting systems within the Tween Bridge Substation Fit out



Included in 7




All Subststion telephone points, internal telephone cabling and telephone Isolator units as required Included in 10 Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the Substation Fire alarm system


Included in 10


Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the Substation Intruder alarm system Included in 10

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Site facilities, Transportation and Other Requirements



Project Management of the Works



Other Electrical works: 3yr Maintenance

£35,600.00 £55,600.00



9.0 Schedule of Rates
Charges for Technical Staff Senior Grade Principal Electrical Engineer Electrical Design Engineer Senior Commissioning Engineer Senior Service Staff Site Managers Senior Assistant Grade Commissioning Engineer Assistant Site Managers Electrical Site Supervision Assistant Grade Junior Engineers CAD Operator Staff Foremen - Grade 1 Electrican/Electrical Jointer Electrical Labourers/Cable Jointers Technical Staff Car Allowances Per Mile Senior Authorised Person SAP - per Visit to Site

£ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £

64.50 55.60 64.50 48.00 64.50 55.60 55.60 42.00 38.00 38.00 33.60 22.40 0.65 746.00


Payment Terms Should our submission be of interest, we would be pleased to discuss mutually acceptable payment terms for the works.

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